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Old Sep 24th, 2022, 05:32 PM
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The Party

Please post your character and their sheet here. If they have specific short term and long term goals, please also attach those.
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Old Sep 24th, 2022, 06:39 PM
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right-aligned image
Name: Nyasia

Class: Ranger (Revised)

Background: Custom (With a focus on undeadTracker)

Description: Nyasia is a young woman, who in other circumstances would be considered quite attractive - she has dark brown hair that spills past her shoulders, dark brown eyes, pouty lips, arched eyebrows, and clear skin - but circumstances being what they are, she makes a point to avoid young men. She is serious, and expects the people around her to be serious too; she has no patience for fools. Like her father, she has a job to do - a duty - and that duty is more important than anything else. The only thing that she holds higher than slaying the dangerous creatures that threaten her community is protecting her family. “Family first” as her father used to say.

Backstory: Nyasia’s father, Hawel, was part of the Third Settling Party. He was the party’s tracker. His job was to help track animals and hunt for food, and to track anything else that threatened the group. Like the rest of the party, he has not been heard from since setting out for Ramia. So when the call came for a search party, Nyasia never hesitated.

From her earliest days as a small girl, her father trained her to be a tracker like him. The family had been trackers and hunters for generations. They specialized in tracking and killing the undead; those unfortunately souls whose bodies had not been properly disposed of upon their death. When there was a story of a creature haunting the night, it was for Hawel that people called, and it was Nyasia, his only daughter who he brought with him. The undead were not the only creatures they were called to help with, but it was their specialty, and it had been for generations.

Although she would never admit it, Nyasia worshiped her father. She loved her mother, but her mother’s life wasn’t the life for her. No, she loved the time she spent with her father: nights sleeping on the forest floor under a full moon, hiding in the forest amongst the trees, and tracking the dead things that haunted the night. She loved the freedom of being in the woods.

They had been happy together. Why had her father agreed to be part of the Third Settling Party? She never knew, but she suspected he had no choice. He had only told her that he had been asked to go and that it was his duty. And now it was her duty to find him and the others who had been lost.

Motivation: To find her father who was a tracker in the Third Settling Party, or to find what became of the party.

Role: Tracker, Archer

Player Motivation: I like seeing how stories unfold, good or bad, and I enjoy character building over time. I like games where the DM and players pay attention to details in one another's posts and play off of one another. I'm not sure how Nyasia will develop - I don't really have any expectations, but I think tracking and exploration will be her forte.

Short Term Goal: To find her father who was a tracker in the Third Settling Party, or to find what became of the party.

Long Term Goal: TBD based on how the game goes.



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Old Sep 24th, 2022, 08:02 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Amber Rust
Class: Fighter (Dual Crossbow)
Feat: Crossbow Expert
Background: Mage Hunter Taking "Folk Hero" as base but changing skills to Stealth and Arcana and Land Vehicles to 2nd set of Artisian's Tools(custom)

Description: Amber is a woman in her early forties. Her longish, slightly wavy, ginger hair already shows some streaks of gray and her green eyes are surrounded by dark circles from the amount of recent stress. Both her hands and her face are covered by tiny scars and faded burns from her failed tinkering and alchemical attempts. Combining those features with her thin, fragile body, makes her almost appear as a walking corpse.

Personality: The Mage Hunter is a confident person but only because she knows her capabilities... or at least... what her capabilities used to be. She has trouble with trusting people but has really hard time with understanding the intentions of others. While bounty-hunting is her job, her side passion is tinkering and alchemy. She finds those activities relaxing but useful at the same time. Amber likes, when her body and mind are used in the same proportion. Her upbringing made her think of magic as 'disgusting'... but the recent events also made her despise the current laws.

