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Old Jun 2nd, 2022, 10:01 PM
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The Character Repository

Hi everyone,

I'll be storing copies of character sheets here for reference and tracking purposes
UTC +10. Available to post most weekdays
GM: Fraillie Farm - Forbidden Lands - Of Saplings & Stones PLAYER: Tales from the Beast Wilds - Red Claw - Wanderhome - Lost Cause

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Old Jun 2nd, 2022, 10:09 PM
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Below is a quickie template that I'll use to help track the characters, and you're free to use it for making your PCs too.
Sorry it is a little ugly

UTC +10. Available to post most weekdays
GM: Fraillie Farm - Forbidden Lands - Of Saplings & Stones PLAYER: Tales from the Beast Wilds - Red Claw - Wanderhome - Lost Cause

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Old Jun 7th, 2022, 12:43 AM
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Oniver Stramont
Kin Profession Age
Human (Galdane) Peddler Adult (33)
Pride Dark Secret
I have a dashing smile with perfect teeth. I got caught conning the wrong person and have made an enemy of them.

Attribute Rating Damage Skills
Strength 3 0 Might 0 Endurance 1 Melee 1 Crafting 0
Agility 3 0 Stealth 0 Sleight of Hand 2 Move 0 Marksmanship 0
Wits 3 0 Scouting 0 Lore 0 Survival 1 Insight 2
Empathy 5 0 Manipulation 3 Performance 0 Healing 0 Animal Handling 0
Other Stats
Experience 0
Willpower 0
Reputation 0
Max Weight 9
Food d8
Water d8
Arrows -
Torches -
Copper 0
Silver 8
Gold 0
Other -
You need to sleep for at least one Quarter Day of each day. After one day without sleep, you become SLEEPY. Being SLEEPY has several effects: ✥ You cannot recover Wits, except through magic. If your Wits are Broken while SLEEPY, you must sleep for at least one Quarter Day to get back up again. ✥ You take 1 point of damage to your Wits each day. If this damage breaks your Wits, you collapse and sleep for at least one Quarter Day. ✥ As soon as you have slept for at least a Quarter Day, you are no longer SLEEPY, and you can recover Wits normally.Sleepy
You must drink a ration of water at least once per day. After a day without water, you become THIRSTY. Being THIRSTY has several effects: ✥ You cannot recover any attributes, except through magic. If you are Broken, you need to drink water to get back up again. ✥ You take 1 point of damage to both Strength and Agility every day. If either of your Strength or Agility are Broken while THIRSTY, you die after another day without water. ✥ As soon as you drink, you are no longer THIRSTY, and you can recover your attributes normally.Thirsty
You must eat a ration of food at least once every day. After a day without food, you become HUNGRY. Being HUNGRY has several effects: ✥ You cannot recover Strength, except through magic, but you can recover other attributes. ✥ You suffer 1 point of damage to Strength per week. If Strength is Broken while HUNGRY, you die after another week without food. ✥ As soon as you have eaten, you are no longer HUNGRY, and you can recover Strength normally.Hungry
When the cold is bitter and you don’t have enough shelter, you have to roll ENDURANCE regularly. The colder it is, the more frequently you need to roll. A chilly fall day requires a roll per day; in the depth of winter, you might have to roll once every hour. Extra protection, like a blanket, can give you Gear Dice to roll. If you fail your roll, you become COLD. Being COLD has several effects: ✥ You immediately take 1 point of damage to both your Strength and Wits – as the cold seeps into your body and makes the blood run slower to your brain, you are unable to think clearly. ✥ You can even hallucinate, causing you to act irrationally – details are up to the GM to decide. Some say that when you are close to freezing to death, you feel a strong burning sensation that can make you tear your clothes off. ✥ You must keep rolling ENDURANCE at the same interval, and with the same effect if you fail. If your Strength is Broken while you are COLD, you die the next time you have to roll. ✥ You cannot recover Strength or Wits. Only after you have warmed up again, if only by a campfire, are you able to recover those attributes.Cold
Weapon Bonus Damage Range Weight Features
Knife +1 1 Arm 0.5 1H, Light, Pointed
Armor Rating Body Part Weight Features
Leather Vest 2 Body 0.5
Items (Weight, Quantity, etc.)
Pack-of-Many-Things (2) ; knapsack (1) ; waterskin (1) ; backpack (–1)
Large Tent (2) ; Lantern (0.5) ; Lamp Oil (0.5)
Talents Rank
Spend a Willpower Point when you are about to roll for a skill, then roll for any skill of your choice to achieve the same result.Adaptive n/a
Spend Willpower Points to find an item from the list of trade goods. Cannot be HEAVY and cannot cost more than 1 piece of silver per WP spent.Path of Many Things 1
Carry two additional items without being encumbered.Pack Rat 1
Inflict 1 point of damage to Empathy on your opponent per extra success on a MANIPULATE roll.Sharp Tongue 1

right-aligned image

Oniver is a rather unremarkable man, being neither particularly handsome nor particularly fit. But with his sauntering gait and wide toothy grin, he commands attention in whatever space he occupies. For Oniver, you see, is an accomplished peddler, a wandering and collector who makes a living selling items both exotic and mundane alike. His cheery disposition may only be a façade, a tool to engage with customers, but the traditions of his people has instilled within him a fierce loyalty to friends and family.

