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Old Jun 6th, 2022, 03:33 PM
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Post character apps here
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Old Jun 6th, 2022, 04:06 PM
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Application - Complete
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Name: Ace

Race: Kenku

Class: Barbarian (Beast) 3 / Monk (Way of the Open Hand) 7


Brief history:

Example posts:

(1) A young Irda (Dragonlance high-ogre) visiting a human festival in the desert in her elven disguise to find peace for her mother's restless spirit.

(2) A shape-shifting dragon that was cursed into a humanoid form and is infiltrating a magician's tower with her party after they had drunk a shrinking potion and then lost the antidote.

(3) A Thri-kreen hunter agreeing to a strategic retreat from a pirate hideout after his party caused an alarm and acquired maps to possibly set up an ambush in the future.
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Shear Lucc
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Name: Shear Lucc
Race: Halfling (Stout)
Alignment: Lawful Evil (will ofc play co-operatively)
Classes: Barbarian 5 (Bear Totem)/ Rogue (Soulknife)
Appearance: Shear is a tiny ball of nervous muscle tightly restrained beneath an arrogant smirk of superiority. Faded blue tribal tattoos around his brown eyes disguise the crinkles that reveal the youthful-looking rogue is far older than he appears. Similarly, his carefully combed coiffure is died blue at the tips, making his otherwise silver hair seem by design rather than old age. Shear stands tall, back straight. His clothes are finely made and tailored-to-fit tartans that reflect his tribal origins, but modernised with the keen tastes of a cutting edge fashionista. Large gold hoop earrings etched in totemic runes adorn his ears and immaculate leather boots reach up below his knees. Despite being only four feet tall, Shear somehow looks down on those he speaks to unless you are one of the very few people who has earned his respect. Behind the obvious restraint in his posture, his words and his mannerisms, there is a spark of fire in the halfling's eyes, a glimmer of the wild beast buckled within him that should give a wise man pause and a prudent man cause to cross the street and be on their way rather than tangle with this particular halfling.

Brief history: Shear grew up in a mountain valley where dwarves and halflings co-existed in a booming frontier village, Rukvee, renowned for its wicked liquors, its unmatchable axes, and its spectacular extreme sports. It was not a place for the delicate. Being the 7th son of the 7th son of one of Rukvee's most legendary Rukker players, Felix Lucc, Shear grew up tough. He fought for his food. He fought for attention. His hardest fight was to be himself. Smashing opponent's faces into the dirt while chasing an orc skull about the field was fun enough, and Shear could drink with the best of them, but to his father and his father's father's disappointment, Shear was cerebral.

Shear had far too many questions about life and the world beyond Rukvee. He had ambitions far greater than seeing how many pints of Mama Fatima's Brew he could down before he would puke or how many teeth he could knock out in the inevitable evening brawl down at the local. And so, after robbing his family and loved ones blind, Shear left Rukvee for the big city where he swindled and blagged his way into the heart of the most feared crime sindicate in the country, Hell's Angels. Shear made enemies far and wide, swiftly gaining a reputation as an uncompromising, ruthless enforcer. He made enemies throughout the competing crime families. He made enemies throughout the thoroughly corrupt political system. He made enemies within the Hell's Angels organisation itself. Yet, Shear became a beloved patron of the taverns throughout the city, where he introduced a competitive drinking and brawling tournament loosely based on the rules of Rukker. Shear was happy for a time, but being used as the blunt tool of the Hell's Angels was limiting. Shear was too cerebral.

One fateful day, Shear's orders brought him into direct conflict with 'the Guild', more specifically, their enigmatic leader, the Spider. It was the first time Shear found himself outplayed, outwitted and outmatched. Rotting in a Guild gaol was the first time Shear came face to face with the Spider. To Shear's surprise, not only was she as brilliant and devious as his defeat proved, but the Spider was stunning. Rather than gloat, the Spider proposed Shear turn his talents to more cerebral ventures that aligned with the Guild's interests. It was exactly what Shear Lucc had always been looking for - turning his ruthless, unflinching nerve, his penchant for violence, and his wily wits to manoeuvring and twisting amidst the tangled webs of the city. Shear began to hunt the criminals he had once served, becoming the Spider's most loyal operative.

When the Red Claw hit the streets, it had an immediate effect on Mr Lucc's side hustle. Initially, Shear saw a boom in his interests on the tavern tournament circuit. But when a game night became a blood bath the business went bust. The Spider surely could not deny Shear's request to be one of the four chosen to get to the bottom of things. He had a personal vested interest that ensured he would go further than any other to get to the bottom of things. Unless she noticed him licking his lips. As restrained as Shear was, this type of tic was out of character for the dangerous rogue. He had tried to fight it, even going so far as to bite his tongue so hard it bled in an attempt to restrain the urge. But the thirst was so strong it unnerved Shear. The lip-licking continued. He'd been struggling with it ever since he had tasted the bloody Red Claw ... But that was a not detail he meant to share with anyone, especially not the Spider. It was another matter he meant to resolve as soon she got the nod from the boss and the gloves could come off.

