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Old Aug 16th, 2022, 07:27 PM
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To The Quarry

Game NameTo The Quarry
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeTreasure hunting, resource gathering, investigating mysteries, sandbox.
FlavourFame and fortune hunting in the Forgotten Realms.
Plot SummaryThe Sembia of today is not the same nation it was a century ago, much has changed. Rulers uncounted, killed in the shadows of their halls, inept puppets put in power by those forged of darkness itself. Although they suffered over a century of subjugation at the hands of the returned Netherese Empire, with only the cities of Urmlaspyr and Daerlun maintaining their independence, with the tides of change they once again became a wealthy, independent collection of city-states following the second collapse of the imperial magocracy in 1487 DR.

Faerun itself has changed greatly over the last hundred years, seeing the fall of Gods, the rise of Devils, the destruction wrought by Demons, and the salvation brought by Angels. But with all the chaos and destruction and change, there was renewal in the air. And with renewal, opportunity. And where there was opportunity, there were those with adventurous souls, seeking a future forged with hopes and dreams.

The year is 1498, the Year of the Black Regalia. And throughout the various taverns of Sembia, rumors spread of a prophet's vision of wealth and opportunity in the north, somewhere along the River Ashaha. A rumor mostly ignored, or mocked, but a few, hungry for a chance at a better life, see hope in those tales. Many disregard the prophecy, but for the lucky few…

It's been a long
A long time coming
But I know a change gonna come
Oh, yes it will

To the north of the ruins of Ordulin, in the middle of the night, the skies erupted with massive balls of fire, illuminating the lands of Sembia for miles upon miles around. Tales of monsters from the ruins of the old city roaming the lands reach the tongues of every soldier, bard, innkeeper, and all who frequent the nations taverns. Word had even reached those in charge of governing the large trade city of Yhaunn.

Word reached the streets of a request for adventurers and investigators to find the truth behind all the various rumors that had been spreading across the nation over the last year. A representitive of the Sembian government was recruiting agents in Yhaunn, with the promise of great reward for any who can find the truth.

Truth behind the rumors of monsters from the ruins. The truth behind the mysterious balls of fire high above the plains of northern Sembia. And the truth behind the mysterious prophet spreading propaganda about a mysterious treasure to be found.

Who will answer the call?

Now that introductions have been made, welcome To The Quarry. This game will take place in the Forgotten Realms setting. Be you a noble adventurer seeking the thrill of the new horizon, or a poor man seeking a better life, this game has much to offer you. To The Quarry is an episodic game, with a simple 1 post a week requirement (that may see extra activity from its player's are very active during any said week) that will see a group('s?) of players working together (or against each other!) to not only find the location of the rumored prophecy, the mysteries of the fires in the sky, or the truth behind the monsters coming from the ruins of Ordulin.

As people who have experienced the gifts, or punishments of life, you will start off at level 3. All official material, including UA will be allowed. You will start off with all of the bells and whistles your background has to offer, along with what your class has to offer. But as an added incentive to your application, if you are seeking something extra, (money, special heirloom, a pet. Gods… Even a wheelbarrow!) Make a good case within your biography, and it will be considered!

Your application should include the usual, Name, race, background, class, appearance description (details matter!) The biography itself may very well influence your character's story down the line! While completely optional, add in some ideals and flaws and such if you wish. All official methods of gaining your stats for your sheet are allowed, but for the oh so fun rolling method, you will have to wait until your potential acceptance, and to gain access to the boards.

To The Quarry already hosts a group of Five Adventurers, this new group will take place in the same nation, same timeline, and may very well have future indirect, or perhaps even direct interactions.

Coming October 2022! Applications will be accepted until October 15, with an immediate launch.

Special thanks to Forgotten Realms wiki for some information they have provided along with Sembia's crest. Lyrics by Sam Cooke.

Current Applications
Players Character Class Status
Onward Dia of Clan Skytree Cleric Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Azure Nokori Jarindar "Caligro" Ormantel Artificer Reviewed.
DraconigenaArma Gauntaunthas Orel Marsk Wizard Reviewed.
Lookie Louis Hiersch Barbarian Reviewed.
Treble83 Dagonet Bard Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Elanir Oeric Klay Rogue Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Khamluc Debrah UnderRoot Monk/Cleric Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Saratek Braun of the Howling Ghost Tribe Barbarian Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
DiceGoblin Ardi Ranger Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Irish Katt Tak'Cha At'Hlak'Ta Rogue Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Silent Rain Torrim Cragfoot Barbarian Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Starflier Coralynn Honeyleaf Ranger Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
mystwatch Adrasteion Monk Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.

