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Old Nov 19th, 2022, 11:23 AM
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Combat Round 1 A wave of force pushes out from the steametic, catching both of the monsters in front by surprise. Thunderwave kills Monster BThe first is hurtled backwards and straight over the side of the bridge, and it does not even have chance to react before its body falls down, smashing onto a ledge on the side of the cliff-face far far below it and smashing into pieces down there. The second does not fare much better. Although the force erupting from the steametic's hands does not send it hurtling over the side of the bridge as it does the first, the sheer power that the steametic conjures is enough to lance straight through its rotten, fetid body. Monster F is also killed from the attackIt shreds skin from bone, muscle from sinew as the creature quite literally falls apart from the blast.

The bridge sways precariously from side to side from the spell used, but after a few seconds it rights itself.

The way is clear for Vix and her companions to make it to the other side.

On the other side of the bridge, blood started to drip from the wound Yama had suffered. Trickling down her leg, the sticky substance hampered her movement even as pain flooded her every step. Yet the oni-touched had a counter. Strands of purple light emanated from her fingertips, and as she moved her arms, Monster G takes 3 damageclaws ripped into the creature's decaying skin. But, more vexing still, the form of Yama faded into insubstantial nothingness.

She was gone.

Her adversary snarled.

"Trouble and tricks you bring. It matters not, I will rend you limb from limb when I catch you."

And then, seconds later, Yama reappeared next to where Rinka was fighting to the best of her ability to hold off the two rotting fiends that were desiring to satiate themselves on her flesh and blood.

But, as she reappears, the yellow-eyed fiend smiles cruelly.

"No. I do not play your games girl."

It looks over to where Mascarade has just destroyed the others.

"I do not play games."

Holding its blood-stained sword out, it turns towards the bridge to cut the ropes.....

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Old Nov 21st, 2022, 12:17 PM
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Vix Lockhardt
right-aligned image

It was time to move! Charging forward, Vix reaches the end of the bridge then falls forward onto dry ground, her hands gripping deep into the soil as her body changes, elongates, producing brown fur covering corded muscles. Pulling itself onto the plateau the massive beast roars and swats a massive paw at the goblin so arrogant as to try to kill her friends by cutting the rope to the bridge!

Moving forward 30'. Position C12
Bonus action - Wildshaping into a brown bear. Position B11-C12.
With my newfound 40 movement speed giving me 10' more movement, Vix is Moving to A10-B11.
Action - Athletics check to push Monster G into the C8 space.
Dice athletics:
d20+6 (17)+6 Total = 23

Stats, Brown bear
AC 11
HP 34
Speed 40 ft, climb 30 ft
Multiattack: Bite +6 (d8+4), claws +6 (2d6+4)
Skills: Perception+5, Athletics +6
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Old Nov 21st, 2022, 07:25 PM
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Kamiya - Discussion
left-aligned image

She always wondered how Vix felt when she transformed into a bear. The huge creatures were so much more powerful than any fox could ever be. In this case the wild power rushed forward and attacked their enemies and Kamiya found herself following behind her. She pulls another of her charms and she says, "You will not succeed in your task. I will burn you and my friend here would never bear it to happen!"

Well, she was a Kitsune, sooner or later the mischief would come out.


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Old Nov 22nd, 2022, 12:14 PM
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Yasuraka Toreeru
Intent pursued - then accepted, Torēru's mind suddenly turned blank. This situation wasn't like anything he knew, and he went a step further into the unknown - it seemed - by giving way to that impulse to match the group's needs. He stood now waiting for the next push of fate, or of blessed inspiration - trying to put hope and trust in the latter.

Event followed event in quick succession, allowing action little choice and consequence - but in his inner space the Monk felt time dilating. A calm took over - distant apparently, yet there for him: the spirit's presence. And by its gentle warmth, Torēru saw his mind moving at a pace different from the rush outside - measured, rhythmical almost, like... his breath, or...

