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Old May 19th, 2022, 08:29 AM
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Hired Swords

Please put your character's application or details about your character below.
Please also include a link to your character sheet.

Status: Behind. Stuck in multi-day meeting marathon. Send help, please.

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Old Jun 6th, 2022, 03:10 PM
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Shadar-Kai Deathknight
right-aligned image
Character Sheet

Name: Spektor
Race: Shadar-Kai
Class(es), and subclass(es): Paladin (Oathbreaker)/Warlock(Hexblade) "Deathknight"



A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.~Douglas Adams
Delayed: NPC as Needed.

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Old Jun 6th, 2022, 03:13 PM
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right-aligned image
Female Blacksmith, by thomaswievegg
High Concept: the (mystical medieval) Iron Man of Beer.

Name: pronounced 'yohn-tah'Yonte Karst (aka the Iron Hogshead, aka the Tun of Steel, aka the Hop-lite) (character sheet)

Race Almost certainly a 'custom lineage' via Tasha's, permitting a feat.Human

Gender: Woman ('tough mom' variant)

Class(es), and subclass(es): Cleric (of Nature) 4 / Artificer (Armorer) 6

Appearance On the day-to-day, Yonte is wiry and lean. She has long straight dark hair, often unkempt and maintained by pulling it back out of the way of tool and fire. She frequently has a knotted look on her brow, as she ponders improvements to her gear, the shenanigans of her children, or the malfeasance of adulterators, vintners, and prohibitionists. But she knows how to cut loose and enjoy life, and after a pint or two, she will live, laugh, and love folk from any and all walks of life.

When she is dispensing justice on behalf of the Nectar of the Gods, she wears head-to-toe steel armor, which glistens in cardinal red and rich gold. Magic imbues the armor, and the holy symbol of a foaming tankard glows above her heart, over the backside of both hands, and on any shields and weapons she deploys through her artifice.
Backstory (character and mine)
left-aligned image
Medieval Iron man by Anton Guffen

Brief history

Kingdoms get heroes. Eras get heroes. Peoples get heroes. Causes get heroes. Yet one thing is more important than all of that. One thing transcends. One thing speaks to the very soul of civilization, humanity, and life.

Beer! Beer needed a hero.

The gods, whatever their differences, agreed to that simple fact. The gods called upon the patrons of Nature (who bring into existence tall proud barley; pure inevitable water; grasping climbing hops; insatiable tireless yeast) to create the true universal hero. Freyr was deputized to find this hero. Freyr, god of fertility and harvest, peace and prosperity. Freyr, a total bro who will absolutely bust you upside the head while tipping a few back.

Down in the earthly realms toiled a humble blacksmith, Yonte Karst. She supplied the smithy needs of town, while in her spare time making her own Home Brew and tinkering in her shed. She was a mother of three, and bore herself with a quiet nobility. She drank small beer every day at her simple family dinner table. At the weeks end, she had more than a few Imperials with the townsfolk at the public house. A true pillar of the community.

One day Freyr stepped out of the great steam rising from Yonte's cooling wort. "Yonte!" he beckoned, and with one hand he blessed her forge and her shop and her brew. “Beer is a blessing above all blessings, above the very gods themselves! It must be protected, above all other things! Let not maledicts and charlatans sully its name and its intoxicating vapours, through which wisdom and romance and fellow-feeling do flow! For if beer should fail, what hope have gods and men? You are chosen, for your forthright dedication to beer, and to the community that springs therefrom.”

Yonte fell to her knees at the grand vision. She shook her head, unbelieving. Me? Why me? Why am I the one to do this? I... I can't. I'm just one woman. This must be a mistake.

Just then two of her young children rushed into the forge. They disregarded the heavenly vision and ran straight to Yonte, yammering mommy mommy mommy the cookie jar somehow just fell off the shelf by itself without anyone nearby we didn't even know where it was hidden and and and and the dog just **** on the rug again and I'm hungry already so I want...

In an instant, Yonte stood up straight and looked the god dead in his divine (and perhaps a little soused) eyes. “I'll do it!” The god Freyr nodded knowingly.

Her armor jumped off the countertop and onto her body, encasing her. It changed colors and glowed with divine power. A warm feeling of liquid courage bathed all who observed. The audience of youths whispered in unison whoooooooaaa...

