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Old Dec 1st, 2022, 10:04 PM
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Shadowrun 4E DM
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Character Sheets

This is where I like you to post your character application from the Game advert and Were you will also post your character sheet for my review!
Posting Schedule:
M-F:After 67PMCST
Sat/Sun: Anytime
If I am not available please send me a PM and ill get back to you ASAP
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Old Dec 1st, 2022, 11:35 PM
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Just app at the moment.

right-aligned image

Handle: Shift
Species: Human
Archetype: Driving Adept

Appearence: It's anyone's guess where they pulled Shift out of. You can tell he was born on an abandoned highway immediately just by looking at him, the rough around the edges look is hard to miss. A bit of a fan of the old Rock-A-Billy aesthetic he frequently wears A-Frame T-shirts to show off his retro tattoos. Rarely is seen without his signature cowboy hat at least nearby. Has no obvious Chrome, but does have a gun or two tucked away for a rough occasion.

Background: Shift, birth name Simon Jode, grew up with stories claiming that the legendary racecar driver Malachi Jode was his Uncle. He now knows the stories were crap told to the kids to wind them up but a bit too late to do anything about it. Yeah, his last name really is Jode and they probably are distant cousins or something but not enough for it to do anything but cause grief.

Still, the stories worked he had to suppose. They got him to do things for the Family. In Simon's case, that meant getting to know Cars. Now just how to fix 'em, but how to drive 'em, how to Feel them. How to Zen with them. Sure, Simon Jode has experience and skill to help with the job, but the relationship between Simon and Cars is borders on Spiritual. Like when he really cut loose in a car he doesn't just rev up the motor and up the nitrous but he tries to truly become *one* with the vehicle. According to the Magic-types, he kind of *does* become One with whatever he is driving. Like he and the vehicle beccome extensions of each other's souls.

Which is to say he tried to make a name for himself on the underground racing circuits and he did great *for how much nuyen he could sink into his wheels*, but in the end those that could buy their wins put him out of business. Fortunately, more than a few Corpos are fans of the underground racing circuits and when they heard he was broke one of them was willing to pull a few strings.

Let's be clear - He's just in this so he can build a better Racer, one that can put up a fight against the rich kids on the circuits. But Simon Jode believes that if someone pays him to do a job he should do his best no matter what, and if that means moving whatever is in the trunk from Point A to Point B quickly and safely then by God she's getting to Point B without even a passenger's hair getting messed up. Seatbelts on, this next part looks a little rough.

Character Sheet
Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
Poetice Vivere, Aut Mori Stultitiam - Nullius In Verba
UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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Old Dec 1st, 2022, 11:59 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Thumper
Race: Dwarf
Archetype: Mage

Approx 50yrs old in human years this might still be the twenties equivalent for a Dwarf.
Determined that the mullet is due for a comeback anytime he got ahead of the curve.
Otherwise its the usual darkly coloured clothing a serious Avant-Garde Thaumaturgist would wear.
Whilst there is an air of casual biker to his style Thumper takes looking after his hair and beard VERY seriously and has a taste for high-end salons and high-end grooming products.

Brought up in what could be best described as a child gang his parents left him to an orphanage as a child. Thumper is sure its because that's when he began showing he was Awakened and they couldn't cope with a dwarf and magic, which leads him to believe he had bad norms as his genetic source.
The orphanage had a variety of sponsors and encouraged cohorts to assist in the development of educated and skilled teams that would then go on to full time employment with said sponsor. An apprenticeship scheme to help these orphans to have a successful and happy life. The reality was this was just a child training camp for pay-to-order highly bonded squads. They would get these cohorts matching inks and had them eat, sleep and train together. Things didn't work out exactly for Thumpers group - too many awakened and too hard to control as a large group (i.e. dangerous). They were split and after some years working for UCAS corps Thumper is now looking for his cohort brother, a Norm mage he knew as Slick (for his personality and style), last rumored to be 'working' for the Cutters in Seattle.


Get to know psuedenim. I'm a He/Him in PDT and am around most days.

An ongoing medical thing came up so posting could be slower for a while. Please PM me or even post for me if the gap is too long.