But there is a darker side to the man. Many of his wares are ill-gotten, having been swindled or stolen from from those too sweetened by his honeyed words to recognize what was happening until too late. However, Oniver has standards and rules of engagement. He never steals from those he considers his friends.

(Entries subject to change)
✥ Stahl and Oniver share more than just a common lineage, they also share an insatiable wanderlust; a desire to brave the unknown and see new things. Although, the rider's impersonable attitude makes him a poor conversationalist.
✥ Old Dog needs to have an eye kept on him. He's deadly with a sword, and he seems loyal enough, making him a great companion to have in a battle... but many dogs have bitten the hand that feeds them.
✥ The village's lone resident goblin is approachable enough, but Oniver is concerned Hemdan is a powder keg waiting to blow. Though his yearning for magical secrets is admirable, does the youth have the wisdom to use it responsibly?
✥ The half-elf seems to be a loner, preferring the quiet of a hunt to the bustle of a town. At least the party isn't likely to starve...

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Old Jun 7th, 2022, 05:47 PM
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Forbidden Lands Stat Block
Stahl Hearthson
Adult Quard AslenianHuman Rider

Armour: -
Conditions: -
Injuries: -

Pride: I can find anything in the wilderness, whether it be place or person or beast.
Dark Secret: I killed my half-brother over a trivial disagreement, and am convinced his spirit haunts me.

Might: - | Endurance: ✦ | Melee: - | Crafting: -

AGILITY: ✦✦✦✦✦
Stealth: - | Slight of Hand: - | Move: - | Marksmanship: ✦✦

WITS: ✦✦✦✦
Scouting: ✦ | Lore: - | Survival: ✦✦✦ | Insight: -

Manipulation: - | Performance: - | Healing: - | Animal Handling: ✦✦✦

Humans are new to the Forbidden Lands and are seen as intruders by the other kin. But no other kin can adapt to new situations and living conditions the way the humans can. If you spend a Willpower Point when you are about to roll for a skill, you can roll for any skill of your choice to achieve the same result. You must be able to motivate how you use the chosen skill. The GM has final say, but should give you some leeway.Adaptive
Your horse (or another riding animal) is your closest friend and companion, and will help you if you are in trouble.Path of the Companion: If you spend a Willpower Point when you are Broken (see page 107), your horse will stay by your side and defend you. The horse will attack any opponents that attempt to attack or move you.Rank 1
You are trained in the art of fighting from the back of a mount. All of the effects below require you to be in an OPEN zone.Horseback Fighter: You can fire a short bow or sling from a mount.Rank 1
You are a master at finding the right path through woods and over mountains in the wilderness.Pathfinder: Your SURVIVAL roll is modified by +1 when you LEAD THE WAY.Rank 1

Food (d8 / ▲) | Water (d8 / ▲) | Arrows (d10 / ▲) | Torches (d6 / ▲)
Short spear (Bonus: ✦ / Damage: ⚔ / 1H, Pointed / ▲)
Short bow (Bonus: ✦✦ / Damage: ⚔ / 2H / ◭)
Snares (+1 to Hunting / ◭)

About StahlStahl Hearthson is a 38 year old scout, stablemaster and trapper. But he has never been at ease in Kiersap, clearly itching for wider travel. On his horse Bladdanser, a chestnut-coloured riding stallion that's skilled at navigating overgrown forest tracks at speed, Stahl knows the surrounding landscape better than any other hunter. He has tested the constraints of the day while exploring the mist-shrouded forest, and learnt much about the local wildlife, both benign and feral.

His main role in the village is to tend to the horses and other beasts, especially those belonging to his own family. The Hearthson clan is a dramatic multi-generational clash of Quard Aslenian and Ailander blood that's generated many offshoots of various affiliation. Stahl and his direct parentage considers themselves Aslene, although the Quard have little regard for the Hearthsons in their strict hierarchy. The Hearthson clan is not a harmonious family, although common interests keep things civil most of the time.

Stahl himself is emotionally guarded around other people, but warm with animals. He may often be inappropriate or overly direct - his horses don't tell him off for being rude, after all. His temper is slow to build, but violent when it finally breaks.

  • Old Dog carries many scars and tales, and Stahl has great respect for his experience and hard-won wisdom.
  • The human peddler Oniver likely has some common ground with Stahl, as they're both Aslene by birth claim if not by strict kinship, but Stahl has little patience for honeyed words or sly bargains.
  • The goblin sorcerer is an odd one, and outside Stahl's known world. A point of curiosity, but perhaps not outright animosity - although that could tip quickly if the goblin's magical gifts turn out more malicious than first thought.
  • Phol and Stahl are probably very familiar with each other. Whether there are personality clashes remains to be seen, but Stahl would at the very least respect Phol's skills.