Post Link 1: Ulysses Echo, Halfling Barbarian/Druid - Outplay 2018
Post Link 2: Hannibal - Human Barbarian - Outplay 2017

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Name: Sthyrhocc (Stew)
Race: Lizardfolk
Class(es), and subclass(es): Bard, College of Creation (10)

Appearance: He's a 7 foot-tall yellow-eyed, green-scaled person with a fanged snout, a long, powerful, tail, and an orange-yellow crest running from between his eyes to the back of his head. Most non-lizardfolk wouldn't look beyond those features. But any conspecific could pick him out easily from a crowd of other lizardfolk. For one thing, his sagittal crest displays parallel venation, which is more rare than a smooth crest. His chin protuberance is orange-mottled, rather than yellow or green. And his orbital ridges are scalloped rather than dentate. Lastly, his volatile cloacal pheromone (or "musk") carries a distinct acidic tang. All in all, a very desirable egg-sire, if someone like Stew ever finally settled down. Like many lizardfolk, he generally walks around unclothed, as his folk do not generate body heat that needs to be insulated, sport embarrassing appendages that need to be covered, or possess vulnerably soft skin that needs to be protected. However, he wears the occasional neck or waist adornment, for he has found such to be interpreted as status symbols amongst the peoples of many lands.

History: Every few cycles of the sun, a hatchling Kekwala emerges who exhibits the creation spirit of the First Dragons. Dubbed "we'egrith", or "The Only", these special members of the tribe arise from rare single-egg clutches and are sent right away to be raised and trained by a tribe "ultro'xurwkar", which translates to "noise maker" but would be generally recognized as a bard.

Sthyrhocc was one such fate-touched youngling, taught during his ten Formative Cycles to play the songs of life and death on drum and stringed instrument, and tutored in the magic of Creating. In his eleventh cycle, Sthyrhocc was sent on his Wandering, a rite of passage for all ultro'xurwkar of his tribe. His adventures eventually led him to the villages and towns of the hairless apefolk spoken of in his people's myths, whom he soon learned referred to themselves as humans and halflings. In his early wanderings, the hairless apefolk reacted toward him with prejudice and fear. That is, until a few open-minded young ones tasted his stew.

For some it was a flavor experience, for others it was a culinary dare, and for most it was the amusement of a tongue-lashing from the touchy and blunt-mannered lizardman, whose popularity only seemed to grow with his cantankerousness. In local taverns, more and more stories revolved around his outbursts of "No stew for you!" and the outlandish songs he played when it wasn't peak mealtime.

Sthyrhocc himself made sure to cultivate his persona, because as inscrutable as the apefolks' desire to be insulted was, he realized it would allow him to bring great riches back to his tribe one day. He even capitulated to his new nickname of "Stew", realizing that his Kekwala name was beyond his customers' clumsy ape tongues, and that by calling him something familiar they experienced a sense of bonding that made them more eager to spend their coin.

Demand grew until he was able to invest in a cart that could be pushed from town to town, from which he could serve his crockpot concoctions. He even brought on an assistant, a jovial halfling named Joxter, who came up with the soon-to-be legendary motto of "Stew's Stews: It's In There." The two got themselves in and out of many trouble spots before at last coming to Knotside.

Prosperity followed in that bustling port town, and one day a permanent tavern outside his home at the Adventurer's Guild, filled with the chattering of mostly younger patrons. And then came the Red Claw Troubles, and his once-bustling "Stew's Stews and Booze" stood largely empty. Something had to be done.

A link or two to some posts you've made

Sigur's head is turned at the start of her first big adventure.

In which Henry Swap almost blows it with Alexis, the robotic personal assistant
I have taken the Oath.
Old Jun 7th, 2022, 09:31 PM
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Name: Uzza Horndrinker Baltaz-Zürkh
Race: Goliathfrom Monsters of the Multiverse*
Class(es), and subclass(es): Artificer 10 (Battlesmith)
Description: Like a boulder splattered with red paint, only the boulder was humanoid and the paint wasn't as glossy. Uzza stands over seven feet and five inches tall on his full height. He was thick of limb and even thicker of chest. His size and strength, though prodigious for humanoid standards, were hardly remarkable in his clan. His bald head and beardless face were even less remarkable, though those features seemed like they were chiseled from stone. Though he tends to wear crafted armor in battle, Uzza prefers walking around with only a warrior's skirt on - called a kham-gaalalt - since the cold never bothered him anywayLook, I just HAD to, don't judge me*.

What set Uzza apart was his laughter. That of sudden thunder on a cloudless day, or a small avalanche rolling over some mountain goats. His voice boomed with a throaty scratch when he laughed, boomed with a different scratching-throat sound when he warred, and boomed and scratched differently still when he spoke normally. Uzza's markings also made him distinct from other Öndör Khömsög - Those Who Dwelt On The Snow-Peaks - since he had the mark of making. Uzza was Baltaz-Zürkh - One Who is Favored By Giants - and therein lay his true prowess.

Uzza's alcohol tolerance levels were also greatly above average, but that didn't really affect his appearance... Except perhaps when he goes berserk upon exceeding his threshold and then bathes in the blood of his enemies.... Let's... let's just leave it at that.

These days, he's tailed by his ever-faithful companion, Takhia. Uzza is very, very proud of her and considers this steel defender as his greatest invention yet.

Brief history: To be updated, but the basic concept is that he's so driven by his passion for innovation that he is 200% sure Red Claw can be made into a viable beverage

Some links:
How to make friends with your demigod ex
Just another bloody room

"The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death."

Status: On the road to recovery!

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