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Old Sep 3rd, 2022, 02:34 PM
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The Heroes of Heaven

Please post your characters and sheets here when done.

Starting Level: 3
Ability Generation: 27pt buy OR dice. However if you choose dice then you stick with the rolls as given, no rerolling 1's or 2's
Starting Wealth & Equipment: As per Class and Background
Starting Hit Points: Max at 1st level, either roll or take class average for remaining levels, no rerolling 1's or 2's
Acceptable Sources: Races as per above options only. Class as per PHB + class options presented in this forum.
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Old Sep 10th, 2022, 09:20 AM
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RPGX explorers, try the Maps: the list of Everyone's Ongoing Public RPGX Games,
my General Discussion selection, the Gaming Advice and Questions & Site Discussions indices.

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Old Sep 10th, 2022, 08:10 PM
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Base Info
Name: Mascarade
right-aligned image

Race: Steametic
Class: Sorceror Wild Magic
Appearance: see image
Personality: a new 7 days "born" automaton with 3 differents beings memories ( a frail young boy, his twin bulk brother and a part of a decease lich ) 3 concept always "program" in his mind : Humanity, Curiosity, Relentless
Background: Sēji (Sage) ***( coming from the soul part of the lich ). While few are given license to study in the Library of Scrolls in Sanbaoshi, many of the prefectures have unlocked the secrets of magic and train their brightest and wisest citizens in the arcane and divine arts.


Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Mascarade.jpg
Views:	348
Size:	22.3 KB
ID:	96999  
Yes ... I'll take the Oath of Sangus ;)

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Old Sep 11th, 2022, 06:15 AM
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right-aligned image

Name: Rinka Sei
Race: Human (Soburi)
Class: Ninja

Background: Shinobi/Hanzai-Sha

Appearance: Rinka is twenty two years old, roughly 5’0 in stature, possessing a lithe frame that at first glance may be perceived as frail and weak. That, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. Her body is a canvas of scars, received from previous jobs on the streets of Sanbaoshi’s notorious Akaibara District. Her youthful, angelic face is marred by an unsightly leather eyepatch. Beneath it is a scarred orifice and a glass orb…the ugly remnant of a wound that had almost killed her, years ago. Seeing as it frequently rains in the capital, a city rife with soot and smog, Yubi wears simple robes and a straw woven hat. Straight black hair abruptly halts to her neck, with choppy bangs that frame her oval face. The effervescent amber dangling from her ears are for good luck, and Rinka is never without her shamisen—or her kunai blades.

In a world rife with corruption and cruelty, a violent end may come swiftly and unexpectedly. Reminded of this fact every day, Yubi strives to live to the fullest—and to never again tremble in the face of Death.

Rinka is a thoughtful, introspective girl with a gentle spirit, though her profession is immeasurably dark. She learned the hard way to separate her feelings from the job, regardless of what it may entail. Hypervigilant of potential dangers, having brushed with the worst dredges of society, her general outlook remains sunny and optimistic, ever hopeful to avoid “unpleasantries” if possible. That said, she is not against obliterating any and all obstacles in her way. When there’s a job to do, she goes above and beyond to finish it, as one’s word is sacred in the Hanzai-Sha.

Easily enthralled by novelty, Rinka finds the world infinitely beautiful and fascinating. Somewhat of a hopeless romantic, her thoughts often linger on the fleeting nature of Life and her place in it. Constantly striving against failure, Rinka fears abandonment, always endeavoring to find ways to be an asset…whether it be boosting morale with a song or by tackling threats with deft precision. Apart from playing the shamisen, Rinka loves tinkering with gadgets and parts, often dismantling them to see how they work.

Fiercely loyal to her Oyabun, Tetsuo, and what friends and allies she may find along the way, Rinka would gladly give her arm or leg to save one of her fellows in a pinch, preferring to be the one who takes the brunt of the risk. Though society views the Hanzai-Sha as little more than cunning extortionists and ruthless killers, she is proud to be counted among them…as they are family, struggling to survive in an unforgiving world.

Ultimately, she hopes to redeem the name of the Sei, so they may once again walk in the light of day with their heads held high. Unfortunately, Rinka holds an unrequited love for Boss Tetsuo. Innocent as that love is, she isn’t blind to the fact that his far-flung ambition will always separate them. Bringing glory to the Family and being the instrument of Tetsuo’s revenge is the only foreseeable way to repay the Oyobun for his great kindness.


Sanbaoshi’s elite have long declared the Capital as one of the few bastions of virtue and civility. As the Seat of the Empire, it ever strives to be a beacon of supreme order and divine might. Yet, as brightly as their city shines by day, when darkness falls, all manner of filth crawls from the gutter.

