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Robilar Adventuring Inc. Contract Holders

Robilar Adventuring Inc. Contract of Employment

pronounsshe/they | status ♡ online mon & fri, possible delays (sucks we have to work to live) | charactersdeirdre marchfen dellinuzuka chielangtree
i have taken the oath of sangus

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Who is Jenny?About me as a player:

Influences: Babylon 5; David Feintuch's the Still; Rick Roirdan Percy Jackson series; countless movies and TV shows including Angel and Buffy, but also Supernatural and darker shows.

The Character
left-aligned image

Name: Mayve; Wood Elven Thief (Alternative: Sword and Board Fighter depending on what the DM needs for her campaign)

Character concept summary (1-2 sentences):No character ever matches what you originally intended them to be. They grow into their role in the party. That said, I suspect Mayve to be an overly inquisitive, slightly cowardly, minx that augments the party via flanking and/or ranged combat as needed. Given the opening is to escort a wagon train, and you mention there will be dipping into mines, I suspect a character like Mayve would be well suited to scampering for position in both a forestry as well as underground environment - even if she has to work with smelly dwarves (sorry, elf/dwarf thing, you understand.)

Backstory (keep to ~500 words please): The Glittering Court

Exactly what, precisely, was a girl to say? Oh sure, daddy was a great war hero and mommy was seen as wise and holy, and yes the trees did provide all the food and shelter they needed, and yes her cousins did have golden gilded homes with pearls and all the finery, but did anyone know her? Did anyone actually care about her? What about her dreams? Her wants? Her desires?

Nope. “Do this. Don’t touch that.” UGH! If she could rip open her chest and step outside herself, she would do so in shear frustration.

Was it true she loved her family? Of course, it was. Did she understand them, yes, did she acknowledge the world was filled with danger, of course. She was there when the Drow attacked and tried to kill as many of the elven children as they could, it wasn’t like she didn’t know of evil. She just didn’t think it applied to her.

Shrugging, as she marched herself down the sodden trail, rain cascading off her cloak into rivulets of water that drained into her boot, her goaler holding her firmly by the shoulder as he ‘escorted’ her towards the tavern.

The runaway, the vagabond, the minx, whatever you called her, whatever you thought of her, Mayve appeared to have worn out any welcome she might have had here. Not that the mayor was going to miss that medallion. I mean he left it locked up in his desk, but no… you borrow one medallion without asking first and suddenly it’s “let’s see if there’s something we can find you to do that takes you away from here.”

Bah! Life was never fair to Mayve. “Hey! Could you ease up, you’re squeezing my shoulder too hard!”

The gruffness of the man’s voice held no emotion. Typical old people, he had to be like 30, maybe 40. Probably lived his whole life here in this sodding resort and never enjoyed life. “Last time I did that you tried to run. You’re joining this caravan or we’re locking you away forever. I suggest joining the caravan.” His hand tightened more, instead of easing up on her shoulder. She was going to have a ham-hand sized bruise when this day was done.

At least they were going to give her stuff back to her when she left the town, there was that. Especially Bonnie, her little stuffed toy. Okay yes, it was stupid, yes it was nothing to look at, but it was hers and she’d had it from her earliest memories, so she’d rather not lose it, if that’s okay with everyone else.

Personality: An inquisitive and impetuous youth living in a tumultuous world, Mayve has a tendency to act first without realizing what she is doing might be considered wrong by others.

Character Relationship: (Leaving blank for now, if anyone wants to interface between their PC and mine, please PM me.)

Example post:“Okay, so this one here is aaaaaah protecting a cart on the way to Phandalin,” she says as she checks her copy of the contract. “You’ll be working with a party of other adventurers. If the terms here are acceptable, please write your name here--” she points with her pen “and sign here.” She points again and then passes the pen over. “Any questions?”

You'd think she an invalid by the way her goaler grabbed her right hand, shoved the pen in it, and forced her to write her name on the contract. Out of spite she wrote it in common, the filthy tongue of the merchants instead of in the elegant fluidity of the elvish tongue. Afterwards, she stuck her tongue out at the guard as he left her there.

"Ah, yes. Will they be providing food and coin, or are we on our own to scavenge as needed?" She was more feeling out the registrar than making demands. Did she have an iron fist, was she just a flunky, who was really in charge around here? And by in charge, who could make Mayve bleed, because it was the ones that would make you bleed that were dangerous.

