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Old Jul 25th, 2022, 09:34 AM
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The city's champions

For PC profiles.
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Old Aug 11th, 2022, 08:46 PM
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The Instigator of the May Upheavel

NAME / HERO NAME: Publically known as Dr. Timothy Saint-James, a Professor of Physics at Venture City University he secretly also was also known as the mysterious hacker-activist Vox. This is until the May Upheavel when he was outed as both.

HIGH CONCEPT: Anarchist Turned Unwilling Leader.

Dr. Timothy Saint-James is a diehard anarchist and has been for a long time. A victim of the abuses of corporate greed and governmental madness he is, at least arguably, the one person most responsible for the May Upheavel. As such in the Post-Upheaval Landscape he's considered a Leader whether he likes it or not.

TROUBLE: There's Nowhere For Me To Hide Now

This is true in multiple ways. The most immediate one being that Timothy/Vox is actually physically mute. His voicebox basically destroyed from a childhood bout with a rare form of throat cancer, Tim/Vox needs to use technological aids to talk. Without his technology he communicates via sign language or writing.

Learning the truth about his childhood illness, he expressed his rage outward as a Hacker-Activist and arguably Supervillain dedicated to being a rebel against the abuses of corporate and governmental power by any means nessecary. The thing was though that he actually turned out to be right and was instrumental in the May Upheaval. During the events of the Upheaval his dual identity became exposed, which he considers sacrifice that was acceptable but he does find it annoying.

Now a Leader in the Post-Upheaval whether he likes it or not, Vox tries to stick to his principles while the world tries to force him to violate them every day. Now he has to make the choices he hated others for making, every day. Somehow keeping his soul in the process, at least for now.

BACKGROUND: - The Instigator of the May Upheaval

Born on Carmine Avenue, sadly this would be smack in the middle of what became known as Cancer Road. The land used to be owned by a chemical engineering corporation called 3V and they secretly used the site to dump waste. Then they sold the land which was made into a housing suburb. Unfortunately this would lead to the vast majority of the residents developing various cancers that would kill many of them including Tim's whole family and would render him mute.

He tried to overcome this and during his treatment he did discover an aptitude for Physics and Mathematics. Properly cultivated this became outright genius, and right about the time he finished his early PhD in Physics it was discovered that the pharmaceutical company that produced the cancer drugs for the victims of Cancer Road had diluted them for profit.

By day he was Dr. Timothy Saint-James, Professor of Physics at Venture City University. By night, he was a Hacker-Activist and Supervillain named Vox determined to burn the whole system down to the ground. Then, one day even to his own surprise, he actually succeeded and the May Upheaval happened. Now he's helping rebuild to try to make something better. This unfortunately has made him a leader of the new way whether he wants to be or not.

- Dresses surprisingly conservatively for an Anarchist when at his day job, but that's sort of by design. Don't want people figuring it out right away. When relaxing he's often satisfied with just a t-shirt, something that hides his neck, and jeans. Sometimes even Pajama Pants if he's expecting to do a lot of programming or hacking.
- His throat looks like something tried to tear it out from the inside, if after he's had time to heal. The scars and pits are dramatic.
- Mute, he has invented what looks like a cloth mask that covers his neck and lower jaw. This device is made and programmed to figure out what muscles he's trying to use and translate them into audible speech. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but that's more from how messed up the muscles in his neck are then the device itself.
- Dark hair, blue eyes, glasses, and does have some tattoos if they're intentionally placed to be hidable under clothing.

POWERS: Technically he actually doesn't have powers and has never undergone the gene therapy. He is however considered a genius of such caliber that he keeps up anyway at least in some ways.


Drawback: Kept Alive By Machines

Tim/Vox's throat was extensively damaged in childhood from a rare form of throat cancer. Most immediately obvious is that Tim/Vox is actually phyisically incapable of talking as his neck muscles are incapable of the fine control needed for speech. Other medical issues arise as well from this, he has difficulty eating solid food without technological aide for example.

- Skills -
Great (+4): Crafts
Good (+3): Academics, Provoke
Fair (+2): Investigate, Rapport, Will
Average (+1): Burglary, Empathy, Notice, Resources

- Stress -
Physical: [] [] []
Mental: [] [] [] []


Gadgeteering - +2 to Crafts when building or repairing complex devices.

-Drawback: Kept Alive By Machines. Tim/Vox's throat was extensively damaged in childhood from a rare form of throat cancer. Most immediately obvious is that Tim/Vox is actually phyisically incapable of talking as his neck muscles are incapable of the fine control needed for speech. Other medical issues arise as well from this, he has difficulty eating solid food without technological aide for example.

-Collateral Damage Effect: The Vox Populi- A signature move of Vox, his systems can overflow the air and the airwaves with interference. Forms of communications among opponents is that aren't entirely visually based are rendered impossible - and so is must everyone else's. Immediate allies might have countermeasures but that is all.

-Special Effects: Inflict Condition, Extra Action

-Enhancement Options: Master Gadgeteering, Superior Gadgeteering, Useful Devices

-Power Themes: Technology

-Point Spendages: Master Gadgeteering - Another +2 to Crafts checks.
New Base Power: Machine Control
Master Machine Control- Another +2 to Empathy for Machine Control checks

Machine Control - Can control Machines without Touching them, anything computerized resisting at Fair (+2) vs Empathy

Drawback: Computers Only

Enhancement Options: Master Machine Control, Machine Language, Built In Wifi, Alarm Bypass

Collaterial Damage Effect: Escape Plan

Power Theme: Technology

Stunts: 3 Free Stunts
-Working Principles: If using a weapon he made himself, he can use Crafts skill instead of Shoot on attack rolls.
-Chessmaster: Can spend 1 FATE point to switch out a skill for the Crafts skill in a check. Must be something that could be plausibly thought of and accounted for previously. For example, can replace Physique with Crafts for a Defense roll, representing having the foresight to put together some body armor or a force field before the encounter.
-Revolutionary: +2 to Provoke when attempting to provoke multiple people at once.

High Concept: Anarchist Turned Unwilling Leader
Trouble: Disabled without Technology
Aspect 1: Instigator of the May Upheaval
Aspect 2: The Best Way to Get Rid of an Enemy is to Make them a Friend
Aspect 3: Screw This and Screw You, I Want A Better World
Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
Poetice Vivere, Aut Mori Stultitiam - Nullius In Verba
UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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Old Aug 12th, 2022, 02:39 AM
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The Highlander
right-aligned image

NAME / HERO NAME: Lada Smith / The Highlander (it started as a joke, people who found out of her immortality dubbed her ’The Highlander’ after the movies and TV show, eventually it stuck)

HIGH CONCEPT: The exiled Goddess of beauty, love, lust, family; protector of human life and women; daughter of the ancient deity Svarog. Rather than gaining powers, Lada lost almost all of hers. For it is true what they say about how petty the ancient gods can be. Some more so than others. And Lada and her family all fell victim to such godly pettiness.