Rinka is all too aware of this grand illusion, as she once knew a life under the sun, free of endless bloodshed. As a young child, her starving family sold her to an Okiyo with the hope that she may have a better life. With the arduous path of the Geisha before her, given under strict masters of etiquette and the arts, Rinka dutifully practiced and lived as a Maiko until the age of fourteen, when her path irreversibly twisted.

Accompanying her friend and mentor, the gentle Lady Ahn, Rinka was brought to a teahouse to play for the famed General Saito. A veritable folk hero, years prior he had aided the Misato Dynasty during the fall of the Kengen tyrants. It was a great honor for Rinka and their Okiyo, so she focused all her heart and mind on this once in a lifetime performance.

However, right as she strummed the final poignant note, an explosion ripped through the paper walls of the teahouse. Brigands rushed inside with swords drawn, their forms an amalgamation of metal and bolts. Rinka had never encountered hatred so fiery and raw as theirs, helpless to do anything but watch from the stage as samurai and assassins fought to the death. Fire spread all about, threatening to bring the roof down on their heads. Despite their disguises, there was no mistaking their identities. After a climactic battle, the Ceramiens slew their target, General Saito, his skill outmatched by their sheer number, all of whom were twisted into something altogether inhuman.

After the General and his men fell, their leader turned his attention to the guests trapped inside. Leveling a gun at the stage, the clockwork man honed his red, malevolent glare upon the stoic Lady Ahn, calmly playing the zither despite the hell encompassed about. Even as he approached, Lady Ahn showed no fear of death. Shouting the order to leave no witnesses, nobles and merchants alike were ruthlessly slaughtered like sheep; and, the last thing Rinka remembers is staring down the barrel of a gun, and a flash of white.

Death should have embraced Rinka, yet…she drifted for what felt like eternity, haunted by Ahn’s final melody. Encompassed by darkness and the hopelessness therein, Rinka clung to a red string, soaring through the vast unknown like a kite in the infinite sky. A small voice compelled her to hang on…if, for a little longer.

Stirred by a somber requiem, when Rinka finally awoke, she was met with unfamiliar surroundings. It was deep in the night, the moon shining through the open door of an elaborately furnished room. Soft candlelight radiated from an open butsudan, the source of lingering fragrance as incense burned before two wooden tablets. Again, from beyond the doorway, she heard a sorrowful flute in the midst of the courtyard. As her eyes adjusted, she made out the form of a stoic young man seated at the porch ledge, draped in a flowing silk kimono, white as snow. Flute raised to his lips, he played for the wandering spirits of Sanbaoshi—rapt with awe, she too had been among the lost; yet, somehow, the power of his woeful flute had drawn her back to the Living.

Pleased to find her awake, the master of the flute introduced himself as merely Tetsuo. She figured him to be a Lord, as lavish as their surroundings were, but he could have been a two-headed Oni, for all she cared. Obviously, this one had gone above and beyond for a lowly stranger, but why? Tetsuo was unexpectedly humble and treated her with genuine kindness, a rare luxury she had only experienced with Lady Ahn.

Given over to the care of strange subordinates, Izuki the Cat Hengeyokai and Bip the Pyon, Tetsuo periodically checked up on Rinka during her recovery, occasionally treating her to a delicious meal. Due to the nature of her injury, Rinka had lost much of her coordination, as well as her ability to speak. Though grateful to be alive, it was a disheartening fact, realizing that her life as a Maiko was over. Rinka couldn’t understand why the noble Tetsuo wasted his time with her…If not for Izuki, she might have languished away with self-pity. It took a firm talking to, but she was shocked to discover the ordeal hanging over Tetsuo’s head.

Her savior, Tetsuo, was the sole heir of the Sei Clan, a prominent family among the Hanzai-Sha. It was hard to believe, as his elegant demeanor was more at home at the imperial court than the rough and tumble Sanbaoshi back streets…but Izuki swore on her opposable thumbs that it was true. Tetsuo had forsaken family ties to study with the Onmyouji, hoping to unlock the dark mystery behind the mists.

However, fortunes changed when the teahouse burned to the ground, destroying several blocks of Akaibara with it. It was a miracle that they pulled Rinka from the flames. His elder brother, Shigure, was felled by the assassins during the attack and the court nobles claimed that General Saito’s death had been orchestrated by the city’s Hanzai-Shah, with aims to weaken the military for an impending coup. Talk of the Kengen’s return only prodded the Emperor’s ire against the Hanzai-Shah. This spurred Tetsuo’s father to commit Seppuku, if to remind the monarch of the Sei’s allegiance to the Masuto Dynasty during the War. If not for this sacrifice, the Imperial Guard would have surely upturned the city on a zealous hunt and flooded the streets of Akaibara with innocent blood.

