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Old Feb 2nd, 2023, 07:44 AM
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February PotM

left-aligned image

Yes, I am aware there could be a trigger warning needed for that image, I mean... clowns but there is a good reason for this. Over here, the Netherlands, this is the Month when Carnaval is celebrated!!!! Preparations have been made since October I think, crowning a Prince or Princess Carnaval who will lead the merry people towards the actual;l Carnaval even in February and to quote the 'I am Expat'- site:

In short, carnival is a Catholic celebration that takes place in the weeks leading up to the Easter holidays. Nowadays the holiday might have lost some of the more traditional religious elements, but originally carnival marked the beginning of Lent - the 40-day fasting period ahead of Easter which kicks off on Ash Wednesday.

The European city most strongly associated with carnival is probably Venice, but it’s celebrated here in the Netherlands too, largely in the southern regions, as these provinces are traditionally Catholic.

(or you can read it yourself over here)

Anyway, what has this to do with the Post of the Month you may wonder: absolutely nothing; but now you know

Besides carnival --> start nominating!!!!! Hopefully, lots of great posts will be written and/or already have been written, show them, share them, put it in the spotlight. Remember: please only nominate ONE post and only provide ONE reference/link to the excellent awesome post.
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Old Feb 26th, 2023, 12:47 PM
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right-aligned image

Player: Yoshimi
Game: Banshee Bride
System: 5e
DM: FillyJonk

The Lone Marda's Lonely Howl

Context: A'ru is a Marda--possibly the last of his race--on a quest to find an oracle and determine if any others of his kind exist in the wide world. He catches sight of a ghostly figure that might be ancestral kin of some sort, but the figure disappears and A'ru loses the trail. With one, last desperate attempt, he follows a clue from a centaur in his party to check the resonance of a certain wall-stone which might reveal a hidden passage, fortifying his search with a primal call of his species.

Reason: As a player, Yoshimi is taking a simple, mechanical re-roll given through a player assist move and turns it into a short, tight cinematic masterpiece of a post. It's three paragraphs that pack a punch ... leaving everyone playing in the thread on edge as we wait for the resolution of his action to play out.

Link to Post


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Old Feb 28th, 2023, 01:37 PM
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Player: Touketsu
Game: Die Fabulous
System: Thirsty Sword Lesbians (Powered by the Apocalypse)
GM: It is me!! Strangemund!!Some weirdo.
Post: here

Reason for Nomination: I have sat here for about twenty minutes trying to put into words why I like Touketsu's post so much. It is difficult to pin down because there is so much I love about it as both a GM and a passive reader.

For context, I presented an NPC named Sally Slither to ruin my thirsty sword lesbians fine day at Ha-Ha-Harleen's Place, a tavern that they lovingly called home. I didn't have much planned in the way of Sally Slither's backstory when I first introduced her. I knew she was going to be an antagonist, a great dresser, and be the anathema to the party's beloved Gnoll NPC, Harleen herself. But then Touketsu and I started to talk OOC about the relationship her character, Aurelia, may have had with Sally Slither, because we both noticed there was potential for some perfect relationship conflict between the two.

Aurelia is a Scoundrel. A thief in Prism City whose number one priority is always herself. She doesn't believe in things like love, not any more. And trust, well, trust is a unicorn, because as far as she's concerned, its rarely seen, and only told in fairy tale stories. But...once upon time, she did trust someone. She did love someone. And that someone was Sally Slither.

The decision to make Sally Slither Aurelia's ex was a stroke of genius on Touketsu's part, and I have feasted like an eldritch god on the slow build-up of emotion Aurelia's been stewing on as the party waited for Sally Slither's arrival at the bar. The plan for Aurelia was to stay in the shadows, up in the rafters, where she could wait to ambush her while another party member distracted her long enough to mine for more information. But for a woman of passion like Aurelia, all that waiting just let those past emotions-- of love, of loss, of bitter betrayal-- all of it swept over her like a storm on the horizon, waiting to be unleashed.

And this post is the culmination of all that raw emotion hitting her at once.

The glimpse into Aurelia and Sally's Slither past together is both beautiful and heart-breaking. There's a warmth there that exists in that moment that present Aurelia no longer bares due to the scars Sally Slither left her. There's also subtly in the way Sally Slither manipulates her in this moment that should be sweet and loving, but isn't, as she doesn't let Aurelia tell her how she truly feels. She avoids that heartfelt confession in favor of a gift that would show the world that Aurelia was hers. And all of that came from Toukestu themselves. A 100&. And I have to say it-- it is poetic! It is ripe with pain and makes my heart ache for Aurelia, even though this was not a thing that existed a month ago. But it is written so well that you'd think this was planned from the start. Heck, I am the GM, and I am still not sure it wasn't.

