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Talryn PlatinName: Talryn Platin
right-aligned image

Race: Drow

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Swarmkeeper Ranger (TCoE +1)

Family Rank: Third son of Ruby Platin, fallen in status due to his injury and currently out of favour.

Appearance: Talryn Platin is still a young man by any reckoning of time the drow use, and yet there is a weary, melancholy that creeps into his eyes when he becomes lost in thought. While he is still handsome and appealing to the eye, the accident he suffered during training at Melee-Magthere that left him mute has dulled the luster of a once rising star in House Platin. Following his self-imposed exile, Tal has returned to the city without a hint of the boyishness that had hung about him in the past. It is clear to see that wherever he was, and whatever he was doing, the past couple of years have chiseled away any softness from the young man.

Background: The handsome and arrogant son of a small noble house, Talryn Platin was a driven and ambitious young man until the day a training accident stole his voice and left him mute. The accident did nothing to impede his actual combat skills, and yet the entire situation was regarded as a great loss for the house. Unable to speak, Talryn would never get the opportunity to lead or command troops, and there was little more in his future than that of any other common soldier. Finding himself buried under the sorrowful glances of his mother and kin, Talryn went into a self-imposed exile, leaving behind only a note as he sought to relieve the family’s grief and his own shame.

Two years have passed and House Platin has changed a great deal in Tal’s absence, though perhaps it is the young ranger who has changed the most. Covered in a constant swarm of arachnids, his arrival back in Menzoberranzan caused a significant stir among the people during his first day back. With no witnesses to what happened to him during the missing two years, it is now up to the family to determine how to reintegrate the young warrior into the family. Such an obvious display of Llolth’s favour cannot be a good thing for a family dedicated to opposing everything the spider goddess stands for, but they also cannot be seen openly turning such a ‘gift’ away.

The Player: I don’t think we’ve played together, although I couldn't say for certain without sifting through a lot of old threads. I want to play this game because of the high-level, long-term aspect of it, as well as the tense atmosphere created by the ‘surrounded by enemies’ idea going on with House Platin. Sticking around long term isn’t a problem. I’ve got a five year old game that I got recruited into at the last minute as a replacement player two months after joining the site. If the game lasts, I’ll last.

Melee Magthere Injury Roll


Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it. - Laurence J. Peter

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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Seldizar of House Platin
Race: Drow
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Wizard 9 (Bladesinging from Tasha's, just Deathsinging as that's the drow version.Deathsinging)
Mechanical Background: Entertainer
Family Rank: Seldizar is the first son of Corubon, Leader of the Guard and first son of Ruby Platin. Grandson of Ruby Platin.

Seldizar is a tall, lean drow man with statuesque features and a regal bearing. His long stark white hair is pulled into a ponytail and well groomed, and he is extremely handsome. His red eyes are ones many drow women find endlessly fascinating, and his face is flawless. In each of his pointed ears he wears two silvered hoop earrings. He dresses in the highest of drow fashion and always seems perfectly put together, with neither a hair nor a thread out of place. He has a light, rich voice which is well polished and shows one of proper upbringing. His posture is erect and confident, and he moves with such effortless grace it is almost a thing of beauty.

Seldizar is the first son of Corubon, the Leader of the Guard. Being the grandson of the Matron Mother has great responsibility and honor, and it is a role that both Corubon and Seldizar have taken seriously. Seldizar was always an intensely driven youth so the martial training instilled in him from an early age was an excellent outlet for his energy and self discipline. Seldizar quickly demonstrated his high intelligence once his formal schooling began and his perfectionist personality gave him plenty of success. He also showed an immense talent for the arts, specifically dancing and A deep, resonating singing style that resembles Mongolian throat singingUndersong, and would often deliver impromptu performances for his father and friends. He tried to master the vahzan-do but his manual dexterity was not up to the task, so instead he expresses himself with words and the movement of his body.

When he had a firm grasp of the theoretical concepts and formulae of magic, he was taken under the wing of the Platin Magister, Vern, with other promising drow students. As with his other studies, Seldizar exceeded all expectations with his studies and showed incredible drive and self-discipline compared to his peers. It is for this reason Vern took him as a personal student and trained Selidzar in the ancient drow art of deathsinging. Only a drow of Seldizar's talents could master the incredible blend of the arcane, the sword, and the physical self. It was, in fact, the most grueling experience of Seldizar's life and one of his most significant accomplishments.

Since then, Seldizar has been a vital member of House Platin and is generally considered the "golden child" due to his complete embodiment of drow culture itself. Seldizar feels quite fortunate to belong to such a noble House as Platin, and has compared his experiences to those from other Houses and realizes Platin is special. He also is unsure if any of the other Houses possess the knowledge and abilities taught to him by Vern, so he tries his best to keep his abilities a secret unless absolutely necessary.

The Player:
I am currently one of your Knights of Justice. The drow are always an interesting culture, but to be a "good" drow house is something all together different and exciting. It also gives me a perfect excuse to play a deathsinger. As far as my longevity, I have been posting on RPGX for over 5 years now and don't plan to stop anytime soon.
02/26/24 - New position and personal real estate work is keeping me busy, please PM me if I am running behind.

