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Old May 25th, 2022, 02:56 PM
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Team Roster

normal image without text wrap

Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining in. Let's meet our heroes, shall we? Post below to introduce your character. You can copy/paste your application or set up your character sheet. Or both!

Each of your posts in the story thread needs at least a current stat block, and this is a good place to have it ready for copy/paste purposes. You are free to make your own design. It just needs to contain the appropriate information: your hero name, playbook name, labels, current conditions, and influences. If you are going to link to a character sheet instead, please make sure it is up-to-date with every post!

Below is a basic Character Sheet and a Stat Block. Feel free to quote this post to get at the text so you can edit and make them your own. Or make your own from scratch. I won't be offended.



Or if you want something a bit more complicated, below is a quick example of a reference template. You are free to use it if you wish, but it is not required for this game. Feel free to improve on the design as well!

Please be patient with me. Life got crazy, and I haven't caught up yet. PMs for reminders are welcome!
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Old Jun 5th, 2022, 05:50 PM
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Just a reminder that we will be running 2 games at once here. Check the table below to see which PCs are on which team.

Team 1Team 2Team 3
Amarga's JanusCopper CricketSirviantis's NewbornAnimaDark Justice
GraysonYsolde's TransformedArgentHotsuSama's OutsiderHar-Lann
wodine's ProtégéHuntressGalateaMitsubachi's LegacyMoonbeam
Rylee & ToasterVoidzebedee's NovaSingularity
Please be patient with me. Life got crazy, and I haven't caught up yet. PMs for reminders are welcome!

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"He looked to the Kender for wisdom. If there was one thing she was good for, it was pearls of wisdom. Wisdom buried beneath twelve hours of stories about obscure relatives." -- Imveros
Help Me Find a Home for These Characters

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Felicity Aarons
Character Application
right-aligned image
Excerpt from Felicity's Yearbook. Page 117
Real Name: Felicity Aarons

Hero Name: The Diana aka Huntress

Playbook: The Protégé

Appearance: Felicity has blonde hair, a killer fashion sense, and all the charisma a girl could ever possibly want. Oh, and she was elected Queen of the Winter Ball. That basically makes her Queen Mab – but hot. Felicity takes great pride in her appearance and her position as alpha of the cheerleaders. She can never let anyone know about her… other side. Her secret. Who would believe it? Why would anyone believe it? Ugh, and why would anyone ever wear those outfits?

Goals: Felicity’s biggest goal is to maintain her normal life. Keeping her total hunk of a boyfriend, her straight Bs (okay maybe Cs), her position as head cheerleader. Oh, and to ‘fulfil her sacred duty.’ Or whatever.

Background: Felicity is the embodiment of high school. She’s cool. She’s popular. She’s in charge. She rules it all. And everything was going fine until she was ‘inducted’ – but like, it was way more of an abduction.

Felicity is a Diana. Or The Diana. Felicity isn’t sure about how articles work in Latin.

Anyway, the thing is there’s like, this sacred group of women. Seven. There’s seven spread across the world and they have like, these powers. And they fight for good and justice and stuff.

What was that motto, again?

Fiat justitia, pereat mundus.

Ugh why does it have to be a dead language. It’s the 21st century.

Where was I?

Ugh whatever – the point is on top of everything else I have to like train and fight and protect the human race from like monsters and whatever. I spend all this time and energy on school and then I’m off to training with these demented old women. Most the time I study with Olethea. Seriously. That’s her name. She makes me fight with bows and swords and stuff. Who does that? I guess I do that now. I’m pretty good at it though.

I’ve never been better at Kick-Double Basket tosses, so that’s something I suppose.

Roleplaying Sample: “My name is Felicity Aarons, and I am so much more than just an ordinary cheerleader.

Ugh. It even sounds tacky in my own journal.

I can’t believe this is my life now.

Just last weekend I was at the point with Clint. CLINT.

From Sister Benedictine’s prep school.

He’s on the varsity swim team. The swim. Team.

He has muscles in places I didn’t even realize guys could have muscles. And he has this mop of dusty blond hair and cold grey eyes…

Then Olethea showed up muttering something about how I’d be a disappointment to some rancid old slag named Vestia.


