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Old Sep 21st, 2022, 02:10 PM
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Deidre Donaghue, ragabash Bone Gnawer

Character Sheet

Name: Deidre Donaghue
Age: Mid-20s
Gender: Female
Occupation: Homeless
Sexual Preference: Bisexual Disaester

Tribe: Bone Gnawer
Auspice: Ragabash
Breed: Homid


PHYSICAL (5–Points)

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 4 (Nimblepaws)
Stamina: 3

SOCIAL (3-Points)

Charisma: 2
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2

MENTAL (7-Points)

Perception: 4
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 4


TALENTS (13-Points)

Alertness: 3
Athletics: 4
Brawl: 2
Empathy: 1
Primal-Urge: 3
Streetwise: 2
Subterfuge: 4

SKILLS (9-Points)

Animal-Ken: 2
Larceny: 1
Stealth: 4
Survival: 3


Investigation: 2
Occult: 2
Rituals: 1



Contacts: 1
Allies: 1
Spirit Totem: 3


City Running (Homid) - Level One
Open Seal (Ragabash) - Level One
Cooking (Bone-Gnawer) - Level One


I'm a Nobody! Yay!


Rage Points Total: 1
Rage Points Pool:


Gnosis Points Total: 1
Gnosis Points Pool:


Willpower Total: 5
Willpower Pool:


Rank: Cliath (1)


Language - 1-Point (English)
Pitiable - 1-Point
Natural Channel - 3-Points
Natural Linguist - 2-Points (Bonus Language: Chinese.)


Curiosity - 2-Points
Enemy - 2-Points (The Swede)
Pierced Veil - 3-Points


Deidre Donaghue is the eldest daughter of Caoileann and Maeve Donaghue, both women who said ‘sod off’ to ‘proper’ Irish way of living for ‘ladies of their standing.’ Story goes, Deidre’s moms fell madly in love at church, and moved out from their small town to live off the land, deep in the verdant green that was Ireland’s countryside.

They raised three children together. Deidre’s older brother, Daithi, who was a sweet lad with a soft heart for all critters of all sizes, and Deidre’s younger sister, Nessie, who was born with a sailor’s mouth, and the distinct impression that her fists were the best answer to any of life’s problems.

The whole family were thick as thieves, on the account that they needed to be. The locals were not happy with Deidre’s Mamas way of living, especially when the two produced children without any man around to dictate how the household ought to be run. But the Donaghues were alright with the talk, especially mischievous Nessie, who grew to like the rumors of her family being full of witches and monsters.

Until Mama Caoileann suddenly disappeared. None of them knew what happened. The night was a normal one. The Donaghue kids put to bed after a supper of cabbage and boiled pork, which never failed to make them all dozy. Mama Maeve and Mama Caoileann stayed up, reading as they did every night on the porch front. Warming themselves with tea, and each other. It was a peaceful night. Just like any other night. And yet when morning rolled around, Mama Caoileann was gone.

It destroyed them. Broke them in ways that none of them knew how to fix. Mama Maeve became bed-ridden, sick with grief, while Nessie picked up the chores around the house, so Deidre and Daithi could search night and day for their missing mother. Going to the woods. To town. To the far end of the countryside. But she was just gone.

The Donaghue family did their best to move on, for the sake of their mother and the farm. The kids grew up. Made themselves what the family needed to survive. Deidre included. She took to working out in the town alongside her brother, doing whatever odd job she could get from the folks who looked down on her. Swallowing every unkind word, and judgemental look, even though it boiled her blood every time she heard them whisper that her Mama’s disappearance was deserved.

It was not long after Deidre reached her sixteenth year that her brother found work across the sea. America, he swore, could provide for them in ways that fixing roofs and laundering clothes couldn’t. It’d be hard work, but none of them would have to worry about a thing with the money he’d earn. Deidre tried to talk him out of it, saying this and that about how being poor didn’t matter as much as family being together. But when the bill collectors came, she couldn’t argue her way out of him leaving.

It hurt them to lose Daithi, but his letters came swift and frequently enough that it soothed their aching hearts. Especially for Mama Maeve who fretted over her baby that was so far from the nest. The money he sent helped improve things around the house, too. Deidre didn’t have to work in town any more, and her return to the farm eased the burden on Nessie’s shoulders as well as lifted her Mama’s mood. Things seemed to be turning around for the little family on the knoll.

The Change came the night Deidre ran off after a fight with her sister. She couldn’t say what they argued about, but the fury she felt– the way it pounded in her blood– called to something deep inside her. She had stopped believing in the stories Mama Caoileann told about spirits, and beasts in the green, after she vanished. It seemed too childish to still linger on the dream that there was more to the world than heartbreak and calloused hands. But now she knew. Now she knew that there was so much more to the world than she’d ever know.

Deidre didn’t what it meant to be a Garou, but she learned what she could from the spirits who knew her kin. Learned that what she was was a Protector. Which she laughed at, as she already knew that from the way she loved her family dearly. But the war between the Wyrm and Gaia, that made her wonder if her Mama Caoileann played a part in that long, bloody battle. Deidre knew she was of Mama Caoileann’s blood, as she and Daithi both shared her fiery red hair, and sharp green eyes. Was she a Garou, too? Did she vanish because the things that could not be spoken of had found her? Would they come for her next?

And what about Daithi– was he going to Change? He was older by two years, and his letters never hinted to any anything being a matter besides the odd fight or two he had the misfortune of getting stuck in the middle of. She thought long and hard about writing to him about it– but the fear of him thinking she’d gone mad stilled her hand, as she didn’t want to ruin her family on something that she could carry on her own. They suffered enough already, didn’t they.

To this day, Deidre regretted not saying something. It was only a half year after her Change that Daithi stopped writing altogether. Her and Nessie kept it a secret from Mama Maeve, saying the boats lost mail from aboard. But as weeks went by, then months, then a year, they knew something must have happened. And Deidre felt in her gut that it was tied to the Wyrm.

It was easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, so in the middle of the night, while her Mama Maeve and her sister Nessie slept, she left for a boat to America in search of her brother. She knew it’d hurt them, especially from the way she went, but it was what needed to be done for the sake of the family.

Life in America was far different than Daithi led them to believe. Opportunity was indeed there for folks who searched for it– but only if you were white, male, and English. Nobody wanted to do anything with a girl who couldn’t speak a lick of English, and looked down on her for just having Irish in her blood. She fell through the cracks, like any other wayward soul, and found herself living in the slums with the other unwanted. But Deidre was alright with that. She was a woman who could make do.

Earning friends with the downtrodden, the mistreated, and the lonely, Deidre found herself growing fast in the big city. Learning things that suited her life as a human, and as a wolf. She found other Garou that were from her Tribe, and a lead that led her to the sparkling waters of Port City, where her brother supposedly was seen last.

She’d been in the city for about a year, snooping and searching for contacts and other clues about her brother’s whereabouts. She couldn’t deny that she was getting careless about the ways she searched. How she moved through the cobblestone streets. Because it wasn’t long until something– someone– found her, and left her bloodied and weak on the doorsteps of one Madame Hat. A woman just as strange and queer as the world that lived beyond the Veil– and one who was kind enough to nurture her back to health.

Which is where Deidre’s story stops, at least for now, as new mysteries and new friends were about to appear, and drag her off to the edge of the unknown.

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