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Sunless, Voiceless, but Not Powerless
left-aligned image

Name: Victor Leiche

Race: Dhampir

Alignment: Lawful Good

Class: Oath of Devotion Paladin (5)/ Undead Warlock (4)

Family Rank: Victor is the adopted child of Vern, and is one of his warlocks. He's been a part of the household for the better part of ten years, and has been serving the House ever since.

Appearance: He is a dour-looking man with brown hair and a somewhat expressionless face, though he is more affable than he appears; he simply doesn't smile easily. Victor also has black sclera in his eyes, but otherwise appears to be a normal human in his mid-twenties. He has appeared this way nearly since he arrived in the Underdark. These days he wears a leather greatcoat over his armor so as not to stand out quite as much to those outside the House. (After a magical accident, he has a large scar over his throat and has been mute since. He generally hides it behind a tall collar.)

Background: Victor had been a member of an order of knights that had an outpost in the town of Potter's Field, a farming and mining town that had been having issues with attacks by drow raiding parties. He had gone down into the Underdark to try and rescue some kidnapped townsfolk, but he'd become separated from his party. They'd been attacked by something that extinguished their torches. Some kind of mage, perhaps. During the melee, Victor fell over the edge of a crevice and fell somewhere deeper in.

He woke up somewhere along the bottom, wedged between stalagmites. There wasn't room enough to wriggle out or to reach his pack. Blood loss left him dizzy and weak. There was nothing left to do but say his prayers until a figure came into view: Vern. Whether he saw something in Victor or it was simple empathy he was unaccustomed to seeing among the drow, he had no clue, but he offered him a deal. Accepting it would grant him his power and save him from death. All he had to do was to faithfully serve House Platin. It could be said this was a decision under duress, but there literally wasn't time to mull it over. Hesitantly, he agreed. As promised, he could feel new life surging into him as he helped him to his feet.

The... side effects of his rebirth may have been a consequence of his state of exsanguination, but he could forgive himself for that. There were more than enough wicked beings down here that he was able to subsist without endangering his oaths. And the longer he spent in House Platin, the more comfortable he was in his being there. It wasn't his order up above, but he could do good down here that would've been otherwise impossible. Who knows, maybe he would be able to prevent raids from becoming his brothers' problem in the first place.

The Player: I'm already in another Ysolde game, I haven't had a chance to play a game in the Underdark yet, and I imagine I'll enjoy this one as much as I do the Village Survival game. Also, I'd like to hope I've shown myself to be reliable in the past.

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Application - Iymtana
right-aligned image

Name: Iymtana Platin (formerly Faen Tlabbar)
Race: Drow (Szarkai)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: College of Swords Bard
Family Rank: Adopted into House Platin about a century ago



The Player: We've played together very briefly during Outplay. I recall that I liked your character concept of a troll shaman a lot. Besides that, I would really like to participate in this game because it looks like it will shape to become a very involved story, and both the setting and premise hold such promise. I have yet to drop from a game prematurely since I joined RPGX. So for now I don't see what would make me quit once I've joined this game. Oh, and now that she exists, I really want to learn how Iymtana's story continues. I really hope that she'll make it into the game.
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Gaerth Dakonette, Wyrmsworn of Dakon the Black, House Platin

Roleplay Sample

Recognition was immediate and sure. The two males warriors were of House Faen Tlabbar, and what’s better, they appeared intoxicated.

Gaerth set his trap.

Placing his well-used glaive upon a large crate, he began to pull and heave the thing out of the alley as the two approached down the lane, mock-arguing. Just as they came abreast the alley, Gaerth pretended a stumble backwards, and collided with the pair, sure to have them all soiled by the dank puddle at their feet.

The dragonborn was the absolute picture of subservience and terror as he stumbled over himself to apologize. "Forgive us, Masters! We are so clumsy and stupid! A thousand pardons, masters, please spare us!"

"Idiot!" The athletic-looking drow in fighting leathers struck Gaerth across the face with a leather-gloved hand. "Why under the earth would we spare a wretch as idiotic as you?" His companion in the ornate robe began to smile cruelly as purple magical auras formed about his hands.

"No, please, Masters – we knows we are stupid, but we don’t wants to die!" The dragonborn looks about in a panic. His eyes suddenly widen. "If you spares us, we tells you a secret. Yes! We are not supposed to tell, but we tells you, and you lets us live!" Gaerth fixes them with a pitiful look of hope.

"Our Master, is near! Not my place to tell, but . . . our Master has a surface elf lady prisoner, yes! You can see her, yes! And very cheap – for you very cheap. And you one of the first. She not even very mutilated yet. Pretty. Yes, pretty. Please, masters, come. Let me earn my life back. She back here. Back door in alley."

Stooped and wretched, Gaerth beckons them to come into the alley.

"Yes, I look out for you. You knock five times on first door on left. You happy and you spares us!"

"Can you believe this idiot? . . . Although I would fancy a surface elf lady. . . . Let’s just have a look, eh? Then most likely we kill him."