Do you know how hard it is to explain to someone who the weird woman in a toga with a golden bow is?

Luckily, he’s a varsity swimmer and not a chess champion so he didn’t ask too many questions.

Then Olethea and I were off on a hunt.

Wasn’t much of a tracking lesson, it was a weird tenacle monster shooting laser beams out of its eyes. It was not exactly what I would call subtle.

A few arrows in the side and Olethea had it pinned, and I finished it off with a brace of pila to the giant eyeballs. They popped like soft boiled eggs. It was gross, but you know, kinda cool.

I hope I get some time off this weekend. I need to finish a science project.

And see if Clint is busy."

Why: You already know the answer to that. I’m having a blast with Danny so why wouldn’t I want to give it another go?

Posting Status: Caught Up?
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I had a very rough week topped off by a death in the family and another in the ICU. I've been out of state dealing with family matters and needed to get back to normalcy but I'm back home and ready to get back to things. I'm sorry to have disappeared so suddenly but it was a serious emergency.

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Har-Lann application

Hero Name: Har-Lann, Seventh of This Name, Acolyte of the All-Song (... and Lanny to their friends.)

Playbook: Outsider

Appearance: Har-Lann is clearly alien. Their skin is an aqua-blue sheen, and they're completely hairless except for a mohawk-esque style coloured honey-orange; the stiff 'hairs' are more like quills and they shine like crystal filaments. They have protruding, pointed ears, with tufts of the same honey-coloured 'quills' poking out like ear hairs. They stand at around 1 meter (just under 4 feet) tall, but otherwise roughly humanoid - except the head is a tiny bit too large, the mouth is a little too small (they can still yell pretty loud when they want to, though) and the hands are four-fingered. They're sleek, thin and androgynous.

Description: Har-Lann is a cheery traveller from a deep space collective, taking their first foray out into the metaphorical 'real world' of the galaxy. Age is ... complicated when cryo-sleep enters the equation, but biologically speaking they're the equivalent of about 14 years old when compared to a human lifespan. They've landed on Earth and both finds its society appealling and its status as a celestial body strangely charged with meaning. As an acolyte in a pantheistic religion that celebrates the divine within the cosmos, Har-Lann is settling in for a longer stay to investigate a potential revelation in the making, and wants to do good while they're here - even if that means laying low and working alongside some local emerging heroes rather than some big government entity that'd lock them up for tests.

Har-Lann's species is naturally capable of limited telepathy, but the All-Song in Har-Lann's head is charged with its own power, bringing Har-Lann psychically closer to the energy that powers stars and interstellar phenomena. This significantly augments their psychic potential and allows them to tap into that celestial energy - currently, this manifests by manipulating solar energy, heat and light.

Goals: To meditate on the All-Song and its apparent connection to Earth, while also keeping it and its people safe from threat. Har-Lann has already met with animosity from government entities from their arrival, so contributing to the security of the planet and its people alongside fellow scrappy youths is safer and infinitely more appealing. And underneath the sunny temperament, Har-Lann is also lonely and looking for friends of the same relative age group, and on the same wavelength.

Background: Har-Lann grew up in a deep space community they refer to as the Congregation (the real name doesn't translate well). The Congregation is a theological society of many different alien races united in their belief in the All-Song - a pantheistic belief system that interprets 'God' as a dormant cosmic force known as The All. According to the Congregation, the All-Song is the 'name' of this entity, and reciting the name in full will awaken the dormant god and revitalise the universe. The recitation of this long, complex 'song' is a project centuries in the making - data is collected across the universe and 'performers' have to be prepared for most of their lives to 'sing' just a minuscule fragment.

Har-Lann has been conditioned from birth to retain a small fragment of the All-Song in their mind. They must meditate on the song fragment regularly in order to learn it, and it is expected that they travel extensively and grow in wisdom in order to better understand the nature of the harmonics at play in the All-Song. Har-Lann came here as part of a general journey, and cared little for how out-of-place they'd be here. Earth is known to the Congregation, so Har-Lann has some base knowledge and can skim the rest out of the minds of the locals when searching for the right word or social custom - what harm would there be in their presence here?

