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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 02:57 PM
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The Forsaken

Post your original character applications here
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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 03:38 PM
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Application - Lad
Name: Lad, Young One, Boy, the Child; rarely anything specific.

Race: Wechselkind (plus, ghost!)

Class: Haunted Sorcerer

Alignment: An array

Background: Faceless (from Baldur's Gate setting info, if you are drawing a hard line there I can swap out)

Personality: There is far more to this broken, burnt doll than simply looking at its cracked and charred wood might suggest. Typically sullen and withdrawn, they keep to themselves and try to stay in the fringes, listening for tidbits of information and assisting with menial chores where they can. Occasionally, though, they will suddenly shift, and become a dominant, forceful presence, demanding subservience. At still other times, they might adopt a demure, yet forgiving, posture, helping in any way possible. It's hard to pick out exactly what is going on, but over time, those that would pay any real attention would begin to notice patterns, and pick out personas that seem to take over. Not that anyone would care enough to do so, mind you.

Description: Standing just shy of a meter, the diminutive wooden frame of this Fae replacement child is barely recognizable as an attempt at a human figure. The fine witchwood it was crafted from is riddled with charcoal and calcified sap, its joists creaking with any significant movement. Most of this is rarely visible, however, as they try to keep themselves covered as much as possible. Not only is the body shunned, but their ability to channel and use the arcane energies of the world is as well, painting a target for anyone that looks too closely. Loose clothes to conceal the blocky shape of its limbs, a broad hood to cover the shattered remnants of the back of its head, and a leper's mask to hide its unmoving features all work to make the child forgettable, if not unnerving.

Backstory: This is a bit of a doozy, so I'm going to spoiler it.

Mechanics: Each of the characters mentioned in the backstory has their own personality and presents itself in a particular way when it manifests. I'm basically assigning a spell to each of them, so when the Child would, say, cast Chill Touch, Grey Helenis is drawn forward, and her personality and mannerisms will bleed into my characterization of the Wechselkind. As new spells are learned, new souls will wake up and begin presenting, and as spells are swapped out those associated spirits will either somehow escape, or simply go back to sleep. It's more than a little wonky, I know, and I'm willing to switch things up as necessary for setting/mechanics/whathaveyou.


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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 07:28 PM
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Application - Talemachus Brood
left-aligned image

Name: Talemachus Brood

Race: Downcast (Aurelian)

Class: Druid (planning Circle of Mutation)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Background: Outlander (Pilgrim)

Personality: Talemachus is thoughtful, careful, and deliberate, but those who think him shy and reserved haven’t seen the iron rod of determination that runs through his core. While others may baulk at what needs to be done, Talemachus has no such fear as doing necessary deeds is what drives him forwards - and indeed sometimes away from comfort and peace. Slow to anger and respectful of others, his methodical path through life is as inexorable and endless as the seasons themselves.

Description: Talemachus is slightly shorter than most, but lean and long-limbed. He has striking delicate features hidden behind whorls and streaks of tribal markings across every scrap of visible skin. At first glance his eyes appear milky and dull, but upon closer inspection they are the lightest blue-grey and as piercing as a hawk. He keeps his scalp scraped clean of hair, though is rarely seen without a hood of some kind so that his pale face seems to constantly float in a pool of shadows.

Backstory: For a long time after his fall, Talemachus lived a remote, unremarkable life. Divinity faded from the world, and along with it went the shard details of his past life and the burning desire to restore that lost order. Indeed the teeming masses of the lesser races became irritating reminders and he found himself more often alone, or moving with tribes and travellers far from civilisation.

So it was probably natural that he finally settled for a time with a druidic enclave within the forests around Tol Leyel, finding the pleasant balance of isolation, community, and purpose. In fact, there were three other downcast amid their numbers, all with that same look in their eyes of finally finding something that was missing within them. None of them shared words of their previous lives, but they did share the comfort of knowing that collective hurt wound would not be reopened.

For many centuries, that was his life: ensuring the health and balance of the forest, and that knowledge and tradition passed through the generations that mortals suffered. He took the natural magic of the earth inside of him, and in return he kept darkness and decay from breaking the cycles of death and renewal that had turned since the world had been birthed. As such, much of the early upheaval that now shadowed these malign days was kept at bay. But that could not last. More and more, the Enclave’s work seemed treacherous and unending and the terrible news of the world outside their haven was harder to keep out.