Gaerth stooped and groveled as the Faen Tlabbar duelist and mage crept toward the indicated door down the alleyway. As the pair passed, a distinct change came over the dragonborn. His back straightened and his fawning stopped. He was much, much taller than the two drow. He casually swiped up his glaive and silently twirled it in a complicated spin, one-handed. He sauntered up behind the two with grace and poise, and, smooth as spider silk, his glaive arced out to take the head off the mage clean. Following the momentum, he brought the glaive down to split asunder his companion. But the duelist was very fast. He only lost an arm in that first strike. He even managed to turn around and half draw his rapier before the butt of Gaerth’s glaive crushed into his chest. Hmmph. I’m almost impressed. The terrible dragonborn’s rage focused through his weapon, pure and hot. It erupted in a flash of power. The drow duelist’s eyes bulged as the blast made a crater out of his chest and most of his organs. Dead before he hit the ground.

The veil lifted, the dragonborn avenger stood over his enemies proud and triumphant, and quoted an ancient poem to their corpses in perfect, educated drow-dialect elven.

"From the Paradise of God
Without remorse drive out the sinful Pair
From hallowd ground th' unholie, and denounce
To them and to thir Progenie from thence
Perpetual banishment."

They say there are a million ways to die in Menzoberranzan. Now this was one of them. Well, maybe technically two of them. Wiping the blood off his glaive onto the wizard’s robe, Gaerth dared not take a trophy. All the better to confuse the fates of this pair with one of the other million ways. He turned on his heel and walked out towards the lane.

Stepping out of the alley, a dragonborn slave emerged onto the streets of Menzoberranzan. Pitiful and stooped, the thing leaned heavily on the shank of its glaive, supporting its hunched back, as it limped down the road, eyes downcast – just another meaningless slave on an errand.

Personal History

Gaerth was born to a world of light and hope in a small dragonborn village on the surface he does not even know the name of. Unfortunately for him and his kin, House Xolarrin took the notion to acquire a battalion of dragonborn warrior-slaves. Their action was swift and brutal. Half of the village adults were swiftly killed in the midnight raid, and all the survivors and children were taken as chattel.

So it was that Gaerth grew up as a fighting slave in the pits of House Xolarrin. Life was unmerciful and cruel. Becoming hard in order to survive warred with the council of the surviving dragonborn elders that still spoke of the good old ways in young Gaerth’s heart.

Death was a casual affair. The Xolarrin enjoyed watching the effect of a column of dragonborn hosing down a horde of goblins with their acid breath. But the dragonborn battalion was never used all that strategically, and, after a time, the novelty wore off. Xolarrin was chiefly interested in magical matters, and the dragonborn slaves were, at best, tangential to that.

So it came to pass that their lives were frittered away in some meaningless skirmish in which the full Faen Tlabbar drow military took advantage of some plausible deniability to slaughter a sizable force of Xolarrin non-drow warrior-slaves on the field of battle. The zealous, xenophobic Faen Tlabbar did it lustily, and images of the death and carnage of his remaining people are forever burned into Gaerth’s memory. Who else of his people may have survived, Gaerth knows not, for he was rendered unconscious and left to rot on the cavern floor for days before being discovered by a House Platin exploration party.

To his complete shock, Gaerth awakened in the healers compound of House Platin. Unsure what to expect, he came to learn that this drow house was very substantially different from the nightmare he had come to know. Integrating into their society, his hatred for House Xolarrin and especially House Faen Tlabbar grew and matured, but also came to include all of the evil Houses.

Gaerth soon found his purpose. It turns out, as much as a House might favor their Wyrm, there is always a good chunk of the architecture (well, most of it, really) that can’t exactly accommodate the magnificence of the true draconic form. And to Drakon the Black, that reality was a constant aggravation. Of course Drakon had taken agents before, to look into the places too small for him to squeeze. But their loyalties were always . . . split. With Gaerth, he had the chance for a true devotee.

So he made an offer to him. Serve Dakon in all ways and be his unswervingly loyal agent, and Dakon would see to it that Gaerth would have a chance at the revenge he so deeply craved. Gaerth took a Sacred Oath of Vengeance, with Dakon as his lord. Gaerth was given the surname Dakonette, and the black dragon made him his ward.

Gaerth is a very loyal and capable agent to Dakon. Whatever reasons Dakon has to be loyal to Lady Platin, Gaerth has them too. He has come to appreciate the culture of House Platin and the philosophy of Eilistraee over the madness of Llolth. For his own reasons, Dakon desires Gaerth to have status in the house beyond his service to the Wyrm, and has facilitated Gaerth to serve honorably in the House military. For his part, Gaerth is diligent in collecting information for Dakon in places he can’t go, and has also become a very skillful advocate for Dakon’s interests, when Dakon clearly explains them to him.


As House Platin’s Wyrm’s Dragonborn Agent, Gaerth’s appearance and mannerisms vary radically with context. In violence or on the brink of it, Gaerth is terrible and confident, with a booming voice and a sinister menace. In civil matters with House Platin, he is courteous and observant. Gaerth could never be a wizard, or an engineer, or really any kind of intellectual or scholar. But he does have a deep cunning, and a well-practiced ability to pick up on the mental state and priorities of the powerful drow of House Platin with whom he must interact for Dakon’s benefit. In the larger drow society outside of House Platin, Gaerth appears fawning, servile, and largely beneath the notice of most drow. But it is always done with a keen eye towards turning an advantage and subtly using drows’ own faults against them.

Physically, Gaerth is an impressive specimen. He is tall, well-muscled, covered in black scales, and has the ferocious horned head of a dragon. Outside of House Platin, however, he feigns frailty, with a pretended hunched back and slight limp.