Har-Lann may have underestimated the strangeness of their presence on Earth, to put it lightly. Narrowly escaping government enclosure and losing access to their ship. Har-Lann is stranded. However, they're in no hurry to leave anyway.

In their time here, Har-Lann has meditated on their All-Song fragment and ... something is strange. The fragment itself has an added foreboding richness about it, and meditating over it while on Earth is different to anywhere else. It's like there's a resonance between their mind, the All-Song, the strange little orb of Earth itself and the solar system it inhabits. The All-Song is the song of the spheres, after all, and perhaps a celestial body in this little corner of space - The Earth? Earth's moon? Sol? - has a unique role in this experience. Har-Lann is determined to find out what that is, with the reluctant blessing of their distant Congregation.

Roleplaying Sample: In another Masks game, an anxious protege stands up to his mentor

Why: Har-Lann's initial themes are pretty straightforward; they're an independent, quick-witted and lonely kid from the deep space equivalent of a home-schooling religious commune, venturing outside their limited circles for the first time and seeing they things they've learned in a new light. They may begin to poke and prod at the things they've known as pure truth until now. And Har-Lann is desperate to fit in somewhere with someone outside their prior life; I play a lot of characters who are fringe-dwellers by circumstance or choice and end up staying there, so I want to push myself to make a character who's more optimistic about fitting in somewhere for a while despite apparent boundaries.

Character Development• Where do you come from?
• Why did you come to Earth?
• Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?
• Why do your people want you to come home?
• Why do you care about the team?

When our team first came together... we didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

Har-Lann has been learning about Earth by spending time with Moonbeam.

They have a 'crush' on Singularity but keep it under wraps.

Har-Lann is cheerful and thrilled to be here. Everyone has Influence over them.

Hero NameHar-Lann
Real Name'Lanny'
On MeInfluenceOn Them
XDark JusticeO
-2 to comfort or support someone or pierce the maskAngryNo
-2 to directly engageAfraidNo
-2 to provoke someone or assess the situationGuiltyNo
-2 to unleash your powersHopelessNo
-2 to stand in defense or reject what others say about you or the worldInsecureNo
Telepathy/mind blasts
You have the resources that come with your station. Whenever you contact your people, roll + Superior. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but your people make an uncomfortable demand of you. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to: - receive a useful piece of alien technology that will allow you to use any ability from another playbook once (choose the ability when you spend the hold) - consult your people’s knowledge to ask the GM a question about the current situation - clear a condition through the comfort of contact with your homeBelong in two worlds
When you comfort or support someone by telling them how they exemplify the best parts of Earth, roll + Freak instead of + Mundane.The best of them
When you talk about your home, roll + Freak. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one. During the conversation, you: - confess a flaw of your home; add 1 Team to the pool - mislead them about your home; take Influence over them - describe the glories of your home; clear a condition. On a miss, you inadvertently reveal more about yourself than you planned; tell them a secret or vulnerability you haven’t shared with Earthlings before now.Not so different after all
STATUS: Feather quill a-scratchin' away

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Copper Cricket
right-aligned image
Hero Name: Copper Cricket (Martin Pathos)

Playbook: The Janus

Appearance: Martin is a fit teenage boy of average height, dark hair kept short, brown eyes, and a thoughtful expression.

Description: Martim stands just at six feet tall, not a hair under or over really. He typically keeps his short black hair under his favorite ball cap. In his day to day life Martin wears fairly plain clothes. T-shirts without much flair, plain blue jeans of typical cut,cand his baseball cap. Toss in a hoodie or jacket depending on the weather, swap out the jeans for cargo shorts if it's hot, and you have the practical entirety of Martin's wardrobe.
Along with being a quiet youth, Martin's facial expressions and reactions are subdued most of the time. It is sometimes hard for new people to get much of a read on what Martin is thinking, but when he thinks it's important he does make an effort to speak up.
Of course this sometimes frustrates his teachers, and his tendency to silently stare off into the distance often has people wondering if he's really paying attention.
Generally Martin is a thoughtful soul, who takes his time to digest information and think on it fully before forming an opinion. He believes in giving everything its fair shake, even if he doesn't really get it. He's a big fan of insects and is an avid baseball player.
Martin's costume is as plain as his normal clothes. A simple tracksuit does the trick for him, although he was apparently seized by one wild idea at least. He wears a helmet to hide his identity, a simple thing reminiscent of an insect. Of course Martin isn't used to deception, not overtly at least, just staying quiet. This is different now, now he has to actively deceive those around him, and he's finding he's much better at it than is comfortable.

