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The Dead Mermaid's Casino's (Unwilling) Staff

Everybody, please post your character application and your character sheet in here!
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ApplicationName: Liana Xirkul
right-aligned image

Stats: Str 7, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 7, Cha 19+1
+1 "waxworks" boon to Cha.

Alignment: Neutral

HP: 10+5 = 15 (2nd level)

Power points: 1(level) + 2(Sleeping Goddess bonus) + 2(charisma bonus * zealot_level / 2) = 5

Class: Zealot (Path of War)


Race: Halfling

  • You see nothing wrong with letting others achieve greatness so long as the job gets done. Whenever you successfully perform an aid another action, you grant your ally a +4 bonus instead of the normal +2.Helpful (Race)
  • Benefit(s): Any morale bonuses you confer upon your allies through your own abilities or spells last 2 additional rounds.Community Minded (Regional)
  • Benefit Whenever you take the aid another action to help an ally, or whenever an ally aids you in this manner, a successful check grants an additional +1 trait bonus to the check for which aid was being rendered. Additionally, as long as one of your friends is within 30 feet, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.Fools for Friends (Campaign, Additional Traits Feat)
  • You gain a +2 trait bonus on Heal checks made to stabilize a dying creature. In addition, when you successfully use the aid another action in combat to grant an ally a bonus on her next attack roll, the bonus you grant increases by 1.Battlefield Disciple (Combat, Additional Traits Feat)
Drawback: Fits a Zealot, right? When you attack a creature that you know worships a different religion than you do, you take a –5 penalty on the attack roll and a +2 trait bonus on the damage roll with your first attack..Zealous

Reason for Arrival: Theologian. Follower of The Heavenly Masters. +1 to both Diplomacy and Knowledge (Religion), which are both class skills. You start the game with a Blue Book at no cost.

Description: A halfling born to a human mother, Liana Xirkul stands head and shoulders above most halflings, with much of that extra height coming from long legs. But she is still small enough to not be mistaken for a human adult, and too ample in her features to be mistaken for a human child. She stands height 3' 8", weighing 40 lbs. She prefers to wear silky or light clothing suitable for the tropical climate. alternate racial traitHer stride is long for her height, and quick.

History: Liana Xirkul comes from a town not far from Julianople, upon a major trade route and frequented by travelers. Her mother was human, Leonidora Xirkul, a courtesan of some means and local reputation. It is not supposed to happen, but Leonidora fell in love with a client, a halfling traveling troubadour named Arae Lin. Liana was the result.

Liana was raised to be a follower of Erotes and related deities, but her gifts turned out to be stronger on the martial side than the direct practice of that particular profession. She became radicalized and a zealot in defense of her community when she witnessed violence against intimate-trade workers.

Her mother's business eventually led to interactions with the Cirque de la Fumée (the Smoke Circus) -- a traveling band of entertainers. She was inspired by this group, not only were they exceptionally talented performers (who sometimes overlapped her mother's profession), they also really took care of their own. Like family. Liana appreciated that. The Circus fit a gap in her life: the opportunity to travel from her town, but more that that, to rally entertainers to make the most of their potential, that has sparked her ambition.

Most recently, Liana Xirkul came to Julianople for religious reasons. Not as a preacher, though, but as a scholar. She has always been fascinated with the history of the Heavenly Masters, especial of the traditions of Erotes and the many deities he reigns over. She is fascinated about how it parallels other religions (foolish and offensive as they are toward her zealous heart) as well as local histories. While she was only passing through Julianople originally, she heard of a girl who can read the future with astonishing accuracy, which excited her for her own special reasons. Apparently the oracle-girl's father frequents the Dead Mermaid's Casino. So Liana Xirkul made a detour...

Personality: Liana is, like certain stereotypes of halflings: jovial, agreeable, and helpful. She has a warm and winning personality. She is passionate about what she does, and will go out a limb for friends and family. She can be fiercely loyal, but expects the same in return.

As a devotee of a god of love and lust, raised by a community of courtesans, comics and acrobats, she regards the burlesque and circus worlds as the water she swims in, wholly normal. Those outside the family: well the are marks, tricks, clients to be served, or dangers to the family.