Older applications for the first group
Players Character Class Status
Grouchy Kostasius Paladin Reviewed.
tomplum Strokkrim Draketoe Druid Reviewed. Accepted.
Solitaire64 Figurd Sorcerer Reviewed.
Runehead Lorian Largesse Fighter Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
UARTman Tobias Rogue Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Ildrahil Mavros Riasson Warlock Reviewed. Accepted.
Dylan Scott Sovana Ranger Reviewed. Accepted.
Unforgiven Thrakk Soulslayer Rogue Reviewed. Accepted.
ericg1s Opel of the Third Turn. Rogue Reviewed.
Fairborn Sierenthalnamus (Sieren) Jelleneth Ranger Reviewed. Character sheet to be reviewed near deadline.
Greyling Declan Varis Fighter/Rogue Reviewed.
Tolmie Fana Netyoive Wizard Reviewed.
NonCausalFact Thea Wizard Reviewed. Accepted.
Legacy of To The Callhill,
New gameTo The Quarry
I have Sworn the oath of Sangus!

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Old Aug 17th, 2022, 03:26 PM
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I have only recently come to know Dakkon and am only in one game with them, but the quality of their roleplaying is simply staggering. I can only imagine how great a DM they are going to be. Had I not stretched myself to the limits (as I am known to do), I would have been eager to join as well.

For anyone loving DnD 5e and the Forgotten Realms this definitely is the game to apply! You won’t be regretting it any time soon.
He/Him - I have taken the Oath of Sangus
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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Debrah UnderRoot
Race: Tabaxi
Class: Monk 1 Cleric 2 (Arcane Domaine)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Outlander (Exile/Outcast Wanderer)

Traits: I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups.
I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.
Ideal: It is each person’s responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe
Bond: I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.
Flaw: I remember every insult I’ve received and nurse a silent resentment toward anyone who’s ever wronged me.

Brief History:Backstory: Debrah days of birth was a date rely to solstice and seem to have influenced all her life. Each solstice, their house is been scavenge by unknowns beast Coming mysteriously from inside the house. Haunting the room of the poor Deborah that wake in the blood to the arms and wound to the head.

After the “exorciser” desperately finishes to understand that the problem is not the house or even any entities possibility possessing her, but in the head of Debrah. The pseudo “haunting” case was transferred to the druid of the village who tries to show her how to live with her inner demons and help her teaching some natural remedies to relax the body, spirit, and soul.

These proximities with natural drugs puts all parts of her inner self like an open door for hallucinations of any kind, even when she’s not under the influence of anything.

Now she uses her concoction only in a delicate or desperate situation...cause she fears to be susceptible to fall back with her old inner deamon.

RP Sample:
Debrah takes place in the garden dojo she stops right in front of the Middle, where only Master can stand. She takes her usual positions and with her first form movement, she's permitted to tell her first request of the session.

"Master WooWoo, Tell me when THEY're gonna stop taunting me ?"... She interrupts herself and muffled some whisper toward her back over her shoulder" I'm not talking about you. Don't worry, you are my only friend" She then looks forward and continues her form in front of the Sensei.

"Wwooo , GrandWind always whisper that they grew old... WwooooWwooo ... And everyone will be blown away their separated wayzzz..."

"I'm not talking about the neighbor's kid ... I'm talking about the spirit in my head !?!"

"Wwoo, I know... I was talking about both side of your world"

Debrah closes her eye and continues her Kata trying to kept concentrate and relax. She suddenly hesitates then angry She opens her eye

"...And what they are gonna do with me... Can they just End this Soon ?"