After being banished from her home, Lada was forced to live on Earth as any human would. Or... well, almost like any human would. She'd been stripped of almost all her godly powers save for the few scraps the villains left her with in order to punish her for whatever it was they thought she and her family had wronged them with. Immortality. Life eternal among a race of beings which existence was a blink of the eye compared to a deity's lifespan. And Lada was left to make her life, robbed of her loved ones in the most gruesome of ways. Unable to return home. Unable to bring the wrongdoers to justice. With only one option left.

To live. Forever!

And so she did, moving through history. Changing with the times. Adapting to the ages. Little by little minuscule portions of her former powers blinked in and out of her being. Allowing her to do work close to the one she had done while she still held her divinity. And work she did. For it was the only thing that allowed her to keep her sanity. To bear the weight of the times, passing her by.
An exiled Goddess, stripped of her divinity

TROUBLE: The Black God and the Goddess Woe, envious of Lada and her radiant family plotted to kill Lada’s consort - Yarila, the deity of spring, youth, fertility, passion and carnal love. As well as their son - Dit, a summer God, bringer of joy, happiness, mutual love, light and warmth.

And for Lada they devised the cruelest fate of all. Made to watch as her loved ones were tortured, violated and killed, then being banished to Earth afterwards to live out her life, undying. Immortal for all intents and purposes. Unable to have the very thing she’d once ruled over. Family. Love.

But the universe is not without a sense of irony and even gods aren't immune to it. And love never asks.

And so it was that Lada fell in love again. Hopelessly, deliriously. One might say... Only as the Goddess of Love can.

Until life...or something else... mercilessly intervened!
I am cursed to always lose you!

FREE ASPECT: I will hunt down whoever is responsible for the illegal supergene experiments and bring them to justice. Every! Last! One of them!I lost my Ava to the illegal supergene experiments. The responsible will pay!


PERSONAL DETAILS: Lada's subtle ways extend quite a bit to her personality as well. Demure and soft-spoken, she is a patient and caring listener. She has the motherly feel down pat and people tend to flock to her when in need of comfort. Or simply to not feel alone in the world. And Lada is quite accommodating. She will rarely turn a seeking soul away. Always ready to lend a sympathetic ear or a shoulder to cry on.

But for those perceptive enough, or the very few lucky enough to have been allowed within Lada's inner circle of friends, there is a sadness within her. A pain and sorrow so deep and eternal, one could crumble at the weight of it. She can often be found in deep reflection, running her fingers over her lower lip.

Lada is a very tactile person. She will gently invade personal spaces, but will somehow always feel welcome there. And her touch is soothing. Almost intimately so. And yet, unimpeachable platonic too.

Immensely lucky are those select few who've seen the passion burn bright in her jade eyes. Her quiet and gentle power is what the world usually sees.

DESCRIPTION: At 5'10'' Lada is lithe and willowy. With long, wavy mahogany hair that Lada usually wears swept to the side or in a tick side braid. Her face is almost patrician in its features. Straight nose, full lips, high cheekbones, thick eyebrows. Her olive skin and dark coloring complement well her forest green eyes.

Lada's style of clothing is usually unpretentious. For the longest time robe-styled dresses were her favorite. But in this modern day and age she prefers the practicality of understated jeans and flowy blouses. She rarely if ever wears make-up. And yet, she never seems to need it. Despite her subtle demeanor whenever she walks into a room she inspires awe and draws attention.

AGE: Unknown, in appearance in her late thirties, early forties.

POWER/S:Healing - 1pt, Super Senses (2nd power/base ability only) - 1pt + 1 additional point for a 2nd sense, Super Form - free base power theme

  • Basic Healing: You can make a Will roll against Fair (+2) opposition to clear another character’s physical stress. A character may only benefit from your ability once per scene. Additionally, you can use Will to start healing any kind of physical consequence on another character.
  • The human body is incredibly complex, which means you Require Complete Concentration to heal your targets.
  • Pacifist Aura: You can turn up your power to such a point that it’s almost physically impossible for people to get hurt in your presence. Everyone in your zone gains Armor:6 until scene ends or you end the power. However, the vital energy filling the area tends to make inanimate objects leap about in unpredictable ways.
  • You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.Inflict Condition; You recover from all physical stress.Physical Recovery

Super Senses
  • Basic Super Senses: You gain +2 to Investigate when using that sense. In addition, that sense cannot be impeded.Sight
  • Basic Super Senses: You gain +2 to Investigate when using that sense. In addition, that sense cannot be impeded.Smell

Lada Fate Points: - / Refresh: 3
An exiled Goddess, stripped of her divinity (High Concept)
I am cursed to always lose you! (Trouble)
I lost my Ava to the illegal supergene experiments. The responsible will pay!
I'm a trauma attending at a teaching hospital. That comes with a lot of responsibilities!
From childless mother to den mother. (Relationship)
Great (+4) Will
Good (+3) Academics Empathy  
Fair (+2) Rapport Notice Investigate 
Average (+1) Physique Athletics Drive Contacts
You get a +2 to all rolls relating to that field.Trauma Surgeon
You’ve read hundreds—if not thousands—of books on a wide variety of topics during your numerous lifetimes. You can spend a fate point to use Academics in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having read about the action you’re attempting.I'm ancient, I know stuff!
+2 to create advantages similar to Daunted/Influenced with Will.Intermittent Divinity
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
How do you wanna do this?!

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right-aligned image

Name: True identity is currently unknownFaraday
High Concept: A living electrical field!
Trouble: I have no memory from before the blast...


Personal Details:
PowersPowers: Faraday can channel the electricity in his body both offensively and defensively, hurling bolts of lightning at opponents, or creating energy barriers to fend off attack.

Starting Power: Energy Blast (1 point)
Additional Power: Shielding (1 point)
- Enhancement: Semi-Permeable Shield (1 point)
Theme: Electricity Projection

Drawback: You Need a Mask to Protect Those Around You. - You don’t have true control over your blasts: energy pours out of you non-stop, but you have safety equipment to hold it in check until you need to fire.