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Old Dec 2nd, 2022, 02:39 AM
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Iron Hide-WIP
right-aligned image

Handle: Iron Hide

Name: Jack Brixton

Metatype: Ork

Archetype: Street Samurai

Physical Appearance:
-Height: 6’2”
-Weight: 180 pounds
-Skin tone: Fair
-Hair: Bald but blonde beard and eyebrows
-Eyes: Blue
-Build: Athletic
-Clothes: Black Armored Jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, black combat boots, cigar hanging out of his mouth, flask in his back pocket
-Obvious Cyberware/Bioware: Both Full Cyberarms and Both Full Cyberlegs

Iron Hide is almost annoyingly confident in himself. Whether it’s justified or liquid courage depends on the time of the day. Crass jokes and physical gestures like a big slap on the shoulder or playful shove are normal as he smiles and laughs without the cigar falling from his lips. The jolly ork gets serious though when it comes to the job and keeping his team safe. Any opponent that hurts his teammates usually winds up with a broken face or bullet holes depending on whether they were within arm’s reach at the time or not.

WIP- will finish tomorrow

Taken Oath of Sangus

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Old Dec 2nd, 2022, 06:19 AM
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right-aligned image
On a Mission
Name: Hekatonkheires, "Tonk" for short

Race: Ork

Archetype: Rigger/Summoner (Hermetic)

Why did my character become a shadowrunner? Because all the fun things she wants to do are apparently ILLEGAL. Top of the line drones and robotics? Restricted. Off-limits. Sussing out the fattest leylines to nab a juicy spirit? They always happen to be right in the middle of a megacorp's backyard or in some gang's turf. Thus to push the limits of metahuman experience, she became a runner. Her grandpa begged her not to, but with the rising costs of medications and her wanting to take care of him, it only made sense.

Appearance: The most surprising thing that people will notice about Tonk is the difference between her on a mission and out of one. The no-nonsense ork's businesswoman demeanor vanishes and she's all smiles, just happy to work on her drones or prepping her incense for the next dive into the astral plane. But she learned long ago that there's no such thing as a milk run, so that means always have your game face on. No matter how prepped you are, the situation can always turn into drek. But that isn't to say that she's a frontline combatant. She's content to outwit her opponents and hope to never have to fight them hand-to-hand when drones and spirits can do all the heavy lifting for her.

Tonk is of medium-to-slight build for an ork. She does a good amount of cardio in case she needs to beat it. At 6'2", she's never the shortest in the room but she doesn't like to use her height to intimidate others either. People often tell her she's "pretty" or "cute" when she pushes her bangs behind her ear, but she usually doesn't believe them. Orks don't get to be cute, even if she really wants to be. Her voice is unusually soft and feminine for an ork. Tonk is a transgender woman and due to the prevalence of Genetech in the Sixth World, there is little barrier to her body matching her image of self.

This ork usually has her cybervisor down to get extra info from her control rig, in deep VR to control a drone or her eyes are glazed over as she projects her consciousness. Her hobbies frequently leave her unaware of her physical surroundings as she inhabits a steel or ethereal body.

left-aligned image
She is a woman of details and it shows in her attire. Not being a frontline combatant, she still makes sure to have solid and dependable armor. While she has tools on her in and out of combat, they are the bare essentials on the job. Meanwhile, the coveralls back at her pad strain under the weight of all the socket wrenches, soldering irons, shears and pliers in their pockets. Wherever she is, she's always spinning multiple plates and that's where she gets her namesake from: the Hekatonkheires of Greek myth, the hundred-handed giants who were locked in Tartarus by Zeus. That makes her a veritable one-woman-army under the right circumstances. She won't say how she got the moniker and she only uses the full name in official contexts.

Background: Tonk grew up an easygoing kid, hooked to trids of the latest novahot robotics. She started flying toy drones from the earliest age she could convince her parents to get one for her. Only she wasn't prepared for hormones or her Awakening. The hormones hit first. Her parents had never been in the picture much, but they didn't care how she acted. So she wore girl's clothes and did all the tomgirlish things she wanted to growing up as a boy. Once puberty arrived, she knew she needed to make a change. Her grandpa started taking her to a gene therapy clinic and wham-bam things were looking up for her.

