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Old Jul 1st, 2022, 06:00 AM
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July PotM

left-aligned image
<-- the Keukenhof, a place that is very well known by tourists but this year it isn't visited very often, the prices went up skyhigh so unfortunately, less visitors

Our trip through time brought us July, a month where there are a lot of endings and new beginnings. Not sure if this is International or just local #theNetherlands but the educational years are wrapping up and we are preparing for our 6 weeks holiday of school. For two of my zillion kids, a new phase in their lives will begin, one is saying farewell to their 8 years of elementary school and preparing for High Schoo,l and the other one has studied for 6 years and is now going to college (University).

Just like us over here, at the Crossing -> we are leaving a month full of cool intriguing nominated posts June behind, and we are entering a July Post of the Month thread! You have come to the right place to help us find some worthy posts to read and enjoy :-). I assume you are aware of what to do but if this is your first nomination --> make a post in this thread and add:
  • Mention what game and where, who wrote it, and link that post
  • Explain why you were motivated to nominate this post. What made you enjoy this post so much that it is worth to be shared and seen?
  • only nominate a July post, and only nominate once
  • Consider nominating your own post if you want to have it be read by many RPG crossing members and not just your own group. You worked hard for it so share and nominate if you think you made that special post

Let's fill this thread with nominated posts and share our admiration for the players who stood out this Month <3
Old Jul 5th, 2022, 05:42 PM
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July's POTM Player: Creed
Game: Giants and beyond
System: D&D 5e
GM: Jon

Summary of the Post:
This is one of those ‘after three years of play’ moments. In this post Creed’s character a sullen dwarven cleric loses his oldest and greatest friend. His dire wolf steed. Its a turning point in his character and the relationships within the party.

For those that don’t know the Against the Giants series – it’s a long series of running battles with giants of all kinds. When we started three years ago Creed’s character, Ulster, got off on the wrong foot with Bluejack’s Raackma. This was anchored in the backstories the players brought to the game. Over time the two of them niggle at each other as they go to work fighting and killing giants.

Grudging respect has grown – but then Ulster’s friend and steed is caught in the crossfire and is slain. Creed absolutely nails the hollowing sadness of loss and the absolute fury the giants have stoked in him. His oaths at the end of the post are chilling.

And the icing on the cake is the interaction with Raackma. The grizzled Colonel of the Irregulars gives awkward words of comfort, which strike to the heart of the dwarf. It is in this moment the relationship is forged annew and the giants would do well to fear their fate!

Link To The Post!


Old Jul 12th, 2022, 02:09 PM
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Player: Strangemund
Game: Uncaged (Season 3, Journey to the Wilds)
System: D&D 5e
GM: yours truly, Wynamoinen

Link to post.

This is my campaign of one-shots, and the current "season" (that is, adventure and group of players) has been going for a few months. It's a high-level adventure, and so the PCs are rightly confident in their abilities. Most confident of all is The Great Feng Wu (who has close resonances with Sun Wukong, the One of the inspirations of the adventure is Journey to the West. Read it, if you haven't!Monkey King), a Drunk Monk monkey played by Strangemund.

The party entered an isolated town populated with monsters who seem mostly welcoming of strangers. As a way of exploring the town and getting to know the locals, I asked the players to define their own challenges: pick an activity, and make up some sort of "contest" between you and a local, and then make some skill checks. It's using PC abilities as a storytelling tool, which is a trick that I like to pull as a GM.

Strangemund took a high risk, high return path. She declared that The Great Feng Wu (TGFW) met a monster who offered "A Finger Eater Trap", a mysterious box. That's all the information she gave me. So I had to make up what this trap did! It's the essence of collaborative storyteling. I said if TGFW succeeded, she'd snatch a magical coin from the box. But if she failed, well.. a finger would get eaten. I defined the stakes of the situation, and in the post, TGFW accepts those stakes.

Then Stragemund rolled a nat 1 on trying to snatch that coin.

All I told her was "at least one finger needs to get eaten." Strangemund took that and ran with it, producing the nominated post. It's a long post, but it's a post that has a lot to say, and will certainly have echoes through the rest of the adventure. It's a character dealing with consequences, and a player reveling in HAVING consequences that she needs to explore. I'm also letting my PCs take some narrative control in this scene, and you can see Strangemund controlling NPCs (within some basic parameters I set), and doing it well.

GM of Uncaged, a 5e campaign of one-shots inspired by folklore
Old Jul 20th, 2022, 10:19 PM
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Player: Mallothi
Game: The Witch is Dead
System: PbtA
GM: Mallothi
right-aligned image

Nomination: We all love a good eyeball-poppin' post, one that causes us to stop, stare, and admire the descriptions. This one does that, and then it gets to the eyeball popping ... literally. For nearly 2 years now, Mallothi has guided his players as a group of furry and feathery familiars who have banded together to travel far and wide in order to take revenge on the mean ol' witchhunter who murdered their witch. In this post, the animals finally bring down the rotten villain Ulrich von Furchtbar in a dramatic, triumphal battle where new dangers begin as soon as one victory is achieved. All they have to do now is pop those eyeballs and scurry off to start a dark ceremony that will bring back their beloved witch. What could go wrong? Go, cute, little, loyal familiars!

Link to Original Post


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Old Jul 27th, 2022, 08:51 PM
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Player: Drifter One
Game: Chronicles of Jôrd: Troubled Lands
System: D&D 5e
GM: Thorsten

Nomination: We haven't been in this game for long and made it through out first battle (that we kicked some serious butt in). Our destination was altered as a result and we wound up in a different city than we had intended. Skarn, the scarred veteran warrior, beelined to the tavern and ran into an old flame who coaxed our story out of him. This post is that story. It is a fantastic retelling of events but better than that, it reads like a scene from a play. Drifter One perfectly added in little breaks and descriptions of his character's movements, lip smacks, thoughts that the telling became more than just words. It became alive in the mind.

link post

I have taken the Oath.

