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Old Oct 11th, 2022, 01:48 PM
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The Blackguard

Place a copy of your original application here.
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Old Oct 11th, 2022, 02:16 PM
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Kezaiah Ascher
left-aligned image

Name: Kezaiah Ascher

Background: CartographerOutlander

Class: Wanderer

Description/Personality: Those who first meet Kezaiah will describe her as a stoic, focused woman, dedicated to serving her time with as much dignity as circumstances allow her. The very few who have worked with her long enough have glimpsed the remnants of grief in her expression. She isnít selfish with a smile, but they never quite reach her amber eyes, that can only be described as somber. Everyone can agree on one thing. She is a steadfast woman always willing to stand with an ally. Practical, she wears her dark hair in a simple braid, and does her best to always be ready for whatever the day might send her way. She dresses in dark, clean leathers when not wearing more comfortable traveling clothes. A tall woman, with quick reflexes, she uses her ease of movement to her advantage in battle.

OOC and Blocks

DM:The Night Blade; "Well-behaved women seldom make history." -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich ;
Taken the Oath of Sangus

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Old Oct 11th, 2022, 02:22 PM
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Old Oct 11th, 2022, 02:59 PM
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left-aligned image
Name: Cirra Warglow <------ Character Sheet

Background: Charlatan

Class: Treasure Hunter

Description/Personality: At 21 years of age, Cirra stands 5'6" tall with Hazel eyes and brown hair. Cirra can be the life of the party in a moment's notice. She's scary good, a natural, at talking people into things and talking her way into and out of things. She can do impersonations with amazing accuracy, so much so that those on the guard with her often ask her to impersonate their superiors in joking situations. Whatno one wants to hear - and it's likely no one will unless they're intimate friends or she's drunk - are her hopes that something huge will change with the guard and set her free of it. But, a vow is a vow, so until that time comes - however unlikely -, she'll do what she must. That doesn't mean she isn't going to have fun doing it. After all, a life not lived to its fullest extent possible is no life worth living.

History (based on lifepath): For her past, she knows who parents are, mother and father, and was born to these young parents who were living in a shed at the time. She had grown up in Modest Lifestyle, though it was in an Apartment in rundown neighborhood of the township/city. Others saw her as being different or strange due to the fact that she was always talking, even to herself as she had no siblings, and so she had few companions.
War ravaged her home community, reducing everything to rubble and ruin. Before the war reached her community, her father went off to fight in it and disappeared to some unknown fate, perhaps killed in a battle though no word came back to her or her mother.
In the aftermath of the war times were hard, and her mother married her off for some coin and so she'd have a chance at a life. The man she wed was older, and wasn't mean to her so much, but it was because of him that she became a Charlatan as he was a confidence artist, from whom she learned her craft. She far outclassed him in her craft, and jealousy on his part soon meant he let her go. Maybe she'd planned that.

She's always been nimble and quick of wit, so she decided to use those talents to help her make her way in the world when she was let loose on her own.
She did gain a bit of good fortune though. Seems some distant relative left her a stipend that enables her to live at the comfortable lifestyle for the next 15 years. Come to find out, it was her mother's father who had been looking for her on his death bed. Though his death meant nothing to her, it did bring news that her mother was deceased as well, from illness about a year ago.

This new career of hers was short lived however. She talked her way into the confidence of a highly esteemed Noble couple, pretending to be some kind of expert on historical items. She pretended to be surprised that they had an old extremely valuable artifact that was said to be magical, but this was her sole reason for this con. Not for a moment thinking this thing could be as dangerous as it was valuable, she was caught stealing this magical artifact, and was injured by the effect of a spell that was protecting or guarding it. It almost killed her, momentarily stopping her heart. Servants of the Nobles revived her with a healing kit and some limited medicinal knowledge. At the same moment, the artifact was discovered near her person, so was the body of the Lord of the house and tickets to passage on a ship under a different name in her pouch, which gave up her con. The item was held in high regard, and the death of the Lord was pinned on her and in lieu of a death sentence, she took the vow since it was offered to enter service as a member of the Blackguard. Part of her thinks she can use her skills for the greater good, but put a drink or two in her and she'll smile slyly and know that she can fool others, but she can't fool herself.
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Old Oct 11th, 2022, 10:36 PM
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Some things shouldn't be published...
right-aligned image


Name: Khloe Cintos

Class & Background: Scholar & Artisan

Party Role: Healer, plotter, schemer and general "thinker".