He nearly always carries his battle-tested glaive, a weapon with which he is a true master. Though much used, he always keeps it in perfect condition, and has replaced the shaft five times in his ten years at House Platin. At his hip, he carries a net for enemies he must capture instead of kill. He wears a dagger strapped to his thigh, hidden below the skirt of his black-painted chainmail coat.

Vital Statistics

Name: Gaerth Dakonette – He’s had the name Gaerth for as long as he can remember. He likes to think it’s his original given name, but he doesn’t know for sure. He assumed the surname Dakonette since becoming the ward of Dakon the Black.

Race: Dragonborn (Black Dragon Lineage)

Alignment: True Neutral – Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

Family Rank: Agent and Ward of Dakon the Black

Party Role: Sly Wretch Beneath Notice, Expert Dragon Advocate, Universal Tank, Frickin’ Melee Powerhouse

(Hate the Game, Not) The Player: Howdy, Ysolde. You may remember me from such classics as:
  • Successfully advocating for the reintroduction of psychotic mind-controlling leeches into society
  • Sweet-talking a nest of harpies into releasing their villager captives in favor of enslaving a gang of bandits
  • Transforming an invading warlord into a chicken
Gaerth will be a very, very different character than that, but hopefully at least as compelling. Obviously, I love the idea of a House Wyrm so much that I made an entire character riffing on the concept. Two of my favorite PCs are somewhat tangential to this story. I’ve got a Shadar Kai Raven Queen devotee that considers Eilistraee to be an irredeemable hypocrite for neglecting the plight of the Shadar-Kai and the Raven Queen brought on by their attempt to prevent the schism of the surface elves and drow (whereas Miss E literally shot the king of elf gods with a longbow in that same situation. . . ). And I used to play a Crinti (half drow) itinerant paladin devotee of Eilistraee that faced constant prejudice on the surface world for his drow-like appearance. So I’m excited by the challenge of playing a character of extremely low social status in the larger drow world in an intrigue campaign. And again, there is the dragon angle, which tickles me immensely.

Sources: PHB, DMG, XGE

Character Sheet

Not Fade Away (IHTTOOS)
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Name: Lua Quiri (Bright Aura)

Race: Aasimar: Radiant Soul (MPMM) Her parents are Drow.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Warlock: Hexblade. Book +1: Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Family Rank: Lua has recently been accepted into House Platin. She is part of House Staff where she cooks for house members and also acts as Maid/Butler when needed.

Appearance: Lau is a typical looking female Drow. She stands around 5 1/2' tall and weighs a healthy 140lbs. She sports an slender yet athlete build which makes her look large when compared to some of her slimmer counter parts. But that's where the typical Drow looks stop. Lua is an albino drow, known as a Szarkai. Her skin is alabaster-white giving her a slightly glowing look about her. Her hair is gold in color and her eyes are a metallic matching gold, hinting at the possibility of foreign ancestry. When she outside of House Platin she dresses in typical drow clothing, a black over cloak with a hood and soft black boots. Her regular clothing consists of either a dress or a leather top and pants colored purple and black. Her house staff outfit is the same as her outdoor clothing but all white instead.

Background: I remember my parents and I know that they are rare among the Drow. Most Drow take a mate for either some kind of House alliance or for producing offspring. When ny parents first meet, they actually fell in love with each other, and I was the result of their love. Because of their different social status my mother took father as her consort, and they lived together in her House. My mother, Bae (Fate) Arab’afin is a member of House Arab’afin (The Daughters of the Web) and is a low-ranking Priestess of Loth who just began her training. My father Ran (Lesser) is a member of a merchant clan who serves House Arab’afin, but my father isn’t related to any of the clan members. That’s all my parents know about each other. It’s safer for them that way. The less they knew about each other’s past, the better. The only thing that mattered was their love for each other and me. When I was born, my parents said that I absolutely glowed like the light from the surface world. However, being born a Szarkai, would cause my parents a lot of trouble, especially when I barely reached adulthood at age 50.

Up until then, House Arab’afin kept my birth a secret. Because I looked like a surface Elf, they believed that I was a blessing from Loth herself. They intended to train me to be a surface spy for the house. However, a rival house found out about me, House Hlalya (Seers of the Blade) and demanded to turn me over to them. They believed that I should be sacrifice to Loth. They believed that my alabaster skin and gold hair was proof that I was favored by Eilistraee, and that I should be eliminated before my I started to contaminate Loth’s children and make then turn against her.

While both houses were preoccupied in arguing over me, my parents stepped in and helped me the best they could. My mother told me to leave House Arab’afin and never come back. She kissed me on the forehead and left. After she left, my father gave me a piece of paper with the name House Platin on it and a crude map and told me I could find help there. He kissed me on the forehead and left. They didn’t care what the consequences of their actions would bring then, all they cared about was me.

I haven’t been with House Platin for very long, but they welcomed me with open arms. It feels strange to be around others that don’t see me as pawn for their power plays or that I have to keep myself hidden from them because of my birth. I feel safe among the stable life House Platin offers. As for my parents? I don’t what happened to them after I fled. I later learned that House Hlalya made a move against House Arab’afin, assassinating most of the members. My house retaliated like wise. I would like to find out about my parents, but until then I will keep as low as profile that I can. I changed my name and have passed myself off as a surface Elf. Even though I was raised a Drow in the cruel Drow society, I now know that that there is another way of living, and it feels right to me. I have no desire to return to the life I left behind. But questions still remain, besides the fate of my family. How did my father know about House Platin? And when I was told about Eilistraee for some reason the Goddess intrigued me. I wanted to know more. Could House Hlalya have been correct about me all along?