Collateral Damage Effect: Charged Shot
Special Effects: Mental Recovery, Extra Action
Venture City StatsName: Faraday
Fate Points (Refresh): 3 (3)

Faraday's Aspects
1. (High Concept) A living electrical field!
2. (Trouble) No memory from before the blast…
3. (Background) Faraday forged a real bond with several members of Venture City's homeless population during his time living amongst them on the streets. Failing everything else, he knows he still has friends in the city's hidden places.Friend to the down and out.
4. (Relationship) Vox was the one who tracked down Faraday on the streets, helped develop his protective clothing, and gave him a place on a team that could allow him to make a difference.The Call Finds You
5. (Free) Always fussing over my teammates

Great (+4): {Shoot}
Good (+3): {Notice}, {Will}
Fair (+2): {Athletics},{Investigate},{Rapport}
Average (+1): {Contacts},{Empathy},{Physique},{Stealth}

+2 to Contacts when seeking members of Venture City's homeless population.Streetwise Allies
+2 to Empathy when helping an ally recover from a mental consequence.Sympathetic Ear

Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] [] [] [] []

(2, Mild) []
(4, Moderate) []
(6, Severe) []

Power Suite Description: Capable of channeling the electricity in his body both offensively and defensively, hurling bolts of lightning at opponents, or creating energy barriers to fend off attack.

Drawback: You Need a Mask to Protect Those Around You. - You don’t have true control over your blasts: energy pours out of you non-stop, but you have safety equipment to hold it in check until you need to fire.

Special Effects: You recover from all mental stress.Mental Recovery, You can split your shifts between two different yet related actions, adding a +1 to each action.Extra Action

Powers: Energy Blast
Basic Energy Blast: You can fire a projectile of some sort, with a range of three zones, using Shoot.
Master Energy Blast: Your shots are especially accurate. Gain +2 to Shoot when using your power.

Power: Shielding
Basic Shielding: With a moment’s concentration, you can erect a barrier between your zone and an adjacent zone, which lasts until the end of the scene or you will it away. This barrier is transparent, but no matter can pass through it. When someone attempts to attack through the barrier, or attacks the barrier itself, you intercept the attack, using Will to defend. If the attack succeeds, you may either take the shifts as mental stress or allow the barrier to shatter and take mental stress equal to half of the shifts, rounded down. You may erect multiple barriers, but each active barrier after the first reduces your Will roll to defend by one.
Semi-Permeable Shield: You and your allies can attack through your barriers, but at a -2 penalty.

Power Theme: Electricity Projection
Basic Electricity Projection: Your powers are electrical in nature, and you’re infused with electrical energy. Whenever you use your power, you create sparks and bolts of lightning.

Collateral Damage Effect: Rapid Fire - You can shoot every target within your zone at full strength. If you throw out that many shots, though, you can’t help but hit something you don’t mean to.
I have taken the Oath!

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right-aligned image
Name: Morgan Matthews A.K.A. Ion!
High Concept: Chemical engineer, but super!
Trouble: Bad reputation!
Background: Former super-wageslave freed by may upheaval Morgan was born in that golden wage when gene manipulation wasn't unheard of in children, but before the shadowy world behind the cape was exposed as such. While still in her mother's belly her gene sequence was laid out, studied and manipulated. With the supergene activated it would be a surprise what her powers were. But in the early stages of medical tests Morgan showed no special abilities. She was dropped from the pool of candidates to continue monitoring. This left Morgan in the lucky position where she'd be surprised by her own powers. When she was four years old she'd managed to work out her abilities were uniquely suited to stealing sweets: She could telekinetically manipulate things while turning it intangible. When she discovered this, she was four years old had a big talk with her parents over becoming a superhero. But no parent could support their infant daughter going out alone in the dark, even if they were more than human.

With her set of powers she was uniquely suited for thievery however: when Morgan was seven years old, she had her own super-costume made that marked her as "Ghost". She went behind her parent's back, stealing cats out of trees and liberating candy stores of their captive sweets. School droned on about climate change ad nauseam, and eventually Morgan started to get interested in solving this problem. She'd fight for the polar bears and wanted to do something but it wasn't too long before she got upset that she couldn't use her powers for that. Hero'ing just didn't have the same appeal anymore when all she wanted was to change the world.

It took some work and some convincing, but eventually Morgan managed to get her hands on her own genetic sequence and the totality of the rapports about her supergene. Ghost snapped on her desk lamp and sharpened her pencils, using her hidden intelligence and super-determination to self-study and work out how to redesign herself to tackle this global problem. Soon she set herself the goal of adjusting the scale at which her powers operated, to be able to manipulate things on a molecular scale and just breathe carbon dioxide out of the air. She continued her work and reached out for help. It wasn't difficult to pursuade Matsuhama splice to help her out, Morgan was working on the questions that they never even thought to ask themselves: Could they modifying superpowers? The corporation aided her in calculating the theoretically necessary changes to her supergene, but wouldn't pay for the procedure themselves.

Their idea behind that roadblock was to keep them from getting a bad reputation if this went wrong, while at the same time forcing Morgan to connect herself to a corporation. She needed to look no further than Venture Polymers, a million dollar corporation specialising in high-end and very technical plastics with a lot of funding for R&D. Morgan signed her name on a stack of contracts that ensured her schooling, and a job on their R&D team regardless of wether the surgery worked or not though she'd have to put in some extracurricular hours working for the company. This was at the start of the year that would become famous for the May Upheaval. Her parents still didn't like the notion of losing their daughter in this world of capes and contracts and forbade the surgery.

So, as any hopeful 18 year old in this world that gobbles up the guileless would do, she ignored her parents and made the appointment with Mitsuhama Splice for the day after her birthday. Fortunately for Morgan, she was born in Febuary, and that wasn't too long anymore. The procedure went on without any unexpected developments, and when she woke from the genetic manipulation she found herself corroding and vaporising the bed on accident. It took a few days in a special containment chamber before she could go home. When she did she found what remained of her stuff on their front lawn. And so she called her sponsors, Venture Polymers were happy to provide her with an appartement but it was time to actually start working. For the first few weeks, that meant getting some control over her powers. After that, the company had her start a series of Viewtube videos promoting the company's new approach to solving polution. This new platform also gave her an audience that could help find new uses for her powers. The brunt of her time however was spent converting any air polution into harmless vapours and precipitates, countering the company's enormous pollution.

In this time however, Ion found that many of the training transmutations she's done came undone on their own. This sat wrong with the young hero, who was quick to determine that her work on the smokestacks accomplished nothing but a green facade for the company. She went to her team, and explained the shortcoming in her superpowers. She was allowed to work on theorethically modifying her supergene, but got a lot less support in the pursuit. The company still had her neutralise the toxic vapours, and began heavily doctoring her social media. It took longer than Morgan would've liked to admit, but eventually Ion realised that the company was essentially keeping this knowledge from spreading. To keep Morgan silent and confined, Venture Polymers kept her working on the emissions, which had the added benefit of better PR and happier shareholders.