Then her Awakening came out of nowhere. All her parents cared about was if she was a good student and kept her nose out of trouble. Suddenly she was the problem child with wayward earth and water spirits chasing her around and causing a commotion in the classroom. After some very stern talking-tos about "failing the family" and "being a degenerate vagabond just like my sister," (her aunt) the family sent her off to a magical boarding school. From there she managed to get a handle on her gift, but never lost the knack for robotics and machining. They're just two different beautiful ways of applying logic to the world. People looked at her crazy, but she kept doing her!

Very quickly she found herself slotting upgrades that were borderline illegal and sťancing with Hermetic spirits who extolled the glory of being an unbound mage. Or violent spirits who railed against the injustice inherent in the system (and demanded that she help them). These forces gradually pushed her into being a runner, just so she could pursue her interests to the bleeding edge. She's not much for danger, but here she is, a relatively experienced runner taking on crazy gigs! Her area of expertise has slowly developed into a kind of recon specialist. Not so much stealthy herself, her remote operated drones and astral projection let her be apprised of more threats than most while allowing her to deploy the most effective countermeasures.

Character Sheet UPDATED: I was getting pretty worn out near the end of the book, like page 250. Just where it's getting into all the tech stuff. I don't plan to buy many spells, but I might get a couple and figure out what skills I want to keep or trim based on the party. Figuring out my custom commlink was a pain so I'll be revisiting that soon, but here's what I have for now.

Characters: Elovhen, Ravenloft | Tonk, Shadowrun | Ophelia, Underdark | Akane, Naruto 5e | Bronwyn, Waterdeep
I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Old Dec 3rd, 2022, 08:20 AM
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right-aligned image

Handle: Riot
Species: Elf
Archetype: Street Samurai

Appearance: Calling her lean and mean would be only half right. she has trained long and hard to earn every muscle and scar that adorns her body. Piercing green eyes that would size up the meanest troll and find their weak spot. She has five golden rings in running through her ears. Each one purportedly is for a championship she has won.

She tends to wear clothing like a gladiator, displaying her scars with pride. She mostly protects her back with a leather jacket, as she knows that there are plenty of honor less scavs waiting to crack a at her like a coward.

She is very tight lipped about her past as a childhood, but if you get a certain mix of liquors in her she will share some things. She was either the daughter of a Vice President or a politician. Born Octavia Vas Issa while most others in her private school were learning to master subterfuge she found the direct approach was faster. After finally completing her education she went off to advance her career. For her parents that was helping improve the family name. for her it was finding ways to break away from it.

She delved lower and lower to find anyone that her family didn't own eventually coming across an underground fight club. It was there that bloody knuckles and straight forward honesty won the day for her as she risked her life every night, pushing her body past her limits and eventually earning the title of Vancouver champion. She either killed a crime lord's son, or she refused to throw a match. either way she was no longer welcome in the city she grew up in. She now finds herself in Seattle, courtesy of a few smugglers that owed her a few favors.

STATS! ( this is either good or Really bad... .like... REALLY bad)


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Old Dec 11th, 2022, 05:41 PM
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Current Edge: 1/1
Current Stun dmg: 0
Current Physical dmg: 0
Current Effects: None
Current Money: 9,700

Real Name:Victor Klaussen
Runner Name: Burnt
Aliases: Edward Teller
Metatype: Elf
Primary aptitude: Face
Secondaries: Stealth, Smuggling, Streetwise
Tropes: Smug Snake, The smart guy, Skilled but Weak

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Burnt career test.jpeg
Views:	8
Size:	467.6 KB
ID:	99651  
Thanks to all the great great GM's. Especially: Makenshi, Birched, Savoylen, Davion, and Homestarbaby.

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Old May 20th, 2023, 12:43 PM
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Opercularis (Erika Melnyk)
TOTAL COST: 50+235-15+60+46+11+13=400BP, +6 karma spent on Initiation

Fox Shapeshifter (Cost: 50BP)
Shift (Human), Regeneration, Sapience, -1 Reach (In critter form), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Low Light Vision, Smell, Taste)
Allergy (Silver, Severe), Vulnerability (Silver)

Looks like a mix of Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo in human guise, but her avatar is that of a flannel mothgirl, which
she is more easily recognized as. She doesn't wear glasses except as a fashion accessory and hacking gear. While she is in
human form most of the time, she does occasionally revert to her fox form (especially in downtime). She has retained her
tail in human form, but passes it off as an expensive bit of 'ware or SURGE when she can for safety reasons. She has done
a face reveal (naively), so some may recognize her actual face on sight, as well.