It wasn’t the fear that finally pushed Talemachus out of his inertia, but the implications. Perhaps it was his longevity, the knowledge of seeing life on a different scale to those others. As one too many story of terrible darkness ravaging some ever closer part of the continent forced and gathering of the whole Enclave, a minority of Talemachus and several others pressed for action. But the majority opted to sit and simply fortify. Frustrated and angered, the dissenters argued that change was coming and they needed to adapt - to use their intimate knowledge of the land and its beasts to intervene. To counter the abominable horror already being done across the world by the Great Beast, and the darkness seeping from the City Below.

Such a suggestion was met with horror, and in a single night the Enclave was split. Talemachus and his faction left, vowing to spread themselves across the world, searching for the knowledge and means to fortify life itself, so that it may survive the coming storm. They left, likely never to all meet again given the state of the world. And Talemachus took his posting and headed East, towards Southern Ostoyan in search of anything mysterious and unknown.

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Old Feb 13th, 2022, 11:59 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Sarduk
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian (Fractured)
Alignment (Prefer no evil): Lawful Neutral
Background: Outlander Entertainer (Gladiator)
Personality: A brutal realist, Sarduk realizes that order is everything. The world he walks has rules, concrete rules. If Sarduk is going to get what he wants, he will need to understand how to use those rules to his advantage. Sarduk is ambitious and ruthless, as his upbringing demands. However he has seen the flaws in letting things go too far, and how such errors can topple the ambitions of even the greatest leaders. So he knows when to keep things tucked away, and when to let them loose, acting with a brutal cunning that can stun those expecting him to be another brainless killing machine.

Description: A hulking brute from the north, Sarduk carries himself with calculated brutality that is meant to simultaneously inspire fear while letting watchers mistake him for a mindless brute. Cords of iron musculature move beneath his scarred flesh, and Sarduk makes sure people see it all, wearing an outfit more suited to the gladiatorial arena than polite society. This outlandish garb is completed with a faceless helm of crude iron, which hides his steely gaze and adds to the impression of being a mindless brute.



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Old Feb 14th, 2022, 06:28 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Ianthe Stillheart
Race: Dreamer
Class: Monk - Way of Mercy
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Sage

Personality: Ianthe is an idealist. Like many of her kind, she is often half in a land of dreams, disconnected from the world--perhaps this is the reason she is able to remain naïve. She can sometimes come off as motherly, to the point of being overbearing. Her idealism can sometimes cause her to feel that she knows better than others; she feels she can dream a better world so vividly, and if only people would follow her example they would be better off. Despite how she sometimes comes across, she is a deeply caring and sensitive individual who is willing to make personal sacrifices for others.

Description: Ianthe has bluish skin and dark hair. Her brows are heavily ridged, a common characteristic among Dreamers. She is trim and fit from her regular training and stands 5"4'. She typically dresses in light clothes, practical for moving around and quite simply made.

Backstory: Ianthe woke from a beautiful dream into a dark, dirty world. She was among the first to wake, and soon found herself organized with other like-minded Dreamers who felt that their waking was a call not just to be present, but to be active in the world. They talked for some years about the dreams they had during their slumber, until they realized there was nothing they could fix until they learned more about what had happened in the world around them.

Ianthe set off with a number of other Dreamers with the intention of learning all they could about magic, the gods, the cataclysm, and the struggles of the people of Etharis. Ianthe traveled with a partner, Maarit, for many years, until they had a falling out.

On her own for the first time she could remember, Ianthe renewed her dedication to her cause. She discovered that she had a particular talent and interest in healing, and turned her attention to trading her skills for room and board in towns or for protection from soldiers as she traveled. She also began walking in the dreams of the folks she helped, turning the dreams from fearful and anxious to calming where she could.

Unfortunately this skill turned out to be quite coveted, and she was taken captive by a noble of Ostoya and used for her dream walking in court as a sort of oddity. She resented her ability being used so frivolously and bided her time until she was eventually able to escape. She took the Nightseer Sage’s job in part hoping to get out of Ostoya for good.

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Old Feb 14th, 2022, 08:08 PM
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Wood Elf smuggler archer female ditzy
right-aligned image

Name: Caelynn "Dove" Holimion
Race: Wood Elf

Class: Fighter (archery-style)
Background: Criminal (smuggler)

Alignment: neutral good


Why "Dove"? Because I'm very, very white for a Wood Elf. (It was actually a code name she used whilst working with the smugglers.)