DM tool for insertion of plot devices such as rumors, history, and maybe even world events? Scholars always know a little bit about everything and the Game Master should regularly give you rumors or information based on your appropriate passive ability checks."

Why Was I Enlisted: Perhaps I published something less than savory, about King Desmund's use of criminals as a workforce. Then ironically, as punishment, I was made to become one of them...

Appearance: It is rare for a scribe of words to find need to write about how they might look... to the outside world. It almost feels unnecessarily self-indulgent. But who am I fooling? All of my texts are indulgent in one way or another! Artistic hypocrisy. Nothing too wrong with a little of that, I guess. I spend a great deal of time writing about my perceptions of others, so it only seems fair to be challenged to write about myself from time to time.

With a father who was a monster's meal, and a mother who saw fit to produce enough children to colonize a new land, I guess there needs to be a few blessings along the way. I dare say my brothers and sisters are all well-formed, healthy individuals, and many share similar traits with me. A slim build. Auburn hair. Well-defined and pleasing facial features, which tend to be a wonderful tool in negotiations, yet a curse when attempting to go about one's business, unrecognized. Some used to say my sisters and I were "fair beauties", if that is anything to go by.

Of our litter, I was never the strongest nor most agile. Being middle-born had other benefits though, and I soon found my strengths were in negotiating the needs of those siblings younger and older, in a charming way of course. Reading too, and later the arts, came almost naturally.

Unless I am directly in want of something, or making an appearance in public, you'll likely find my hair a mess, and these fingers darkened with the stains of ink. When society demands, or when the leverage of a woman's attractiveness be required, I make allowances for such things, but never too much. I am of modest upbringing, after all.

Personality: Now you ask me to discuss my personality? How incredibly odd! Surely an unbiased opinion would come from those I know closely, and have worked with? Oh well... I'll be the first to confess that I am... emotional. A dreamer, and romanticist. These are hard things to balance with a love of both knowledge and facts, and these facets on opposing sides always seem to fight for attention. I probably drift between them, quite unexpectedly for some. A fantasizer one minute, a hard-truth giver the next...

I would like to think of myself as being a quiet type, yet also personable and compassionate. Death of one's own can teach a young woman many things, and what good is "knowing", without "sharing".

Anyway, here is what a few others have to say:

Rillak Fodolgi - Artisan's Guildmaster "The rosy cheeks give away the truth of this lass. She might present in a farmer's linens, but be not fooled. Her eyes are alert. Her ears ever listening. As a student, one could ask for no better, and as a painter's model, one could ask for no better in that too. Khloe dances a line between anonymity and greater purpose, cynicism and a heart that deeply seeks adoration. And, adore her, I do."

Janelli Cintos - Younger Sister and Successful Slayer "Khloe bores me, until she doesn't. My mind drifts off when she talks of lore and the finer points on those individuals I hunt. She is trustworthy with such information, but she becomes far more interesting when I prod her with questions of love, ambition, or just get a few sips of wine into her. She can paint. She can write. But she certainly can't fight, haha."

History (The Short Version):
  • Shortly after birth, my father was killed by a monster.
  • Left with six children, my mother abandoned me to my grandparents. She later went on to take a new husband, bringing three half-siblings into the world.
  • I grew up with my grandparents, whilst my other siblings remained with my mother. She was probably no match for me in an argument, and my ability to assist with manual tasks around the household did not suit my childhood dreams and desires. My grandparent's home was modest and simple, an apartment in a rundown neighborhood.
  • From the time I could hold a quill or brush, I was always painting and marking parchment. At the age of 15 my grandparents took me to meet Rillak Fodolgi, who then took me on as an apprentice.
  • Getting by, by selling pieces of art and short novellas, as well as assisting other households with letter-writing and the like, things went well for quite a time. Then, last year, I wrote and distributed "Power For The Undeserving". It was an illustrated critique of our King's recycling of murderers and law breakers, into those who now enforced said laws and did our leader's bidding.
  • I was imprisoned. Tried. And conscripted...

