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Old Oct 1st, 2022, 04:23 AM
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Random Story

( based on the World Elements for Random Stories i proposed earlier this year: )


Three elements would be picked at random, using a [dice]3d330[/dice] roll.

Then you would add to the story, using at least one of the three elements as key word.

You can add new content, like characters, locations, goals, or just details of them - and let others connect these to a story line. Or you can add new content and place it in connection to a story line. Or you can just develop a story line based on existing content. And, lastly, you can instead work on weaving together a few story lines.

You could make anything of this story. Each participation can change the tone and atmosphere. And there can be parallel story lines of quite a different feeling. I believe something light and fun would most easily keep everyone engaged; like something in the vibe of Choose Your Own Adventure. Shorter posts might be preferable.

If the last post did not include a roll meant for you, you would roll for yourself and make something of it.

If the last post includes a roll meant for you, you would make something of that. What you make of it is your choice.

After adding to the story, you have the option of rolling for the next player.

the first rollsHere i begin...

Dice Roll:
3d330 249, 300, 260 Total = 809

...so ( Leaving the choice of their use to the first player. )Mask (249), Rake (300), and Bead (260)!

A last thought:
Suppose you're working on an ampler post and someone else replies before you. That's okay! You can still post, thus creating an alternative version of the story - or possibly a different story line altogether. And, of course, you can always add new content. You may have to specify the words you are answering to, and maybe the post you continue from - in your header; but that's the only inconvenience.


Last edited by writelite; Oct 4th, 2022 at 07:07 AM. Reason: began organizing story content
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Old Oct 3rd, 2022, 01:16 PM
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The man in the white mask strode up to Granny Anne’s front stoop. The felt cap on his head served two functions: to hide his thinning brown hair and keep his head warm in the increasingly chilly autumn air.

Good dusking to you, granny. He said to her, using the colloquial name for women who wore their hair in a bun because her mother had died. Might I have your ear for a moment?

You’ve it, pale face. State your business. Granny Anne responded tersely.

Ahem. Yes, I was speaking with the gentlemen over at Jovan’s Store and they said you, granny, may have a room for rent. They said you don’t mind renting out to Masks.

You got beads? Granny asked, her voice throaty and scratchy.

Uhm. Yes, well. You see. That’s the thing. I do have beads, but. Well. I only have iridescent beads.

Granny Anne’s eyebrow rose. And I take it you haven’t come to buy my house, just to rent a room. For how long, a whole year?

The white masked man laughed nervously through his nose. You see my problem. I don’t think anyone in town can break an iridescent bead. Is it possible to work for my room?

Hmm… Granny hummed, eyeing her rake and her garden. In a day or two it would be carpeted in orange and red leaves.

Dice * Roll:
3d330 7, 108, 185 Total = 300

Rolled again because the first roll was 3d300 on accident instead of 3d330

Looks like the next three elements are ray, oil, and lock!

Have fun!
Warning: rolls have been deleted from this post.

Last edited by Loun; Oct 3rd, 2022 at 03:29 PM. Reason: Rolled 3d300 instead of 3d330
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Old Oct 4th, 2022, 06:54 AM
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It was late, an hour when most folks have gone to bed. The town lay covered in darkness, its streets sprawling like arms and legs of a thing asleep. Yet, on the way to the abandoned mine, Raya light still shined in a last window. Of wake, or perhaps, already of dream...

At an improvised desk - a table, really - sat hunched over a pile of papers a lady, lost in thought. Her mind must have been far now from the simple topics her students had to address - but where?

Miss Jeannie, the schoolteacher, Locklived a quiet life. She wasn't known for any great dream, or ambition... nor for adventures of love life. Still, for a woman past her prime, she had retained some youthful charm - discretely adorning the stern, elegant lines of her standing. And in that trace of the past, one might guess perhaps a wandering soul...

The flame of the oil lamp had begun to flicker. The play of shadows - mixing with her mind imagery - scattered all back into small dark letters. Rubbing her brow slowly, she sent a fleeting smile to that lost sight, and submitted.

Getting up, she picked up the lamp and went to a cupboard. There were various items on the shelves, including the bottle of oil... One would thing she knew its place well, yet her hand wavered. Did the shadows confuse her?

Not thinking beyond that, she reached forward but... knocked over the bottle. And before she could catch it, Oilsome oil spilled. She'd have grabbed her handkerchief next, to prevent a stain - yet her arm stopped abruptly. Suddenly, she remembered what was back there, on the shelf - the contents of that box she thought she had learned to ignore...

possible next rollsThis here was my way to welcome Loun to the story. As a sort of host, i would mostly think to participate only when the game is well on the way - and mainly in less direct ways, like adding story content. So please ignore my use of Ray, Oil, and Lock, if you feel like you'd like to do something else of them! Also, if you had a character idea similar to Miss Jeannie here, go ahead and present it/him/her; and i'll redraw mine from Story Content. This thread is not for myself :)

As a side matter: Let not the styles and content of so far make you think of a certain type of story - particularly one that doesn't fit you, please! The game is also for you. Short or long, simple or ample, and of nice?!whatever style you feel comfortable with - your participation is as welcome as anyone else's :)

Dice Roll:
3d330 320, 252, 159 Total = 731

...so the dice chose: Thread (320), Belt (252), and Cube (159)

Last edited by writelite; Oct 4th, 2022 at 07:12 AM. Reason: specified elements
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