Goals: Martin has powers, and he can't resist the urge to use them. He has no ambition to be rich, or to rule over others, no drive for revenge or otherwise, he just wants to see what he has put to good use. Now Martin doesn't really know how he would even start getting involved with this sort of work, but he's used to being on a team, so he starts looking for one.

Background: Martin grew up in the suburbs, his dad is an electrician, his mother teaches elementary school. He has two younger brothers, and his life has been fairly typical until now. He always loved insects as a boy, and his passion has led to him having something of a collection, displayed on shelves alongside baseball trophies. He still plays on the highschool baseball team, and until recently he didn't think his life would stand out much.
That is until his powers started to manifest, and he began hiding them, toning down his performance, almost on instinct.
This didn't stop his nosy younger brothers from stumbling onto him while he was out testing his abilities, so now he plays extra nice with them to keep them quiet about it. Life was so simple and quiet before, and he liked it, just as much as he likes his new way of life. He can't let things change, so on comes The Mask, and on go the lies.

Roleplaying Sample: Weju shennanagins, Jill's mask

Why: Well I enjoyed that one-shot we did, it was a blast I think! And I'm a bit more free so I thought it would be fun to dive deeper into Masks and get a more full experience of the system with a great dm and a passionate party.
As for what I'm looking to explore, the idea of a young person unable to move forwards or who isn't able to imagine life different, who then wrestles with new ambitions as change nonetheless comes and pushes them out of their comfort zone, is sort of what I'm looking to explore.


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right-aligned image

Playbook: The Newborn. (Moves: A mind of their own, Not from around here) The Haunted also fits quite well, and I'm a bit unsure if the Newborn does, but let me know.

Powers: Soul control. Can use the souls of the damned to animate things or alternatively manifest them as semi-tangible ghosts, fireballs, or still humanoid constructs made from whatever is at hand. Beyond that they have some general utility powers that youd expect a telekineticist to have such as flight, super strength, and telekinesis.

It's interesting to note that she doesn't quite have control over these souls, but rather they're just motivated to help by the promise of escape from hell.

Appearance: For a purely spiritual being stuck in a body by pure happenstance, Anima could've done a lot worse. Amy was the envy of quite a few of her classmates and for good reason. Her heart-shaped face is unmarred by any blemishes, leaving her emerald, almond-shaped eyes to easily confidently meet the gaze of anyone who looks her way. They sit below carefully tended, but not thin brows and on either side of her rather dainty nose. If her undead nature can be spotted, it would be by her lips, which are constantly but only slightly cracked, or her porcelain white skin. While not often noted, her body temperature is also a good deal colder than would be expected.

Anima, or Amy as she goes by for day-to-day affairs tends carries herself in a confident manner, though this is mostly just a show. In reality she's not quite sure if she has this whole "pretend to be a normal teenager" down, and often she plays any wrong calculations off as just general goofyness.

In her undercover life as Amy has acces to a varied selection of clothing, though she often picks outfits based on what she likes for the day without caring about which shirt goes with which trousers or what the weather is going to be like. This leaves Amy to stand out in a crowd rather often.

In her superhero identity as Anima she wears a form fitting black and white spandex which she once managed to find in a store window. It's good enough to serve to remind Anima which identity she's in at the moment. Though in an attempt to customise her outfit a bit more, she added a long brown cape complete with a cowl. The idea was that she could use the hood to obscure her face a bit, but it keeps blowing off.

Description: Anima is an amalgamation of souls created to give the denizens of hell a chance at redemtion through service to her. She inhabits the dead body of her creator's daughter after having accidentally consumed her soul and tried but failed to take over her life. Now she, Amy's mother and stepdad have moved to a new city to try and forget Amy's Amy did die, but her family hasn't exactly caught on, believing the entire thing to be caused by amnesia."near"-death and her Not really, but you try explaining to a judge that a manifestation of souls possessed you to kill a few muggers"criminally insane" father. She seeks to learn about humanity from people who havn't been sent to hell and tortured for a good eternity while using her powers to silence the screams of agony that plague her constantly.