She looked around the tavern a bit. She saw an elderly woman working the stew pot and knew she could score a free meal with the proper sob story over there. Those two in the corner in the heavy leather armor and chain shirt, they were probably going on this trip too. Neither well equipped nor giving the vibes of townsfolk, so yea, they were going.

She wasn't seeing any magic throwers. One guy over there in fancy clothes singing some song of heroism for coin, but that wasn't a magic thrower.

Well she would see what she would see, after all, this adventure would at least get her to the next town, and every day she could move one more town over, was a good day, a good day indeed.

Character Stuff
Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist.
Children already know that dragons exist!
Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed!

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right-aligned image

Name: Kordrakk
Character concept summary: A Duergar paladin, who has lost faith in his people's teachings. He vowed to travel the world and do good deeds, hoping to mend the rift between his people and the dwarves.

Kordrakk was born in the Underdark, and raised to serve in the armies of the duergar. Growing up with the teachings of Laduguer, the young grey dwarf at first accepted the suffocating, morose ways of his people as normal. However, on his first raid to the overworld, Kordrakk's company was routed, and he found himself separated from his unit. Unable to find his way back to the Underdark, Kordrakk was forced to survive in a world utterly alien to his own.

Then, something unexpected happened- Kordrakk began to take a liking to the overworlder's way of life. All his life, he had been taught to live according to the three rules of duergar society. He had believed in the bottomless greed his people advocated, but then came across a town where its people shared the fruits of their labour- and prospered. He had trusted in the supposed need for endless conflict- until he saw the wonders created by those whose resources were not wasted on war. And his faith in the final rule, the rejection of emotion, was shaken when he saw the marvels artists and architects were capable of when their passion was given free rein.

The change didn't happen overnight- indeed, Kordrakk lived in the overworld for years before his beliefs began to shift. But shift they did, and eventually the young duergar began to consider that, perhaps, his people were wrong. Yes, Moradin had once neglected to save the duergar from their plight, then denied them after they had escaped. But Kordrakk came to see Laduguer's subsequent vow to murder Moradin as an overreaction at best. Worse, generations of duergar and dwarves had been killing each other, for the sake of a conflict between an unknowable deity and a long-dead hero. Perhaps, Kordrakk considered, it was time to move on.

Kordrakk knew the rift between his people ran deep- so deep, in fact, that he did not think to see it mended in his lifetime. But he felt it was his calling to at least try and heal the wounds struck by both sides. He would not unite the dwarves and the duergar, but he might take the first step on that long road. And so, witnessing the beauty of the overworld, Kordrakk vowed to do his best to lessen the enmity between the two races.

This vow was heard by Sarenrae, goddess of temperance and compassion. She recognized Kordrakk's sincerity, and in her benevolence decided to lend her aid to the duergar. Armed with good intentions and divine patronage, Kordrakk set out into the world to perform good deeds. He knew his goal was unattainable, but if he could convince just one person to teach their children that the duergar could aspire to kindness, then perhaps one day the conflict between dwarves and duergar might end, and his people would be redeemed.

Despite trying to be a better person, Kordrakk finds it hard to forget a lifetime of being instilled with selfish ideals. The grey dwarf can be quite greedy on principle, though he recognizes this behaviour as a bad habit from his past, and tries to break himself of it. Aside from this lust for coin, Kordrakk displays selfless behaviour, quick to offer a helping hand even to his own detriment. He is also quick to forgive others their wrongdoings, hoping to set an example in hopes of teaching people to be more understanding towards each other.

Kordrakk is confident in his actions, but can be uneasy when it comes to opening up and showing his emotions. After all, showing weakness was strongly discouraged throughout most of the grey dwarf's life, and even now he can be rather awkward when it comes to personal matters. It is a subject Kordrakk is still coming to terms with- slowly, he is learning that those around him actually appreciate him being honest about his feelings. Still it is a difficult lesson for the duergar to learn.

While Kordrakk has abandoned the duergar lust for battle, he can still be quite argumentative when discussing matters near to his heart. He is quick to argue, and slow to shift his perspective. This, too, is something the grey dwarf still needs to work on. During his time with the overworlders, Kordrakk has learned that he is prone to presenting his opinions as an impenetrable wall of facts, and that he should try and pay more attention to the perspective of others. This remains a bit of an alien concept to the duergar, but he's trying to be better.