Everyone knows where they were when they understood what the May Upheaval meant for them. Morgan was standing on a smokestack, her boiler room suit caked black from all the exhausts condensed on herself. She realised that this was most likely what her life would be from now on. Soon after she decided that she'd be more than a bird in a cage conjuring up subsidies and pools in the shareholder's backyards. She engineered the soot into plastic wings over a carbon fibre skeleton and took a dive. Either she'd die a normal person, or live a free superhero. Morgan only touched the ground a few hours later, and decided there and then to join the fight to expose all the heinous business activities going on behind the doors.

The first act in this new campaign was to post a video exposing her own shortcomings and Venture Polymers, but when she tried to log in to the company account she found the password changed. Recently they'd uploaded a video denouncing Ion as the superhuman actively poluting the earth. Seeing where things were headed, Ion worked quickly, trying to hack into the mail accounts of her superiors, to get the Venture Polymers Viewtube account back and make her own video explaining her side. In the few minutes she had before she was kicked out of her superior's account she read some e-mails asking Mitsuhama Splice for the genetic backups of her supergene. By the time she was halfway through a heavyhanded attempt at explaining her superpowers' shortcomings and abusive past with Venture Polymers the stream was cut off.

Personal Details: As befitting of a genius superhero, Ion's suit is as clever as she is and looks like it's from roughly two centuries in the future. It's a form fitting bodyglove reinforced with thick pieces of high durability plastic around her legs, shoulders forearms and body. What isn't covered by the white armor is decorated with streaks of red and blue on black. She wears an unbuttoned labcoat over her the suit, for the sole reason of looks. What looks like a lump on her back is actually storage for some rare and volatile chemicals for when the situation calls for it. But the suit is cleverer than it looks, at a thought she can manipulate it to produce wrist mounted flamethrowers, railguns, airbags, and that's barely even scratching the surface.

While she could probably make a helmet, Ion prefers to go about her business unmasked, to make it easier to redeem herself in the court of public oppinion. Her looks aid in that regard: Her supple and unmarked face houses a rare combination of emerald eyes and copper hair. She leaves her red locks to frame her face and billow in the winds as a substitute for a cape. Her catlike eyes sit beneath somewhat thicker eyebrows, positioned on either side of a hawkish nose.

Ion fights because she has to: Megacorporations like her Venture Polymers have gotten away with some pretty sick stuff. The average CEO has had plenty of time to rob the common folk of their eating money to build their pools and villa's. They've done enough damage to the world as is, now is the time for them to bleed! For justice, for the world, for vengeance. But Ion isn't completely consumed by her hatred for the state of the world as is. Yes, it's there, and no she wouldn't soon save a suit wearing, board member of "Oppulent inc." if it came down to it, but she does hope for a better world to rise from the ashes of the current status quo. She calculates how to best achieve it, and tries to guide the world through this phase of uncertainty.

Morgan isn't all that great with expressing herself, which is further complicated by her aweful reputation. She often gets criticism for "working to wreck the environment", and while this isn't true and she'll preach to and expose other people and companies, she doesn't do as much as she could do herself. A small part of her never outgrew her "ghost" phase, which keeps her broad mind from seeing actions beyond the typical heroics. It's for this reason that she's mostly stopped trying to further hack her own superpowers to bypass the time limit on her transmutations. She's tough on others. Similarly she can also be tough on herself, although she tends to try and hide her own inadequacies behind jokes, lashing out when her displeasure becomes too much. This behaviour coupled with her otherwise quick wit can make her a bit difficult to befriend.

But she's far from all negative. Ion's driving force is to avoid coming face to face with herself while still improving on herself. This personality engine has the problem of confining Ion in the transmutations she's learned practiced and perfected and experimenting only to expand her repertoire. However this same drive also motivates her to solve problems for other people, and quite often she'll try and gift her friends with the latest of her inventions. If you didn't have a supersuit before, you'll likely soon be wearing one Ion made, and if you were you'll likely soon find it outfitted with a thousand different gadgets and gizmo's to help you function better. Once engaged in her "problem-solving" mode, Ion quickly goes silent as she works on whatever project she's set herself to. The superhero doesn't easily let go of any problem she's really bitten in to, rather they linger in the back of her head, fermenting as they await for a brilliant inspiration. Whenever one occurs you can expect her to freeze up instantly and quickly get to work or at least try and write down her latest genius idea.

She's still childishly hopeful, naive, rude and hypocritical and ultimately hopes and tries to solve all her problems on her own. But friends and allies find her to be dependable and inexhaustible in her endless pursuits to escape her own problems in those of others.

Powers:Ion's Chemomancy, combined with her super-smarts, allows her a lot of freedom in using her powers. To the interested she'll explain about how she can shuffle atoms around to change molecules into different ones. If that doesn't bring a look of understanding she'll add: "Super-plastics, mega-explosives, chemtrails, if I can think it, I can test-fly it. I just need to have the right things handy." There's limits however, first every transmutation eventually reverses itself. Secondly she also can't transmute humans, even her own body is difficult. Finally she doesn't inherently know what everything is made up of, basing a transmutation on bad assumptions could be bad.

Morgan Fate Points: 2 Refresh: 3
Chemical engineer, but super! (High Concept)
Bad reputation! (Trouble)
Former super-wageslave freed by may upheaval.
The Splice must flow.
Absurd DIY Obsession
Great (+4) Crafts
Good (+3) Will Academics  
Fair (+2) Investigate Notice Resources  
Average (+1) Physique Stealth Atlethics Rapport
Clever engineering can compensate for a lack of combat skill. Pick a broad category of weapon (Heavy ranged weapons). When you wield a weapon of this sort that you have created yourself, you may attack with Crafts instead of Fight (for melee weapons) or Shoot (for ranged weapons). Such weapons will often include odd devices and unusual features that make their use very different from that of a normal weapon. Personalized Weaponry Engineering.
-Left Empty
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Illeryces - Aaron - Golarion - Sylva - Anima - Ion
DM: Pokemon Island Expedition

My posting has become better than "generally impossible" I'll get to you, but if I don't you can still NPC me.

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right-aligned image
Name: Gyges (Herc Leopoldo)
High Concept: Headstrong Strongman
Trouble: I'm not good at being Good.