The noise around suddenly, strangely, felt... familiar, and - as memory mixed with his sensing - Torēru stood there facing both unpredictable danger and the phantoms of relaxed, attuned audience, instrumentalists. He felt all sounds diminishing as the rustle of whispers and silk clothing, of the the background of the Noh theater, where the orchestra residesHayashi-za's last adjustments.

The machine's weight, as it leaned on Bo end, had just pulled his attention forward - a few bars, when - Light! A high Noh theater fluteNohkan note rose with Kamiya's voice and an abrupt burst of flames right in front - A monster, a monster had caught fire, and the wind painted a curtain of bright yellows and oranges over the rest of them - actors hidden in the backstage areabutaiura.

also during the fall of Monster AThe creature's long wail answered the supporting actor - here Kamiyawaki, and - far - a short bump of the large, sticks drumtaiko, followed by rapid palpitation of the smaller, hip and shoulder drumsotsu- and kotsuzumi framed it with These are the sounds of Rinka's struggle with gravity and cliff.sounds of an ample setting. Yet thought was not given much chance to linger on the meanings, for - abruptly - the rushing in of more actors cut short that first recital.

Two of them tried to take down Vix, and their growls and swings began a strange, skin wrinkling tone. The nimble Noh leading character - here Vixshite, dancing with the wind, dodged their blows like a falling, red leaf - the woosh and wheezing about her making for a slightly sad, yet heart-appeasing tune: Autumn succeeding Summer, inevitably...

More the attacks on Rinka and Garūdistant sounding drum tapping, then - again suddenly - a change: Their beat appearing close, then gathering, growing - The Steametic, having let go of the staff, passed Cleric, leaned over Druid shoulder and - Boom! As if the see abovetaiko was hit with all the strength one can muster - a voice of thunder shook the stagekōza. In front, the fall Monsters B and F fall off the bridgehad dismissed its own heralds.

The floor swayed, as if the season was adamant to not leave any trace of the past standing... Each held as they could - He reached forth with the staff, instinctively, yet there was no one in reach. Behind? maybe... A far, blue flash took the thought's place - reminding of lightning, as did the thump following it. Sound of a palm stopping on drum surface, he mused. And out of that, tinkle arose - joining with the surrounding cold in the imagery of sparkling snow, crackling frost.

Quickly after, the two Kitsune - themselves, likely, embodying now the seasons - sped forth cross the fickle slats: Winter chasing Fall, hurrying towards the bridge end would symbolize thatyear end. And the Monk felt drawn to follow them, to witness that moment of final struggle which their drum sounding steps seemed to bring towards...

He reached Mascarade, which stood unmoved, silent - his face an maskomote of dormant emptiness - and stepping lightly past the accompanying actor for the support character; which is Kamiyawaki-zure, Torēru passing I12, having spent 20 ft. of default movementquickened his pace - paying no heed to the precarious foothold.

right-aligned image
By one of the posts ahead, Vix threw her arms aside - her kimono swelling into the usual sight of a large outer garment for womenuwagi, then... further, changing colors, turning... into a bear!? Oh, no doubt, the representation of nature's spirit - enduring, never to be truly conquered. It roared - but not facing meaning Kamiyawinter, it struck - but away, accepting destiny, rising above it... And with that strike - transcending...

As with the fox women, the wind now ran with him, somehow... He was, it seemed, carried - faster and faster towards the Cleric. He saw her sleeves embracing air, than herself, her body shrinking into a low posture - as if becoming... a hurdle which he was to jump over, he... He was to be Spring!

The roars, the wailing fell upon his ears, a dissonance of flute sounds now dancing around him - drums answering from inside his chest. Yet as on cue, from behind his soul's curtain, the tranquil, reassuring presence of spirit let itself known again. And as he starting at G12, 10 ft. away from Kamiya as a long jump would requiredashed, readying for the leap, he saw clearly once more - any and all resemblance of a play vanishing from his mind. And he saw, past everything else, Rinka surrounded - the need for help.


- Character Information [ HP 22, AC 14, STR 12 (Athletics), DEX 14 (Acrobatics), Speed 40 ]

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