Character Relationship
  • @Girlplay: I feel like Kordrakk would feel something of a kinship with Tia. I think Kordrakk would be very happy to find a dwarf who, like him, sees the flaws in traditional dwarven values and ideas. He'd obviously respect her enough not to actually call her a dwarf, but would nonetheless gravitate towards her. I think her disposition would give him hope- after all, if Tia can leave the ancient hatreds behind, then others might eventually be able to do the same...
  • @Onward: I think Kordrakk would be very impressed by Edward and Evelyn's story of two siblings rekindling after years of resentment, since it is an obvious parallel for what he wishes for his own people.
  • @ElderOblex: I think there's an opportunity for an interesting story between Arronax and Kordrakk! Obviously, what with the history between illithids and duergar, Arronax would test Kordrakk's ideal of forgiveness. And conversely, since duergar are sort of psionic themselves, Arronax might have an easier time connecting with Kordrakk than with the others. And both of them are learning to be better people! I dunno, it sort of sounds like a friendship in the making...

I am definitely open to finding ties with other characters, but those are the ones which struck me as the obvious links!

Example post
Kordrakk checked the address written on the piece of paper in his hand, and looked up at the squat building before him. Its outside walls were covered almost top to bottom with parchments, each asking for aid in tasks both small and large. Some had been rendered illegible by the rain, others had been plastered over. The city offered no dearth of work, it seemed. A missing dog. A stolen basket of apples. A dispute of land ownership between two neighbouring farmers. A... Reward for a white rooster's tooth? Kordrakk frowned, then chuckled. ' Let it not be said the dwarves of Dwo Baz are without humour,' he muttered behind his stark white beard. They were, however, wholly without empathy for his kind. Again the duergar pulled his hood down, hoping no one nearby would cause him trouble. The dwarves of Dwo Baz had tolerated him for now, but the grey dwarf had been on the receiving end of quite a few angry glares and evil words- some whispered, some shouted loudly at him. It was time to find a way out of this city- Kordrakk had clearly overstayed his welcome, and he wanted to be gone before the dwarves decided to start trouble.

And so, the duergar opened the door to the building, stepping aside as a rather irate Kenku almost shouldered into him. Watching the raven-like individual go, Kordrakk merely shook his head. 'This bodes well,' he observed, watching his would-be colleague vent his frustration at their employer with a series of shrill caws. Raising his eyebrows, the duergar stepped into Robilar Adventuring, Inc.

It was a quaint little room, Kordrakk thought as he looked around. A multitude of goods for sale- though none of them priced even remotely reasonable. His fist clenched at the thought of paying such exorbitant sums for such shoddy workmanship, then forced himself to relax. Money wasn't everything, he told himself, almost making himself believe it.

Portraits of employees lined the walls- the agency's successes? Or memorials to their failures? Shaking his head Kordrakk approached the desk, where a woman offered him a contract. 'Phandalin?' he asked, scratching the back of his head. Again his fist clenched at the sight of the pittance he would be paid, slightly crumpling the parchment. No matter, he told himself. It wasn't about the money- it was about getting safely away from the city, before the dwarves decided to lynch him. 'This seems... Acceptable,' he lied through gritted teeth. Holding the quill tightly, he dipped the pen in ink, then proceeded to write his name down and sign the papers.

'When do we leave?'

Characters: Anchor, Selanet, Aramil, Mhurren, Hazel
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right-aligned image
Patchouli 'Petra' Lockheart
Patchouli Lockheart
(Character Sheet)

Full NamePatchouli Summer Lockheart
RaceHuman (Dragonmark)
BackgroundFolk Hero
AlignmentNeutral Good
PersonaAffable: I believe that a friendly smile can turn the tide of any battle, ere that battle be one anyone can see, or one only I can when I look into your eyes.
 Sedulous: I never give up. I know I can do anything I set my mind to, regardless of what it is. No matter how many times I fall down, I'll get back up and try again!
IdealEmpathic: I don't think there is such a thing as an 'evil' person. I think sometimes we have to do bad things for good reasons, even if others can't see that at first. Everyone deserves to be heard, to be understood, and to be forgiven.
NicknamesPetra, Patchy, Petrii
Age24 (Approx.)
Eye ColorAlmond Brown
Hair ColorMahogany Brown
Skin ToneCaucasian
Height:160cm (~5'3'')
Weight:54kg (~119lbs)
BondThe Needs of the Many: I entered exile to stop others from harassing my family. I wanted to go back, but when I saw how happy they were without me, I couldn't bring myself to. It's better this way.
FlawStrange Vibes: Despite my best efforts, most people have a tendency to shun me, and I rarely feel welcomed in civilized communities no matter how much I help them. I guess I'm just meant to be alone.