Background: A small time criminal, with a couple of buddies he thought that they could rob some tech from a megacorporation van, but the plan didn't work. His partners managed to get away, but Herc got caught. He expected to be carried through the legal system as usual, but it didn't happen. Secured in a remote location, Herc spent years, only speaking to the guards at mealtime, without even the yard time or phone calls he would usually get in prisons or jails.

Then, a few months ago, gas came out of nowhere in his cell and he got knocked out, having horrible nightmares about surgeries on him. Herc woke up in the state he would pass the next months in. Aching all over, strapped to a bed in a room that looked like a tiny closet, with bright lights pointed at him. After what felt like a week he would be knocked out again and the cycle would continue like this. Herc has no recollection of being fed or going to the toilet in that period of time.

Herc will only find out later, that Mitsuhama Splice was feeling the turmoil rise and planned to release Herc as a new supervillain that only they could stop. Luckily he was freed at the Upveal, so they never got to have him killed, but he emerged severely changed.

Personal Details: His main motivation is to rehabilitate himself enough to be able to see his daughter again, since his ex-wife managed to get full custody while he was locked up. At the moment that plan starts to become a famous superhero, which, he hopes, would offset the mutation he suffered. Herc also has a deep hatred for all manifestations of the Mitsuhama Splice company, and will stop at nothing to destroy what remains of them.

Powers: (Master)Super Strength, Super Toughness. Drawback: "can't feel much of anything" feels too little..
First Aspect (probably) : "A hero for my daughter's sake"

Off the website for an indefinite amount of time.

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Marcus Wilder / Primal

Venture City StatsName: Marcus Wilde / Garrett Marcus Sable / Primal
right-aligned image

Fate Points (Refresh): 3 (3)

High Concept: Zoology Professor and Seasoned Adventurer (Wilde Adventures/Wilde Tribe/Wild Hunts)
Trouble: Blacksheep of the Family of Big Game Poachers (Sable Family)
Relationship: To be Defined
Aspect 1: Luddite with Unintended Social Media Following
Aspect 2: Punctillious

Standing at 5' 10 tall, Marcus displays the outward appearance of a bland simple university professor, from a distance the man appears normal and at home in an academic setting, with dark brown hair and a neatly kept beard, rich brown eyes hidden behind nondescript glasses. up close however, people who cared to look would see that his eyes had an almost predatory animalistic look in them, sharp and always watching, his body hidden behind his mundane attire was solid and lithe like an animal, his movements smooth and silent. it was easy to mistake this bland "clark kentish" persona as a different person to the rugged adventurous host of "Wilde Adventures" who wore much more practical outdoorsy clothing and lost the glasses when out in the field. you could almost say that when he needed to Professor Wilde could become almost...Primal

Adjunct Professor of Anthropolgy and Zoology for the University of Venture City, Marcus Wilde, while technically am american citizen was actually born and raised in Namibia, South Africa. The youngest son of who he grew up believing to be ecologists and zoologist, Garret as he was known then grew up to develop a love for nature, animals and native cultures which became his life's passion and future career. Much to the displeasure of his family who he later learnt were actually criminals and big game hunters exploiting the animals and peoples of Africa to become very wealthy.

Much of his childhood was spent with the tribes of Namibia and his best friend Sana, the american boy was such a presence amongst the people of the Bantu Kavango people that he was practically adopted by them and when Sana became a man and undertook his manhood ceremony, Garrett did as well. It was during this experience that he ingested the hallucinogenic herbs and potions of the Bantu and had his body painted in "magical" symbols before spending several days in the bush waiting for the spirits to name him a man. What Garrett (and the world) didn't know at the time was that the combination of herbs and lotions used could have an amazing effect on a very small percentage of people, and was actually a natural version of the Super-gene manipulating formula developed by Mitsuhama

In Garrett this resulted in him developing the ability to communicate and eventually possess animals. He felt the closest kinship to canines, but his abilities spanned the entire animal kingdom. in time he discovered that he could dissolve his body into a spirit mist and take possession of dogs with a touch and even more amazingly he soon found that he could physically transform into any creature he could imagine, both currently alive and extinct.

He would have been happy to have spent the rest of his life roaming the wilds of Namibia with his friends and family, both human and animal but he made the mistake of revealing his new found gifts with his family. It was at that point he discovered the Sable families dark secret. His parents only concern was wealthy and power and their sons ability to shape-shift was their golden goose, in their eyes they could charge clients whatever they wanted to attempt to hunt supposedly extinct creatures, or they could sell the rare "Namibian Lion" for an extortionate amount of money, just to have the lion disappear and escape its new home after they had collected their fee.

Garrett of course used his gifts to do just that, disappear and escape, this time from his family and he fled to America and assumed a new name. a simple man with a dislike of technology and a love of nature he found himself drawn to academia and with his new abilities and his childhood amongst the tribes of Namibia found it child's play to gain doctorates in Anthropology and Zoology and gained a job at a small university on the east coast, splitting his time between classes and field expeditions with his students. It was during one of these expeditions that he relented to his students constant badgering and allowed them to record his lesson, a lesson which would inadvertently gain him some small amount of fame as during the lesson the class stumbled upon a brown bear and her small cubs.

Garrett, who was then using the name Marcus Wilde, used his abilities to defuse the situation and instructed his students what to do, forgetting that he was being recorded. with no one hurt he called the field trip off and everyone returned home, professor Wilde returned to work and forgot all about the incident until a week later when he was shown a View-tube video by one of his students. Wilde Adventures was born.

It seems that the student who recorded the lesson saw himself as a film maker and he created a fictitious wilderness nature show using the footage of Professor Wilde handling the bear. It became so popular that the dean of the university thought it would be great publicity for the university if Wilde Adventures has some more episodes and with a great deal of coercing and promises of tenure, Marcus was convinced to film other videos of animal encounters. This sparked a rise to minor celebrity for Marcus as Wilde Adventures was soon followed by Wild Hunts, Wilde Tribes and the Wilde World as he expanded his videos to use as teaching aides for his classes and to raise awareness to Ecological Issues and Conservation.

It was this fame which resulted in him being poached by Venture City who offered him an Adjunct Professors position at their much more prestigious university, one he gladly accepted, if only because he had realised that as his celebrity grew on the internet he was more likely to be found by his family, Venture City with its multitude of genetically enhanced individuals seemed like the perfect place to hide out. But before he had a chance to settle into his new role, the May Upheavals happened and the publicity of super powered individuals dried up, his smoke screen gone

Great (+4): Will
Good (+3): Academics | Rapport
Fair (+2): Investigate | Lore | Notice
Average (+1): Athletics | Fight | Physique | Stealth

Doctorate of Zoology: +2 to Academics to Identify Animal Genus and Understand/Predict Behaviour

Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] [] [] [] []

(2, Mild) []
(4, Moderate) []
(6, Severe) []

Power Suite Description: You can walk with the animals, talk with the animals, and fight with the animals on your side.
Drawback: Your connection to the minds of animals works both ways: their psyches rub off on you, and you need to contend with Overwhelming Animal Instincts. Your transformations aren't perfect; Whenever you return to human shape, some animal features remain until a new animal form is selected You Don't Look Quite Human.