Backstory: Being a bounty hunter is not only a dangerous but also a sad and lonely job. Having any family or friends is dangerous, unless they live similar lives.
That's why Amber was very glad, when she finally found herself a partner, Jade, a skilled assassin with surprisingly vast arcane knowledge, which made it way easier to hunt down the rouge mages. She was the only person she could trust since a long time in her life... but after a few months, it slightly changed.
During one of their operations, they were left with no cover, while some wizards were preparing to blast them to pieces with magical missiles. Amber thought, that it was the end... but in the last second, Jade covered both of them with a magical shield, which completely stopped the barrage of attacks. They managed to escape that fight and Amber tried to pretend that she saw nothing... but some passer-by reported both of them.
Jade managed to escape and disappear, while Amber got caught and sentenced to weeks of starvation and torture for working with an unregistered wizard. Normally, she would end up in jail or grave after that... but the authorities had a different idea.
It would be a waste to let a well renowned fighter to rot away. Instead, it was decided that she will be sent out, to aid the rangers on the new continent, with a promise of dropping any charges, if she brings any successes.

Motivation: After getting arrested, Amber had no say in the matter and was sent out to help on the expedition with her skills and knowledge, as a way for redemption. However, she has no intention of coming back, even, if she gets the chance. The new continent is a chance for a new beginning, so she hopes to make it a safe and independent place.

Job: Bodyguard/ Tinker/ Alchemist

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Old Sep 24th, 2022, 09:51 PM
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right-aligned image

Basic Information
Name; Bronwen Badger-Maiden
Class: Barbarian
Age; 24 years old
Background: Outlander (Homesteader)
Personality Trait; I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won't save you from a hungry owlbear.

left-aligned image

IdealsIdeals; Life is like the seasons, in constant change, we must change with it.
Bonds; My family, Clan, and tribe are the most important things in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaws; There is no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
Description: Bronwen is 5'2" slim, but toned. Her hair is long unkept red with deep blue eyes. She wears animal pelts or common clothes as anything more is gloating in front of those who can not hunt.

BackstoryBackstory: My people were dying, my land was dying, and no mage or priest in the world could change that. The elders were too weak to make the journey, those who were of my tribe and clan chose to civilize themselves and make the city their permanent home. My family, the entire gaggle on this boat chose a different path. We can mix into this city and as we expand, break from the inner walls of civilization. We can change what it means to be civilized, in this new land where your courage is important regardless of where you live. Will we survive? Nobody knows, but one thing is certain; we will be tougher and more perceptive than most city dwellers.

My Intentions: I see Bronwen as a leader, she will secure an area for 'town/village' and support building residential structures first (tents if needed). From that point she will begin investigating and clearing the land surrounding the town. When that is settled, she will investigate edible plants, animal life, geography, and danger areas. She works with anyone willing to cooperate and benefit the community. If there is someone with more thought out planning or better prioritization she will step to the side and relinquish leadership.

Motivation: Bronwen is traveling with her Husband; Connor, 3 kids (Owen (m, 7 yrs), Tegan (m, 5 yrs),Keita (f, 3 years) and two brothers (Finley and Torin) families to start a new life. Three families connected by blood and clan, were forced to leave the tribal lands in order to survive. Our ancestral land is now barren, but the remaining members of the tribe were too weak to attempt the journey. This group comprises the only members strong enough to proceed.

Job: Hunters, Scouts, Farmers, and warriors. Family; Builds homes and farms


Husband Conner Sawyer (33 yrs old) and charcoal burner (wood colliers) served in the local militia defending against goblin raids.

Son Owen, 7yrs
Son Tegan, 5 yrs
Daughter Keita, 3 years

Brother Finley (34 years old) Woodcutter and Carpenter, served in the local militia defending against goblin raids.
Sister in Law; Nora (31 years old) Farmer and animal herder.

Riley (M, 12 yrs old) Short brown hair and brown eyes, Athletic and adventurous. Climbs trees, but also helps his parents
Quinn (M, 11 yrs old) Red hair and green eyes, Introvert and a book worm. Prefers to stay close to the house and do chores.
Regan (F, 9 yrs old) slender, long brown hair and almond colored eyes. Helps gather berries, spices, and garden.
Luke (M, 5 yrs old) red hair and blue eyes. for his age he is very inquisitive and adventurous.
Eoin (M, 2 yrs old) red hair and blue eyes.
PROPERTY: (CARPENTER) a saw, a hammer, nails, a hatchet, a square, a ruler, an adze, a plane, and a chisel.Shovel, Pitchfork,Scythe, Sickle, Crook, Distaff, Lasso, Spade, Sod Saw, Horn Saw, Cattle Prod, Pruning Shears, Shearing Scissors, shears, a hoe, a rake, a watering can, and an assortment of wild seeds.