She can, unfortunately, be both gullible and weak willed - prone to pleasure or leisure when a wiser person would find jobs to be done. Her zealot's intensity can be misdirected and lack some common-sense insight. For example, her animosity toward the other two major branches of faith is probably quite unwise, yet it's become an ungrained habit.

She has pre-existing strong family-like connections, and while she is fixedly dedicated with warmth and kindness toward those communities, she is not good for good's sake, not as a broad or abstract principle. Hence she is neutral on the good-evil axis.

Likewise, her thirst for justice and order is largely that family rule and customs are adhered to, that the family businesses run well. But in wider society, laws are either a tool or an impediment to getting jobs done. Nothing that she feels any heartfelt adherence to.

(Fellow PCs will be coworkers, not family -- at least not any time soon, if ever.)

Three Trivia Tidbits (optional):
  1. Liana often swears "by the hundred-and-eleven". By this she is referring to the many gods and goddesses of love and lust including Erotes and his major subordinates.
  2. Liana sometimes sneezes, and when she does it is shockingly loud and high pitched. It can embarrass her, and those around her. The most common cause is when she emerges out of darkness into sustained bright light (not just a flash.)
  3. Liana commonly whistles or sings when she walks. (Except when she knows stealth is needed.)



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right-aligned image
Name: Tarbin Haldar

Stats: Please roll in the BiNG Stat Thread, which can be found here


Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Cleric of Otoma (Plant and Strength domains)

Race: Human

Traits: Surprise Weapon Self Sacrifice Overprotective

Gladiator: You were an enslaved gladiator, travelling all over the world with your trainers fighting many opponents. This has given you both a wealth of experience and a flair for the dramatic. It was only in Julianople when you had enough earnings to buy your freedom. But now you need more money, and the Dead Mermaid's Casino is the perfect place to make it.
Benefit: +2 to Perform (Oratory), which is always a class skill. +2 to Combat Maneuver Bonus
***(Was more tempted by the local background as it suited my original concept but the benefit from gladiator is too hard to pass up)

Description: Despite his height and respectable build (standing at a decent six foot and two inches tall) Tarbin is easily overlooked in a crowd, perhaps the fact that the tall young man most often walks with a slight stoop that hides his full height or the loose brown farmers garb that conceals his muscular form are partially responsible for this fact. While certainly not ugly Tarbin's features are rather common and unrefined, while the young man's face is still rather youthful he often has a light covering of stubble and a few small scars mar his face though none of them are large enough to be overly obvious. Both Tarbin's eyes and hair are a unremarkable brown colour. His hair is kept short and is constantly fluffy enhancing the youthful look and certainly making him look like just another commoner.

Tarbin still tends to dress as he has always done since he was a child, growing up as a farm hand on the outskirts of the city Tarbin favours plain clothes that are sturdy and hard wearing. The one piece of clothing that Tarbin some times wears that stands out (in certain crowds atleast) is a simple straw hat that protects him from the sun. While the straw hat is common amongst farmers working the fields it is less so in the city.

Personality: Tarbin is a very humble and down to earth individual, he does not think too highly of himself though he sets himself very high standards. He struggles somewhat to look others directly in the eye and instead has a tendency to stare directly at the floor though he treats everyone he meets with the upmost politeness even if he cannot stand them.

Tarbin can come across as rather meek at first and while it is easy to presume that the young man is soft or cowardly this is actually far from the truth. Tarbin has a strong belief in what is right and wrong and he will firmly stand up for what he believes in particular if anyone that he cares about is in danger. Once he has committed himself to something Tarbin can be rather stubborn and bullheaded until he is able to achieve the target that he has set himself. Tarbin can be rather brave in the face of danger rarely blinking at threats to his own personal well being and in fact can be rather reckless with his own health however where others are concerned he is far more cautious.

Tarbin had a rather simplistic upbringing as a farmer, he often sees things as black and white and prefers a simple straight forwards solutions. Though polite Tarbin speaks his mind and rarely tells a lie and he expects others to do the same. While patient Tarbin does not like to overthink things and instead prefers to through himself in to a problem and dig himself through sheer hard work and determination.