OOCHi @Silent Rain! this was a fun process. I always enjoyed The Witcher RPG lifepath creation, so doing so for a different style of game was a treat.

In her lifepath, she is supposed to make friends with an adventurer. Rather than rolling for it, I wondered if this might end up being one of the other characters? As Khloe is accepted, she'd be happy to scheme such a relationship together with one of the other PCs.

Does a leather jerkin offer any kind of protection in this setting?

I took the Preternatural Ability feat... so perhaps the Produce Flame cantrip could be re-fluffed as her being able to ignite some paint solvent and fling it around XD
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right-aligned image
Name: Meriel Ashworth
Background: Entertainer
Class: Warden

Description/Personality: An attractive copper-haired woman in her twenties, about five-and-a-half feet tall with a slender build, Meriel enjoys performing and being the center of attention. She employs jokes and a quick wit to do both, but the surface joviality hides deeper insecurity and pain, which she is loathe to reveal to anyone. She wears flashy, bright clothing as part of her image and tries to experience life as much as she can. While she enjoys flirtation and romantic encounters, she has no desire for marriage or children, preferring to remain free to wander. Her induction into the Blackguard hasn't dampened this, as it accomplished two things she appreciates greatly: it kept her alive and it grants her the means to travel and see new things. The only thing she doesn't like about it is being bound by oath and taking orders from her commanders. However, she's wise enough to know better than to be directly defiant, using her charm and humor to diffuse all but the hardest of commanding officers and otherwise finding more subtle ways to subvert authority.

History (based on lifepath): Born in Cetham, a town near Craydon, Tunbury, to a modest upbringing in a small house as the middle of five children, Meriel didn't grow up poor, though her childhood was not exactly happy. Her father, Dederick, was a wandering artisan who was seldom home. His success earned enough coin to put food on the table, but was not enough to keep her free-spirited mother Githa, a huntress by trade, trapped at home. Though a sense of duty kept her at home for awhile, Githa couldn't take the constraints of an absentee husband and five children, and eventually escaped to find her freedom. Before leaving, however, she bade Meriel to do the same when she was old enough, to escape the same fate, advice Meriel has kept close to her heart.

Growing up, Meriel was a creative child, making up stories to tell or songs to sing. Unfortunately, these antics were seen by others in her small town as being different or strange, and so she had few companions as a child. Not quite shunned, but definitely not accepted socially, Meriel felt lost and alone until one fateful day when she saw a bard perform once as he was passing through, playing and singing to earn his supper, and knew from that moment on what she was born to do. Seeing his daughter's interest, and growing tired of her begging, he brought home a used lute when returning from his travels one day. Though it was really too big for her initially, Meriel threw herself whole-heartedly into learning, spending countless hours teaching herself to play through trial and error, eventually awakening her latent musical talents. Her skill grew, and she eventually began earning enough coin to support herself and sought out her mother, hoping to reconnect.

Her mother, however, had little use for reconnecting personally with her daughter. In poor health due to a hunting accident, she instead forced Meriel to 'earn her keep' by providing for them both. Perhaps the young girl would have been willing to do so, if not for her mother's constant cruelty and criticism. Expressing disbelief that Meriel was earning coins playing music to crowds in taverns and inns, Githa instead insisted that Meriel was entertaining in a much more ribald fashion. Angry at being old and disabled, with her youth wasted on children and a failed marriage, her mother lashed out at Meriel, who eventually left the destructive environment...abandoning her mother the way she'd been abandoned years before. Still, she could not bring herself to stay angry with her mother, instead making excuses for Githa's behavior due to her troubles and poor health.