Brother Torin (28 years old) Animal Farmer
Sister In Law Ciara (25 years old) Farmer and clothier,

Cian (m, 8)
Brianna (f, 6)
Sloane (f, 6)
Alana (f, 4)
Patrick (m, 3)
Makenna (f, 3)
PROPERTY 6 pigs (2 Hogs), 6 Goats (2 Billies), 8 Sheep, 2 Rams, lasso, saw, hand axe, spade. (see garden tools)

Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Bronwen11.jpeg
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ID:	97214  
DM Wild Frontier, Frozen Dreams, ST Cascade Failure, St Gates to Umbra

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Sir Aethor Valour Vilkagar, OOS
right-aligned image
Name: Sir Aethor Valour Vilkagar, Order of the Old Stones, Heir to Baron Voxus Meagor Vilkagar

Class: Battlemaster Fighter (Sword and Board)

Background: Poor Nobleman

Description: Dark of hair and eye. Serious of expression, though not without humor. Tall, but not overly so with well proportioned limbs. He is in possession of strong masculine features, a potent baritone voice and a thick black beard when he deigns to grow it out. He's 25.

His noble bearing and aristocratic upbringing are obvious and difficult for him to suppress. While he is keenly aware of class boundaries, he's less concerned about formalities outside of a formal setting. He treats people with the respect they earn, regardless of their class, which sometimes gets him into trouble with higher ups.

Motivation: Land, money, power. Also, loyalty, as having people you can trust who, in turn, trust you, is essential to getting the other three in the first place.

Role: Fighter and field commander. Entrepreneur.

My Story
Why would I go? Land, of course. Fortune and glory. Well, perhaps not glory, so much. That usually requires a sacrifice of the fatal variety which would undo my purpose in going.

Yes, yes, pedestrian and mercenary goals, I admit, but have you ever heard of the Vilkagar? No? Well there's a good reason for that. You do know of the Barony of Wolf Hills, yes? A hundred years ago it was a Vilkagar holding. Yes. And Bluestone Castle was our family seat.

You see we Vilkagar tend to live above our means. It's a flaw in the blood, I suppose. Two generations ago we traded off the last of our assets and have been surviving on the kindness of others since. I believe father's pride would have him starve to death rather than bear the indignity of charity, but there is still my mother, Charris, and Jakkon to think about.

There was a brief bright hope when my brother Berrin stood for us. He was the firstborn and had decided it was his duty to rescue us from our shame. He joined the company of The Brass Duke, Lord Hierkhol Varney the Second. It was the whole border skirmish thing with the Serrinese. He made himself invaluable to The Duke, which he hoped would earn him favor and perhaps concessions when the war was complete. The problem is, when one makes themselves useful in war, they tend to get used.

Berrin was a highly competent combatant, a charismatic leader and loved by all fortunate enough to find themselves in his presence. He was the epitome of the first born noble son. No-no, I'm serious. I not making fun. Berrin was a great man, truly. Unfortunately, time and again, he took terrible risks. They paid off, again and again, too. Until they didn't.

He'd made a name for himself among the enemy. How they hated him. He'd handed them so many defeats. Killed so many of their brothers. When they finally got him: terrible. They desecrated his flesh and used his impaled corpse as a banner at the Battle of the Forks. Thanks, in part to him, they won that battle too. Seeing his broken, ruined body sapped Anurian morale. They broke and were driven from the field. Yes, he was that Berrin. So you know the rest, then.

So, it fell to me, my sister Constance, or Jakkon to take on the duties of the firstborn. Jakkon, the youngest, is the brightest, sweetest and the most intrinsically good person I have ever been blessed to know. Unfortunately, he suffers from sleeping sickness.