A young woman who has lived the majority of her adult life traveling on her own from place to place, Patchouli, or sometimes better known as Petra, has always pervaded a strange, otherworldly aura that frightens others or makes her seem untrustworthy. In reality, however, she is a sweet, kind young woman whose only wish is to make others smile, she chooses to see the best in everyone, and hopes one day that she'll be able to find the one thing that has always eluded her: a friend or two who will stick by her, no matter what.

Petra is a practiced herbalist, and uses the art of healing and compassion to try and bridge the gap between herself and others. In the end, she believes that she is the problem, and as a result, she almost never expect ill intent from others, even those who have shown it to her before.

Yet as deeply as she cares for others, she hides a great deal of her own pain and troubles, and instead wears a gentle smile to mask the despair within.

RPing Alongside Patchouli's AuraAn OoC note for others who wish to include Petra's 'dark aura' in their role-play, but aren't sure how to. I'm mostly leaving whether or not her aura affects a character--and how strongly it does--up to each individual player. If anyone wants to discuss any of these points or work with me towards others, let me know:
  • Petra's aura is not physically visible, but I'll leave it up to the DM whether or not it is visible to those with the ability to detect auras. (My guess is that if it does, it pops up as a 'mind-affecting effect' or an enchantment or illusion effect that targets everyone in a certain radius around her.)
  • It's a subtle, creeping thing that isn't apparent from the onset. At first glance, she might seem to anyone else like a perfectly normal (and very likable!) young woman, but over time, and the more you interact with her or stay near her, the more potent the aura's strength.
  • Her aura is not infallible and there are exceptions. I think its probably best that it doesn't affect the party members quite as much as other members of society, and perhaps its effects are stifled to others when she is with them, though what causes this is unknown. However, I would really appreciate it if everyone wasn't 'immune' to it.
  • Petra's aura doesn't mark her as 'evil', but it influences those around her to think poorly of her. Some examples might include:

    ⦿ A nagging feeling that she might be lying about something or concealing the truth, even when she isn't.
    ⦿ When she does something well, it almost feels 'too perfect', like she cheated.
    ⦿ When she does something wrong, it's so wrong that it's infuriating.
    ⦿ Spending a lot of time in close proximity to her begins to make you feel uneasy.
    ⦿ When she's behind you, you might get a strange sensation and feel the need to look back and 'check'.
    ⦿ Her magic may appear to have a strange shapes in its glow or conjure creepy whispers that only you can hear.
    ⦿ At the apex of the aura's influence, it outwardly triggers the flight response of others. They might go so far as to avoid speaking to her, accepting her help, or even wanting to be near her at all.

Potential Character ConnectionsMayve (Jennifer): Mayve and Petra share the 'act first, ask later' quality, albeit for different reasons, so if you wanted a prior connection, perhaps an event where someone needed help and they both jumped in to the rescue at the same time? Whether or not Mayve's keeper allowed them to interact afterwards, though, is a little more difficult to say.

Kordrakk (DemonSlayer): I doubt that Petra has ever met a Duergar before, though she would have met plenty of dwarves, and given the penchant for stout folk being wary and quick-tempered, she might be a little timid towards him at first, making it hard to create a situation where they might've met prior other than 'he came to her for healing' or 'they met one night in a tavern'. That said, while I'm not sure Petra actively worships any deity (yet), she would probably revere Sarenrae a little more than others, so I can certainly see a good number of connections through a shared belief in compassion.

Tia (girlplay): Still perfectly open the previously discussed connection that Tia and Petra had a one-night tryst and never saw one another again. Should make for some rather awkward situations between the two! I'm given to think that either Petra was either very drunk or under the delusion that their night together was meant to be more than it was, but she can't bring herself to be angry at Tia, and just assumed it was the influence of her aura that made the dwarven girl stay away (regardless of whether it really was or not).

Vesper (Homestarbaby): I think their obvious similarities would create lots of situations where Vesper and Petra could share a connection, though the fact that they are both introverted at first might make it hard for them to share words in any normal circumstances. They might have visited the same tavern or town square, for instance, but unless one of them felt compelled to speak to the other, they might've just shared a glance. I feel like some kind of meaningful event they were both involved in would be the best way to go in that case, if you wanted! I think Petra would look at Vesper's noble bearing and think 'She must be princess!'

Komak (Runetide): I feel like Petra likes kobolds. Just, like, in general, and possibly largely due to our previously discussed bit about how she and Komak once got lost in the woods together, which I'm still good with. A comical misadventure where two people who really aught not be wandering aimlessly...wander aimlessly.


