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Old Jan 1st, 2023, 06:06 PM
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Post your original application here, and flesh out with the remainder of character gen items.

External | Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4/5

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Old Jan 2nd, 2023, 01:48 AM
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Name: Hero. ( Aka: Shimmer)

Tall dark-haired male . Wears a black trench coat(protective clothing special made to suit his style ), and black clothes. ( dissapears easy in dark allies, at night, even in crowds.) Carries swords and hand guns but if you see em it's to late your dead.

Origin: Zenthian stationary planet Kua, from in or around the Conglomerate.

Race: human.

Concept & subconcept: operative.
Former assassian, currently freelance private security/ bounty hunter. ( sometimes operative for former boss)

History: Hero was a orphan. Raised by the 'Rih Sawda'
agency. Trained to be a operative. The agency's goal was protect the people. Although they sought big game, big payments, and power. They trained operatives to take down bad people. Organizations, crime bosses politicians. Sometimes it wasn't the people, or government that hired them Sometimes they were hired to take out one group's competition.

Hero was one such operative but he was among the best. He became the last resort. The one they'd send to permanently end a threat. Rumor was if he was sent you'd be walking, eating, or simply chatting, see a Shimmer out of the corner of your eye, or off in the distance and then you were dead. Course no one even knows where the Rumors come from. As anyone who knows is dead. ( 'Rih Sawda' coins the phrase after seeing one of his hits. To create renown for the agency. )

Hero has been out from home city, world allot recently. While off on missions. Several street hoods or other criminals not sanctioned have been killed. The one bad thing of the way they train their operatives. He sees evil he kills evil. It's not his fault he was taught and trained to be this way. But it was bringing unwanted attention. And the Rumors of "Shimmer " spread.

So in order to distance the agency from any backlash they allowed Hero to leave. Normally after so many missions an operative would be dead or allowed to choose to stay or go live in a isolated retreat away from exposure. This is not what was chosen for Hero. The agency still needed their legend from time to time.

So now he freelance's his talents while he searches for a reason to be who he is. As for most his life he did what he does for the agency. But now why? Family? He has none. Friends? Operatives don't have friends just contacts and targets. Money? Well what is there to spend it on. Pleasure? Well it is kinda fun to kill bad guys... does that make Hero a bad guy?

Well for now he's just a lost soul trying to find himself at age 32. And with a little guidance from the agency ( who still sends him the odd job or 2) he just might.

Upbringing Stationary
Attribute Points 14
Skill Points 10
Reputation 4
Starting Capital 1,000 birr ( spent on trench coat as protective clothing 0 birr left)

Operative : You are a professional. You move unnoticed through the shadows, as comfortable in a crowded bazaar as in the corridors of power. Where law and diplomacy end, you begin. You are an Operative, the long arm of the powerful, carrying out missions in the dark. You expect neither laurels nor fame. To you, a job well done is enough reward in itself.

Assassin : You make sure that undesirable elements disappear – sometimes in public and conspicuous ways, but more often in secret. You could be one of Ahlam’s Black Lotuses, or maybe a hassassin from the Order of the Pariah

Key Attribute: Agility

Concept Skills:
Assassin: Infiltration, Dexterity, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat

Talents: .

Gear: You begin play with this gear.
advanced melee weapon(dura sword made specially for "Shimmer" the sword splits into 2 thinner durablades when a button is pushed. And magnetically connected when used as 1 blade.), mechanical lockpick, Recon drone, Security tablet, Proximity sensor.
(Bought) protective clothing +1
Dura sword +1 2 3 1 Engaged O
Protective Clothing (trench coat) 1 - O
Mechanical lockpick Light P
Proximity sensor Normal O
Recon drone. ( no stats listed)
Security tablet Light O

ICON Sign: Talent, The traveler.
The Traveler's Talent
You can ask the GM about a choice you have to make in the game. It has to be a choice with only two options. The GM must then answer truthfully which of the two is most beneficial to you, if that is at all possible to estimate.