Special Effects: You recover from all physical stress when transforming back from animal form.Physical Recovery, You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free. Intellectual Increase to Animals he communicates with while talking.Inflict Condition

Power: Animal Control
Basic Animal Control (Canine): Choose one favoured type of animal. You may communicate with favoured animals of this type as if they were human NPCs, although their understanding of the world is limited. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus to Rapport when asking an animal of that type to do something for you.

Zoological Polyglot: You may speak to any animal as if it were a human NPC. However, your bonus to Rapport only applies to your favoured type of animal.
Collateral Damage Effect: Direct Control: If you can touch an animal of your favoured type, you can possess it. Your body turns to smoke and pours into the animal, and you gain an aspect with the same name as the animal. This may frighten or unnerve the people who saw you disappear, or you might cause damage by maneuvering an unfamiliar body. The effect lasts until you end it or at the end of the scene. When the effect ends, you return to your original body and lose the animal aspect.

Power: Shape Shifting
Basic Shape Shifting: You can change your form into that of any creature. You can use Will to create an advantage of Creature Form. The opposition is generally Fair (+2), though it increases for particularly large or small shapes and for complex transformations like a swarm of bees. Your new shape persists until you decide to end it or get taken out

Master Shapeshifting: You gain +2 to Will when attempting to change your shape.

Rapid Shapeshifting: Changing your form is nearly instant; it does not take an action.
Collateral Damage Effect: Stegosaurus: You can turn yourself into an armoured dinosaur or similarly unstoppable juggernaut, unfazed by anything around you. You can only hold this form for a few minutes, though, and youíre sure to crush everything around you. While armoured, you gain +2 to defend rolls and can knock down obstacles like thick concrete walls just by walking through them.
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BASICSNAME: Werner Schmidt

HERO NAME: Sharpseeker

HIGH CONCEPT: Unhinged Metal Technician

TROUBLE: My Friend is Out There Somewhere
BACKGROUNDWerner was a simple man, who did his hours as a minimum wage technician without complaint. A year and a half ago, he was mildly positive about the supers flying around. They maintained the peace, and kept the little people like him safe. Then a random video recommendation pulled him into a rabbit hole. Over the course of a week, Werner turned into a staunch detractor of the system in Venture City. He was ready to rant all about the corporate hands controlling the strings of the government, and how inherently problematic the existence of privately contracted supers was. On the receiving end of these rambles was his closest friend, Jefferey Becker, who worked as a physiologist with a research company under Mitsuhama. Jovial debate turned into bitter disagreement as the months passed, and the men, inseparable since childhood, eventually stopped meeting.

Werner's first thought was of his friend when news broke of the May Upheaval. Unable to contact the man, he rushed into the riots and the rubble to get any indication, any implication, that Jefferey was safe and sound. In the chaos, a mysterious group picked Werner off the streets, alongside other warm bodies like him. He struggled in vain to get away as he was put through a biological process so disorienting and painful, that he lost all memories of the event save for the face of the head supervisor. When he was returned to the streets, he was a changed man. He spent the following months locked away in his tiny, dark apartment, tending to the bizarre scars on his body and the burning static in his mind. When he finally pulled himself out, the city had changed its tune just a bit, and this time it resonated with him like never before, in more ways that one.

ASPECT: Hidden Horror of the May Upheaval
In the chaos of those days, somebody was running a new, unregulated kind of supergene therapy on unsuspecting folks. But why? Is there someone secretly planning a takeover, and is Werner a pawn of theirs?
right-aligned image

Werner Schmidt has always been somewhat unkempt. His hair is a mess, and his beard is scraggly. On a good day, he doesn't look attractive. The horror of May changed his mannerisms to fit, with random shivers and a twitching in his left eye.

Werner holds on to the principles he gained after realizing the messed up state of Venture City. He is willing to use his powers to reduce further the grip of corporations over the city.

However, his biggest motivation in working with the other supers and breaking into megacorp buildings is to find his childhood friend, Jefferey Becker. He maintains a belief that his friend is still alive. He will prioritize this goal above all else if given a choice. Werner feels a sense of guilt towards Jefferey, due to what their final interactions had been like.
POWERSWerner can release a chaotic array of hundreds of metal spikes, some resembling antenna, from all over his body. They are varied in length and thickness, from little hairs to arm length stingers. These spikes allow him to communicate with and assert control over machinery around him. His appearance in this form is ghastly, and coming in contact with him can be highly injurious.

Theme: Super Form
Basic Super-Form: Your power isnít always active; instead, you need to take a moment before battle to change form. Converting to your super-form requires an action, but while youíre not super itís impossible for anyone or anything to detect that you have a power at all.

Starting Power: Machine Control

Basic Machine Control: You can control machines up to one zone away without touching them. Most machines wonít resist you at all, but something computerized will put up Fair (+2) opposition, and more complex and powerful computers will offer greater opposition; you use Empathy to overcome this opposition. You can only make a machine do something itís capable of; while you couldnít make a toaster float, for instance, you could make a car drive itself.
You gain +2 to Empathy when telling machines what to do.

Machine Language: You can communicate with machines psychically, although their intelligence is limited by their capabilities. For example, a toaster couldnít tell you who all has passed through the room, but it could tell you if someone has made toast recently.

Drawback: Metal Horror: The various metal spikes protruding from your body make you a terrifying sight.

Collateral Damage: Overload: You can make any electronic device overcharge itself to the point where it violently explodes. This counts as a Fantastic (+6) attack against everyone in the same zone as the exploding device.

Special Effects: You can split your shifts between two different yet related actions, adding a +1 to each action.Extra Action, You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.Inflict Condition

Power: Harm
Basic Harm: By maintaining skin-to-skin contact with another person for a moment, you deal them 2 physical stress. Additionally, when you intentionally attack a target without using weapons, add 2 physical stress to the result.
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Trashman - Venture City Stats
right-aligned image

Name: Thomas Black / Trashman
Fate Points (Refresh): 3 (3)

High Concept:
Garbage Collector vigilante trying to be a hero of the people.
Knows where the bodies are.
Aspect 1:
Quick to determine good or bad. Good or bad is rather selfishly defined.
Aspect 2:
Would like to redeem himself with his old friend Kaito and redeem him too.
Aspect 3:



+4: Fight
+3: Deceive | Stealth
+2: Contacts | Drive | Will
+1: Burglary | Notice | Physique | Provoke

Stealth: Slippery Target.
Provided youíre in darkness or shadow, you can use Stealth to defend against Shoot attacks from enemies that are at least one zone away.