Petra Posting Template
left-aligned image
Patchouli "Petra" Lockheart
Full NamePatchouli Summer LockheartNicknamesPetra, Patchy
PronounsShe/her/they/themAge24 (Approx.)
RaceHumanEye ColorAlmond Brown
ClassDruidHair ColorMahogany Brown
BackgroundHermit/Folk HeroSkin ToneCaucasian
AlignmentNeutral GoodHeight:160cm (~5'3'')
  Weight:54kg (~119lbs)
Hit Points
Armor Class
Total12 (11 Armor + 1 Dex)With Shield17  
Languages SpokenCommon, Elven, Druidic, Dwarven
Spell Info
Save DC13
Attack Bonus+5
Spell Slots2/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-
Cantrips Known
Druidcraft, Produce Flame
Level 1 Prepared Spells
Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Shield of Faith, Speak with Animals
Spell-like Abilities
Guardian's Shield (As 'Shield', 1 / long rest)
Vigilant Guardian (1 / long rest)

"This is how I speak!"

'This is how I think!'

This is how I act!

-- Work In Progress, Mind the Plot Holes! --
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Petra.gif
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Size:	164.1 KB
ID:	96474   Click image for larger version

Name:	Patchouli Lockheart - v2.gif
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Size:	335.1 KB
ID:	99213  
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Komak Blue-Belly
Stat BlockKomak Blue-Belly
Kobold Cleric 1
Small humanoid, neutral

Armor Class 16 (scale mail)
Hit Points 10 (1d8+2)
Speed 30 ft.
STR 12 (+1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 14 (+2), INT 10 (+0), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10 (+0)
Saving Throws Wis +5, Cha +2
Skills Arcana +2, History +2, Nature +2, Persuasion +2, Religion +2
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Draconic, Gnomish, Goblin

Draconic Cry (2/long rest). As an bonus action, you can yell at your enemies within 10 feet of you. Until the beginning of your next turn, you and your allies gain advantage on attack rolls against any of those enemies who were able to hear you. You can use this trait a number of times equaling your proficiency bonus, and you regain all spent uses when you complete a long rest.


Dagger. Melee or Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft. or range 20 ft./60 ft., one target.
Hit: 1d4+2 piercing damage.

Mace. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 1d6+1 bludgeoning damage.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 2 bludgeoning damage.

Equipment Dagger, Mace, scale mail, 10 gp

Cantrips: Booming Blade, Light, Mind Sliver, Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying, Prestidigitation
Level One (2/2): Bless, Ceremony, Create/Destroy Water, Cure Wounds, Detect Magic, Magic Missile

Part 1
Part 2
right-aligned image
Name: Komak Blue-Belly

Character concept summary (1-2 sentences): Male Kobold Cleric of Mystra who's traveling to gain insights into the workings of the cosmos. Considering his brainpower, this will take some time.

Backstory (keep to ~500 words please): Komak Blue-belly is, humorously, not a blue kobold. In fact, he's kind of a depressing beige bordering on gray scaled little white kobold. However, he earned his nickname because he does have seven sapphire-blue scales that had grown on his belly that looked suspiciously like Mystra's stars. All other scales of his grow back pale, but those seven in particular always come back blue.
It was that sign he was hatched with that led him onto the path of faith, as he felt a calling for something different than most of his brood. Following the call, he eventually met a mysterious figure one night under the clear starry sky who initiated him into the mysteries of Mystra's Church. Not an 'official' member in that he wasn't recorded as clergy at a specific temple, Komak instead travels from city to city to read their libraries. The ones that he can, of course, for his actual intelligence lacks greatly in comparison to his faith. He keeps trying though, bless his heart.

Personality: Optimistic, Friendly to people who are nice to him, and easily caught up in silly nonsense if there's others he knows doing it. He also loves learning new things, and can listen in rapt attention to someone teaching him things.

Character Relationship: No Kobold is an island, and Komak is certainly a kobold. He's still not sure about the island part, but he does really like the woman(?) who he met that taught him about the goddess of magic and helped him finally feel at home in his scales. She told him his blue scales were a sign Mystra loved him, and that was more than he could have hoped for.
He also is fond of a guardsman, Gale Carver, who was a city guardsman who actually spent time teaching him how to fight. The Halfling had plenty of insight for how to fight as a little person, and Komak enjoyed sparring with him.

Writing Sample

The door to the agency opens and closes, at first seeming that no one entered, but the pitter-patter of small feet was a surefire sign of one of the little people were about.