The Player: Have you played with me before?
Yes. It was Curse of Strahd ran by Impaleddearan. I played Nova Moonlight.

What makes you want to play this game?
It’s the interesting concept of the struggle of a Drow House devoted to Eilistraee and the path of good in the middle of a city and a society of evil ruled by Loth. I see lots of potential for roleplay, intrigue and survival in this game.

Do you really think you'll stick with this for at least a year? How about 5?
Yes. I’m in it for the long haul. The longest game I played in was Desert of Desolation ran by fromthe1980s. It lasted 4 years.

Posting Format:
Lua Quiri
left-aligned image

Current Conditions:: HP:66 / 66 AC:19 THP 0/0 Special:. Devils Sight: 120'. Resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage.





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Eilisandra Platin
4th Daughter of the Matron Mother
The Quirky One

Shadow Magic Sorceress

Chaotic Good


Beauty can be found in many things in Menzoberranzan depending on where you care to look or who you care to ask, but there are certain instances where a general concensus has been reached. Eilisandra is one of those instances, brought to life. From the very hair that grows from her head; an almost ghostly near glowing white cascade of long flowing hair, like the flame of a spirits torch, to her pure, unconditional, and ruthless service to her family she is both beauty, and danger personified. Her skin a soft lilac hue spotted with small patches of dark purple freckles, supple, and flawless like a statue basking in the darkness. Her eyes were similar to her hair in the way they almost shone with a ghostly light. Larger than most of the sharp eyed dark elves that populated the great city, they only served to give her a more "exotic" look when compared to other elves, though she is usually wild-eyed, or staring off. Big full lips of a darker purple, and more generous proportions on a still lithe frame completed her physical appearance aside from her attire. All of her clothing is of a deep deep purple, that looks as though she wears the very shadows of the city as her clothes. Sometimes she chooses to go out more scant, others she is seen as almost smothered in clothing. An odd one for sure


While having stunning looks can be an advantage Eilisandra is most often aloof, and consumed in the strange goings on inside her own head than to care about the "draw-backs" of being so attractive. Most flirting attempts go over her head, and unless it is house business or her own machinations she very often isnt putting her all into the situation be it from distractions, or lack of interest. Many have claimed that she is merely an empty-headed doll for House Platin to parade around, or insinuated that she is unintelligent, but none of them see her for what she is. Being alone for a long time can have serious effects on the psyche, and it shows with Eilisandra. People's words are but a weapon here in Menzoberranzan, and one does not just let a weapon harm them. That much must be earned.
Eilisandra is a generally happy person, and doesnt let the dark politics of the city get her down, but this doesnt mean she is unable, or unwilling to make a display, or example of someone should the need arise. As much as she is known for her beauty she is also known for her undying loyalty to her mother's word. While House Platin is a house that has good aligned moral values sometimes problems arise, and need to disappear. What is more unforgiving, and good at hiding things, than the dark? With this philosophy in hand Eilisandra has no problem with any of the more unsavoury things her mother might have need of her for. After all she see's herself as her mother's tool.


No one knows what an opal thinks, they just admire it, and covet it, and go about their day. This was similar to how Menzoberranzan made her feel, going outside the walls of her house, and into the cut-throat world of the city, but not so at home however. Her two lives were both opposites of each other; her one at home in the safe loving walls where she didnt feel the need to put on heirs, or clothes, and could relax, and the One outside the walls where she was an extension of the house, her Mother, her Step-Mothers, and siblings. The pressure, could be rough, but thanks to her mother(s) she was taught some very helpful ways to cope.

Eilisandra was born both beautiful, and odd, from a young age she tended towards being alone despite those who would attempt to flock toward her beauty. So much so that the groups caused her a great degree of fear, and discomfort with such a strong preference to being left alone. As she grew she started to show a great deal of talent for the arcane arts, so much so that they would often manifest against those who got too close, or made Eilisandra uncomfortable with unwanted advances. With training from her family she was able to hone her skills, and take control of the strange power within her.

Once she grew into her own she was a confident powerful she-elf with no fears of being around people. Rather it was the crowds that kept a healthy berth out of fear they meet the same fate as a would-be lover of hers. The 6th daughter of the 6th wife of House Agrach Dyrr got a little too handsy with Eilisandra, and was promptly torn to shreds by beasts made of tangible shadows leaving only a twitching mass for onlookers to gawk at. This of course enraged the twin sister of her "victim" who now plots to get revenge for her sisters "murder" at any cost regardless of the problems it would bring to her house. Being in one of the top 8 houses it is sure that Eilisandra will be dealing with this for decades to come, but it is not something she feels bad for. At least the physical act, the fall out her family may bear because of this is something she feels very bad about.

