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Old Sep 12th, 2022, 07:37 AM
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Explorers of the Ninth World

Please copy/paste your character pitch here.
Status:Getting back on track. Thanks for your patience!
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Old Sep 12th, 2022, 10:31 AM
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Character Application
right-aligned image

Vinter Kheen is a Cultured Nano who Abuses Alchemy

Name: Vinter Kheen
Gender: Male (he/him)
Occupation: Aeon Priest

Concept: Vinter Kheen used to reside in the glorious city of Qi, home to both the Order of the Truth and the future. He served (and still does despite his current unfortunate circumstances) as a member of the aeon priesthood, dedicating his life, values, and others’ valuable time and money to exploring numenera and the secrets that lie within the mortal body. He is a scientist more than a mystic, and refuses to humor the very idea that the world around them was created by anything but geniuses of his equal.

Vinter Kheen believes he will shepherd the Ninth World into a new age of knowledge and evolution. He just… has to figure out how to get back home first. As he didn’t actually plan to go to The Beyond, or anywhere outside the comfort of his luxurious laboratory. The one that was safely tucked away in the heart of the Durkhal. In fact, it was somewhat of an accident that he found himself teleported away from the life he knew. And no, no, no, it wasn’t his fault, it was the new scribe's fault, certainly the new scribe, but that’s fine, Vinter Kheen is a man of science~!

Surely it can’t be that hard to survive in the wild, can it?

Cypher/Numenera Experience?: I have played a multitude of Cypher and Numenera games, usually as a GM myself! I only briefly got the chance to play as a player years and years ago on RPGX, so I had to strike while the iron was hot and apply as a player here when the Ad popped up!

I have not read the module at all. No idea what the adventure is about or what will happen, so I will be pleasantly clueless throughout the game!

Roleplay Links:

I have quite a few! Here are some recent posts:

The aftermath of The Great Feng Wu’s loss at The Finger-Eater Trap.

Krow Munday’s big reveal that the trees smell like poo!

Harp Strum getting knocked out while I RP an NPC at the request of the GM!


Abuses Alchemy is in Numenera: Character Options 2, page 51.
Cultured is in Numenera: Destiny, page 43.
Vinter's Character Sheet
Might: 7 E 0
Speed: 12 E 0
Intellect: 15 E 1

Effort: 1
Max Cyphers: 3
XP: 3

Cultured Ability:
Learned - Being well read and well educated, you have a wide range of talents. You can attempt one task in which you have no training as if you were trained. This ability refreshes every time you make a recovery roll, but the uses never accumulate.

Using Medium Weapons is increased by one step.
Using Heavy Weapons is increased by one step.
Getting people to trust or believe me is increased by one step.

T: Understanding numenera.
T: Using Light Weapons.
T: Alchemical Tasks.
T: Knowledge of current events and history.
T: Perception, detecting differences, and noticing minor flaws (or strengths) in the work of others.

Ward: You have a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler.

Aggression (2 Intellect point): You reach into the mind of a character and unlock his more primitive instincts. Choose one character within short range. That character has an asset on Might-based attack rolls. The effect lasts for one minute. Action to initiate.

Focus Abilities:
Tier 1:

Alchemical Dependence: You are trained in alchemical tasks. In addition, you take a daily regimen of special drugs you’ve designed to work with your body in particular, drugs that have slowly adapted your muscles and organs, allowing you to accept still more concentrated doses. In effect, you’ve enhanced yourself with permanent abilities while you keep taking your daily dose of drugs.

You can change your matrix of active daily abilities by choosing to take a different complement of drugs on a given day, assuming you have the recipe in your manual and ingredients for granting yourself that ability. You can have only one active ability of a given tier at a time. To make the switch, spend ten minutes studying your manual, preparing a new alchemical concoction, and finally taking it, after which time your activity ability is changed out. You can choose to change your active abilities up to twice per day, immediately after a one-hour or ten-hour recovery roll. Others who’ve taken your drugs experienced life-threatening reactions the few times you’ve experimented.

Recipes: Choose one of the following abilities as your active alchemical ability for tier 1.

ACTIVE -- Deadly Reflexes. You deal 1 additional point of damage with every attack you make. Enabler.
INACTIVE -- Densely Muscled. Your alchemical infusion provides +1 to your Might Edge, and 3 additional points to your Might Pool. Enabler.

Boring, regular lothing.
Fine clothing.
A book about numenera - provides an Asset.
A book about alchemy - provides an Asset.


Ward - 1 point of Armor.


Buzzer - 2 points of Damage.
Short Range | Action to Reload | Magazine of 5


Goggles with glowing lenses (although, you can see through them normally.)


Magnetic Master

Level: 5
Wearable: Gloves with metal plates
Effect: Establishes a connection with one metal object within short range that a human could hold in one hand. After this connection is established, the user can move or manipulate the object anywhere within short range (each movement or manipulation is an action). For example, the user could wield a weapon or drag a helm affixed to a foe’s head to and fro. The connection lasts for ten rounds per cypher level.

Motion Sensor

Level: 1d6 + 2
Internal: Injection into spine
Effect: Indicates when any movement occurs within short range, or when large creatures or objects move within long range (the cypher distinguishes between the two). It also indicates the number and size of the creatures or objects in motion. Once activated, it operates for one hour per cypher level.