Goals: Beyond that whenever they use their powers the endless song of the souls of the damned gets slightly quieter, which is nice. Beyond that there's the feeling of having done something good for someone else.
Background: Anima is barely months old, though that same cannot be said for the life they live and the body they use. Previously those belonged to Amy Reed. Amy was the product of a desperate attempt to kindle some love back into a hopeless marriage between two good people. On the weekends she visited her father, a touristy souvenir shop owner who dabbled in black arts. Victor was kind but superstitious, and honestly believed the artifacts he peddled held magical power. He worried about the consequences of selling these sacred implements as easily forgotten keepsakes. Financially he had no little other choice. The days he spent in the store, working through one after the other and taking barely half a day off for christmas. Her mother, Olivia Reed, was still working through medical school, and was their family's hope of ever getting out of living paycheck to paycheck. The pressure this put on Amy to be the best girl she could be was a lot, but somehow not unbearable to the young girl who barely knew better.

As time went on and stress consumed love and Olivia finally got her medical license the pair split up. Amy's mother couldn't handle the stress of the relationship, the paranoia of her husband and honestly felt like she deserved better than the man she once married. Once Amy's mother found a new appartement she only visited her father on the weekends, and despite the shift in lifestyle she still looked forward to it each week. She never quite understood the gravity of her father's occult rituals, but she went along happily. As she grew older Amy managed to glean some more meaning in them though, and it frightened her. From Amy's understanding, Victor was trying to create something capable of redeeming his soul. Though she never quite understood why he'd need to.

During the week her life made a lot more sense though, She lived as a lonely child with her mother, and soon enough she even had a stepdad. Initially she didn't like him much: Liam was kind enough to her but a bit cold and nice only in a way that felt forced. Still, he was more of a parent to her than her real parents who were always busy with their jobs. Over time Amy's new father loosened up, and the pair bonded more deeply.

All in all Amy couldn't complain about her life: she was top of her class, had a handful of good friends, was great in her self-defense class and quite confident about her looks. She had help ofcourse, aside form two caring, if busy parents, a nice stepdad and a great therapist to help her out when she felt bad.

Amy would only live to be 15 years old. She died on a saturday as she was visiting her dad. There was a break-in in the shop, and Amy was a tad overconfident. She made her way down to the shop and saw three armed muggers. She was shot in the stomach three times. When her father came down a moment later he could only hold her daughter as she died.

As the man held his daughter's dying body his occult experiment came to investigate, and set about fixing things. The coalition of souls, Anima, possessed Victor and used the man's body to throw the muggers back out of the shop, but the man's rage made Anima go overboard. In the under a minute Anima picked up had stabbed each of the muggers a thousand times with a piece of glass before throwing them out. When the spectre had healed Victor's wounds it left his body. But Victor wasn't happy still. He pleaded the entity to heal his daughter and Anima did as they were asked but too late, and so Anima was trapped in the dead body, replacing Amy as the occupant. A look of grim comprehension came over Victor's face as he realised that he'd essentially trapped Anima in the body of Amy.

After that it all happened fast. The police arrived to find a pile of dead bodies and a man crying over the wounded body of a teen girl. They put two and two together everyone left, Victor left in the back of a police car with his hands cuffed. Anima left in the body of Amy in an ambulance. And Amy left this world to be absorbed into Anima and promptly forgiven by the soul construct, allowed to pass into heaven.

Amy's body passed out, and Anima used the time to search through Amy's memories and find out what this person was about, but they were quickly fading. When Amy's body woke up, it was stitched up and had stopped bleeding. A woman was staring, with an look of elation on her face. She said how happy she was in a tone that was too loud for Anima's new ears. And when Anima was quiet, Olivia became worried. A doctor informed her of the potential for brain damage, but over the coming months she was medically diagnosed with amnesia and a loss of fine motor skills.