"WwoooWwooo Can't tell you that... Nature is very Mysterious and becomes very chaotic when WooWoo tries to interfere with your destiny ... you got to have Wwoo Wwooo... Faith to WooWoo"

Her session of personal kata was interrupt by her mother Katinnah "Debrah Darling... I search for you everywhere ... I wouldn't believe that you could be here ... you don't have the permission... But I understand that you need some moment of solitude... when you finish come see me, I need your help for some burden with GrandMa"

Debrah stays stoic until the Departure of her mother. She then salutes politely her "invisible Master"

"Wwoo come back whenever you want, WooWoo always there for WwooWooo enlightenment moment"

Roleplay Sample: Link to some old RP


Wollean too

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Deborah UnderRootb.jpg
Views:	703
Size:	74.9 KB
ID:	96617   Click image for larger version

Name:	Deborah UnderRootc.jpg
Views:	37
Size:	48.0 KB
ID:	96618  
Yes ... I'll take the Oath of Sangus ;)

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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Kostasius
Race: Centaur
Class: Paladin of Skerrit 3 (Oath of the Ancients)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Outlander

Traits: I judge people by their actions, not their words. Thinking is for other people - I prefer action.
Ideal: Nature. The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization. (Neutral)
Bond: I would die to recover an ancient artifact of my faith that was lost long ago.
Flaw: I can be overly proud and a bit short tempered.

Brief History:
Deep in the eastern wilds past thick forests and majestic mountains lie the steppes where Kostasius and his fellow centaurs lived as traveling nomads. They raised sheep and goats and spent their lives living in tents, traveling from one lush spot to another. It was a insulated and hard life, but Kostasius loved it and had an idyllic childhood. According to the tribal elders, every century one of their own was chosen to be the champion of Skerrit, the hand of the Forest Walker. The ceremony was performed, and the Lord of the Herds chose Kostasius to be his champion. The elders trained Kostasius according to the traditions of the tomes, and held a grand festival for him before Kostasius was sent off on his own.

As amazing as it is being hand selected by Skerrit to be his champion, Kostasius has admittedly been wondering what exactly he is supposed to be doing. He is not the brightest fellow, and the cryptic speech of Skerrit regarding his path means he isn't understanding his mission either. He has stopped a group of bandits preying upon a peaceful community and convinced a lumber company to cease cutting near a series of fairy mounds to prevent violence. Worthy feats indeed, but hardly the stuff of legends. That is, until he heard the prophecies that have called the other adventurers.

A prophecy of riches would not normally entice a centaur like Kostasius, but one of the visions mentioned by the prophet immediately caught his attention. He is not sure if it was actually said in the prophecy itself, or added by another, but there was a mention of an emerald green spear with silver trim and a majestic glowing silver head, adorned with oak trees and acorns. According to the legends among the Forest Walker faithful, this is the mythical Spear of Skerrit, thought lost long ago and last recorded being seen almost two hundred years ago. To recover such an item would be a tremendous act of glory, both for Kostasius himself and for Skerrit. Kostasius now sees this as his calling in life - to see if the rumors are true and, if so, to recover the long lost Spear of Skerrit.
02/26/24 - New position and personal real estate work is keeping me busy, please PM me if I am running behind.

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Strokkrim Draketoe
right-aligned image
Name: Strokkrim Draketoe

Race: Hill Dwarf

Class: Druid (Circle of the Stars)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Background: Hermit

Personality Traits: I often get lost in my own thoughts and contemplation, becoming oblivious to my surroundings.
Ideal: Emotions must not cloud our sense of what is right and true, or our logical thinking.
Bond: My isolation gave me great insight into a great danger that only I can prevent.
Flaw: I like keeping secrets and won't share them with anyone.

Back Story: The fall of the reborn Netharese Empire and the emergence of Sembia as an independent nation of loosely aligned city states left a chaotic countryside where outcomes are far from certain. Places such as this can become flash points for conflict between a growing civilization and a natural order that had grown accustomed to certain boundaries. So it was that the Emerald Enclave called upon Strokkim to monitor the situation.

He had been in the area, studying an ancient site of arranged stones. A menhir was surrounded by other specifically carved stones with holes in them. Over the years, he had deduced that the stones were ordered in association with the stars as opposed to the sun and that light from the stars could occasionally illuminate through the holes in the circle of stones around the menhir. There were also days of the year when the menhir would block a certain star's light. It was a great mystery and Strokkim had spent decade upon decade studying the ruin. He was getting so close to unraveling the mystery when a message arrived from the Enclave. He hadn't heard from his organization in almost a century and was surprised to have been tapped now, when he was so close to making a discovery.

Word of a prophet had arisen, spinning a tale of wealth and opportunity along the River Ashaha. The region was balanced on the edge of a knife and the Enclave wished to know if this prophet's story was truth or farse. With a heavy heart and devastated attitude, Strokkim set off for civilization to search out the yarns of this prophet and investigate his visions.
I have taken the Oath.