History: Tarbin was born to the north of Julianople in a tiny little farmstead. His family had farmed the lands for generations providing much needed food to the city. The life of a farmer outside the city limits was a hard one, much of the food produced by the farmers was claimed by the city for the smallest of profits and in return the city provided only the bare minimum of protection. There were no walls to protect the farms and any patrol by the city guard were both seldom and disorganised. The Haldars however were a hardy folk like most of Julianople’s farmers were. Well you had to be when you were left to your own devices to fend off wild animals and bandits on almost a daily basis while still finding enough time to work the fields. Fortunately Otoma was most often kind to the Haldar family at harvest time and through hard work they were able to pull in large harvests.

Tarbin came from a large family being one of six children (having three younger brothers and two younger sisters). As soon as the children were old enough to help they were put to work on the farm. Tarbin’s younger life was therefore filled with hard physical labour not that he was ever one to complain. As the oldest child Tarbin had to help his father the most and he was the first child that his father taught to use a spear in order to protect the farm. The spear was mostly employed to fend off animals from the nearby jungle though on occasion it had to be used to warn off bandits and petty criminals that would prey upon the outlying farms.

When Tarbin was in his late teens a group of bandits moved in to the area. They began to extort some of the local farmsteads for food and coin in exchange for protection. This in itself was not too much of an unusual arrangement and as long as the bandits did not demand to much the farmers would often put up with the arrangement. This group of bandits however seemed to have a chip on their shoulder and seemed to take great pleasure in throwing their weight around and making the farmers life a misery. One fateful day Tarbin and one of his brothers came across two of the bandits accosting one of their sisters and trying to force themselves on her. Seeing red the two brothers gave the bandits a serious beating with nothing but their fists and left them unconscious in the mud while they brought their sister home. Over the next few weeks the memory of this event slowly began to slip from the boys mind that was until they were ambushed while working the fields. Taking the pair by surprise the bandits fired crossbows towards the pairs backs. Tarbin was hit in the shoulder and fell to the ground while his brother was hit in the chest. The bandits then fled after that but they had got their revenge. While Tarbin was able to struggle to his feet to check on his brother the younger boy was not so fortunate and he gasped his last breath in the muddy field.

Tarbin took some time to recover from the crossbow bolt to the shoulder but as soon as he was well enough to do so he grabbed his spear and went looking for his brother’s killers. He was eventually able to find the pair responsible and threw himself at the pair like a wild beast, in the ensuing struggle Tarbin was able to able to kill one of the two with a thrust of the spear while the second though badly wounded was able to flee.

For the next few days Tarbin had no luck tracking the second bandit down. Late one evening when Tarbin had no choice but to rest due to exhaustion the young man was rudely awakened by half a dozen guards. In his weary state Tarbin was quickly subdued and dragged away. As it turned out the bandits had contacts among Julianople’s city guards and Tarbin was arrested for murder. While Tarbin was thrown in to a cell his gate was not to rot in one for the rest of his life. Ritual combat was a popular form of entertainment in Julianople and as punishment Tarbin found himself thrown into the colosseum where he would have to fight (sometimes to the death) for the entertainment of others. At first Tarbin though naturally strong was no great warrior, he had only ever been trained how to fight by a farmer. Tarbin’s fights were often crude and brutal and more times than not the young man found himself resorting to the use of his bare hands or his fists. The more Tarbin fought however the better he got and while his fights were bloody the boy turned young man often left his opponents battered and bruised but very much still alive.

During his time in captivity Tarbin met an elderly priest of Otoma who would often tend his wounds after battle and give him advice on how to fight. Tarbin had always been a follower of the three sisters but the more time he spent with the priest the stronger his faith became. Tarbin often found himself calling out to Otoma for aid in his fights and eventually it seemed that she began to respond.

After a year of fighting Tarbin had served his time and somehow he had managed to survive the colosseum. Returning to his family Tarbin found that times were tough and that they were struggling to get by. While Tarbin knew that he could muck in and help to work the field both the farmhouse and the fields had been damaged in a fire and money was needed quickly in order to make repairs.