Sleep Inducer

Level: 1d6
Usable: Gas sprayer
Effect: Touch or ingestion puts the victim to sleep for ten minutes or until awoken by a violent action or an extremely loud noise.
Status: Slow Posting| Pronouns: She/Her
GMing Die Fabulous
Characters: Thunder in the Morning - Harp Strum - Captain Tavosh - Kazimir - Krow Munday - Vinter Kheen

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Old Sep 12th, 2022, 11:11 AM
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ApplicationJolm Ornax is a Mechanical Delve who Fuses Mind & Machine

right-aligned image

The tower on the distant mountain had always fascinated Jolm from a young age. Many of the elders in the village feared it, remembering a time long ago when it unfolded and thousands of small devices came screaming out, whizzing through the sky in all directions. Since before Jolm was born, it had been taboo to approach the tower, and that only piqued the boy's interest more.

After three days of rugged travel and precarious climbing, Jolm found himself at the base of the tower. Its gleaming metallic walls were even more impressive up close than from the vantage of the village. Small circular ports vented a warm air and offered a way inside the structure. With only a moment's hesitation, Jolm climbed into one of the ports and shimmied along it's smooth, warm surface.

The drop from the vent placed the opening at an impossible angle to reach again, forcing Jolm to find another way out. This concerned him, but the anxiety he felt was mostly from the thrill of what he saw. Esoteric devices glittered with scintillating lights around a cylindric opening that must have dropped miles into the earth. Narrow tunnels spiderwebbed throughout the entire complex, and Jolm followed these randomly for what seemed like hours. Presently, he arrived in a small chamber littered with debris. It looked like a storage closet, or perhaps a small repair shop. The devices appeared inactive, and curiosity got the better of the boy. He tinkered with several of them, even managing to open a few up. One of the devices, however, was not entirely inert, and when Jolm separated its shell, thin metallic fibres spring out, piercing his skin and winding their way throughout his body. Pain like he never felt before lanced his body, and he lost consciousness.

Jolm awoke to find small mechanical parts fused to his body: tiny ports (not unlike those on the tower)bore into his flesh, and little lights pulsed with a dim glow. Devices in various states of disassemby were strewn throughout the room and a flash of memory intruded upon the boy's mind. He had worked meticulously, harvested parts and fastening them to his flesh, the silver threads linking each part to his nervous system. No! He didn't do that... it did it. He could feel it now; something else existed in his head. It whispered to him, speaking in a language he intuited more than understood. He... knew things, now. The purpose of this tower. The satellites high above in orbit. He could picture the lay of the land for miles around. And he felt a thirst for knowledge. More than mere curiosity, it was a machine-desire, to complete a purpose. He needed to explore the ruins of old Worlds and sate this burning ambition.

Experience with the system/adventure: None, but I'm a fast learner.

Example Posts:
Bill opens up to Samuel. (Deadlands: Hell on Earth)

Oniver, the silver-tongued snake, manipulates a young barmaid. (Forbidden Lands)

Gan apologizes to his halfling companion (two posts). (The Shadow of Aufstrag)

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Old Sep 12th, 2022, 05:29 PM
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Old Sep 13th, 2022, 01:30 PM
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Character Application
right-aligned image
Violet Vatrice is
a Mercurial Glint Who
Augments Flesh with Grafts

Name: Violet Vatrice
Gender: Female (She/her)

House Vatrice was once a respected noble family, one with a reputation and fortune built upon their understanding of medical arts otherwise forgotten by the common rabble. While many Aeon Priests would have been impressed by the medical marvels the family displayed they have faced difficulties in recent years. Due to some unfounded rumors the family is viewed negatively despite their indisputable positive contributions to society, nay to history! Those who take their sickly child to the doorstep of a Vatrice compare it not to visiting a beloved village healer, but to making a desperate pact with a covetous witch. Rumors of experimentation and deviance swirled around the family, made all the worse by the sudden fire that broke out one night, burning the Vatrice Plantation to the ground and killing the entire family... well... except one.

Violet Vatrice. An elderly woman, severely burned, was ultimately saved by the very technology of which her family was so well known for. Violet denied knowing anything about the night of the fire, only that it overtook her so quickly she only had enough time to apply anesthetic jell to her burns before locking herself in a cryobed. And yet, this poor old woman, victim to some unsolved crime was treated like a pariah in her community. This was the last ill omen they were willing to take, this time they weren’t buying the old woman’s sweet words, and soon she found doors closing and backs turning time and time again. Which made one thing more painfully clear then her third degree burns... time for a change of scenery!!

With a silver tongue and razor wit the old woman saddled up for adventure. She scavenged old medical technology from the forgotten corners of the world as a little girl. If she could do it then, she could do it now! She helped build the reputation of the House Vatrice... the uh, the good one, not the diabolic witch thing, that was somebody else, and she would do it again!

Concept: Somewhere between Altruistic Doctor and Fast Talking Mad Scientist, Violet is someone who simply refuses to admit that she might be too old to go adventuring anymore.

Cypher/Numenera Experience?: I have played a handful of Numenera/Cypher games, loved them all! All of which have been run by everyone’s favorite eldritch horror, Strangemund! As for the module, I haven’t read this or... any other module at all! I’m just excited to go in totally blind and have a whirlwind adventure in the wild and weird world of Numenera.

Roleplay Links:

5th Edition: Zadari Flies

Changeling The Dreaming: Lady Gale Listens to a Pew

Mercurial (Character options 2: Page 32)
Glint (Character options 2: Page 5)
Augments Flesh with Grafts (Destiny: Page 60)

Characters: Lady Gale/Zadari/Naga Shii/Violet Vatrice
Avatar and Zadari Character art used with permission of the always excellent Lepidoptera!

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