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ApplicationName: Figurd

Race: Verdan

Class: Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind)

Background: Entertainer



- Real Life has gone berserk; taking an indefinite leave from PBP. Thanks for the memories :)

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Interested! I wanted to ask since we're starting at level 3. Are we doing standard array, or point buy, or rolling for attributes? I don't need to roll anything now I understand, but I'd like to know for future planning.
Character App
right-aligned image
Name:Lorian Largesse


Class: Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

Background: Far Traveler

Description: Lorian is a particularly dark-skinned loxodon with lighter colored striping that's pretty subtle unless you know to look for it. His tusks are thick and sturdy, and everything about this man cries out 'big'. His voice is a surprisingly smooth basso, and though he doesn't seem all that memorable standing next to other loxodon, he is pretty stand out in a crowd of the usual people. He's easily 7 foot, 10 inches tall, and weights somewhere around 400 pounds. Not that he moves sluggishly, mind you.

Lorian is followed by his faithful familiar Lothric, a larger than average raven who tends to perch on the big loxodon's head and provide snippy quips at his master's expense when Lorian takes too long to talk.

Personality:Lorian is a fairly quiet individual, but the adage of 'still waters run deep' is quite true for him. Someone who enjoyed learning magic, he also found his physical form to be quite advantageous as well and has honed both as best he could. He's the kind of guy who tries to find the best in the situation. Like many loxodon, once he's decided to trust someone, he will trust them until the end of the line, wherever that ends up being.

History:Lorian is a traveler from a long distant land. There, he had served a while as a temple guard for the temple of Oghma. His temple was later relocated to a major city, but Lorian felt the call to take his personal journey elsewhere. On the roads, he found the further he went from home, the more interesting things he discovered. Which led him to where he is now.

For special consideration: I would like to be allowed a magic focus among my starting gear. I can carry it with my trunk and I think that's just a neat idea!
Posting Status: Good to go!
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Character concept
right-aligned image

Name: Tobias Rosefeld

Race: Human

Class: Rogue (Assassin)

Background: Noble


When he was only seventeen, tired of the tedium of merchant-noble life, Tobias Rosefeld eloped to a distant land in search of adventure and glory. A combination of being very lucky, having a big pouch of gold and being very proficient in fencing has allowed him to survive and even thrive on the frontiers, and he never once looked back to his old life.

Eventually, his absence has forced his aging father to take his cousin Martin as the heir. That proved to be a terrible decision, as Martin had no talent for either finance or management, as well as a number of very expensive vices. Eventually, he has spent all the money, sold a number of businesses, and incurred a ton of debt. His now elderly uncle, unable to stop him, had to write a letter to Tobias, begging him to return on a chance he would be at least slightly less inept. When middle-aged Tobias (who has found no glory, but plenty of adventure) has received this letter, he returned to Selgaunt with haste. Upon arrival, Tobias reluctantly took the reins and begun a grueling work of saving his family. Coincidentally, a month later Martin had quietly disappeared, never to be seen again.

Now, at the venerable age of 69, having pulled it from a brink of financial ruin by way of clever trade deals and occasional assassination, Tobias expected to enjoy his well-earned retirement. But the passive life of an elderly nobleman has quickly become unbearably boring. Not content to spend the rest of his days being pampered to death, he took a nice suit, a pouch of coin and his old trusty rapier, and ran away from home in search of adventure. Again.


Traits: I take great pains to always look my best and follow the latest fashions. If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.
Ideal: Independence. I must prove that time hasn't dulled my edge; I can handle myself without the coddling of my family.
Bond: The well-being of my family comes above all else. I've spent thirty years to bring it prosperity, and I won't let it go to waste.
Flaw: Even the cutthroat Semmar nobles don't usually do the dirty deeds themselves. I am an outlier: my hands are stained with the blood of fellow nobles. The allies and family of my victims will jump at any chance to get their revenge.
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Mavros Riasson
Race: Tiefling
Class + Subclass: Hexblade Warlock
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Appearance and personality:
right-aligned image

Mavros is good looking, just ask him. Why, his shiny white skin sets off his devilishly handsome facial features and well manicured black hair just so. His small shiny horns barely jutting out of his hair simply add to his mystique. His face is angular and his eyes are black. No, not his irises, the entirety of his eyes are black. Staring into them is like staring into a deep cave on the darkest of nights. Are his looks not the norm? Sure. Could one say they are demonic? Absolutely. But they are also enticing, like the bad boy that all the girls want.