Three Trivia Tidbits (optional):
  • Tarbin struggles both with reading and with pronouncing long complicated words a fact he is highly embarrassed about.
  • While Tarbin has a few light scars on his face concealed beneath his clothing the young man’s body is littered with much larger scars from the injuries he took during his time fighting in the colosseum. Tarbin’s most prominent scar is the one to his shoulder that he received from a crossbow bolt the day his brother was killed. From time to time the wound gives Tarbin phantom pain and the young man often clutches at it during times of stress.

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Name: Kara Kurdst
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Prodigy
Race: Human
Dexterity18 (20)
Traits: Scout's Eyes, Birthmark and Loner
Reason for Arrival: Prisoner

Description: Kara stands at, for her gender and humanity, a daunting six foot, with a slim athlete's build. Her hair is long, red and wild. Her skin is sun-kissed with a healthy tan. Her eyes are imposingly narrow with steel-grey colored irises.

Much like a title given to her in jest implies, Kara looks the part of a brigand. Her clothes are shabby and poor, as she wears and ensemble of sandals, ankle wrappings, a loose crimson sarong, well-frayed at the edges and torn to provide more mobility for her other leg, a wrap of red cloth about her chest, secured by leather straps, and a series of bracelets about her cloth wrapping bracers. On her left arm is a black tattoo bearing the symbol of Dustaw, surrounded by the artist's symbols of revelry. Her equipment is a cedar longbow, a hide quiver containing sharpened wood arrows, and a handaxe with a hole in the axe head.


Brigand's TaleKara is without memory of much of her early life or parents. The first imagery that she can recall is a great fire in west Julianople, before her memory faded. She was then an orphan destined to labor under the whims of whoever manages her "charitable" establishment. As soon as she was properly able to walk, she was pushing up a broom, or out begging for coin to bring back to the proprietor.

Fate that was arguably leading to her either selling her body or picking pockets for coin was averted by the surprise appearance of a guardian interested in taking in children. Her momentary savior was Bartali Gortz, a merchant and investor in the east's arena. Gortz, had aspirations to making a team of his own for the arena and had resources to spare on tutors to personally educate nine children in the hopes that any of them had talents. What followed were many years of sparring. Every week, a different weapon was put before them and they were instructed to learn how to use it. Lack of success meant a lack of food, so none would even imagine doing anything but their utmost to please Gortz. A handful of the children were seen as nothing more than mediocre practitioners of the mundane arts of war, and for this, Gortz had to spare greater expense diversifying his teachings. The favored students who showed promise to be great warriors at this time were favored, given good attire, decent food and the family name of the guardian. While others were known as Kurdst.

It was years later, before the teenage years that an instructor in the divines came to test the remaining children for a talent less used in the arena, magic. While she wasn't the greatest of the five, Kara displayed some talent, explicitly in the nature of projecting and enhancing. By the age of twelve, she was creating hollow shells of weapons with magical power, and making them more effective than weapons created by a master artisan. Though compared to her siblings, her skill with weaponry was experimental and improvised in comparison, and she was mostly seen as a failure that had to strike out on her own by her teenage years.

Being someone that had only been educated in the arts of fighting, and little more education than a reading comprehension, it was natural that she ended up in a gang. By her senses, Kara had joined a good gang, the Crimson Shroud, following a leader that outwardly sought to protect the people of the east and help the downtrodden. The leader, Shugengan, had arranged, one day, to ambush a caravan run by a rumored corrupt merchant. Kara had provided aid with her most practiced weapon, a bow, and supported the endeavor. But the skills of her gang compatriots, and herself did not match up to the mercenary guards. In the prolonged fighting, the guards of the city investigated the noise and had surrounded and captured Kara and all the gang members for their banditry.