Strength – Raw, physical strength and physique.
Agility – Your overall body control and motor skills.
Wits – Intelligence, alertness and sharpness of mind.
Empathy – Your charisma, empathy and ability to manipulate others.


General Skills
Dexterity (Agility)
Force (Strength)
Infiltration (Agility)
Manipulation (Empathy)
Melee Combat (Strength)
Observation (Wits)
Ranged Combat (Agility)
Survival (Wits)

Advanced Skills
Command (Empathy)
Culture (Empathy)
Data Djinn (Wits)

Medicurgy (Wits)
Mystic Powers (Empathy)
Pilot (Agility)
Science (Wits)
Technology (Wits)

Infiltration: 2
Dexterity: 1
Melee Combat: 2
Ranged Combat: 1
Observation: 2
Surival: 1
Force: 1

HP: 8
MP: 6


Reputation: 0

Personal Problem:
You are being hunted by a powerful group/person, who wants both you and your loved ones dead.
Having traveled Kua and sometimes to the station Coriolis for jobs. "Shimmer " has killed many a evil person, politicians, and cartels. There normally is no one left to tell the tale. But once on Coriolis "Shimmer " was hired to kill a cartel boss( by his younger brother) the bosses older brother only saw the "Shimmer " of the blade his brother's head roll to the floor and the man in black dissapear. He only knows the legend of "Shimmer " and is practically its main perpetuater. So everytime there is a rumor that "Shimmer " is active somewhere, he sends henchman to lay a trap. He doesn't know "Shimmer 's" true identity. Or who hired him . He only knows he wants "Shimmer " dead.

Relationships to the other PCs: Choose from the list or use your imagination.
Qay... can be trusted no matter what.

Musfira... is eccentric, wild and reckless, Don’t let her near your gear or weapons. Great friend by hazardous.
Timin & Erkma both ... have a hidden agenda. You are going to find out what it is.

"Dragons who fly alone, Die alone!" Games: Wildblade? ( pf1e) OniKage?(M&M3e) KokuryuuKage(Savageworlds)
C.A.T.S. stories:

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Old Jan 2nd, 2023, 04:29 AM
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right-aligned image
Gender: Female
Race: Xinghur
Age: 18
Icon: The Faceless One
Origin: Zenithian from Algol
Upbringing: Plebeian
Concept & Sub-Concept: Ship Worker (Dock Worker)

Appearance: Standing over six feet tall, she has a muscular, dry physique. Lashes, cuts and bites have left a few scars on her wheatish skin, mainly on the arms and back, one long slash marks her right cheek. Black wavy hair and expressive dark eyes accompany her youthful features.

Personality: Fundamentally good-natured, she tends to be introverted, dutiful and unassertive, but the right circumstances can bring out her fierceness and resolve.
As a result of past trauma and abuse, she's easily on edge and may display disproportionate or inappropriate responses to stress and perceived danger.
She has a passion for technology, with a special fondness for the djinn-knacks her late father gave her, likes to work out and can still enjoy a good spar, despite a not so pleasant history of pit fighting.

BackstoryQay was born in a colony at the edge of a hot Algolan desert, where she lived a relatively simple childhood with her mother, a hardware shopkeeper of Xinghur origin, and her father, a Zenithian technician. He introduced her to his craft early on, gifting her a collection of scraps and components (djinn-knacks, as they dubbed them) she could freely practice and tinker with; she adored assisting him when she could, and always listened with wonder to the tales of his technical work aboard spaceships.
Her paternal uncle, a troubled ex-legionnaire struggling with a permanent injury and debt, was a somewhat regular presence too: he mainly showed up to seek financial help and used to repay his brother's generosity by looking after his family and their shop when needed. It's while teaching the kid how to handle herself that he unearthed a real talent and enthusiasm for fighting, and unbeknownst to her parents, but much to her amusement, he occasionally let her train and spar with professional fighters as she grew up.