Tetsuo returned to Sanbaoshi to attend the funeral, yet, instead of honoring the Sei, the Syndicate repaid his father’s noble sacrifice with vile treachery. Thugs attacked and the funeral devolved into a desperate fight for survival. Tetsuo just barely escaped with his life, but many of their friends weren’t so lucky. The systematic massacre wiped out most of the family, but for a handful of loyal kobun. Driven underground, it was either that or be utterly annihilated. Tetsuo had never intended on taking up the mantle of Oyabun, but his heart and mind changed after that day…the Syndicate they had protected had spat on his Father’s memory and divvied up Akaibara for themselves.

Tetsuo is a man consumed with vengeance. Beneath his soft exterior is a dragon biding his time …for, the Sei had a secret tradition privy only to a few. They had risen to honor from humble roots, serving not as soldiers on the front lines, but as spies and assassins versed in the deadly arts of ninjutsu. Their involvement with the Hanzai-Shah had been a cover for years, feeding information to the Dynasty long before the Cerumian conquest.

Izuki snapped Rinka out of her stupor, as she had just as much reason to fight as Tetsuo. The bastards that killed her friend and left her for dead were the ones responsible for this mess…if she truly wanted to thank Tetsuo, then she couldn’t give up. As the sole survivor, only she could point them in the right direction. Inspired by the anthropomorphic cat, Rinka worked hard to improve day by day…the echo of that moment, facing down the gun, frozen with fear, had tormented her for long enough.
Never again would she be that helpless girl.

Eventually, Rinka found her voice again—though she would never quite be the same. Despite the many setbacks she faced, Tetsuo saw a glimmer of potential. Never had she felt more at home than among the Sei. They adopted her into the fold and, for the first time, Rinka felt genuine acceptance as part of a tight-knit family. Thereon, without regret, Rinka entered a new life among the shadows of Sanbaoshi, embracing a far deadlier profession with aims of one day avenging the Sei.

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Vix Lockhardt
left-aligned image

Character Sheet
Name: Vix Lockhardt
Race: Hengeyokai - Kitsune
Class: Moon Druid
Appearance: One look at Vix and you realize that everyone you ever thought was a redhead was actually an orangehead. Without any evidence of dye, her head sports an impossibly vibrant red mane, cascading down off her shoulders and back. Peeking out from beneath her bangs, those large orange pupils are reflective, tiny mirrors, especially at night. Her face is young, no freckles, with a small nose.

Around town she typically wears a hat or beanie and a dress. But rumor has it that beneath that hat lies two fluffy animal ears positioned too high on her head, and long bushy tail hides beneath that dress.
Personality: Vix is bloodthirsty, quick to anger, and an implacable foe. She isn't stupid, but she seeks out conflict as a personal preference.
Background: Roustabout. Vix's parents were Yamabushi, but she found such a life too boring, and yearned to actually do something. When she got thrown out of the village for biting a thief, she never looked back.

We are men of action, lies do not become us.
Westley - The Princess Bride

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right-aligned image

Name: Kamiya Seifun
Race: Hengeyokai - Kitsune
Class: Cleric
Background: The Seifun clan was a band of travelers, dancers and storytellers. They would bring their arts of illusion to various towns and joy would follow them until one day they played their tales in front of a dark being. The tale they wove drove the being mad with anger and he cursed the clan. Soon after that they would find villages turning them away, pots rusted, wagon wheels broke, and bandits seemed to waylay their every step. The clan split apart in the hopes that the curse would not follow all of them, but even apart tragedy struck. When Kamiya's father passed away due to an accidental poisoning her mother had enough. She went into a shrine and begged the gods for their help. So it was that Amatatsu, mother of Kamiya became a shrine priestess.

Kamiya herself has followed in the footsteps of her mother and she too is a shrine priestess. To this she still hears stories of the dark creatures and their various curses. Kamiya is often drawn from the shrine to deal with these dark forces. Returning back to her mother and the shrine with her tales and a hope that someday, somewhere, she will find a way to bring her family back together.

Personality: Despite the tragedy in her life Kamiya is happy and full of joy. She will dance in the sunlight for nearly no reason, sing, and just provide joy to all around her. She has a hard time believing that anyone, who is not a dark spirit, is truly evil and will always try to get them to change their ways if she can. She reserves her anger for the dark spirits and that anger can be terrible indeed.