Incarcerated for a crime of her doing with good will, Kara was restrained in a cell of stone and iron, a place from which she could escape for with her magic, given time to wear down walls, but on its own, escape was meaningless, and she was uncertain if the Crimson Shroud was capable of causing change enough to save people. On a night of what training she could do, prisoners had broken free of their cells and had taken the weapons of some guards. it was a riotous night filled with panic. A prisoner that claimed the keys of the guard in charge of the watch had opened the cell block that Kara was in, and she found herself free. Her thoughts were in disarray and she was reluctant to outright free despite the hurried rush of people fleeing the confines of her cell. But she had decided, eventually, to go to where she can claim her things. The belongings of all prisoners, however, seemed under tight defense as one had to pass through the armory to reach it, and the guard were well prepared to hold the armory at all costs. From there, Kara met up with some members of her gang, where Shugengan planned to take advantage of the attempt to prion break to commit justice to the warden of the prison. A member of the elven aristocracy past their prime, Crominus Mar Provinus had awoken to his chambers to find the prison in chaos and a group of ruffians having overwhelmed his tower's defenses to his chamber room. Kara and Shugengan were alone with the warden at the time. Shugengan, always the charismatic leader had provided a speech that was audible enough to be heard to those gang members fighting in the halls outside. In his hand he was given weapons provided by Kara's own magic to perhaps guide the warden to a peaceful surrender. But the following moments revealed no such intentions. The warden, being so disarmed had little other choice but to personally surrender to capture. But despite the pretty words of Shugengan's speech, he fell upon the warden like a rabid beast, ready for murder. Kara had dismissed her weapons from his hands before any lasting damage could be done, and in a struggle to save the warden, she had stuck Shugengan with a shiv provided to her. The conflict shown her that there is more often than not, the cost of a life to save another. In this encounter that lead to an accidental murder, Kara retreated to a corner, and, when the guard finally had control of the situation, she surrendered herself to confinement. Only to her surprise that she was let out that very next morning.

Without a gang anymore, without a home, and little more but the scraps that can be called clothes on her back, Kara had signed up to do work for anyone that would or could pay her. In her naivety she figured that since raiding a caravan was work of much difficulty and deserving of punishment, it would be far easier on her to join in the defense of moving goods across the city, and how wrong she was.

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right-aligned image


Alignment: True Neutral (Leaning LN)
Class: Archivist Bard
Race: Vishkanya
Age: 27


Traits: Maestro of the Society, Extremely Fashionable
Drawback: Meticulous

Reason for Arrival: Local - Though not technically born of the city, Damien has grown up in Julianople; more than enough time to learn how the city ticks and who the big players are.

Description: True to his name, the first thing you notice about "Snake Eyes" are his trademark reptillian pupils, set into eyes of burnished gold. When he looks at you, it feels like he's staring right through your soul. The second thing you might notice is his imposing presence; though rather skinny, what Damien lacks in body mass he makes up for in height, standing at 6' 6" and well above the average person.

His skin is pale green, set with a pattern of tiny, smooth scales that Damien keeps as impeccably groomed as his jet black hair. It's clear that the vishkanya puts effort into his personal appearance; whether out of personal taste or simply a sense of professionalism, he makes it a point to always dress well. In keeping with his aesthetic, Damien refuses to wear bulky body armor or anything that wouldn't fit beneath his tailored black suits. Damien's natural features and commitment to his appearance have led some to describe the man as androgenous, something he has never made a point to discourage.

Personality: Damien's identity is rather complex, and his personality can be somewhat changeable depending on who he's speaking to. Generally though, Damien's demeanor is subtle and controlled, giving little away. He is sly, meticulous, and careful, preferring calculated risks to big and showy displays. That isn't to say Damien isn't a bit showy; his outward appearance is as carefully maintained as his conduct. While this could partially just come down to a sense of vanity, it's also strongly motivated by Damien's sense of professionalism. For the same reason, Damien is generally polite, well-spoken, and slow to anger, until the situation calls for him to be otherwise.

Damien is excellent at gathering intel, and reading situations and people, something he hopes to use to elevate his position in the city. With that though comes certain rules; Damien's reputation matters greatly to him after all. While he unapologetically operates outside of the law, he values trust, and makes it a point to keep his word when it's given. He also can't be compelled to snitch on other criminals. An information broker who can't be trusted not to spill what they know is only a liability after all, worse than garbage. If Damien has dirt on an enemy, he might use it to destroy them... but he'll never rat them out. That's just plain professional courtesy. Damien isn't picky about company, and will work with anyone in the pursuit of his goals... though he abhors bullies and braggarts; basically, anyone who compensates for insecurity by trying to push down others rather than elevate themselves.

For all of his projected control, Damien loves challenges. Maybe he simply enjoys being able to prove his cleverness, but the man is never one to shy away from the difficult path... though even his ambition and drive has limits. Beneath his shell of moral grayness lies a sense of right and wrong as well. Deep down, Damien worries that the path he's on might eventually put him at odds with the person he wants to be; a man who can stands against a system designed to deny everyone an equal chance.