Freyr intoned, “When beer is endangered, we shall call upon you. The gods themselves depend on beer, um, you. They depend on YOU! This world's Bulwark of Beer. Our Hop-lite. Be strong, be prepared.” In a flash, the god was gone, as were a quarter of Yonte's barrels that had been aging on her shelf.

A link or two to some posts you've made

Hm, well I guess I have a lot of options here. Why don't I give one from each of my active games? One from the game I'm running which is also a one-shot: linky one (combat organization). And another that I thought was PotM-nomination worthy: linky two (bloody vengeance via internet drama). And another full of drama: linky three (selling one's soul).
BuildAction block mostly complete. Need to look into further spending though.

Check out Astral Agents in Boats, a 5e Spelljamer adventure, run by jbear. Play sessions are live streamed biweekly, with edited versions provided weekly. I am a player, as are a few other RPGX stalwarts

If you're thinking of starting up a PbtA game, hit me up; I'm on the market.

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Character Basics
left-aligned image

Name: Erelli Tarnil
Race: Half Elf
Alignment: CG
Classes: Rogue (Thief) 5 - Warlock (Great Old One) 5

Appearance: Honestly, a majority of the time Erelli would prefer not to be noticed. It's not that she's unattractive or anything, no, call it more of an ingrained habit. When possible, she would rather stand in shadow or half-light, as there is an unusual sense of security in lingering close to darkness. When she does however step out into the sun, this young half-elf has an air of further dichotomy than mere light and shade. Wealth yet hardship? Success through failure? Friendship balanced with insecurity?

Erelli dresses simply, often in little more than dark linen. There are no jewels or accessories of note to announce her status or family ties to the world. She's smart, right? Well... maybe not so smart, for the perceptive might see through her attempts at anonymity. Oh yes, this is surely a young woman with something to hide... and a few skills she'd not openly boast about.

So, does Erelli ever smile? Sure she does! Despite her attempts at a bland appearance, she is equally capable of friendship and compassion, as of self-investigation and anxiety. There is something outcome-focused about her too. A strong gaze. A stern posture. This is a woman, who wants to get things done...

Brief History: A dancer? Such a way of life would have made more sense, given her mother's fame as an entertainer. In her younger years though, Erelli was always more interested in father's books, numbers, and the strange visitors who would arrive with little fanfare at his office. Father was a tax-collector you see, or moreso a ledger-man for a city district under the rule of Duke Hammin.

Noting his girl's interest in the workings of money and society's classes, father was soon to be Erelli's employer. Nepotism at it's finest? Or a man who knew exactly who he could trust? He began to send her out on "information collecting" tasks, and taught her the basics of staying out of sight. Did Rumdak Tillof have a new wagon? Was Seris dating that half-pregnant noble girl? How many customers a day did Shella's Bakehouse have at the moment?

Everything was great, until Erelli got too comfortable with the lifestyle, and started "investigating" her own family. Father was neck-deep in debt according to a few books tucked behind a wall's timber paneling. And what was this other book, oh so dark with a single line of silver upon its cover? Her life changed that day. She went from being a snitch, to a tool of the nameless, a great old one of place unknown.

She lives alone now, still taking on occasional freelance work for father, but much of the time Erelli goes about business to two ends. That which the great old one asks, and that which will gain the coin required to keep her family financially afloat, usually via the Guild.

So... when Duke Hammin requests the origin of a strange ale be investigated, Erelli is all too keen to help. Perhaps some favor with the Duke will bring some influence, that might keep her loved ones from becoming the new residents of "Beggar's Lane".
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Eeeyyy, how you doin'?
right-aligned image
An idea so dumb that I couldn't find a reference so I had to draw it myself.
Name Mikey G (and Matilda the riding-goat [uses the stat block of a pony from the PHB])
Race Halfling
Class(es), and subclass(es): Fighter (Cavalier) 7 /Paladin 3
Appearance Mikey is lanky and wiry, most often wearing a black leather jacket that has seen better days (and quite a few bad falls onto gravel roads) over a simple white shirt and dark trousers. His dark hair seems to defy the limitations of products conventionally available in a fantasy setting, yet is somehow perfectly slicked back at any given time. He also has a variety of tattoos, several of which seem less-than-professionally done. He is proud of all of them, even those he can't remember how he got.

Brief history (there is no official setting so have fun with it!~) Look, he knows he's done some bad stuff in his day, he ain't gonna lie about that. Robbery, property damage, general... hooligan-ery. But he's a reformed guy now. Repaid his debt to society and all that good stuff. Even found religion. Turns out Tymora's a pretty swell dame.