Appearance: Long flowing silver hair, bright blue eyes, pointed silver ears atop her head, and a flowing fluffy silver tail make Kamiya stand out. Add on the vestments of her calling and she is a sight that brings many people into the shrine. She stands at around five and a half feet tall plus three inch long ears.

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right-aligned image

Name: Yama Gāru
Race: Oni-Touched
Class: Cleric (Kami)
Appearance: Yama is of small stature compared to her more heavyweight cousins, only standing to a measly height of 5'4", nowhere near 10 feet. She's mostly human in features, her figure is that of a young woman ready to marry a husband or wife yet she has the strength to knock out ten men of the strong variety. Her Oni features are obviously prominent, two horns protrude upon her skull, the skin stretched to accommodate and adapt the abnormality instead of piercing through the skin where you can see the horn. Her hands are abnormally sharp, either on purpose or just an Oni trait of hers. She usually wears a light red kimono, though in an unkempt and informal fashion due to the wearer's upbringing.

Personality: Yama is, as the way she dressed herself implies, a brash and loud individual with no modicum of manners and formalities. Yet, despite that and the stigma that her cursed kin have been put through, she loves talking to people, no matter what they think of her. It was just how she was raised.

To those that would know Yama, they would probably be surprised when they find out that she was more astute than what her appearance suggests. She's a kind and caring individual at heart and has a great passion for her studies.

Background: Long ago, there was once a beautiful girl living in her humble and small village. And she had parents that loved her dearly, and she loved them with all her heart. However, fate was cruel, when she reached adolescence, her mark was apparent for all to see. The villagers had lost many loved ones by the Mists, many more by the Oni Warlords of the mountains. So they gave in to their fear and hatred, they went to her family home to kill the young girl. But her parents still wanted to defend their daughter despite her change, yet....

She managed to leave the village, the blood of her parents were apparent on her clothes and hands, she was shocked and horrified by what she saw. Yet, she couldn't stop running. She ran and ran, passing by the fields, the trees, the rivers, and the valley. To finally the mountain. She laid there and soon passed out of exhaustion.

She was alone, a child with no parents and the world was now constantly out to get her. Yet, good fortune smiled upon her fate, for the mountain she found herself on was a place inhabited by the fantastical. The spirit of the mountain resides here, immortal spirits, and they have repelled the forces of Akuma from ever stepping on their land. When they detected the presence of the mist, they came forth only to find a weeping girl, exhausted and covered in blood.

These Kami's stayed their hands and decided to take pity on the child, they took her under their care. This marked the day where that child and those spirits formed a familial bond that lasted for years and years. The child grew to a woman that trained under the spirits and was an expert warrior. Though, she was also an aspiring scholar, always listening to the teachings and history that the spirits would provide. She was never given a name, nor could she remember what her original name (either because she subconsciously receded that memory or by the Kami's will due to her trauma), though she took the name Yama Gāru, it was a name some villagers called her and it stuck with her. She was reborn as Yama Gāru, girl of the mountains.

RP Sample: Near the Fuson mountains, there lay a village. In these mountains, the villagers were once under siege by bandits and Invaders, during times where the Mists is ever increasing, acts like this were not uncommon. Though, somehow, banditry made a sudden drop and the village was suddenly at peace. The villagers believe that this was another intervention by the Mountain God, the mountain had many but one was always the loudest and most fearsome. It had the form of a demon and fought like one, reigning utter hell upon their enemies. Said demon also comes into the village on a regular basis.

Yama downs up her sake,"Ah, that hit the spot, thanks boss." she says, giving the scared out of his wits owner a bow and taking off. It was some stroke of luck that she finally found a place where she's given a warm reception. Not a lot of folks are as generous as these villagers, sure some might say that their a bit too generous with all these gifts they keep giving her and some just gives out praises for her deeds, though all she did was scare off some hotshots with no bite to them, and everyone just keeps embellishing what happened,"It's a bit embarrassing honestly." she says, unable to hide her smile at this amount of kindness, it reminds her of something. Maybe it's just her imagination but she can't help but feel sad,".... I, I should, I should give those transparent old folks their portion of gifts. Yeah, I'm sure they'll appreciate it." she says, shrugging such unnecessary thoughts, she checked her bag which was filled with gifts which she plans to give to the Mountain Gods as offerings,"Hmm, I hope they won't show any hard feelings for me for giving these gifts away to some old codgers." she says as she makes her leave of the village, it was good company but it was time to make her return to the mountains.

And so the villagers once again gave a sigh of relief as the most fearsome Mountain God left their town. It is a custom that they offer such spirit gifts in order for good fortune to arrive or less they anger it's wrath. They named this Mountain God as simply Yama Gāru, for they do not wish to offend such a spirit for referring to it similar to the dreaded Oni.

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