Mavros' clothes are stylish, for last year or maybe last decade. He doesn't care. They are clean and well maintained and he knows eventually he'll be in style again, it might be a year, it might be a decade. He cares not a whit. What he does care about are the colors he wears. He takes pains to ensure they match. Red and black, that is it. Those are his colors. Yup, they match.

As far as his personality goes, Mavros is inquisitive. No, that's not quite right. Mavros simply must know what is in every shadow, what is behind that glimmer, and who lives in that old, supposedly haunted tower. It is this inquisitiveness that makes him such a good bounty hunter. Of course, it has nearly killed him once or twice too. Such as the time when he was young and saw an unnatural darkness, a darkness where it shouldn't be, where a torch should have dispelled it. So, of course, he entered it. There he found a creature that exudes darkness, eating, what it was eating may have once been a man, or a woman, or a pig, he couldn't tell. What he could tell was it saw him. Lucky for Mavros he was fast and the creature was enjoying its meal and rather bloated. One would think that would teach him a lesson, but he continues to look and go where others, those more careful, would never tread. The thrill of the moment, like the adrenalin rush he felt when he saw that creature all those years ago, that is what he craves.

And now a quarry, oh that sounds fun. Yes, all kinds of trouble to get into in a quarry.

Ideal: Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are

Bond: My half siblings are ashamed of me, I will change that or die trying

Alignment: CG
Where does your character originate from?: A rather mundane town that's nothing special, except to those who live there.
Character History/Backstory:
Mavros' half siblings are ashamed of him. He has two older brothers and an older sister. His mother's first husband died while clearing an infestation of evil creatures from the sewers of his home city, many say it was Mavros' father who sent those evil creatures there. Shortly thereafter Mavros' father, a Devil known by many names, seduced his mother Ria. She always told Mavros how kind he was to her and that the ultimate gift he gave her was Mavros himself. He isn't so sure that his life is a gift. He had to struggle through his whole life. When young, other children tormented him mercilessly and his older siblings, who could have stopped it easily, simply watched on. Eventually, he learned to protect himself and his siblings showed him grudging respect, but their shame was always near. Only his mother showed him unconditional love.

Mavros searched and searched for his father or a way to contact him, but he never found him. Eventually, he figured his father wanted nothing to do with him and so Mavros decided he wanted nothing to do with his father. What he did find in his searching was a supernatural creature called the Raven Queen. It was she whom Mavros made a bargain with, and she gave him powers with sword, shield, and armor, as well as knowledge of the arcane, knowledge which he used to defend himself and those weaker than him in need. Of course, he understands on occasion she may have need of him and he is bound to her.

Having been picked on for much of his youth, he learned to defend those who were weak and couldn't defend themselves. This is actually what led him to his current profession, bounty hunter. His only friend from his youth, Shanain, a defenseless young woman, was murdered for a black onyx ring she always wore and for something else she refused to give up to her murderer. Mavros vowed to find out who the perpetrator was. He followed the clues and the trails and he found the man who did it, a man who was a bully growing up and who wanted something Shanain was unwilling to give him. So the bully killed her and stole everything she had. When Mavros found the murderer the man laughed at him, called him weak, said he was so ugly even his own father wanted naught to do with him. He was someone both he and Shanain knew while growing up, and they both detested. Mavros nearly killed the man, but he held back. He knew killing him like this would be wrong, would actually make him more like his father. He fought the urge to slice open the man's throat as he lay prostrate and defenseless before him.

Instead, he took him to the watch and presented all the evidence. Mavros was there when Shanain's murderer was hanged. Mavros smiled. Shanain had no relatives left, so Mavros took the black onyx ring to remember her. The city watch was impressed with Mavros' ability to sift out the murderer and they gave him other people to find. Often they were simple thieves, but on occasion they were worse, far worse. This gave Mavros a sense of purpose, but he always wondered why he was born, and how could his mother love a creature as evil as his father. On his last mission, he nearly died fighting his prey. It turned out his prey was a master assassin and she had a cloak that protected her. Mavros eventually prevailed, but it was a near run thing. When he took his prisoner to the watch, Mavros was wearing her cloak. Being a bounty hunter, and a good one, has provided him with a comfortable life.

Key event: The death of his friend Shanain that led him to his profession.

Flaw: I'm too inquisitive for my own good, like a cat...but they have nine lives.