Then, one day the world crumbled around a Qay barely in her teens, when a clash between the Consortium and rebels razed the colony. Of the small family, only she and her uncle managed to escape the mayhem and survive, and before she could even process the traumatic event and the loss of her parents, she found herself catapulted in a hard life of struggle just to scrape by, with very few comforts beyond her beloved box of djinn-knacks.
Despite her best efforts, odd jobs and low-end pit fights soon turned out insufficient to both put food on the table and cover her uncle's debts; this eventually pushed him to sell her freedom to a creditor who recognized her potential in the ring, while she was led to believe there was no other option.
Over time, passion had to cede more and more ground to plain survival will, more and more aggressiveness was instilled in that good heart of hers, as training and matches became more and more brutal, until she wound up taking her first life in self-defense. Realizing the pain and damage his choices resulted in, the former soldier ultimately freed his niece after eliminating her cruel patron.
The two agreed to part ways in the end, so that she could leave Algol with most of the birr at their disposal and pursue the life among the stars she dreamed of, while he would stay and deal with the consequences of his mistakes.

Since then, Qay has been honing and putting her technical skills to practice and leveraging her athleticism into dock work, keeping a low profile and putting up with prejudice when encountered. From one station or ship to another, in search of her place in the universe, and deep down even of a family perhaps, her path has brought her on the Ghazali rescue fleet.

Problems & RelationshipsPersonal Problem: As a result of past trauma and abuse, she's easily on edge and may display disproportionate or inappropriate responses to stress and perceived danger.

  • She admires Erkma's intelligence and knowledge and is very grateful to have him as a mentor and friend. While she has always been able to understand and respect his reserve better than most, it has meant a lot to her that they could start opening to each other, and to hear from a person of his standing that she has a greater value than what society at large places on a plebeian Xinghur like her.
  • Hero is a good fighter and sparring partner, but whereas she appreciates his commitment to protect the innocent, his proclivity for violence can make her uncomfortable.
  • She likes Musfira and the positivity she radiates, and finds in her a kindred young Xinghur of humble origins braving the space, however the pilot's thrill-seeking tendencies can be frustrating at times.
  • She's somewhat curious about the Nerid Timin and his story, another humanite escaping Algol, but it's not in her character to actively inquire about someone else's life.

SheetAttributes: Strength 5, Agility 4, Wits 4, Empathy 2
Skills: Dexterity 2, Melee Combat 3, Technology 3
Reputation: 0

Talents: Resistant, The Faceless One's Talent, Tough

HP: 11
MP: 6

Capital: 300 birr
Gear: [5/10]

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Old Jan 2nd, 2023, 04:51 PM
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right-aligned image

Name Musfira Nasrin Origin Firstcome of Dabaran
Upbringing Plebian Race Xinghur
Age 22 Gender Female

Strength 3 Reputation 1
Agility 5 Hit Points 8/8
Wits 4 Mind Points 7/7
Empathy 3   

Pilot (a) 3   
Data Djinn (w) 2   
Technology (w) 2   
Medicurgy (w) 1   

Large hazel eyes, shaped as almonds, are set into an oval face that could be described as smooth in the manner of polished stone. Not the porcelain skin of a courtesan or noble woman, but the skin of one who spent her youth outside. Dark brown hair tumbles about her ears in thick curls. A standard Pilots' Suit, decorated with a few thin brightly colored stripes of primary color, fits her lithe frame.

She exudes the optimism of one who still believes that childhood was the worst thing that life will throw at her and moves gracefully toward adventure, where more experienced hands may cynically shrink away.

Concept: Freighter Pilot
Personal Problem: You are reckless and take stupid risks with yourself and your ship, even when it isn’t necessary.

Icon: The Merchant
Icon Talent: You can find a favorable loan to purchase an expensive object or ship module. The loan must then be repaid within the agreed upon timeframe.

Racial: Resistant (AR6/DR1 vs Natural Damage)
Concept: Exo Specialist (+2 Dex with Exos)

Capital: 0 birr
Gear *not commonly carried
Tools (ordinary)
Doctor's Bag
Flight Suit
Accelerator Pistol
Communicator, Personal (10km range)
*Exo Shell (Armor 2, -2 Dex, vacuum suit)
*Communicator IV (Orbital)


I have taken the I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Old Jan 3rd, 2023, 01:03 PM
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Catching up after the winter break...