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Red face The end?

A conclusion
left-aligned image
Player: Lady Jennifer
Game: Heart of the Shadow
System: D&D 5e
GM: Tomplum

Nomination: Top of the morning to everyone.

I'd like to start by saying that I feel guilty or similar nominating this post because it's mine, but I also felt that given Tomplum was so nice as to nominate part one of this trilogy of posts in May, and Jon was nice enough to nominate part two of this trilogy of posts in June, it felt somewhat wrong not to give the judges the conclusion of the story.

This is Tomplum's game, located at: https://www.rpgcrossing.com/forumdisplay.php?f=18904 . It was more a story of intrigue and subtlety than it was your traditional "storm the castle and rescue the damsel" story line. It was a lot of fun, and no where near what I was expecting; he surprised me a number of times with twists and spins in the story.

The story started off innocently enough, we rallied around an establish character's home, well small castle I suppose is better, and the character started to take form, that of the inquisitive, naďve, do gooder. I wrapped her around a sort of mixture of kender curiosity, young teenager with illusions that bad things only happen to other people, as well as the idea that "if it's pretty, then it must be good - evil things are always ugly."

Ostensibly the character is a monk, was a monk? I'm not sure her story is complete yet, but this adventure is so not sure which way to describe her. I say that because I didn't really play her as a monk. I took the attributes and skills and spun them to be completely different, but still the same. For example the "way of inner light" just became radiance that glowed off her to effect some thing - sometimes it helped her damage, but more often it healed her/others or strengthened them.

Tomplum had us get a minor trinket for our characters. I see this done rarely in other games around RPGx, and usually it ends up being a hook to the game and nothing more. I worked with Tom and wrote a significant backstory to my item and even that eventually changed too, it became a plot point in the story and it really was a lot of fun to write and work with.

The reason I bring all this up is because Khloe turned from a character in a story, into a unique person and writing her made me change from playing a character to really internalizing the idea of "what would Khloe do in this situation?" Not "what do I want my character to do" not "what's in character for her" but more than that. Deeper than that. I'm sure we've all had similar experiences with some of our characters.

Given that she has become, to me at least, so much more than just a character in a story; and as you'll see in a moment the mother of future characters to come; I was loathe to just let it sit with the build up and the climax of the story and not at least share the epilogue with our readers.



A warning: It is rather long, as were the previous two posts. In part that's because it's setting up Khloe's next adventure.

Anyway, I hope it was enjoyable; yes I feel sort of guilty nominating myself, but chocoladevla said too! Also, as I mentioned, I really just wanted the last of the set posted. So the story is complete.

(One day I'll sum up what happened prior to the first nomination as well as these three posts and convert them into a short story, so I ask, anyone who has any thoughts or comments, good or bad, any feedback at all, please PM me with it. I really want to be a writer one day but I realize that my work is not publisher ready yet, so any thoughts or comments that can help me improve is much appreciated. ***hugz for everyone***)
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Posts: 10,270
Player: AnotherDragoon
Game: Ghosts of Saltmarsh
System: D&D 5e
GM: Fillyjonk
Nomination: I love firsts, and this one is special, because this druid is level 4, and yet it his first time becoming an animal. He usually takes on a Starry Form. AnotherDragoon, always a stand-out player, has developed such a voice for Falco. He really gets what it is like to be a Hin who Bilbo Bagginsses away from what is expected to adventure, but to now change from a navigating corsair with a penchant for start charts to a low-belly croc was a stretch for the character---but he had to, to escape the notice (and the claws) of a young green dragon.

Link to Original Post

New here? Come play a NEW PLAYER SOLO GAME

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July's POTM Player: MonageManiac
Game: Strixhaven: Academy for the Gifted
System: D&D 5e
GM: savoylen

Summary of the Post:
In this post, it's our first challenge of a race between the 1st year cohorts of Strixhaven. Having faced the trials to get to the school in the first place, we now compete to determine the ranking of the cohorts, and by consequence, how much our tuition will be covered or cost us. It's supposed to be a showing of the cohort's talents (or lack thereof).

Our cohort has entered a bit of a scheme where we have purposefully downplayed our abilities so that the side-betting gives us a much better return for our bet. Thus, we came out of the gates swinging, taking an early lead, but struggled a bit on the obvious directions of our first clue for the first challenge. Not wanting to delay or lose our lead anymore than we have, my character takes initiative and decides to move forward: he must count how many red-bound books are along the stairwell of the Biblioplex leading up to the 2nd floor of the building (where 1st years are not allowed), without touching the stairs. We had just gained level 2 prior to the challenge, which meant my wizard was now a Bladesinger, which I thought was perfect timing to really take those acrobatics checks and increased speed for a test-drive.

If you were to imagine: "Singing in the Rain" taking place inside an arcane laboratory, with a half-elven Dread-Pirate Roberts wannabe dancing up bannisters, picking up students along the way to create the shortest distance possible, while making it back to the start of the leg in time with the right answer to continue their head-start to the next challenge.

Ah yes, and it's not to "Signing in the Rain", it's to Heather Alexander's "March of Cambreadth". I had a great time writing it, and I hope it's at least a somewhat enjoyable read to others. I love the interactions with NPCs I inject, I love thinking through what could be possible within each "round" of the encounter, and how much space I can travel given the map of the library (it's damn huge, I had no idea how actually huge the Biblioplex is), and I love how the dice favoured me in really clutch moments to make the outlandish behaviour seem plausible. Some of the most fun I've had in creating a post in PbP or RPGX, so I hope others can enjoy it too!

Link To The Post!


PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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