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Old Apr 21st, 2022, 12:41 PM
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About Our Adventure (Overview and Notes)

by Richard Marpole
An Adventure in The Midderlands campaign setting for Levels 1–3
This is per the OSR game as written.
13th Age conversion likely means Level 1 only.

The once-respected Abbey-Cathedral of Saint Abbans has stood at the top of Wellholy Hill for centuries.

Revenue is scarce and the abbey is falling into disrepair. An upcoming celebration might help fill the coffers, but church bats have infested the upper reaches of the building. They are causing a dangerous nuisance which risks the celebration going ahead and further damaging the precarious structure.

Abbess Jessamine is looking for brave souls without fear of heights to ascend the cavernous cathedral and bring the problem under control.

Maybe, just maybe, that’s you?

Thread under construction. Please stand by.

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