If he gets too warm, or too excited or too tired or, sometime for no apparent reason at all, he'll faint dead away. He's learned to feel it coming on, so he doesn't hurt himself often, but, unfortunately, he is ill suited for gainful employment. What he excels at is reading quietly in a well supplied salon with great quantities of books and large sun-facing windows to read them by. Historically that doesn't pay well.

Constance married a gentleman gambler. On purpose, mind you. She's as deeply effected by the family curse as anyone and Heron, that's her husband, loved the finer things too. He has won and lost more wealth than most kings. Anyway, as long the high times were high enough, she was willing to suffer when the low times were low. Five years on and they're still getting along famously. Bit jealous, if I'm being totally honest.

And that leaves me, on a boat to Ramia, wearing the last dregs of Vilkagar wealth. If there is gold or silver, I'll mine it. If the wood grows straight and strong, I'll sell it. I may even build ships for war or trade. If the soil is fertile, I carve out plantations. And if none of that is true, I'll sell lies that it is. I'll build a port and hire every crier on the continent to extol the virtues of Ramia. Then I'll sell the settlers and adventurers food, supplies, services and maybe, occasionally, tickets home when they go bust.

So, that's me. What madness drives you to this folly?


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Ma-Coor, the colony's expert treasure hunterName: Ma-Coor

Class: Rogue
Background: Spy

Description: Dark, short, curly hair and beard, grey-eyed, with a hook-nose, tanned with a ruddy complexion. He is long-limbed but manages to carry himself gracefully, with nimble fingers that are often playing with coins, cards, and other small objects. He smiles a lot, doing his best to radiate confidence and friendliness. He tends to check every room he goes in for other ways in and out, and will want to sit with his back to the wall. If he is being very formal with you, then he expects you're about to stab him or vice versa.

Backstory: The bastard son of a Keille noble, he was raised to be useful to his family. He resents his father but the old grouch pays well enough, and his employment as a spy against the Anurians means his mother and siblings are provided for. He was inserted into the enemy's capital as a war refugee from another city, taking the identity of a burglar who he resembled. He didn't enjoy killing that poor slob, but orders were orders. Once in his new city, he joined the thieves guild and started his new 'career.' He hadn't planned on moving in with Sweet Molly, but one thing had led to another, which had lead to an unplanned daughter, little Sally. Evidently he was more like his old man then he had thought.
addendum to applicationMolly and their child Sally have accompanied Ma-Coor on the boat trip to Ramia, a fact that he has mixed feelings about. Being able to see them once in a while is something he's looking forward to, but if he had any choice they wouldn't be going to a risky colony.

Ma-Coor was essentially blackmailed into going 'exploring' but he is pragmatic; he isn't going to betray the party unless he is desperate to save his family for some reason. That doesn't mean he is going to take any crap, except in the case of someone the government assigned to "hold his leash," so to speak. Even then, he is going resist stupid orders. If an opportunity comes up to loot a tomb or something he would be overjoyed but he isn't expecting that. Protecting the colony protects Molly and Sally, so that is likely to be his priority.

The ex-spy anticipates someone in the colony, someone appointed by the imperials, will expect him to carry out 'gray ops,' using his skills either against natives in Ramia or rivals in the colony. He doesn't have an issue with this, provided it doesn't destabilize the colony, i.e. endanger his family.

Motivation: Macoor is lucky to be alive. When he was arrested for burglary they thought he was, well, a burglar, rather than a spy for their bitter enemy, the Kingdom of Keille. That would have meant a one-way trip to the inquisitor's headquarters. Instead he was given the choice of death or volunteering to exploring Ramia. Apparently some fool in the imperial government thought that a burglar's skills might come in handy if the scouts ran across an abandoned tomb or some such nonsense. He said yes of course, just to buy time...but before he could escape, Molly and Sally were locked up, to make sure he actually went on the boat. Which he did.

Job: Depending on his mood, he is liable to give almost any answer. Expert treasure hunter...professional storyteller...designated juggler...armed shoe-shiner...amateur dad...
- Real Life has gone berserk; taking an indefinite leave from PBP. Thanks for the memories :)
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