Really, you can blame it all on his childhood. See, the town he grew up in was a small little place. Right smack-dab in the middle of a migratory path for all kinds of critters-- the animals left tracks right through the center of town, which basically split the town into two districts: The haves and the have-nots. And Mikey grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

No real opportunities for a kid like him. Maybe things woulda gone different if the town had, like, a good after-school program or somethin. Or a school. Instead, Mikey fell in with a bad crowd. A gang of troubled youths led by a dwarf named Harley, Son of David. Rode from town to town in their matching leather jackets, slicked-back hair blowin' in the wind, causin' trouble as they roam on their mighty riding hogs (or in Mikey's case, a riding goat, on account of him bein' a bit too short for the boars).

It was great, and they were one big dysfunctional family, until the town guards finally caught up with them. Then things got a little less nice, what with jail and all. But hey, that wasn't all bad either, since he learned to read while he was in there. Not a lot of great books there, but a few pamphlets for various religions. And y'know, a goddess of good luck seems like the kind of dame you want on your side. So now he's back out in the world, reunited with his trusty riding-goat Matilda, ready to cause a ruckus for a good cause (Apparently that's an option! Who knew!) in the name of Tymora, goddess of good luck. Seems like a swell gig.

A link or two to some posts you've made
Barnaby, the shady back-alley doctor, receives a vaguely-threatening letter. This puts a slight damper on his afternoon plans.

Gristle, the kobold bard with a big heart and a single brain cell, can't understand why his healing song couldn't save a dying friend

Character SheetIN PROGRESS

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right-aligned image

Name: Dirra
Race: Mothfolk (Custom Lineage)
Class(es), and subclass(es): Ranger (Fey Wanderer) 5 / Cleric (Light) 5
Appearance: Dirra's face is always angry... at least in public. Even if she is very relaxed and content, she will keep a frown, to discourage people from talking to her. Her long, black hair are tied in two tails in the front, while loosely flowing on the back. She most often dresses in some sturdy armour and simple, black clothes to keep a low profile... Though, it's hard to not gather attention, when a big, white, fluffy collar, green, cloak-like wings and wide antennae are a part of your body. She rarely uncovers her arms, but when she does, she reveals a shield decorated in holy symbols and a long stick with floral patterns carved into it "Like I would need more, ugh..." .

Brief history:
I hate this world, I have everything about it! My mom keeps telling me, that it's just a phase... but it totally isn't! Since I was little, my parents kept forcing me to learn medicine and didn't care that I was bound to be some awesome artist. Just look at this diary! Isn't it like the best-thing-ever? Wait, who are you and why are you reading it? It's my private stuff, I will find you with some divination magic and beat you up. I've warned you!

Arguing with yourself again, Dirra? Good job, now back to the important stuff I hate...

Like... come on. A few years ago, I helped some injured stray dog, while I was taking a walk. Later that day I found some weird fruit, ate it an BOOM some arch-fey creep appears, giving me some dumb powers and telling me, that now I am a bridge between mortal and fey. WHO CARES?! They even made flowers grow on my body, gross! If being even a slightly moral being can give you magical powers, then it tells a lot about society.

Ever since then, those annoying fey things keep visiting me, to help them figure out their stuff, like I would even care. Eventually I had enough and moved out from my parents house, then again and again, but those things somehow kept finding me! I was even desperate enough to join a cult at some point... and it kind of worked, as the colourful weirdos turned out to be a bit disgusted by the divine forces. Or course, nothing good lasts forever, as it turned out, that everyone was so nice to me, only because I was supposed to be some kind of sacrifice to their goddess, ugh. They even begun transforming my body, to be a 'more fitting vessel' for her (yeah, you guys were ugly too, don't judge). At least I managed to escape in time.

Last few months, I was back to going from city to city, taking odd jobs. I eventually ended up in Knotside. This place is a war front, so on one hand, it's full of dumb, hot-headed people... but on the other hand, there are tons of opportunities of making a coin. Oh, but you know what? Remember the part about nothing good lasting? Yeah, those folk got addicted to some new drink and now ack like savages. I will totally solve this problem and become famous, just wait!

A link or two to some posts you've made: Post 1 Post 2

Background: Urchin
Magic item: (aarakocra can't fly in medium armour, so I want to flavour the boots as being able to fly but only a limited amount of time, because it's exhausting)Winged Boots
Feats: Mobile, War Caster, Healer


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