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Old May 10th, 2022, 02:41 PM
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The Agents

I'd like both of you to either post the info about your charater here or a link to the info. Or some combination of the two.

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Old May 10th, 2022, 03:58 PM
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Selene Murdoch (sheet)
psychically-gifted Irish cop turned FBI agent

Thirty-year-old Selene Murdoch has commendations from her years as a homicide detective prior to her recruitment into the FBI, making her not quite the average rookie agent, but not an experienced one either. Yet. She hopes to improve that quickly, especially since she's been assigned to Andrew Dickey, one of the FBI's top serial killer specialists.

Selene has her own reasons for being a bit nervous about starting with the FBI, and it has nothing to do with who she's been assigned to... unless you count her concern that he's more competent than her most recent partner at Richmond PD, and that she expects to get caught eyeing things that aren't visible to everyone else. It didn't matter while she was in training, because there weren't homicide victims demanding her attention (not that there weren't ghosts at Quantico, but that's another story entirely), but once she's out in the field? It's almost inevitable that something will happen, and she won't be able to explain it away easily.

NameSelene MurdochVirtueJustProfessionDetective (Cop+FBI)
ChronicleFTL's SlasherConceptpsychic FBI rookie




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Old May 11th, 2022, 01:51 AM
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Andrew "Andy" Dickey
The FBI's Slasher-of-Slashers

It's public record that when Andy was a teenager his identical twin brother was a victim of the serial killer Carlton Hammond AKA "Daddy". The part that isn't public record is that Carlton could *somehow* tell the brothers apart at a glance, something not even their parents could do. And witnesses have claimed to have seen Carlton regenerate from injuries including a severed hand.

Andy is not a believer in the supernatural by any means, but he does acknowledge that he's seen things that defy easy explanation. He might not believe in Vampires or Magic - but he does concede the existance of Weird and Spooky. Maybe that's why he's had more luck then most catching UnSubs. Enough that sometimes on his desk he finds case files and objects he never asked for, but come in surprisingly handy...

NameAndrew DickeyVirtueFortitudeProfessionFBI Agent
PlayerGNViceGreedCompactTask Force Valkyrie (?)
ChronicleFTL's SlasherConceptSlasher of Slashers
Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
Poetice Vivere, Aut Mori Stultitiam - Nullius In Verba
UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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