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Old Oct 11th, 2015, 03:02 PM
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The Deathsgate Guild

Found in Middle Tavick's Landing, the district known as Deathsgate takes its name from its proximity to the gated necropolis known as Halden’s Tomb; a sprawling tower-top cemetery dedicated to an ancient hero that hardly anyone remembers by anything other than name. A massive bridge connects the district to the necropolis, and funerary services are often held in the meeting halls and small temples of the district. Over the centuries, Deathsgate has become a home for those who challenge death on a daily basis—explorers, adventurers, and mercenaries of all stripes. Whether they are looking for companionship, spellcasting, or a place to just lay low for a while, a party of adventurers should be able to find what they seek in Deathsgate.

The district seems to operate around the Deathsgate Guild. Established 200 years ago for adventurers and soldiers of fortune, it has grown into a diverse place for open-minded people with talent and courage to hone their skills and enjoy the company of like-minded folk, especially those that feel unwelcome in the Upper City. They are typically called "Deathgaters" by friends and foes, alike and are sometimes thought of as low-class, reckless, unscrupulous mercenaries - especially by the members of the Clifftop Guild of Upper Dura.

DMPlease post your completed character sheet here along with any descriptions and background information that you wish to share with your guildmates.

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Old Nov 12th, 2022, 01:32 AM
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I've developed a reputation for over the top formatting, so this is going to double as my experimental post template. If anyone needs me to tone it down, just tell me I'm being a Tryhard and I'll turn off the distractions.

Hasterién Rimeloch (Character Sheet)
Chapter 0: New Beginnings
right-aligned image
HP⠀ AC⠀ PP⠀Special Sense

هیچ کس بدی را انتخاب نمی کند زیرا شر است. او فقط آن را با خوشبختی اشتباه می گیرد، خوبی که به دنبال آن است.Ornamental epigraph using English-to-Persian translation to represent Elvish*
Secondary ornamental epigraph in English**"Paradise demands its price, and I thank you for your Sacrifice..."

Name: Hasterién Rimeloch

Race: Eladrin (Usually sticks with Autumn aesthetic)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Class: Bard (Eloquence?)

Violently beautiful. A sharp, sculpted jawline and elegantly long ears can't help but draw attention, but like a cherished kitchen knife, the polished sheen strikes differently when you find its pointed gaze leveled in your direction.
[Criminal/Spy] [Far Traveler]

Unsatisfied with the lifestyle encouraged by the Wardens of the Woods, a young Hasterién left his family in the Eldeen Reaches in pursuit of fulfilment and excitement in the lands of Cyre. The artistry, philosophy, and music pouring through the cultural seat of the continent set his soul alight. He kept himself afloat with song, dance, mischief, and liberal application of his otherworldly charms. Through the years, he formed an abundance of rich relationships and carved out a small comfortable niche for himself where he could revel and remain largely insolated from the broader conflict. However, the sun sets on every solstice, and in 994 YK, that brilliant sphere of endless possibility was choked out by a dreadful miasma of horror and pain.

Hasterién woke to a headache, and the screams of his youthful companions. The smell of sulfur and iron suffused the air, bleeding through gaping holes in the walls of his rapidly crumbling abode. It was all he could do to scramble through the splintered wood and jagged glass that surrounded him. Had he not been distracted by the cacophony of suffering that awaited him outside, he might have grasped the chilling silence laying right beside him, but alas, that revelation came much later in the form of waking nightmares and cold sweat. The journey from the Mournland to the City of Towers was a blur, and somewhere along the way, the flame that stirred within the once spirited Eladrin had been extinguished and replaced by a gloom as pale as the dead mists themselves.

The Deathsgate Guild of Adventurers wasn't much, but they also didn't ask too many questions, and that was just fine by him. When the world can burn in an instant, the only true comfort and safety must be found in the acquisition of personal power. "Friends", allies, and institutions are means to an end. There is no point getting attached to the walking corpses that fail to grasp the fragility of their own terminal existence.