About MeI have been playing D&D since it was a supplement in a game called Chainmail. When it first came out in a white box with three rather cheaply made rulebooks inside I rushed out to get. I played it all through junior high, high school, college, and my years in the Army. My favorite characters in LOTR are Gimli and Aragorn, so my first PC was a Dwarven fighter and once AD&D came out I made a Ranger. Heck, half the reason I went to Ranger school in the Army was so I could be a Ranger! Back in the early days it was all about hack and slash and finding treasure. Then a friend and I built a world, which was fun, and I found role playing instead of just roll playing. I found other RPGs (L5R, King Arthur Pendragon, RuneQuest, GURPs, etc.) but I always came back to D&D. AD&D was my favorite version but I have grown to love 5e and this may be my favorite now. I have grown to love PbP. I was introduced to it on one of my deployments as a way to continue playing and I haven't stopped. I enjoy PbP because, IMO, it allows for more role playing opportunities and the story tends to be more full.

I am a team player and try to help other players who may not be as comfortable with PbP. I love to role play and I try to make my posts as descriptive as possible while helping to move the story along or keep it moving. I know there are sometimes opportunities to slow things down a bit though to properly role play a scene. That said, I also love a good fight and when the time comes my PCs tend to be in the thick of it. I post something every day.

Roleplay Sample:

”Come back carrying your shield, or on it.”
ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς

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I’m just coming back onto the site after a period of absence and this is exactly the sort of game I would like to be part of. I’ll have an application up in the coming days.
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Note to all applicants. A chart for applications is now present in the advertisement post. If you feel the need to edit your applications, that is not a problem. Simply nudge me and let me know so i can double check, and enjoy your work.

There is no hurry for character sheets. If you're like me, and enjoy making them, feel free to share when you desire. Though they will not be necessary honestly until the end of the application period.

Now, on a personal level, as a roleplayer and hobbyist in this game, i am really enjoying what i am seeing. Your characters are inspiring me greatly. In fact, some of the things are bringing scenarios in mind. But I'm keeping those cards to myself hehe.

Thank you all for your applications, and looking forward to the next few weeks!
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right-aligned image

Name: Dia of Clan Skytree
Race: Aarakocra
Class: Cleric (Life)
Background: Acolyte
Traits: I’ve spent so long in my home plane that I have little practical experience dealing with people in the Prime
I idolize my mentor, and constantly try to emulate that person’s kindness and selfless acts.
Ideal: Charity. I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)
Bond: I seek to preserve my mentor's notes that many powerful individuals consider it a danger to their way of life and seeks its destruction.
Flaw: I'm not very confrontational, strangers tend to make me suspicious as I expect the worse from them due to my own past experience of being bullied by my kin.
Appearance: Dia stands at least 5'3" tall, with a lean build that makes her lightweight body even more lighter than usual. Her appearance looks entirely like that of a bird, for she is an avian creature after all, her feathery coat looks reddish brown with a mix of white feathers, making it look like she was covered in snow. Her white cere looked sort of like tiny snowballs. She usually wears a garb that resembles that of monastery garments, of which are usually seen in high altitude mountains.
Biography Dia was not originally of this plan of existence, she comes from the Elemental Plane of Air, where her fellow flock flocked around a sky island with a giant tree, which is where their tribe name comes from. This tribe in particular were a more warlike and territorial tribe of birdmen, completely different to the more peaceful tribes in the Plane of Air. Dia was always considered as the runt of the litter, because she was one of the few in her tribe to retain their peaceful nature. Though she only received no end of bullying from her brothers.

She eventually had enough so she left her tribe. However, as she did so, she found a portal, no, it was more like a rip or tear. Like something unnatural bore a hole on something that shouldn't happen, and all of a sudden she was sucked in the tear and suddenly transported from her plane to the Prime. She found herself at a time where the Netheril empire fell for a second time, somewhere at a village near Sembia, one where a plague, whether it was due to the aftermath of the war on Cormyr or a natural outcome. Either way, Dia fell in and got infected by said plague.