The diagnosis was wrong, but modern medicine doesn't really account for "departed and possessed", and the diagnosis helped a fair bit in getting Anima acclimated to her new life. Revalidation went well, and she even caught up on Amy's life quite quickly with the help of a lot of people who knew her very well. Anima caught up with school by studying a lot and prying any loose information from the remnants of memory of their host. After six months Anima was semi-competently imitating a 16 year old who had the kind of memory loss that hollywood peddled, some headaches, horrible naivety and some missing memories but overall functional.

Anima was ready for more though. She never quite got around to working out why three men would try and work their way into a store they didn't own to take money that wasn't theirs. Why would they bother, if they didn't have the money why wouldn't they just ask nicely. It was questions like this that motivated Anima to go out and find trouble, motivated by genuine curiousity to work out why people are almost inherently egoistical. The concept of a self being entirely alien to Anima, who was essentially just an amalgamation of souls. In one of these escapades, when she had to defend herself against a violent type, that she had to use her powers. Directly after the fight, the endless pained cries of the souls of the dead stuck inside her grew a little quieter, as a few of them were absolved of their sins. The quiet became addicting to Anima, who'd finally gotten a moment of rest.

Roleplaying Sample: This ought to do until I write one for Anima
Why: I've played a game of Masks before, and didn't enjoy it. Later I learned I completely misunderstood the system and that it's significantly more rules-light than I expected and characters aren't limited by the moves in their playbooks. Beyond that, I love high school drama and superhero antics. I'm definitely open to exploring relationships with Anima, and excited to try a more "eldritch" character.

AnimaThe NewbornLabelsPowersInfluenceConditions
Look:Woman, White, human skin, mismatched clothing, over the top costume
When you act clueless, goofy or confused to get out of a sticky mundane situation, roll+Freak. On a hit, you create an opportunity, a distraction, or a plausible excuse. On a 7-9, in addition, you feel all the weight of playing the clown, and of the people staring at you. The GM will shift one of your labels up, and one down.Not from around here
Your powers evolve and mutate. When you are facing an obstacle or threat that your powers would not be able to deal with, you can mark a condition to have your powers adapt to the situation and manifest in a new and unprecedented way. You do not retain these new powers once the danger is gone.A mind of their own
When you call the allies you made beyond this world to ask them for help, mark a condition and roll + Superior. On a hit, someone shows up to lend you a hand. On a 7-9, they’re dragging their own problems. On a miss, your call reaches someone you wish it hadn’t.I hate calling the cavalry
Always offer second chances.
Never forget who you owe.
Move: Spend 1 burn to move to any place you choose within the scene, breaking through or slipping past any barriers or restraints in your way. Spend a second Burn to move to any place you’ve previously been.Move
Moat: Spend 1 burn to create a barrier that will hold back threats as long as you keep your attention on it. The GM may call for you to spend another Burn if the barrier is threatened by particularly powerful enemies.Moat
Constructs: Spend 1 burn to create any object with your powers, up to the size of a person. Spend an additional Burn to animate it independently of yourself. The construct dissolves at the end of the scene.Construct
Soul/hell magic
Potential: 2
Advancement: Burn and 3 flares
Argent She/her
Copper Cricket He/him
Huntress She/her
-2 to comfort or support someone or pierce the maskAngryNo
-2 to directly engageAfraidNo
-2 to provoke someone or assess the situationGuiltyNo
-2 to unleash your powersHopelessYes
-2 to stand in defense or reject what others say about you or the worldInsecureNo
Player: Illeryces - Aaron - Ion
DM: Pokemon Island Expedition - Prowlers & Paragons

I'm operating normally!
Coherence is optional, personality is not.

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left-aligned image

Hero Name: Argent

Playbook: The Transformed (Impenetrable Armor, Inhuman Might)

Appearance: A silver statue of a woman with a white dress. She looks elegant and beautiful until she moves and then she is utterly uncanny and alien. Metal should not move like that, should not shape and conform to new positions.

Description: Argent tends towards depression she does her best to hide it and put up a front that she doesn’t care but those who know her best can see. She is friendly, helpful, and kind until she sees injustice and then watch out.

Goals: She is going to make her mother proud. She’s doing this for every girl who looks in the mirror and hates what they see showing them that beauty is what is inside.