But Touketsu, like the others in my sweet, thirsty game, continues to spoil me with a cut back to the present, where Aurelia finally lets that storm inside her go. And it is just so invigorating to watch her confront Sally Slither, at long last, ready to take what is owed for her broken heart. It is literally like watching a drama on television. I am thrilled. Incredibly thrilled.

In short, it is a masterful post, and that's why I am nominating it. So, thank you for reading this far into my gushing of their post~! Please enjoy Touketsu's hard work, and if you are feeling generous, send good vibes Aurelia's way~! She's gonna need it.

Status: Slow Posting| Pronouns: She/Her
GMing Die Fabulous
Characters: Thunder in the Morning - Harp Strum - Captain Tavosh - Kazimir - Krow Munday - Vinter Kheen

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Old Feb 28th, 2023, 09:53 PM
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Author of post- Drachenspirit
Game- The Closing Calamity in the Crags
System- D&D 5e
GM- Drachenspirit
Post Link- It's me, hi. I'm the link.

Reason for Nomination- Once upon a time there was an active thread in Players Seeking Games. In this thread, someone offered to be the DM for a would be adventuring party. 2 1/2 years later, the game is still going. Yes, this post is part of a proof that success can be found within Players Seeking Games.

Here we have the DM handling payment to the surviving adventurers for a completed job, with an unusual proof of completion, and offering a new job to both remaining and brand new PCs. It's a well formatted major plot advancement.

The text-

Day One
Faerun, the Year 1481 DR
The Season of Mirtul on the Northern Sword Coast
Weather: Overcast skies: A Foggy Morning
Luskan, Morning at The Taproom

Captain Suljack raises an eyebrow when Sagda speaks and looks to her daughter.

Her daughter says, "Amn?"

The Captain replies, "Close, well, not that far as a seagull flies. A bit further south."

"Calimshan", her daughter replies on getting the placement of the terminology and the accent right the second guess.

The Captain smiles slightly, obviously proud of her daughter for paying attention to people. She then gives an up gesture with her chin to her daughter who grabs the blood stained sack and walks a few feet away from the table with it.

She reaches in, and pulls out the head of a woman who was obviously decapitated.

Everyone in the place stops what they are doing, chairs sliding for some to see, as the daughter of the Captain holds it up to her eye level, but at a full arm's length.

Captain Suljack nods to her daughter and neither seemed the least bit squeamish by the display - helps when you grow up in a sea port one might suppose.

She tucks the head back in the sack and hands it to one of the guards who heads out the front door with it as everyone in the place then sits back down with glances at Vicious, Isabella, and Xilith before they all go back to eating and talking softly amongst themselves.

Captain Suljack now sits at an empty end of the table and begins to drink some cider as he daughter begins to take coins out of the large pouch previously laid on the table. She makes seven stacks of ten coins high with three other coins beside those in front of Isabella, Xilith, and Vicious each. This leaves one coin odd and she places that additional one in front of Vicious. The coins are platinum so that's seven hundred and thirty gold value for Xilith and Isabella, and seven hundred and forth gold value for Vicious.

The Captain says, "We're a ship of our word. Payment as promised for the head of Alyissid the Dark. Since there's just the three of you returning, it don't split evenly, so we figure the one who delivered the head gets the difference. We're square."
She takes a bit of sausage to eat as she looks to see if there's any disagreement, and then continues.

She gestures to one of the other guards eating in the Tavern, and the man brings her a rolled up parchment.
Taking it, she clears one end of the table by just pushing things aside and lays out a map of the area as she begins to speak and points to a location on the map she has noted southwest of Luskan. It's at the western part of The Crags, on the northerly side seemingly in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the forest that runs along the High Road to Neverwinter.

She begins to explain, "This is a small village called Maerin. About a 3 day's ride by horse or mount north of there is what used to be the village of Vermeillon.

Researchers here in Luskan recently discovered what is believed to be factual content in a tome uncovered in from an old library while they were searching for any mention of another vein or old mine to replace the one that was played out to the far north of Luskan here just recently. A Platinum mine, from which those coins I just paid out were made out of ingots to that closed mine.

This village of Vermeillon did a booming business in both the raw ore and the refined metal for around a decade after settlers and prospectors discovered a platinum vein in the mountainside.
Due to the rough terrain and the harshness of the climate, the village never grew large. It intermittently hosted a succession of traveling merchants who came to the village for a week or two, sold and traded their wares, then left again. The nearest civilized settlement was three days' ride on horseback down the mountainside. The inhabitants named in the tome include Mayor Lei Duvezin, a kind and talented dwarf smith named Tormun, and his wife, Blenyss.