Move: --- Action: ---Bonus: ---Conc: ---

Character SheetFey Step: Seasonal Trait (-/-)Bardic Die: d6
Spell Slots: 1-(3/3)2-(-/-)3-(-/-) 4-(-/-) 5-(-/-)Bardic Insp.: (4/4)
Spells Known
Vicious Mockery0
Healing Word1
Unseen Servant [R]1
Key Equipment
Primary Attack
Vicious MockeryWis 141d4Psychic
Disadvantage on next attack roll before end of next turn60ft
Jack of All Trades (+1)

Song of Rest

Magical Inspiration


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Old Nov 15th, 2022, 09:41 AM
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Reyez AnandezReyez Anandez | Character sheet | Application | AC: 16 | HP: 21 / 21 | Hit dice: 2 / 2d10 | Darkvision 60'
Insight: 11
Investigation: 10
Perception: 13
Passive senses | Fey ancestry
Military rank
Two-weapon fighting style
Second wind: 1 / 1
Action surge: 1 / 1
Features | None
Passed death saves: 0 / 3
Failed death saves: 0 / 3
Conditions | Common

Name: Reyez Anandez

Race: Half-elf

Alignment: True Neutral, with chaotic leanings

Background: Soldier

Class: Fighter

Appearance: Reyez dresses in "Mourning wear" - clothing cut in the Cyran style, but entirely in black, including a pair of black gloves. The exception to this is a scarlet red shirt peeking out from under his jacket, representative of the blood that pumps through his heart. He is broad-shouldered and thick-limbed, solidly built by human standards and positively beefy for a Khoravar. His skin is brown and his hair is black, the right side of his face is marked by scars indicative of radiant damage, and his right arm is a mess of scars down to the elbow, where it is replaced by a magical prosthetic.

Background: Reyez was born in Whitewood, a small Cyran town too insignificant to appear on most maps. Like most half-elves in Khorvaire, Reyez's family was deeply involved in its community, including not only other half-elves but Whitewood as a whole. Reyez, in particular, felt the presence of the Sovereign Host everywhere in Whitewood - Arawai in its harvests, Balinor in the bordering forest, Boldrei in the bonds within families and between neighbours, and so on - and was in training to become a priest when he was called away to War.

The Last War's horrors tested his faith, but he found solace in the comraderies of his fellow soldiers and the courage of his nation. Even when things were darkest, he saw the glimmering light of hope. He knew that Cyre had legitimate right to the throne, and had faith that this truth and justice would prevail. No matter how bad things got or how many sacrifices it would require, he knew a better tomorrow would come.

Then the Mourning happened. It was nothing other than sheer stupid luck that saw Reyez on the front lines, outside of Cyre's borders, when his country died. His family, his town, his comrades, and everyone he had ever known died with no apparent reason or cause. The War ended then and there, and every struggle and sacrifice - not just of his nation, but of every nation - turned out to be completely pointless. And the grand divine that he had put so much faith in suddenly seemed so hollow.

Reyez cannot stomach the thought of becoming a priest now, so the only skill he has left to sell is fighting. Plying that trade led him to Sharn and the Deathsgate Guild. While he pays some tithes to New Cyre, his primary focus now is the Blood of Vol, for which he is a supporter, adherent, and occasional recruiter. There is no grand plan and the gods are not coming to save them; if Reyez is to find purpose in this life, it will come from within, not without.

Character sheet:

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I. Seiri Lyrandar
right-aligned image
Name: Seiri Diennour ("Nameless" with other Elves/Khoravar in the party, this may be more relevantin Elven slang; I prefer "SAY-ee-ree" to Siri, tyvm)
formerly of House Lyrandar (Image courtesy of MontageManiac and MidJourney)

Race/Lineage: Mark of Storm-Marked Khoravar
Class: Xanathar'sStorm Sorceress
Languages: Common, Dhakaani, Riedran, and Primordial... plus a smattering of Elvish curse words and slang
Alignment: Seiri has two modes. Self-absorbed and indulgent or raging against the evils of the world, starting with the dragonmarked houses. (Probably amounts to Chaotic Neutral, but she'll play nice. Mostly.)