Timin Fahs
Name: Timin Fahs

More normal than a typical Nerid but still obviously Nerid.
Taller than a regular human with paler skin which is very smooth. Extra nasal muscles allowing him to close his nostrils as well as add extra expression similar to eyebrows.
Graceful and sinuous in movement but very still when not moving. Tends to wear light coloured loose fitting clothes as they are easy to take off and/or dry. A bit like this

Origin & Upbringing: Algol, Stationary

Race: Nerid

Concept & Sub-Concept: Trailblazer - Scout

Character History:
Growing up a Nerid on Algol is not easy, treated poorly by whatever part of the Consortium is trying to make a profit this year and the health risks the environmental damage has brought about, its a wonder Timin has lived as long as he has. Given this background its remarkable he didn't join one of the many rebel groups "fighting back", even more so when his father died from heavy metal poisoning, but he found another way to give back. Timin was lucky to get in with a crew that specialises in Recovery and Reclamation and on the surface this is a legitimate role the company undertakes. Its not their only role and there are times where the recovery part is actually theft from the Consortium to give back to anyone not with the Consortium. Sometimes there's collateral damage but there has been lots of lives losts on both sides and the caring stopped a long time ago.

Since joining the crew Timin has become distant from his family and not made any personal connections, partly to protect them and partly to allow him to focus on what he does best and thats spending long times tracking and finding ways to recover and reclaim things from the Consortium. After a few years of this they got quite good and spent so much more time on the illegitimate side that they were rebels in all but paperwork. This should have tipped them off, well Timin thought it should have tipped off those running the crew, but it didn't. The Consortium was taking more interest in the kind of work they did and their reputation with the Rebels was growing, it was inevitable that those paths would intersect.

Timin was out one night checking out some docking facilities for a sea protein processor - high volume, low profit - so security would be on the poor side. He had been tracking some of the haulers as they were built from common parts and were easy to strip down and he wanted to double check the patrols and shipping routines before they planned a hijacking. Everything looked great and Timin headed back feeling optimistic about the job, he was late as he had taken more time to ensure his observations were correct and it was this that saved him. As he got back into the towns port he could see Consortium security forces closing in on the offices his firm worked out of, they had talked about contingency plans for this kind of event but never expected it so soon and so nothing had been properly setup. Timin was no fool and it was well know that lots of Nerid died trying to escape whilst assisting the Consortium with its inquiries, he slunk back to the water and went for a late night swim.

Its been a few weeks and Timin has kept a low profile but no further interest from the Consortium has come his way but finding work is not as easy now and his funds are not infinite and when the call comes up for the rescue mission Timin sees this as the perfect opportunity to get off Algol, lose any heat and make some more money.

Personal Problem: His friends were captured by corp Mercs and he doesn't know if he's a wanted man

- Erkma: Seems to have a similar political outlook but can be tricky to talk to when things get a bit more personal.
- Hero: Has an style reminiscent of people Timin worked with and avoided on Algol could be dangerous or a great ally.
- Musfira: Easy to get on with but shies away from troubling talk so could be unreliable if past trouble finds Timin
- Qay: Another Algol native but is she Corp or Rebel aligned and could Timin trust her?

Nerid Stationary
Attrs: 14pts
Skills: 10pts
Rep: 2
Birr: $1000 (-700 medkit)
Talent: Water breathing

Trailblazer - Scout
Rep: +0
Skills: Infiltration, Ranged Combat, Observation, Survival
Talent: Nine Lives
Gear: Recon Drone | Vulcan Carbine | m-doses (5) | Exo Shell | Env scanner
Medkit ($700) (m-doses (10))

Str: 3
Agi: 4
Wits: 4
Emp: 3

HP: 7
MP: 7

Infiltration: 2
Ranged Combat: 2
Observation: 2
Survival: 2
Medicurgy: 1
Technology: 1

You can evade an incoming attack, taking no damage. You can choose to activate the talent after a successful attack roll, but before you roll any cover or armor dice.The Dancer

Get to know psuedenim. I'm a He/Him in PDT and am around most days.