The training Eilisandra took to get to this point was easier than she expected it to be as all of her magic seemed as innate to cast as breathing was to do; it just happened. It wasnt until she was able to fully shape and control the form of the shadows into actual creatures that she started to feel a sense of challenge with her magics, and let herself get creative with it. Years of talking, and coaxing the shadows to different shapes formed interesting quirks like her talking to herself... or shadows like people. This made her teacher, Dakon a little concerned as it wasnt be best signs of mental health, but she was so prodigious in her control over shadows that he over looked it. Despite being a black dragon, Dakon and Eilisandra grew fairly close as he taught her the intricacies of innate magic powers. After all who would be a better teacher for a sorcerer, than a dragon? That said during her training Dakon had to restrain her when her shadow powers surged, and went out of control.

The young elf pulsed with magic power as her strong connection with the darkness manifested in tendrils darker than any inky murk in the underdark, lashing at anything within range with extreme prejudice. As they grasped, bound, and even crushed things, and a few house servants Dakon did one of the few things he could that would not endanger the youngling. Weaving the arcane around her he forced her to take on a different form, choosing one he found pleasant, at least in design, as much as a black dragon could anyhow. A cat, though one whose form was not as he had envisioned when he cast the spell initially. What looked like a long haired tabby cat as black as the shadows Eilisandra commanded, but flecked with lines of what looked like silver moonlight showering across her coat as her markings. The event would be one that stuck with her as both a traumatizing event, and the start of her disorder. You see as much as she liked to hone her skills, and learn to master the shadow powers she had come into there were residual effects from Dakon's quick thinking that got in the way of that. Every so often when subject to magics not her own, Eilisandra will revert back to this polymorphed cat form. Never any longer than three minutes, but in a heated situation, or; Matron forbid, a political one it can be enough of a problem to get you killed. Especially in Menzoberranzan. Needless to say this is a secret she holds very close to her chest as she sees this as her greatest weakness.

The Player



Natural 20's:15
Natural 1's: 3
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Valthrum Plantin - v1.1 (Level 9 - Joining)
Name: Valthrum of House Platin
Race: Reborn (Drow)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral; Unwavering loyalty to the family without much care for the good/evil ethics side of the commands or requirements.LN
Class: Fighter 4 (Rune Knight) / Artificer 5 (Armoror/Guardian)
Family Rank: Soldier
right-aligned image
Image created with DALL-E 3

A black suit of armour, a shield permanently attached to his arm, and a black ragged hole where the face should be.

Standing seven feet tall Valthrum is a sight to behold; or not, as no one has ever seen him, not even a square inch of skin. Realty is that his insubstantial form inhabits the very armour he wears, the inside as hollow as a shell. Never eating, drinking, breathing or even sleeping, his lack of memories from "the before time" when he was truly alive give Valthrum a detached outlook on life.

Mystical runes are engraved across his helm, armour and shield, but he has never been seen wielding a weapon, using a black gauntletted fist to deadly effect, and deadly distraction.

In combat, he can Bonus Action: Rune Knight/Giants Might; 7' 2x to Large: 14', followed by Action: Enlarge; 2x 14' to Huge: 28'transform his size within seconds, growing in size to almost thirty feet high, an intimidating presence on any battlefield.

His keen intellect and knowledge of the arcane are also to be reckoned with.
Background: Haunted One (Tasha's skill swap)*



Important Posts
First Role Play Introduction Post

Stat Block
The Oath of SangusStatus: Slow (on holiday)

Characters: Hieronymous - Valthrum - Slake - Spyder - Ain'Jel - Aster - Bob - Leatherface - Eric/Unit-13

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Dance, Magic Dance
left-aligned image

Name: Eilizeta El'aren
Race: Drow
Class: Cleric/MonkSword Dancer of Eilistraee
Alignment: Chaotic Good





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Pierro Platin
right-aligned image
Name: Pierro, Prince of the Stage

Race: Drow

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Class: Rogue (thief) 3/Ranger (gloom stalker) 3/Warlock (celestial, pact of the tome) 3 [Xanathar's]

Family Rank: House Minstrel (adopted son)

Education: Melee Magthere (missing eye, facial scarring - masked) +2 attack rolls

Appearance: Pierro is a master of many faces, both on stage and off. However, he is most easily recognized when wearing his entertainer's garb consisting of bright garments, garish scarves, and an assortment of masks. A frilled, low-cut shirt and pointy boots are concealed by an artistically gilded breastplate and greaves.

Background: Entertainer - Pierro was adopted at a young age as an orphan. He has no memory of his former parents or house. He was never good at much when he was young besides dancing around and playing tricks to pull a laugh. But as he grew, so too did his reputation and fame as a performer. Soon, his broad and growing repertoire provided him access to places and people where House Platin might not otherwise be welcome. And so, the fool became the fooler, and Pierro blossomed into a valuable spy for the Family.

Personality: Pierro carries a pleasant yet serious tone and seems to almost move in slow-motion, such is his grace and poise. Though he is known for his performances, pranks, and acrobatic feats, he is not prone to levity himself. He seems to give all his joy to others. Privately he is a very quiet, secluded, considerate individual, who would seem just as satisfied alone with almost nothing than surrounded by friends in a royal court.