History: Damien is not a native to Julianople. He was born in Karshtan, a vishkanya kingdom across the sea. Born Disshmakel, he was the eldest of two sons to an herbalist and a dignitary. Disshmakel’s father was inflexible and steadfast in every aspect of his life; traits valued in a leader, but ones that tend to make enemies. So it was then that the man found himself at the business end of an assassin’s dagger one day, and when Disshmakel was only 5, his mother took he and his younger brother away from their home in search of a new life, far away from the threat of her husband’s killers and the general danger that surrounded their family position. After crossing the sea, the family caravan hopped for a while, eventually finding their way to the great trading port of Julianople, where the three finally set down new roots.

Though Disshmakel’s mother spoke only her native tongue fluently, she was a strong person and a hard worker, and after enduring no small amount of prejudice in her search for employment, finally secured a job doing groundskeeping for some minor noble. It wasn’t pertinent to her medical knowledge, but the woman’s background in herbalism made it easy for her to learn and apply the necessary methods of care to the many exotic plants on the property. She didn’t make much, their lodging on the east side of the city was cramped, and there wasn’t food on the table some nights… but they had a roof over their heads, and some security and safety at last.

Disshmakel never forgot the struggles they had endured to get to where they were though... and the ones they still had ahead of them. He remembered what they had once had, and how easily it had been snatched away. Even now, they lived in a city with almost none of his kind, with rumors and misinformation about vishkanya more populous than actual vishkanya. The average citizen would more likely whisper about him than talk to him, and though he had ambitions for a greater life than this, Disshmakel understood that it would never happen without change. There was honor in a hard day's work, but in a city consumed by organized crime, if one really wanted to rise up in the world, they needed to be willing to take what was theirs… and defend it mercilessly.

The boy began to pursue jobs as early as he could. While his younger brother Chikassh began helping their mother in her groundskeeping duties, Disshmakel sought out more lucrative opportunities under a new name; Damien. He found a lot of such opportunity within the communities of poisoners and apothecaries, using the reputation of his people to get a foot in the door selling “fresh ingredients”. Often, these were just clippings of the exotic flora his mother worked with, ground down and mixed with his blood or saliva, but the fact that vishkanya blood and saliva were genuinely poisonous meant that his concoctions produced real results upon testing, and he was able to form a fledgling network of contacts. Naturally observant and a fast learner, he picked up common quickly enough, and soon he was working on mastery of other languages as well; whatever would ease his entry into the criminal underworld.

Before long, Damien had a functional understanding of who the movers and the shakers were in town. He just needed an in. A successful job for the right person to earn himself a place amongst the crime families that ran Julianople. And that was where Tilly One-Eye Gansog came in...

Unique Goal:

Three Trivia Tidbits :
  • Damien wears a small lizard pin on his lapel, a keepsake of his late father.
  • While Damien keeps tabs on his family, he rarely contacts them. His mother and brother are the only two people he genuinely cares about, but they live straight and honest lives, something he refused to do a long time ago. While specific aspects of his work are unknown to her, Damien's hard-working, intelligent mother doesn't approve of him working in the criminal underworld, rubbing shoulders with thugs and maybe even the kind of people who killed her husband all those years ago. She makes it clear she wants no involvement or benefit from his work, and she probably hopes he'll come to his senses one day and find a more honest line of work because she loves him and wants what is best for her son. Damien's younger brother, Chikassh, is slightly more pragmatic; he keeps his nose mostly clean, but he also looks up to his brother and understands why "Damien" does what he does.
  • While he typically avoids getting too intoxicated, Damien is surprisingly friendly and even flirtatious when drunk.
I have taken the Oath!