The distinctive barefoot sounds were colored by a tic-tak sound of sharp nails at the end of those feet, and the figure scurried up to the counter. Thankfully it was short, but even so, it was not short enough. The woman turned back to the counter after the Kenku departed to see a stool shuddering and scraping its way over to the counter. After a few, long, noisy seconds, the stool finally stopped and a scaly hand flapped about the top of it, trying to get a grip. Moments later, the new visitor clambered up the side of the stool to sit awkwardly on it.

A muddy gray kobold, the yellow-eyed reptilian blinked at her asymmetrically, giving her a broad and friendly smile.

"Hallo!" Komak chirped, waving. The attendant saw the creatures outfit was robes under scale mail, with a number of the steel scales painted blue over his chest. A holy symbol hung from his neck, and there were a number of ink stains on the hems of his sleeves. "I want job? I can have job, please?"

"You are an adventurer?" the lady asked, blinking at him. The kobold nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh yeeees." Komak replied energetically. "But I needs moneys. Moneys for books. Can I has job?"

She tilted her head and sighed, shaking her head. It wasn't her job to make sure the people claiming to be adventurers were really what they said they were. At least, considering the variety of faces on the wall near her, there were stranger heroes.

"To reiterate," she said. "You will have to work with other adventurers of all kinds. Is that okay?"

Komak nodded again. "Oh yeeees." he repeated. "One time, I fought with the nest to stop an owlbear from eating our eggs! It was kind of scary but now I'm stronger and stuff." he says, rambling while touching the holy symbol hanging from his neck. "Much stronger now! I can do the magics."

She stared at him for several more seconds. Komak took this as her not believing him, so he held up his hands and waved them in vaguely concentric circles. A small cluster of sparkling stars appeared in front of his palms, swirling as if his hands were stirring them. As he did so, his face brightened and he looked up at her with shining eyes and an open-mouthed smile.

"Fine... Here's the information." she concluded, handing it over. "Please sign here and here."

Komak was more than happy to sign, which he did remarkably well. The signature actually looked pretty nice, something you'd see in an autograph on the front of a book for that matter. Komak took the info, gave her a thumbs up, and scurried out of the building. Not ten seconds passed before the door opened, he came back in, and dragged the stool back to its rightful position before he again fled the building, going gods knew where.
Posting Status: Good to go!
Like to read? Love fantasy? Check out my Author Page! I have nearly a dozen books published!

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Part 1: About the PlayerI very much enjoy this website! Been posting here for years. Very familiar with D&D 5e. I even run the Tower of Mage Newbie game for new players here! My style is Empowering Storyteller, which basically means I'm a big fan of narrative and I really want to help other characters achieve their goals!

My inspiration for playstyle is probably Critical Role (she would want to be the PIKE of the group1st season), One Piece and Pokemon Manga, and the Frozen movies/shorts. The character background is actually inspired by a short story I read set in Legend of the Five Rings.

Part 2: About the Character
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"Together we can save the world!"
Name: Vesper Highwind

Character concept summary : Female half-elf Wizard age 21;

Backstory: Vesper's father is an Archmage of great noble status in a large kingdom, but he's never had time for his daughter. Her inability to learn or perform quickly enough only gave him more excuses to neglect her. So in an effort to prove herself and gain attention, she attempted to repair what she thought was a damaged magical artifact. The results actually destroyed the item, which enraged her father. He let her know that she was a disgrace and had brought shame on his name for the last time. Then he disavowed her, casting her out so that she would never trouble him again.

Personality: Every party needs a kind innocent arcane novice that they can corrupt depend on. Vesper is a bright light that loves people and tries to bring out the best in everyone, but she is clearly a fish out of water. She is a shy introvert in public, but among her friends she always has a warm word of encouragement and is always up for trying new things. And almost everything is new here on the coast, since she comes from norther snow country.

Character Relationship: Most likely relationship would be with Komak. She would love to learn from someone that is a devout worshiper of the goddess of magic. Plus she is probably naïve enough to believe that he is much more clever than he actually is, despite any evidence to the contrary. Could also see her looking to Mayve like a role model: a full-blooded elf that struggles with an overbearing family.


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Character summary
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Concept: A Dwarven warrior who hates Dwarven culture looking for a new self and life.

Name: Tia (given name: Artin Lutgehr)
Race: Shield Dwarf
Background: Guild merchant (Smiths)
Class: Fighter (great weapon fighter, preferring the glaive)


Alignment: chaotic good


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