The Player: We're not in any games together, but of course I've seen you around. As for me, I've been on the boards for a long time and most of my games are multi-year affairs. I hope to maintain that level of dedication, should circumstances allow.
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right-aligned image
Name: Grindle Spitmuddle
Race: Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Background: Spy
Personality Traits:
1. I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.
2. I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Ideal: People. I'm committed to the people I care about, not to ideals. (Neutral)
Bond: Loyalty to House Platin and its cause, so long as that helps the svirfneblin.
Flaw: I turn tail and run when things look bad.
Family Rank: Slave to Emerald
Appearance: Grindle looks much like any male svirfneblin, though on the small side even for that race. He is scarred and looks prematurely aged due to drow torture.
Books: PHB, DMG, TGE


Background When King Schnicktick let Belwar Dissengulp lead 300 warriors to aid Mithral Hall in what the drow call Yvonnel's Folly – and what the other side calls the Battle of Keeper's Dale – that number was enlarged by auxiliaries and camp followers. Among those was Grindle, a scout and spy. Alas, though the drow were heartily beaten, Grindle was captured by drow while scouting before the battle and taken back to Menzoberranzan to be broken and sold as a slave.

An agent of House Platin purchased him in the slave market. Rather than merely exploit him, he was rehabilitated and made a retainer to Emerald Platin, who saw his usefulness in his previous profession. It's she who created a public role for him: Just so he can be called, "The Courier," like the Benedict Cumberbatch spy film. Although "The Transporter," as in the 2002 Jason Statham film would be cool, too. LOLCourier. As such, he is constantly running errands around the city, both for ordinary purposes and for espionage. A puny and deferent male of the lesser races can go certain places and witness certain things a drow cannot, even a loathsome male drow slave. His eyes and ears are always open, ready to report back to Mother Emerald.

For Grindle's part, he has willingly remained with House Platin rather than return to his people, even though Mother Emerald and the Matron Mother would surely let him go after more than a decade of loyal service. It's his belief that he can best help his people and the cause of peace in the Underdark by advancing House Platin's religious and political goals, at least for now.

A svirfneblin's lifespan is long, and Grindle has assumed for years that he will return to Blingdenstone and his family eventually. Sadly, recent news of Blingdenstone and all who dwelt there is grim indeed. Due in small part to Grindle's influence, some refugees from Blingdenstone have found refuge in House Platin.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Shadow aide to Lady Platin

right-aligned image
Image created by AI (GPT-4/Dall-e 2, editted by Playground v2)

Name: G'eldriia (no last name... she was born a slave)
Age: 112
Race: Drow
Alignment: True Neutral
Class: Rogue (Assassin) 9
Family Rank: Slave (Shadow Aide)

One of G'eldriia's most dangerous weapons is her simple and captivating beauty. She has very soft facial lines, deep red eyes, long white hair she keeps braided and a relatively well-built body kept by constant activity and training. G'eldriia is short for a drow, yet not to the point of looking like a child.

When operating inside House Platin premises, she will dress a common slave attire - made of coarse linen - and cheap sandals (always of a type that is quick to remove). When on mission, she will also wear a relatively coarse linen, but with bracers on her forearms and stripes of leather around her ankles (she prefers to operate barefoot), together with a belt where she carries her "tools".

Her back and shoulders are all tattoed and marked with slight burns that make scars, giving the tattoos a dimension of depth. That is a relatively common use in Drow society.

One subtle detail in her appearance is that she has lost the middle toe of her left foot.

Honor has its demands. Moral has its rules. Civility has its laws.

I stand by none.

<her voice is slow and deep, even solemn, but then relaxed...>

How come, if I act so loyally? If you truly wish to know me, you have to understand where I came from, what made me, otherwise you will be lost.

Relax... just lie down, take a sip and I will have it all make sense for you.

I was born of a slave at a house whose name I prefer to forget, and no: I am not the general's daughter. Really! It's just a disguise. <she opens a mischievous smile>

Anyway, life in slavery is harsh and even worse here in Undermountain than anywhere else I've ever heard of. The chores were severe and they had no regard for me being a child. I survived of crumbs and whatever was left of other people's food. I grew up like that... by magic, divine intervention or whatever else I don't care about. I survived to see the day that house would fall.

There was a ruse, you see? Houses keep fighting each other and there is always someone wanting to cut someone else's throat in those big halls you so histerically laugh on. That ruse, though, was not a dispute among equals. "My" house picked a fight with another they found to be far more than a match for them.

One night, when I was just 11, an easy-talking woman came in, offering a trade on fabric. A real wonder and the price was fair! She sold all of it and promised more, partied with all and slept in the house... and then killed the guards and opened the front door. I swear never again did I see so fast an attack! They entered and defeated everyone before the house could assemble anything that could be called a defense.

There was a woman in the back lines, observing everything, directing the fighters. There was something about her... such a strength! Her eyes were like fire! I hid in fear she would look into my soul, but then I looked back! There was something in her I could not stop looking. There was something in her I... I wanted to BE!

After the battle was over, they caught their wounded and the woman went on healing them with magic, while the other fighters started collecting everything they could... including the slaves. I was affraid and, when one of the soldiers - a young woman with a spear loosely pointing down - approached me, I managed to grab a knife from the dinner table and make a deep cut on her leg. The surprise seemed to paralyse the soldier, so I ran and hid the best I could. I knew the house and all its secrets, so I hid well. They spent hours looking for me. Far more than they would if they were just plundering the house. I thought to myself "It's now... they want my life for the foot of the soldier!"

It just happened that one of the soldiers found me by accident, for she slipped in a puddle of blood and fell over the piece of furniture that was covering my hiding place.