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right-aligned image
Credit to @TSRodriguez14
Name: rhymes with eagerVyeggar Vugmuk

Stats: Roll
The Good… STR (5 + 12) = 17, CON (5+12) = 17
The Bad… DEX (3 + 7) = 10, INT (5 + 7) = 12
The Ugly… WIS (7 + 2) = 9, CHA (2 + 2) = 4

Link to Character Sheet

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Brawler

Race: Half-Orc

Traits: Bloody Minded, Bruising Intellect, Cruelty (Drawback)

Reason for Arrival: Blood Sacrifice: You were shipped from your home to Julianople to be a blood sacrifice of Sophi. You came to the temple, where your blood was extracted. However, it was decided that you would not die, but instead you would be torn at by both beasts and men alike. This lasted for 40 days, and you left the temple knowing you had done your duty. But now you need money, either to live here or charter a ship home.
Benefit: You must be a follower of Sophi. +1 on all Concentration checks. If you are Bleeding, you can stop the bleeding with sheer willpower on a Will Save of DC 20.

Description: Vyeggar the half-orc brawler stands 6’ 2”, with a broad back and bulging muscles. His hands are large and look like they could break a man’s arm with hardly any effort. His wide, golden-brown eyes rarely blink, and they never seem to miss a thing. Although half-orcs are notorious for their savagery on the battlefield, Vyeggar has an unpleasant looking grin when he knows he’s going to be able to hurt someone, his point-filed teeth gleaming in anticipation. He’s cunning and speaks quietly, preferring to let his fists do the talking when words fail, and once he’s made up a mind to put the hurting on someone, he doesn’t stop until he or his foe lies bleeding on the floor… and even then, he’s not to be counted out.

Because one tends to influence the otherPersonality and History: Killers are not born, but made, and for twenty-four years the world has done much to craft Vyeggar into the person he is today. Having lost his father at the age of nine, Vyeggar has borne the burden of helping to raise his two younger brothers. Now fully grown and free to live his own life, Vyeggar has watched his surrogate children come up against the harsh realities of the real world, a world Vyeggar had done his best to protect them from. But poor is poor and a half orc is still an orc, and when the world thinks you’re nothing but a mindless criminal brute on sight, over time it becomes harder and harder to fight against that negative current – until eventually, it becomes too much, and giving in is the only option. And what was once a life to be avoided becomes all too quickly the only life available, where crime and violence and blood are as essential as a doctor’s scalpel or a baker’s rolling pin.

Vyeggar was strong – strong enough to withstand anything, but when a desperate last attempt to save his soul found him in league with the Sophists and their curious fixation with blood sacrifice, Vyeggar emerged from the last of the cocoon that kept him bound to polite society. The endless weeks of torture and bloodshed he endured left a mark on his soul, and when he came out the other side with a body covered in scars, he found he had also lost whatever shred of mercy remained – a birch log which has been picked at until whatever bark existed lies wasted on the ground, leaving rotten heartwood beneath.

Still, Vyeggar needed to eat and sleep, and he couldn’t do that without money. He knew enough of the city to seek out Tilly at her casino, knowing that for someone of his type he’d not find a more suitable and lucrative place of employment. He was not unmindful about the danger of working for a figure such as Tilly, but gutter rats cannot be too choosy about what morsels are available to them. As it happened, there were… other reasons why being close to Tilly worked out. Unfortunately, the delivery did not go as planned, and now Vyeggar is dead set on getting his hands on the chest – as well as whoever arranged for its capture. And if that involves breaking some fingers and wrenching some joints along the way, well, Vyeggar is more than happy to oblige.

Unique Goal:

Three Trivia Tidbits (optional):
- Vyeggar takes great pride in his thick black hair, and can’t start his day without combing it just-so.
-Despite growing up poor, Vyeggar enjoys dressing like he is wealthy.
-Vyeggar has a shellfish allergy.

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Name: Kitwix Hillivi Grimzinta / Grim
Stats: Str 7, Dex 10, Con 8, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 22 Bing Link
Race: Traveller Gnome (Gift of Tongues, Magical Linguist)
Age: 49
Class: Sorcerer - Mongrel Mage
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Traits: Naturally Gifted, Etymologist, Entomophobe*
Reason for Arrival: Sea-Dog
Character Sheet Link: Grim
Always Hums an old gnomish lullaby when studying manuscripts and languages, doesn't even realise he does it
Randomly collects small items which catch his eye, almost like a magpie but the items are seemingly mundane to anyone but him. A pebble, a nail, feather, pieces of cloth of random colours, a spoon, shoelaces. there seems to be no pattern or significance to the items he adds to his collection which are kept in a small pouch at his belt
Has a habit of peppering his words with obscure foreign languages and phrases he has heard on his travels or read in manuscripts, even when he doesn't know what they mean a lot of the time. could be appropriate, could be highly insulting in the wrong situation if someone else understands him