Appearance: A head of thin braids isn't all that uncommon for a Khoravar (half-elf), especially those who write their history with them, like some sailing clans of the House of kraken-marked air and sea vessels. This dirty-blonde woman, however, has looser, lumpy braids that more resemble dreadlocks than tiny beaded cornrows, and one half of her face is hidden by a straight sheet of her bangs, grown out to below chin length, though she doesn't have any bangs at all on the other side. In the right breeze or if she's not thinking, significant burn and sharp-edged scarring is visible beneath, and some kind of inky blue-violet mark that runs right up and nearly into her cloudy white eye. In the wrong breeze, her bangs start to dance in the wind and the faint blue-purple glow of her dragonmark lights her white eye an eerie violet.

An average if willowy build doesn't say much, though her hands have the callused and worn skin of someone who works for a living. She's dressed in a loose blue peasant shirt, always long-sleeved with cuffs tied fast, sashed with silvery grey beneath the thick and visibly worn black leather belt, all over dark grey or no-longer-black leather pants and tall boots. A deep-hooded charcoal-gray cloak is usually present, somewhere, but the weather doesn't seem to bother her much. She has two daggers at her belt, one on either side, but the driftwood staff in her hand and the way the arcane spell focus, tweaked for storm sorcerytiny wind chimes hanging from the top burls sway in a breeze all their own suggest the blades aren't what you should look out for. And if that didn't give you the clue, check out how tight those leather pants are.

right-aligned image
courtesy of MontageManiac
Personality Traits: My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what.
I always want to know how things work and what makes people tick.
Ideal: Freedom. The sea (or sky) is freedom—the freedom to go anywhere and do anything.
Bond: I was cheated out of my very House. Vengeance will be mine.
Flaw: My pride will probably lead to my destruction.

Background: Seiri is from Aundair, specifically Stormhome, where she was raised among many would-be sailors for the House Lyrandar. She was one of many, almost concerned more with the tinkering of new gadgets that led to the airships than her duties as cabin rat or sailor, though she's fully capable of earning a living doing her part aboard ship.

Her interest in tinkering, however, while not very impressive, eventually earned her a place aboard a prototype airship. Sadly, she's the only member of that crew still alive, after a storm led to a crash that left her badly scarred. Her part in it was likely minimal, she's not old enough or talented enough with artifice to have reached a vital rank, yet someone had to be held accountable. With her dragonmark showing up amidst the same storm that crashed the ship, it was only too easy to blame the poor child. She was shunned and thrown out of the Windwright's Guild before she turned twenty-one. There is a small chance she could return, but it would require paying the House a huge sum of money determined by the House (reparations, mostly, but also funeral costs for her crashed crewmates). At first she thought it would be possible. Now, she's less sure.

While the War was still going on, she was generally avoiding contact with anyone from her house, which meant her options were limited to tiny independent ships or piracy. She took what jobs she could, and that's about all she'll admit to, if you can get her talking about it at all. The fact she bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Dina Wind-lass, the wild child who swept in and stole the heart of notorious Lhazaar pirate captain Adrian Blackheart and sailed about at his side for the last decade before vanishing just like the wind is just a coincidence. Still, whispers of piracy followed her to the Deathsgate Guild of Adventurers, rumors she rolls her eyes at but makes no attempt to silence.



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Sarudar WIP Chapter 0: Triumvirate can go feck themselves...
right-aligned image
HP: 18/18⠀ AC: 15⠀ PP: 0/?⠀Special Sense: Darkvision 60'

当钝刃刺穿正确的容器时,它仍然可以致命。情报可以在任何房间内获取,并且永远无法解除。Chinese simplified characters to translate Goblin*
"A dull blade can still be deadly when it is stabbed through the correct vessel. Intelligence can be taken in any room, and can never be disarmed."