Will: Indomitable.
+2 to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.

Drive: Hard to Shake.
+2 to Drive whenever youíre pursuing another vehicle in a chase scene.

Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] [] []

(2, Mild) []
(4, Moderate) []
(6, Severe) []

Something whereby he can move 'items' out of sight quickly and efficiently perhaps Phasing + Invisibility with the Shadow theme.

You can use Burglary to walk through walls and other physical barriers. A standard interior wooden door is a Fair (+2) obstacle, while thicker barriers of sturdier materials provide more opposition.

You can completely fade from view, including your clothes and anything youíre carrying. Cameras and similar devices cannot detect you at all, and you gain +2 to Stealth against being seen by living targets.

Your power is a reflection of your personality: you were always a meek, background sort of person, even before you learned to fade from view. You are Easily Forgotten, even by your companions.

Hyper-Visibility: You can apply your power in reverse, turning the world dim and making you the most visible thing around for several minutes. During this time you are extremely noticeable; anyone in your zone or an adjacent zone must overcome a Great (+4) obstacle with Investigate to see anything other than you.
Get to know psuedenim. I'm a He/Him in PDT and am around most days.

Ski Season is coming up and whilst I have every intention to still be here stuff happens. NPC me as soon as you need to.
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SHINOBINAME / HERO NAME: Aiko Shimizu / Agent Shinobi

HIGH CONCEPT: Super Stealth Spy

TROUBLE: "Mortal enemies with Oni Corp and Mitsuhara"

BACKGROUND: Former corporate "asset" now turning over a new leaf to fight for good




POWER/S: Super-Agility: You are preternaturally graceful, and gain +2 to Athletics when leaping, balancing, or otherwise demonstrating your agility. In addition, you have a prodigious leap: leaping up to a second-story window or from rooftop to rooftop across a wide alleyway is a simple task that, without further complication, requires no Athletics roll.
Collateral Damage: Hair-trigger reaction
Special Effect: Extra Movement: You can move up to two zones for free.

Super-stealth: You can move with preternatural silence, slide into shadows and avoid notice with uncanny skill, you have supernatural stealth and gain +2 to Stealth rolls when avoiding notice.

BONUS: Uncanny Dodge: If you can see a projectile coming, you can get out of its way with some clever gymnastics. You gain +2 to defense rolls when dodging ranged attacks.
Special Effect: "Turn Defence into Attack": Inflict Condition (You add an aspect to the target, which you can invoke once for free.')



Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] []

DRAWBACK: Programmed with Psychosomatic-Torture Triggers

Theme song:

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Clap On, Clap Off
left-aligned image
Vic Zapeda / Circuit
(Buzzkill to his enemies)

Cyborg Paparazzi from the Moon of Tomorrow!

Trouble - "If Earth History 101 was as interesting as my engineering classes I probably would've paid more attention."

Tall and wiry, Vic has a soccer physique and neither the grace or coordination to support it. He's always three days behind on a shave and only a Formula-1 metabolism keeps him slim despite a diet of sugar and preservatives. His clothing choices are the kind of mishmash that only someone with no understanding of current fashion could assemble. And the quips, man. So many quips. On the surface, someone from the future might seem like an odd choice to fix the here-and-now but Vic quickly realized how much better things are here. For all its faults, the lack of rationing and access to luxuries thought lost to time appeal to him. If he can make changes now that improve his own time it might make things better for countless generations.
Rap SheetOkay, let's get this on tape. My name is Vic and I'm not from this planet. I'm not even from this time. Just hear me out. I was born on the Xiotech-Mariso station on the moon on an October Thursday nearly a century from now. I grew up with my nose in everyone else's business. Investigative journalism just felt like a good fit so I started selling candid vid snaps to the colony news. Got a couple bylines on stories about planetside corporate corruption. Ended up chasing a lead on some black market tech labs down to Earth. Got in a bit too deep, though, and got wrapped up in a repeat loop by a woman with an unheard-of control of time. The people I was chasing got me under their knife and the next thing I knew I had wires in my brain and no user's manual. Pushed myself right into a grand mal seizure before my powers kicked in. Let me tell you...I shot so much metaenergy into Time Chick that I wound up a good hundred and twenty years in the past. Right into the middle of the whole May Upheaval business. Now, I wasn't really a top student so I was shocked to see how strange and counter-intuitive everything here is. I'm almost convinced this isn't even my past. just some cracked up dimension I'll never get out of. Still, I spent my life hunting down elusive leads. If the woman who brought me here came through, I'll find her. In the meantime, my abilities make me particularly good at trying to bring all this chaos to a close.

"Nobody can bury a secret deeper than I can dig."

Potential Skill Pyramid

[+4] Investigate
[+3] Notice, Rapport
[+2] Shoot, Contacts, Empathy
[+1] Deceive, Stealth, Craft, Burglary

Power Suite Theory

Theme: Technology
  • Power Amplification [Physical Recovery & Extra Movement; Leaves You Weakened; Mass Empowerment]
  • Power Nullification [Master Power Nullification]
Playing - High Risk, Heist Reward | The Grand Tour

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Masked Hunter ActaeonNAME / HERO NAME: Alphaeus Luna / Masked Hunter Actaeon

HIGH CONCEPT: Ex-Enforcer Revolutionary

TROUBLE: Rubs People the Wrong Way

The Kid's Still a Kid to Me - regarding Ion/Morgan
Red in the Ledger


Alphaeus doesn’t remember much of his past; even the name ‘Alphaeus Luna’ is something that was merely given him, as a name for when he was out of ‘costume’, as it were. What he can remember was service— service to Mitsuhama Splice, from which he gained his powers— the ability to transform into an armored form reminiscent of a deer crossed with a wolf— and everything else he had; it was his home. A soldier without memory and without connections to anything else, he was conditioned to follow their every order, whether it was to be a ‘superhero’ and to keep the peace, or to be an enforcer who got rid of anyone who got in the megacorp’s way. He was in their employ for around ten years.