Physical Description:
Physically Grim is average for a Gnome of his age and gender, standing at 3' 5" and weighing roughly 40lbs, Grim maintains a meticulous appearance of a refined gentleman and sailor, got to make a good impression for business after all. Unlike most young gnomes of his age, he cultivates a full beard of golden brown to match his hair, seemingly favouring the dwarven style, he thinks it makes him look more distinguished and respectable despite his young age.

Despite his nick name, Grim is anything but and like all gnomes is very outgoing and gregarious, not as talented with illusions and glamors as the rest of his kin but still the life of the party when he isn't cabinned up translating maps and charts for the family business. Despite being born and raised at sea, Grim isn't truly a fan of the open water and much prefers his time in port, with a knack for languages and a friendly outgoing nature he is happiest in the port side taverns listening to tales from distant lands and sharing his own tall tales, with only minor embellishments, most of the time.

At heart Grim is a businessman like his family, and is hard working and diligent in his chosen profession. Priding himself on his professionalism and honesty. Offering his translation and decyphering services to all who can pay his reasonable prices, and not altering the contents of translations (despite sometimes finding himself reading some very risque and sometimes treasonous material). His word is his bond and the price you pay ensures his silence, he had a family name to uphold after all.

Grim has an intense fear of insects and vermin. raised onboard ship Insects were not a common occurrence for the young gnome but his Sister Nalia was obsessed with them. Exceptionally gifted with Illusionary magic and possessed of a cruel streak growing up, an extremely well crafted swarm of phantasmal insects the size of small dogs swarming the bedroom of a very young Kitwix left a lasting impression on the young man

Born and raised on the Radiant Moon, his families trading vessel. Kitwix Hillivi Grimzinta, Grim to his friends and family, has sailed the many seas for nearly 5 decades with his family. Like his entire clan of Gnomes, travellers with no permanent home that isn't the oceans, Grim was raised to take part in the family business, merchants and traders. Unlike the majority of the Clan, Grim's innate magical talents were not Illusionary based but Linguistic, being blessed with a gift for languages he soon found his calling as a translator and navigator for the family fleet, allowing them to expand their trade to even more previously inaccesible nations and races.

These travels have taken him all over the world, encountering many new and wonderful things, many exotic cultures and far too many strange new diseases over the years, the Gnomish passion for carousing and merriment resulting in several indiscretions with consequences. all of which Grim overcame, despite his lack of physical process he seemed strangely resistant to a great many maladies. a condition which somehow the University of Julianople heard of and approached his family about, negotiating a lucrative deal with the fleet for Grim to come to Julianople for a time to be studied by their scholars, normally this kind of thing would be frown upon by the family as they were traders not slavers but Grim saw it as a fascinating opportunity to experience the lawless city and spend time on dry land for a change as well as have access to so many fascinating manuscripts and other languages while at the university so he pushed for the deal to go through

Arriving early in the city, with expectations of being boarded by the scholars at the university itself during the course of the study Grim did what all sailors do when they make Land, he spent time carousing and spending what little money he had, eating a great many unusual foods and gambling at the Dead Mermaid Casino, as well as making us of their more selective services when he managed to win on occasion. over the course of the week Grim had a thoroughly enjoyable time in the city but like most of come to a casino, he eventually left with nothing but coppers in his pocket.

Luckily he was due to meet his contact from the university the next day to take part in the study and so the next day he waited at the gates of the University for his contact to arrive and get him settled in. A meeting which never happened, and after a while of waiting Grim approached the University himself. A disappointed meeting taking place as no one there seemed to know anything about the proposed study program or Professor Molas Shan, the elderly elven man who had approached Grim's family claiming to be from the University

With no money to his name, and his family over a week out at sea and not due to return for several months, Grim needed to find money fast. Luckily in his time at the Dead Mermaid he had made the acquaintance of Tilly One-Eye Gansog and knew she was always looking for people willing to work
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