I was in a hole and waited for the spear to come to me, but it didn't. Instead, I saw a hand stretched in my direction. A hand and a voice... HER voice! The woman I saw before, the leader of the forces - it was her calling me out of the hole. Gently did she call me a nickname she seemed to have come up with that very moment: "thin blade"... but gentleness can happen before a murder and something told me she had a monstruous power! I could almost feel it!

left-aligned image
Image created by AI (GPT-4/Dall-e 2)

Hey! Slow down with the wine! I want you to hear my story.

Terrified, I slowly left the hole and was ready to be vaporized that very moment... when the woman took my hand and kept on with her duties, directing and organizing the plunder, taking the bodies of the defeated, consolidating her victory. She took me with her all along and I was terrified... and amazed! I always lived to last one more day, but, at that moment, I suddenly had a goal: I wanted to be just like that woman! Nothing in the world would stop me from that! If I had a tenth of that power, not even the gods would dare stand in my way!

Of course, I later came to know she was, indeed, very powerful... but still feared the gods.

When all was done, they left the house and I came to find the soldier I stabbed. She was well and there was only a scar where I placed a deep wound. The woman they always respectfully called "My Lady" released my hand, put me sitting beside the soldier and gave her an order: "You will train this one". My new "mentor" was not very happy with that, but nodded and treated me surprisingly well... but later I would see that the cut I placed on her leg was nothing compared to what "training" meant to that soldier, which happened to be one of the houses trusted captains.

With all the others, I was moved to the house's premises, where I started to live with the rest of the slaves. Those who fitted the ways of the house were incorporated into the workforce, while those more leaning towards their former masters' ways of thinking were freed - which meant they would have to fend for themselves in a society without compassion of any sort. I pity them.

I was a slave only in name, and that word had a completely different meaning to that house. I had my chores, of course, and a very harsh training schedule, but food was abundant, we slept in clean clothing - that we cleaned ourselves, but even that was time spent on our own wellfare - and there was no beating. In no time, I was feeling part of the house. I even made friends and had some time to play with them.

At first, the training was to build my strength and I even had the basics of a short sword, but soon, my mentor observed the way I played with the other kids and suggested to the lady I should be trained for a different role. That is when I started playing hide-and-seek with another woman of the house. She found me all the time and I never seemed to be able to find her and she would always explain why. That was the most fun I ever had in my life, but it did serve a purpose other than amusement. I was training to become something else: a skilled assassin. They call me a "shadow aide": an assassin at the service of my lady.

Yes! I'm dangerous! Be careful around me! <again, the mischievous smile>

As the training proggressed, I kept seeing the lady around the house. She kept calling me "thin blade" and sometimes she would take me by the hand, while she walked around to oversee this or that job that was needed. I kept looking up to her and even now I still struggle to get closer to the point she is at! I will be just as powerful, she'll see!

Anyway, the "trader" that entered my former house and opened the door for the attack to come was the master of my new mentor and I learned she was the house's chief assassin. Not that they keep killing people for nothing, but there are a few people who really deserve to die and it was her job to make sure they properly did so. I was being trained to assist her.

I kept training and training until the day I turned 100. That was when I received my first real assignment. I should play the role of a buyer in a slave market where a merchant was using some sort of a potion to clean the minds of the slaves. They had blank faces and did not even seem like sentient people. I should enter, behave like a spoined brat, choose the most handsome slave and, secretly, place a knife under table. The knife would be used by one of our assassins, who would certainly be searched before she could see the merchant.

The fact is that I was caught with the knife, imprisoned, tortured - and they even cut one of my toes! But the people of my house did not leave me to die and I was out before the day was over. No one will ever hear of that merchant again and the dreaded potion's recipe was burnt in the fire that accidentally consumed his shop.

Even now, I still proudly serve that house and many a pervert has lost her life by my hands.

So, that is it: that is who I am and why I act as I do. This world is rotten to the core - all except my house. Since they are rotten, I don't care if other people cry or cheer; since life is rotten, I don't care if my orders are to take life or save life... all I want is to be close to those I call friends and to serve the woman I one day will be proud to see as an equal in power!

<she sighs...>

You are not believing a word I say, right? Well, I have two things to tell you: first, everything I said about my life is true and it's not every day I let it slip from my mouth... second, do you see this precious bottle of wine I brought for us to have fun? I did not take a sip from it!

Even after the long story I just told you, I truly believe you still have a few seconds left... to realize why.

The Player
Hi! I'm Kos Kallah! I prefer not to disclose much about myself, but one thing may be obvoius to those who share the same interest: I like anime!

In the story above you will certainly find several elements of a typical anime: the dangerous girl (a side character) who ends up becoming a good and trusted friend of the main character (sometimes even a love interest), despite the fact that she is a... well... dangerous person; the inner quest to get stronger and match the power of the character's hero or father/mother figure; the laidback captain who easily falls in the first scene, but ends up being a bad*ss... many elements, indeed.

I like a lot to write and that is the reason I came to RPG Crossing... well, the other reason is that I did not find too many mature people to play on Discord and heard things here are different (i.e.: more rules-based).

I intend to stay here for a fairly long time (probably those five or more years you asked about, Ysolde), but I solemnly swear I'm up top no good I will never leave without first telling you!

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