Born near Kyiv, in Ukraine. She was "adopted" (in fox form initially) by the Melnyk family.
This family had 2 parents, 2 children (a son and a daughter, the latter taking care of her most of the time).
She revealed her human form to the mother and daughter first, and they fed and clothed her still.
The father and son didn't have a chance to meet her before they died.
Wants revenge on the ones who used Juhseung Saja to kill her "foster family." This is why she became a hacker.
Father: Victor. Mother: Masha. Son: Victor, Jr. Daughter: Dariya.
Simtuber, something Dariya did, but with a flannel mothgirl avatar (Dariya was a fox girl).
Wants to play around with a human biodrone, but will settle for regular drones. Eventually.
Has yet to learn to cast spells, but she can summon spirits adroitly.
Wears steampunk gear mostly in remembrance of Dariya.

Erika's Human Form
Flannel Moth

Attributes (Cost: 235)
B 3
A 4
R 2(4)
S 2
C 3
I 5
L 3
W 4

Edg 3
Mag 6(4 for casting and summoning)

Ess 6
Init 7(9)
IP 3

Initiation Grade 1
+Bonus Power Point

Physical 0/10
Stun 0/10

Qualities (Cost: -15BP)
-Day Job (20 hours) (-10BP)
+Fame (National) (10BP)
+Mystic Adept (10BP)
-Oblivious (-5BP)
-Sensitive System (-15BP)
-SINner (Salish-Sidhe Council, -5BP)

Tradition: Personal Tradition (Possession)
+Combat: Guardian
+Detection: Beast
+Health: Plant
+Illusion: Man
+Manipulation: Task
+Drain: Willpower and Intuition

Powers: (Total: 3PP)
+Improved Reflexes 2 (2.5PP)
+Improved Ability (Hacking) 2 (0.5PP)

Skill Groups: (Cost 60BP)
+LOG: Electronics 3
+MAG: Conjuring 3

Active Skills: (Cost: 46BP)
+LOG: Cybercombat 2
+LOG: Hacking 5 (7) (Exploit specialization)
+AGI: Archery 3 (Crossbows specialization)

Knowledge Skills (24/24 free, 0 paid)
+Language: Ukrainian N
+Language: English 4 (Speak specialization)
+Academic: Literature 2 (Slavic Folklore specialization)
+Street: Criminal Syndicates 1 (Vory specialization)
+Interest: Punk Music 1 (Gypsy Punk specialization)
+Interest: Matrix Games 2 (FromSoft specialization)
+Profession: Security Design 4 (Matrix specialization)
+Profession: Black IC 3 (Juhseung Saja specialization)

+"Adam" (Fixer) L3/C3
+Indus Wright (Renraku Programmer) C3/L2

+Nuyen 1500
+Fake SIN (Rating 4, Francisca Starr) (4000)
+Fake SIN (Rating 4, Verity Moss) (4000)
+Middle Lifestyle, 2 months paid (10000)
+Heavy Crossbow (7P) (750)
++Bolt x23 (115)
+Vashon Island Steampunk Armor Clothing (Overcoat, Corset, Petticoat and Skirt, Blouse, B7/I7) (2250)
+DocWagon Basic Contract (1 yr, 5000)
++Fairlight Caliban (Res 4, Sig 5) (8000)
++Novatech Navi OS (Fir 3, Sys 4) (1500)
++AR Gloves (250)
++Biometric Reader (200)
++Simrig (1000)
++Glasses (Rating 1, Image Link) (50)
++Datachip x10 (10)
+Common Use Programs: (Total 1300)
++Pro User Suite (Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4) (600)
++Encrypt 3 (150)
++Reality Filter 4 (400)
++Scan 3 (150)
+Hacking Programs: (Total: 26000)
++Armor 3 (1500)
++Attack 3 (1500)
++Biofeedback Filter 4 (4000)
++Black Hammer 3 (1500)
++Decrypt 3 (1500)
++ECCM 3 (1500)
++Exploit 5 (5000)
++Medic 3 (1500)
++Spoof 3 (1500)
++Stealth 5 (5000)
++Track 3 (1500)

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