However, she was saved by a cleric of Ilmater, this person was considered her mentor. He was someone that impacted her life and guided her to this new world she stumbled to. Dia decided to stay with him for four years as his apprentice and they worked to combat this sickness together, though it took years to find a cure. However, eventually he did research and Investigations of his own and found more than he needed. Once he administered the cure, he was found dead the next morning. Dia wept at his loss, but it was suspicious how he died. Strange things occured after his death, fires started to destroy the inn they stayed in and Dia couldn't help but feel paranoid, like eyes are watching her from different places. She eventually found something hidden under her belongings, her mentor's notes. It was cryptic, yet it revealed that a conspiracy was involved, one that could affect the way of life of the denizen's of Sembia. And it all revolved around a prophecy.
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Just wanted to add my interest in this, just waiting for the outcome of a coupe of other applications as I do not want o end up in too many games and become overloaded.

If I am unsuccessful with my other apps ill slip one in before deadline
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I will join to fill in a possible hole in the party:

Name: Opel of the Third Turn.
Race: Rock Gnome
Class: Rogue (Thief)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Hermit (Natural Loner).

Appearance: About 3 feet tall and 30-35 pounds. Has light brown hair, which is rather long and tangled. Eyes are small and green. Ears, nose, and mouth are all rather small for a gnome. She wears simple grey clothing and leather armor, including a harness/bandolier which holds various tools and items she will need in easy reach. No significant scars or disfiguring wounds, and no tattoos. Has a few birthmarks, but they are not visible unless she is very scantily clad, which she tries to avoid.

Traits: Somewhat standoffish
Ideal: Do what you will and do not interfere with each other.
Bond: The one person I do trust is my teaching master.
Flaw: Hoards equipment and supplies.
Quirk: Forms odd 'friendships' with inanimate objects.

Backstory: Opel has always been a bit of an outsider. As a child, she withdrew into herself often, and became comfortable there. As a result, she has few friends, and is somewhat estranged from her family. They obtained a shack/tiny cabin out in the woods, where she could live alone without being bothered. She spent most of her time isolated in this little cabins brooding and not wanting to meet with other people. The one person who can always get through her shell is Jack Green, the teaching master for the rogues. He is the one who taught her to sneak around and pick locks, to clamber up windows and balance on rooftops...He was impressed by the clockwork toys which gnomes make and suggested interesting ways she could use them to distract people. She still remembers their first meeting: Jack approached her and asked if he could examine her music box. He asked how they were made, and what sounds could be recorded in them. He asked for what which would make the sound of a small dog barking and howling, without explaining why. When she deduced that he wanted it for some petty crime, but still gave him one because she wanted to watch, Jack recruited Opel for the guild. He has been training her for this mission ever isnce.

Reason for joining campaign: The River Ashaha-for most, it is merely a map landmark in Sembia. For Jack Green, it is a gauntlet thrown into his face by fate. He himself is NOT destined to find wealth or treasure there. He might, however, be able to shape and mold another hero into such a destiny. The fortune tellers who warn him not to go there speak of a Year of the Black Regalia. This year will be the one where one of his students will discover the fortunes hidden in Ashaha.

RP Sample: Opel looks around the tavern, trying to find the person she was following. Has he disguised himself, and if so, is it magical shapeshifting, or just a wig and change of clothes? She wonders if every hook-hand or eyepatch could be an attempt to pull focus away from the chin scar she saw that the man has. If she can't find the man in the crowd, she will ask the bartender, and tip him a coin or two in the hopes of loosening his tongue...This is why she hates crowds! She carefully checks the tiny mirror hidden in her sleeve-it's the only one she can trust in this difficult situation-the only one she can rely on....

Unusual proposal: My character would take the weapon master feat to gain proficiency with alchemical weapons and oil flasks, which are usually treated as improvised weapons. One of the main combat tricks she would do is to use an oil flask as a weapon (does no damage immediately, but coats the target with oil,) and then use a bonus action to ignite the oil with a tinker gnome Fire Starter, using the rogue ability to activate an item as a bonus action. If you don't want to allow this, that's fine. I simply won't take that feat. The character is perfectly playable without the special move.

Starting Gear: Would have clothing and a backpack, leather armor, a dagger, sling and bullets, thief and tinker tools, a harness/bandolier for holding gear, and a rope and grappling hook. Might carry chalk, twine, candles, flint and steel, and charcoal. Other basic, mundane gear is held in the backpack, but takes some digging to pull out. Does not start with great wealth or any magic items. Might own or have access to a little shack in some isolated location, but it is unlike that this will matter for the campaign. If she does own the shack, it will be far enough removed from the location of the main story that returning to it will not be practical except during very extended downtime scenes.

Link to Character Sheet: http://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler/view.php?id=91532

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