Seventy years ago, an explosion rocked the platinum mine, collapsing the tunnels and burying workers under tons of rubble. Sixty miners were underground that day. Over thirty of them died in the initial collapse, and the instability of the tunnels made rescue of the others slow and dangerous. The miners who survived the collapse were trapped for days or weeks before they were rescued-or perished in the deep, alone and terrified. Sixteen came out alive. Eleven were never found.

In the wake of the catastrophe, another horror plagued the village as people began to disappear, starting with the survivors-not all at once, however. One or two would vanish in a single night, then a tenday might pass before the next disappearance. These unexplained disappearances terrified the remaining miners. After all the survivors either disappeared or fled, other villagers began to vanish. The villagers tried to protect themselves by sleeping with weapons and taking shifts on watch, but nothing changed. Traveling in groups didn't help, since a companion might vanish while even briefly out of sight.

With no one willing to keep the mine open and the disappearances leading to fears that Vermeillon might be cursed, merchants and other travelers stopped visiting the village. The end of the patchwork story claims that the village is still there, though whether anyone inhabits it is a mystery. After much musing and speculation over the decline of the village, the Five Ships of Luskan have agreed for me to oversee a discovery venture; that is to hire you out to go and see if the mine can be reopened. If you are able to determine that it can be reopened, you'll each have a stake in the mine, perhaps even be the primary owners if the original owners can't be found, and reap such profits once production starts up again.
Now, I studied this tightly controlled information last night at great length. I believe this is a fine idea. If you do find the mine, and can get it reopened, I'll make an agreement with you for shipments of the raw metal to come here, perhaps even open a shipping business if there isn't one to handle the work required.

Should have an easy way of travel down the High Road until you take the road east to village of Maerin. I've actually been there during my youth, and although he won't likely remember me, you can mention me to the tavernkeeper, Lukas Grosvenor. A recent traveler to Luskan mentioned speaking to the old man when they went there for trade a month back."

The Captain sits back down in the chair and takes a sip of apple cider.

Now, that's my offer and a fine one if I do say so myself. If that's not to your liking, then there's been some recent developments in the city that need investigating - political incursions, possible assassinations, skullduggery and the like that I may be able to hire all of you on to investigate, but to be honest, this mine venture is with a lot less... risk to life that sneaking and investigating in Luskan.
Questions? Are you in?"


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Old Mar 3rd, 2023, 12:33 PM
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Player: Strangemund
Game: The Coils of Veles
System: D&D 5e
GM: 4eyedBadger
Post: Gonna hurl…

Reason for Nomination: Strange’s character, Kazimir, is an absolute delight. He brings a light-hearted innocence into a party that is brooding from past hurts. He is the perfect character for Strange to show off her own wit and depth. Currently, the party is attempting to infiltrate a mansion that is occupied by the cruel commander of a dragonborn army in order to rescue the minotaur governor who is being held captive. In this post, Kaz reacts to the death of the first sentry at the hands of his companions. It’s a complicated mix of emotions, but Strangemund portrays it perfectly. She plays off of her fellow players throughout the post, incorporating their actions and lending a little humor to a grim scene. I really enjoyed it. I could go on about why but this post really does speak for itself.

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Old Mar 3rd, 2023, 02:54 PM
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Player: lostcheerio
Game: (Fey) Ghosts of Saltmarsh
System: 5e
DM: FillyJonk

Context: The town of Saltmarsh was experiencing a red-washed total lunar eclipse, and they asked all the members of the party to provide entertainment at The Feast of Red Cherries in the form of storytelling from their own diverse cultures: How do your people explain the Blood Moon? They all did a spectacular job!

lostcheerio's "Why does the moon go red" story is truly something special. It comes out of the secretive, snoochy, knitting-obsessed gnome society lostcheerio has been building for the entire game. Her character has been growing into her role as a hero, pushing back, and Bingle edits the traditional DIRE gnome tale of woe and warning to reflect her movement from terrified runaway to bold adventurer (a shift that is very much still in progress!)

She also spent time making AI art to illustrate her post, and in game spent multiple posts recruiting NPCS (a shy gnome named Banx and an attention and sensory seeking little fairy named Mad Robin) and rolling and RPing to procure costumes and props, as well as plotting out special effects using character spells and abilities from her wizard stat block.

All this effort really paid off -- it is a delight!

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