Background: Argent was once a normal girl named Sally Freeman. She grew up in a house with a mother and father with two younger brothers. She was of average looks and had a kind disposition. A crusader for social justice and an avid feminist she was known to March, organize, and help where she could. A new factory was to be built processing aluminum right next to the poorest section of the city as usual and this young teen was part of a group trying to stop it. They protested, marched, and wrote letters but little worked. A statement had to be made and she was one of many who would make it.

It turned out that it wasn’t an aluminum plant, it was a place where scientists were researching a strange alien metal. When the group made it into the recesses of the building they broke containers and the like. Sally was just the unlucky person who broke the crate holding the strange alien metal. It bonded to her body, became her body and Argent was born.

Her mother, Meredith helps her most with the changes she’s gone through and that was who first suggested Argent join the team. So she’s doing this for her mother and she refuses to let the naysayers win. She refuses to simply hide away when she can do so much even if she isn’t human anymore.

Roleplaying Sample: She remembered when danger would make her heart thump in her chest, when her breath would catch in her throat, these days neither happened because she had no lungs, had no heart. A phantom of what had been was all there was and perhaps, in some ways, that was better. She need not worry about herself, need not be afraid of any danger. So, she moved towards the danger, she put her hands together and parted a wall like a diver might part water. Through the obstacle and ignoring gunfire, lasers, or whatever it was today and bringing herself front and center.

Perhaps some other hero might give a speech, something that would be catchy on social media but Argent wasn't like that. She simply looked to the villain and said, "I know you won't surrender and you know you won't surrender but I can afford to give you a chance anyway. If you want to take it to try and hurt me well, go ahead." She counted in her head after that one...two...three.. she gave it a full ten count ignoring any attacks and heading right in for damage that would take this villain down. Her hair was like a monomolecular edge, her palm strikes like katana, her punches like a piston press everything about her was deadly and dangerous and once she attacked it was a matter of keeping the villain alive more than anything else.

Why: Invulnerability as a curse how does one cope? Dealing with body dysmorphia when your entire body is metal. What is it to be human? How does the idea of never aging affect someone so young?

Character Development
We drew attention and ire from plenty during the fight. One important person in particular now hates and fears us. Who is it? Chief of Police Karen

Anima comforted you when you were at your lowest.
Void knew you before you changed.

You try not to care what other people think, even if you can’t shut everyone out. Give Influence to Anima.

Hero NameArgent
Real NameSally Freeman
On MeInfluenceOn Them
-2 to comfort or support someone or pierce the maskAngryNo
-2 to directly engageAfraidNo
-2 to provoke someone or assess the situationGuiltyNo
-2 to unleash your powersHopelessNo
-2 to stand in defense or reject what others say about you or the worldInsecureNo
Impenetrable Armor
Inhuman Might
When you take a powerful physical blow, you may roll as if you had two fewer conditions marked. If you do, on a 10+ you must choose to lose control of yourself in a terrible way. I am not my body:
When you directly engage a threat in a terrifying fashion, mark a condition to choose an additional option, even on a miss.Not human enough:
When you smash your way through scenery to get to or away from something, roll + Danger. On a hit, the world breaks before you, and you get what you want. On a 7-9, choose one: mark a condition, leave something behind, or take something with you. On a miss, you smash through, but leave devastation in your wake or wind up somewhere worse, GM’s choice.Unstoppable:

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Hero NameSingularity
Real NameBen Woollard and Virginia Gauthier
Age15 and 16
On MeInfluenceOn Them
-2 to comfort or support someone or pierce the maskAngryNo
-2 to directly engageAfraidNo
-2 to provoke someone or assess the situationGuiltyNo
-2 to unleash your powersHopelessNo
-2 to stand in defense or reject what others say about you or the worldInsecureYes
Gravity Manipulation
Not human enough: When you directly engage a threat in a terrifying fashion, mark a condition to choose an additional option, even on a miss.
Reality Storm
Burn: 3
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if there is any fear in their eyes when they look at you. If they say no, take +1 forward and mark potential. If they say yes, immediately shift your Danger up and Savior down.Team Move 1
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, tell them how they could stop you, if it came down to it. Give them Influence over you and clear a condition.Team Move 2

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