Character sheet
Here's the link to the character sheet.

Stat block
Caelynn "Dove" Holimion
Wood Elf, criminal (smuggler) Fighter (archery style) Level 1
HP: 11 | AC: 14 | Hit Die: 1d10 | Init: +3 | Move: 35 ft | Passive perception: 14
STR 12 (+1) DEX 17 (+3) CON 12 (+1) INT 8 (-1) WIS 14(+2) CHA 13 (+1)
Weapons: Longbow: +7, 1d8+3 | Melee (finesse): +5, whip 1d4+3, rapier 1d8+3 | Hand ax: +3, 1d6+1
Trained skills: Acrobatics +5 | Athletics +3 | Deception +3 | Perception +4 | Stealth: +5
Class Features: Second wind
Racial Traits: Darkvision to 60 ft | trance | fey ancestry | Mask of the Wilds
Proficiencies: All armor, shields, all simple weapons, all martial weapons, thieves' tools, dice set.
Languages: Common, Elvish

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Old Feb 14th, 2022, 11:57 PM
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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Sormus Mutcher, but he prefers "Mutch"
Race: Rogue (progressing to Arcane Trickster)
Class: Forest Gnome
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral (tries to do the right thing sometimes but is inherently selfish)
Background: Sage (Wizard's Apprentice)

Brilliant, stubborn, methodical, and quick-witted, Mutch is about as clever a gnome as you would ever hope to meet. Although others his age enjoyed the outdoors in their youth, Mutch was always an indoor fellow and he prefers walls and ceilings over wide open spaces. He especially enjoys exploring caves, ruins, and old buildings - the dank smells, the dim lights, and the cozy feeling of closeness was always exciting to him. Whereas other gnomes talk at a rapid fire pace, Mutch is more slow to speak and tends to enjoy making elaborate foolproof plans to ensure the highest amount of success on his excursions. He is brave and adventurous, and enjoys a bit of risk if there is gold at the end of it. He can be a bit sharp-tongued and self-serving at times, but Mutch overall sees him as just a regular man trying to survive in this world. Mutch finds it difficult to forgive anyone and will bear a grudge until the day he dies unless he finds a way to get even.

Short, lithe, and pale of skin, Mutch reminds you of a goblin more than a gnome. He has coarse features and a shaved head, with pointed ears and a pronounced brow. He has a pointed nose and thin lips, with a set of beady dark eyes and yellowed teeth that seem a bit too large for his head. He wears a loose olive colored tattered jacket over a dull looking suit of leather armor, with black cloth gloves on each hand with the fingers cut off. Around his waist is a thick leather belt from which hangs a brace of daggers and a dingy looking short-bladed sword. On his feet are a sturdy looking set of traveling boots, and on his back he wears a ratty but functional backpack.

Mutch's parents were already domesticated forest gnomes, so unlike many of his peers Mutch was born in the capital of Ostoya. Mutch does not know his parents as when he was born, they showed little pity for the ugly, sickly-looking gnome and instead abandoned him at the orphanage. There the small pale youth was constantly bullied and abused by the adults and other children at the orphanage. Mutch endured it for years until he finally had enough, and when he was approximately seven years old he left the orphanage and began living as an urchin on the streets. He lived that way for several months until he met his master, Ormarion.

Ormarion is a highly talented half elf wizard, and when he first met Mutch and saw his clever usage of his innate illusionary abilities, Ormarion realized Mutch had serious natural talent. Taking the boy in as his own apprentice, soon Mutch was learning more than he had ever known about anything before. Ormarion was a phenomenal teacher and wizard, but due to his advanced age he is prone to napping or forgetting what he was doing in the first place. Although Mutch excelled in his studies, when Ormarion lost his attention and went to do other things, Mutch would sneak out and run around with his mischief-making friends. Their antics were mostly harmless, although as they grew older there was a vigilante task or two in which they stole from some local lout and donated the proceeds to those who were really in need.

When the Nightseer Sage was seeking responsible adventurers for a delicate task at hand, Ormarion thought this would be a good field test of Mutch's magical talents and encouraged Mutch to take the job and prove his worth to all. On his end, Mutch is thrilled at the possibility for adventure and can't wait to get started.


02/26/24 - New position and personal real estate work is keeping me busy, please PM me if I am running behind.

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