Name: Sarudar (Formerly Sarudar'aashta)

Race: Half-Orc (Orc Mother and Human Father)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Rogue (Soulknife... wait what?)

Standing at 6'3" but weighing only about 200 lbs, the wiry build of Sarudar makes him seem unlike a typically strong-built half-orc, but the coldness of his eyes erases any doubt of threat from someone's mind. What the half-orc misses in strength he more than makes up for in speed and cunning. He often pulls his long black wavy hair into a ponytail to keep it from his eyes on the job, leaving the startlingly deep sapphire color clear for him to get his work done. While nothing about his clothing screams anything beyond modest living, it is kept in such a condition as to indicate an upbringing that was not perhaps born in the gutters, but is still able to survive there. Any further doubt in people's minds are usually put away when they catch a glimpse of the unmistakable dragonmarked tattoo located in the crook of his neck and shoulders on the right side. Most people at that point are just glad the blue eyes are not searching for them at that point. With unremarkable studded leather armor and travelling clothes, Sarudar holds very few noticeable weapons, but the perceptive amongst those around him will notice a number of daggers upon his person... a lot of daggers.
[House Agent (Tharashk)]

Personality Trait #1:*I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me. If I do... bad things happen.
Personality Trait #2:*I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. They shouldn't ever go wrong.
Ideal:*People. I’m loyal to my friends, not to any ideals, and everyone else can enjoy their own personal Mourning for all I care. (Neutral)
Bond:*I gave up everything so that my Sister could be safe, and I would do it again if given the chance.*
Flaw:*I have a “tell” that reveals when I’m lying. Only one person living knows it...

Worked as an Important Target retrieval specialist for about 7 years prior to the Mourning, then was transitioned to Dragonshard prospecting when that was proving more lucrative for the Guild... but all that ended shortly after the Mourning, when a gathering of the guild to discuss the future led to a conflict between an Heir of Aashta and the Torrn Families. Sarudar used to be known as Sarudar'aashta before that day... and there used to be an Heir named Ezekiel Torrn... and Sarudar's Sister used to have no fear and a brother. By the end of that night that situation had changed... and now Sarudar finds himself in Sharn, working whatever odd Finding jobs he can, and when you're not working officially with the guild, the pickings can be slim. However, if you're trying to avoid retribution from a portion of a Guild that makes their money on finding things, while the association with a certain Cult of another portion of the guild is seeking you out for their own ends, and you've got the safety of your own living relative to consider that you've rested all the hopes you once had upon... the only thing you can do is try to get lost amongst the mortal waste of a desolate and bustling city like Sharn. At least, that's what Sarudar is betting his life on...*

So, the Deathsgate Guild of Adventurers seemed like a decent place to lay low, grab what innocuous jobs he could, and still have a connection to find the goings on in the city. When you're hunted, you need as much leeway as you can get.

Move: --- Action: ---Bonus: ---Conc: ---

Character SheetFinder's Magic: Hunter's Mark (1/1)Sneak Attack Damage: 1d6
Spell Slots: 1-(-/-)2-(-/-)3-(-/-) 4-(-/-) 5-(-/-)???: (-/-)
Spells Known
Hunter's Mark 1
Key Equipment
Primary Attack
Thrown DaggerHIT +5 1d4+3 Piercing
Simple, Finesse, Light, Thrown20/60ft
Expertise (Thieves' Tools & Stealth)

Sneak Attack

Thieves Cant

Cunning Action

Hunter's Intuition

Finder's Magic
PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Kayne Cyire / Torm / Donovan Whistler
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Real Life hitting harder and harder. Working on updates as soon as I can, please have pity (patience) on me!

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