However, it seemed, despite his amnesia and his brainwashing, he kept his conscience, and little by little, he felt hesitation, and then distaste, in the gruesome acts that his handlers would tell him to do. Still, he did not know what to do, for Mitsuhama Splice was all that he knew— until he soon discovered that there were more like him— perhaps not necessarily in the exact same situation, but victims all the same to the corporations. He bided his time and slowly figured out a way to reach out, and so it was when the May Upheaval exploded, he was one of the instigators.

His work is not yet done, however, and while he would accept anyone’s grudges towards his sins, he still has yet to live to take down the rotten structures of Venture City. And maybe, perhaps, he could also find who he was, before everything…


Alphaeus looks vaguely Asian, although it is hard to pinpoint which ethnicity, specifically; he has shaggy shoulder-length black hair, small slanted black eyes, a tan complexion, a face littered with scars and a heavy, ponderous expression. He looks to be around his thirties, give or take. He stands at around below average height, at five feet and ten inches, with a lean, but strong build, with subtle musculature. While he was often formally dressed in his days as a sponsored super from Mitsuhama, these days he wears simple shirts and pants and sneakers, with maybe a leather jacket thrown in.

The Masked Hunter Actaeon is a man covered in blue armor with accents of silver, with a wolf’s head (that can actually bite!), deer's horns, gauntlets that end in claws, and greaves that end in hooves. When he activates his hyper mode, the coloration switches to silver with accents of blue. Besides his fangs, his claws, and his armored body, he can summon antler-like spears to wield as weapons in battle.

Alphaeus is a sullen man of few words, always blunt and to the point; he does not seem to have any hobbies, and does not seem to find joy in anything. He seems to be purely devoted to dismantling the strangehold the companies have on Venture City, to a self-destructive extent. As one might have already guessed from his background, his whole motivation is atonement for what he has done under the employ of Mitsuhama; while one can argue that he was not completely in control of his actions, for him, it was still his hands that had murdered all those people and destroyed so many things.

His family, from whom he was taken, may still be around somewhere… (a family perhaps too poor or too far away to know his current condition or do anything about it, or in a worst case scenario, similarly enslaved, or killed...) This is a topic that, while Alphaeus tries to bury it with work, something that he is admittedly curious about, although he is not sure if he deserves a connection with people at this point.



Great (+4): Notice
Good (+3): Athletics, Fight
Fair (+2): Physique, Stealth, Investigate
Average (+1): Burglary, Empathy, Will, Provoke

Physical: [] [] []
Mental: [] [] []


Spears of Horn and Stakes of Bone
You may summon antler spears or fang stakes by making a Physique roll to create the Aerodynamic Armament advantage against (+0) Mediocre opposition. Beyond using it the normal way to add +2 to your Fight rolls, you may instead use invocations of this advantage to use Fight instead of Shoot when attacking with them.


Actaeon's Armory
Super Toughness, Natural Weapon, and Super Agility, with the Super-Form theme.
Special Effects: Area Attack, Extra Movement
Drawback: There’s a Beast in Me
Collateral Damage Effect: Ceryneian Shift (Hyper Mode) - Actaeon's more deerlike aspects come to the fore.

Bestial Instincts
Super Senses (Smell), Sensory Suite (Hearing), Alertness
Drawback: Strong Scents and High Frequencies
Collateral Damage Effect: Lycaon Shift (Hyperfocus) - Actaeon's more wolflike aspects come to the fore.

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Dr Dawnlight / Jacob Salvestri

High Concept: Energetic sword wielder
Trouble: Too much focus on his cause
Aspect 1: Enthusiast promoter of the good side of power
Aspect 2: Reckless experimentator
Aspect 3: Remembering school days (Vox's student)

Great (+4): {Fight}
Good (+3): {Academics},{Will}
Fair (+2): {Athletics},{Physique}, {Investigate},
Average (+1): {Contacts},{Shoot},{Resources},{Rapport}


Jacob Salvestri was a wageslave that worked to pay for his radiology studies inside a Medical subsidiary of Mitsuhama, both his need for money along his enthusiasm for science and the fact that he percieved the subsidary as the less evil of the corportate empire, made him accept to take part on clinical trials designed to develop new ways to unlock dormant abilities , which gave him his either casually or causally nuclear based powers, he was planning to work as a supe together with the energy subsidiaries when the revolution changed everything.

In the past he believed that he could help some organizations drastically reform and reinforce the positive within the system, but the crisis made him realize he has the chance of helpin build something new with what he considered positive from the old order, promoting responsible use of power (both economical and nuclear) and rational thinking, he focuses so much on his goals that he can fall in the same pitfalls he wants the new society to avoid

To protect his identity and lives of family members (Canadian - Argentinian background, mundane workclass) he uses a blond wig to hide his shaven dark hair, together with his goggles which also protect his eyes from bright lights, he uses black baggy cargo pants to carry items he might need

- Extraordinary Concentration. Once per scene, when successfully create an advantage with Will based on concentration, gain one additional free invocation.

-Matter is made of energy: Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if the mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether

Power Suite Description: He can generate nuclear energy inside his body which he canalizes into irradiating light swords that can penetrate and weaken tissue or even slice through different materials if enough intensity is applied

Drawback: The glow makes his presence and movements easy to spot, and after long exposure to it, can blind the eyes of people nearby, friend or foe alike (he uses protection googles for it) or even give them radiactive poisoning which is also why he wears the radioactive logo to warn civilians as part of his promotion of reponsible use of power

Special Effects: Area Attack, Inflict Condition,

Power Natural Weapon
Basic Natural Weapon: +2 to Fight while brawling unarmed in close quarters.


Energy blast: Use shoot to throw the energy swords at an objective
Basic Super Strength: gain +2 to Physique in all situations that require pure strength.

Physical Stress: [] [] [] []
Mental Stress: [] [] [] [] [] []

(2, Mild) []
(4, Moderate) []
(6, Severe) []


Jacob Salvestri was a student that worked to pay for his physics degree inside a nuclear power plant i which he felt like at home, both his need for money along his enthusiasm for science, made him accept to take part on superscience experiments designed to explore and unleash the quantum observer effect and how different nuclear forces interacted with it , which gave him his either casually or causally nuclear based power , in which he is able to use his concentration to generate subparticle reactions which lead to creation of energy that he can canalize through some advanced tech hilts into energy swords and even use them to make big jumps powered by that power

To protect his identity and lives of family members (Canadian - Argentinian background, mundane workclass) he uses a blond wig to hide his shaven dark hair, together with his goggles which also protect his eyes from bright lights, he uses black baggy cargo pants to carry items he might need, fully convinced the responsible and scientific use of power is the means for humankind to advance he applied to be accepted into the new team sponsored by the world heroes so he can promote that point of view and become a symbol of it

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