RyuutamaHold Back the NightWanderhome [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

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Old Jun 7th, 2022, 06:09 PM
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Just Another Dog of War
right-aligned image

Basic Information

Name: Old Dog
Race: Wolfkin
Profession: Fighter
Age: Old

Statistics, Skills, & Talents

Strength - 5 | Endurance, 2; Melee, 2; Might, 3
Agility - 4 | Move, 2; Sleight of Hand, 2
Wits - 2 | Survival, 1
Empathy - 2

Path of the Blade, 2

Fast Footwork, 1
Fisher, 1

Gear & Misc.

  • Longsword
  • Net
  • Food D8
  • Water D6

  • Silver - 5


Pride: I was once a master swordsman. Many have fallen to my blade.
Dark Secret: I can bark. I can bite. My heart just isn't in it anymore. I've lost the taste for violence.

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Old Jun 8th, 2022, 12:22 AM
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Name: Phol
Kin: HalfElf
Profession: Hunter
Age: Adult

Strength: 3 (Might__ Endurance__ Melee__ Crafting__)
Agility: 4 (Stealth 2 Sleight of Hand__ Move__ Marksmanship 3)
Wits: 4 (Scouting 2 Lore__ Survival 3 Insight__)
Empathy: 3 (Manipulation__ Performance__ Healing__ Animal Handling__)

Sleepless__ Thirsty__ Hungry__ Cold__

1 Psychic Power
2 Path of the Arrow I
3 Sixth Sense I
4 Herbalist I

PRIDE: My arrow always finds its mark
DARK SECRET: I am an outcast of two races, it is better for all if I remain alone.

Long Bow - Bonus 2 - Damage 1 - Range Long
Name - Bonus - Damage - Range
Name - Bonus - Damage - Range

Helmet Type___ Rating__
Armor Type___ Rating__

Sleeping Fur (+2 vs Cold, Normal)
Flint and Steel (+1 Making Camp, Tiny)
Carrying Capacity:__

Food d8 Water d6 Arrows d10 Torches__
Gold__ Silver 6 Copper__

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Old Jun 8th, 2022, 01:20 AM
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Name: Hemdan Whitefingers
Kin: Goblin | Profession: Sorcerer | Age: ~20

Strength: 3
Crafting: 2 | Might:__ | Endurance:__ | Melee:__

Agility: 4
Sleight of Hand: 1 | Stealth:__ | Move:__ | Marksmanship:__

Wits: 5
Insight:2 | Lore: 2 Scouting:__ | Survival:__

Empathy: 3
Manipulation:1 | Performance:__ | Healing:__ | Animal Handling:__

Sleepless:__ | Thirsty:__ | Hungry:__ | Cold:__

After rolling for STEALTH, you can spend Willpower Points which are turned into extra 6'sSneaky (1)
The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when enemies lurk in the bushes.

RANK 1: Your SCOUT roll is modified by +1 when an enemy tries to ambush you or performs a sneak attack.
RANK 2: When you spot an ambush or a sneak attack, you also see how many the attackers are, what kin they belong to, and what weapons they use.
RANK 3: You can add a D8 Artifact Die to your SCOUT roll when you try to spot an ambush or a sneak attack.
Sixth Sense (1)

Path of Signs (1)

PRIDE: Nothing scares you, as you have seen the world behind the veil.
DARK SECRET: Your yearning for more magical power is stronger than anything else.

Staff: Bonus: 1 | Damage: 1 | Range: Near

Helmet Type__ Rating__
Armor: Leather Vest | Rating: 2

EQUIPMENT Capacity: 6
+1 HuntingSnares

Food: D6 | Water: d8 D6
Arrows:__ | Torches:__
Gold:__ | Silver: 2 | Copper:__

About Hemdan
Originally brought up with a Goblin clan in the woods some way from the village Hemdan was always a little 'odd' by Goblin standards. Doodling with chalk as a child this obsession eventually earned the disfavour of the goblins of the village as it ultimately led to Hemdan accidentally paralyzing an elder after an unpleasant screaming at. After receiving a severe punishment Hemdan left the clan immediately and settled in the village mostly living on the outskirts looking for 'others' that can feel the world he does. After a while it seemed there were none and the yearning only grew and struggling with a Goblins nomadic nature and vigor of youth it was inevitable that the lifting of the mists would trigger the wanderlust.

Relationship suggestions:

Based on watching those looking most likely to leave, Hemdan has tried to build some level of camaraderie with them.
- Oniver has been buying camping gear and as a trader might be moving on as well as possible access to sources of knowledge
- Old Dog looks capable and dangerous, a perfect companion in the dark places
- Pohl and Stahl look like they know about the area beyond the village and the goblin woods and how to handle

Perhaps Hemdan has been overheard talking about legends he knows from the Goblins and some people are intrigued.
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