An ongoing medical thing came up so posting could be slower for a while. Please PM me or even post for me if the gap is too long.

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right-aligned image

Description: The lanky dark haired engineer goes by the name Erkma. Nondescript Zenthian, average height, boring haircut, and he mostly wears work overalls. About 35 years old. It's clear he is educated and even perhaps well-bred, knowing which spoon to use and how to use a knife and fork properly.
Origin & Upbringing: Zenthian Stationary
Race: Human
Concept & Sub-Concept: Scientist: Technician
Talent: You love tinkering with gear and equipment. With a successful technology test, you can repair an item or jury-rig a one-use contraption for a specific task. The number of sixes on your roll determines the gear bonus of the item.Gearhead
Personal Problem: Outstanding Bench Warrant from the Zenithian Hegemony: wanted for questioning regarding a certain worker/student protest on Kua from about 10 cycles ago. (Thinking like: can't go down to Kua planet, can't safely leave the ship if it's docked a Hegemony controlled space station, but whatever makes sense)
Money: 0 birr (spent on Protective Clothing. Have you seen engine rooms? They're dangerous places)

Stats Icon: This Icon is usually portrayed as a tired boy holding a broom. The Deckhand can bless homes and ships, if they’re well-kept and the right offerings have been made.The Deckhand
STR:2, AGL:3, WIT(k):5, EMP:4REP:5, HP:5, MP:9
Skills: Technology(w):3, Science(w):3, Observations(w):2, Data Djinn(w):1, Culture(e):1
Talents: You love tinkering with gear and equipment. With a successful technology test, you can repair an item or jury-rig a one-
use contraption for a specific task. The number of sixes on your roll determines the gear bonus of the item.
Gearhead, If your ship drops to zero Hull Points or Energy Points, you can restore D6 points of either kind instantly. This requires no action from you – it is the Icons intervening on your behalf.The Deckhand's Talent
Gear: Communicator(III)(light), Computer, A shell suit to protect the wearer in vacuum and other dangerous situations. Contains oxygen for eight hours and vacuum soles that stick to level surfaces such as ship hulls. Provides a little protection against external violence (Armor 2) but is difficult to move around in (-2 to dexterity).Exo shell, reinforced, Multitools for all kinds of Advanced repairs as long as the proper spare parts are available. Gives a +1 to technology.Tools (Advanced, Light), Protective Clothing (DR1)

Relationships to other PCs
Qay (Xinghur)-Zenithian Dock Worker-Algol: Obviously clever, although takes things way to personal. Over the past cycle of flying together, Erkma has mentored the young technician, and both have helped each other out of their shells. Qay is perhaps the only person who actual knows Erkma's situation. (feel free to read all the spoilers)

Hero-Zenthian Tough Guy: A bit scary quiet. And asks weird questions. What was he hired for? Are we going to need muscle on a rescue mission? Erkma deflects when Hero's around.

Musfira Nasrin (Xinghur)-Firstcome Freighter Pilot-Dabaran: Extroverted thrill seaker. They've flown together a several times, and Erkma did not really enjoy the flying part. But it's hard not to warm up to the cheerful chatty cathy in the galley. She probably knows his position on Corporations and Religion. (feel free to read the drunk/high spoiler)

Timin Fays (Nerid)-Firstcome Scout-Algol:
The Racism and Classism Timin faces is unjust. He seems alright. Doesn't ask nosy questions and like to talk about technology stuff.

Character HistoryErkma is cagey about his past. He's clearly Zenthian and grew up with some privilege and safety, but he's been flying for about ten cycles with different crews, always keeping his head down and avoiding attention. He's good enough with the tech that he can get away with it. Someone has to keep this bucket of bolts flying.



- - - - Fuerdrake

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