Meriel wandered the lands, playing for coin when she could, begging or fast-talking when she couldn't. She sought out her older sister Tacey, who had gone off to study academia. Muriel felt bad for her, as she was struggling financially with a husband and small children, and feared that she would walk the same path their mother had. She could only offer prayers for her eldest brother Moss, a sailor who traveled the seas to ply his trade. She hadn't seen him since he left home, and wasn't sure she ever would again. Her younger brother, Jeptha, had left their father's house about the time Meriel had freed herself from her mother's clutches, and had trained as a warrior, wandering the lands as an adventurer in much the same manner as Meriel. She hoped to catch up to him someday and perhaps even adventure together, and always kept an ear tuned for rumors of his location. She did not seek out her youngest sibling, Baldric. He had always been a bully growing up, inheriting their mother's cruelty, and become a soldier before becoming maimed in the wars.

At one point, Meriel found troops of some sort of militia encamped nearby and decided to earn a few coins playing for the soldiers. All went well until the camp was attacked. Meriel was caught up in the fighting, and was knocked out and left for dead. She woke up hours later surrounded by bodies, with no recollection of the battle. The good news was that she was alive. The bad news was that the army she'd found had actually been rebels against the Empire. Survivors, including Meriel, were captured and imprisoned. The guards were surprised, at first, to find that Meriel was not dedicated to any cause contrary to imperial interests, and mostly believed that she'd simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, she'd still been consorting with rebels, knowingly or not, and had technically fought against imperial troops, whether she was defending herself or not, so simply releasing her was not an option. Instead, she was offered a position in the Blackguard, rather than being executed for treason. Having few options that didn't involve her grisly demise, she agreed and took the Oath.


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Rikvarn Rosewound
right-aligned image

Name : Rikvarn Rosewound
Background: Criminal
Class: Slayer
Rikvarn, or Rik as he's usually referred as, has an ability to blend into the background of most situations. Worn leathers and well used cloak and coverings would have him look as someone that was down on his luck or low on the social ladder. His persona is a bit of a mix depending on the situation. By himself, he is usually quiet and withdrawn. In a group, he can go from being quiet and sullen, to almost animated depending on the topic or the stress of the situation that they find themselves in. He can be quite gregarious and social, but tha tis usually when he is attempting to convince a mark to part with something that he wants. One thing that is near constant is the yes; he rarely blinks, always looking around the room as if he is expecting someone or something that he doesn't want to see appearing at any moment.

History (based on lifepath) :
Born the youngest of eight children to a minor merchant family in Valent, the birth was quite unexpected, with his parents being almost 50 at the time. From his youth, he was considered to be a bit off. Preferably to be alone for hours or even days at a time. Making strange statements to unseen people. Random mood swings. He was quite a handful for his older parents in his youth. He had a pleasant, if unusual relationship with his older siblings. Most of them were old enough for him to be their child, and their relationship followed this. He only had a sibling like relationship with his one brother who is a bureaucrat, and even that became distant once he reached his teens.

A wild child in his teens is almost guaranteed to get into crime. Full of energy and nowhere to direct it, he soon found himself in the criminal thievery gangs of Valent, providing protection to those that paid the right price. He didn't have a commanding stature; indeed he almost blended into the crowd. It was only when things went off the rails that his presence made itself known in the form of broken bones and bruised faces.

It was that line of work that landed him in his current predicament. It didnt' seem to be anything remarkable at the time. A mouthy loser to a corner three card monte game needing to be put in his place. It was only the next day that the guards tracked him down in force. He had been charged with killing the eldest son of the heir of a major house. They found blood on his dagger, thinking it was proof that he had stabbed the victim. HIs arguments of it being left from his dinner fell on deaf ears, and he was told that it was death or the BlackGuard.

He took the latter. Death was final, while as long as he lived, he could get revenge if the chance presented itself. Assuming he could keep his wits about him.

Rikvarn Rosewound
Level: Slayer 1
Armor Class: 17 HP: 15/15 Speed: 30 ft Senses: ???, passive perception 11
Str: 13 Dex: 18 Con: 16 Int: 10 Wis: 14 Cha: 9
Saving throws: STR +3, DEX +4, CON +5, INT 0, WIS +2, CHA -1
Skills: Intimidation +1, Perception +4, Slight of Hand +6, Stealth +6
Feats: Alert, Tavern Brawler
Languages: Common, Thieves Can't
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