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Old Apr 2nd, 2023, 04:09 AM
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PotM April

left-aligned image

  • joke – grap maken
  • funny – grappig
  • prank – geintje
  • humor – humor
  • lie – liegen
  • fool – dwaas
  • deceptive – misleidend
  • surprise – verrassen
  • sneaky – stiekem
  • prankster – grappenmaker
  • April 1st – één april
  • play a joke – een grap uithalen

April, a Month in the Netherlands, starts with pranking each other to the fullest. Even though I am not into pranking others myself, I have seen so many cool pranks online, my interest in board gaming always delivers a lot of funny expansions, game release news, weird box designs, and fake news. This Month we have Easter, (religiously and ofcourse the bunny hiding eggs), Pentecost and... our Monarchic King's Day! So a month full of special days, meaning days off work and time to read and nominate some cool posts!!!! yes, that was a weak bridge from one subject to another but could not think of a better one, hehe*

Please keep in mind that if you spot a cool, original, awesome post -> nominate it for all of us to read and enjoy as well :-). Why keeping it for yourself when you can share the fun and nominate the post in here?

You need to create one post only, to keep everything organizeda post in this thread, and explain to us why you thought this post was worth your nomination.
A link would be appreciated and that is all it takes. Yes, feel free to nominate your own post, there is no shame at all in doing that, if you want to share a written gem you are proud off, do not keep it to yourself but share it.

Remember: nominating makes you cool and will add swag to your personality
Old Apr 12th, 2023, 10:59 PM
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right-aligned image

Player: Wynamoinen
Game: The Banshee Bride
System: 5e
DM: Fillyjonk
Post: Laisren Confronts the Banshee

Context: We are at the climax of a one shot where a team of hardy adventurers are STEPS away from escaping the hellish demiplane where an angry Banshee has trapped them. Laisren, a simple farm boy from a small, upright and uptight town, tries to get the monster to remember she was once a person in the hopes of retrieving a stone that contains the lost souls of another player's family.

Reason for Nominating: In this heartfelt, beautifully written post, Wynamoinen is doing four things at once.

1) Being extremely collaborative and taking a huge risk to help another player.
2) Bringing in Laisren's backstory and history, so we see how his choices here reflect who this character is. We have all come to know Laisren very well, and this is spot on.
3) Remembering an important item and a plot point from all the way back in Chapter 1 and using them at this key moment. Ahhh how a DM loves a player who invests this deeply! He paid such close attention to the world I spent so much time and energy crafting. *weep*
4) Engaging deeply with an NPC. He has a whole conversation with the Banshee, letting me have a chance to step into the game and play her part. This is great fun for a DM, and in this case, he also gives the Banshee options— a path through a story I could not resolve without such deep player buy in. His choices will cause her to reveal secrets and close out a storyline I thought would not be resolved before the game was over.

As a player, If I write an entry that does one of the above things, I feel I have probably done enough to justify hitting the POST button. But he does four really good empathetic and movement-forward things? WOW! *wild applause*

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Old Apr 16th, 2023, 07:52 PM
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Player: Alemar
Game: The Yondering Lands
System: 5e
DM: Amarga
Post: Harper tells a Tale

Reason: Harper was asked to tell the story of how her and the adventuring party wound up in a strange land. I am proud of the way I was able to convey the information to an NPC, and who doesn't love an overly dramatic / eerie Origin Story? Complete with multiple castings of Thaumaturgy to set the mood for everyone.
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Old Apr 17th, 2023, 08:17 AM
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Player: jbear
Game: Tales of the Fen: Red Claw (Crimson Claw Team)
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
DM: Retry

Reason: It is the final scene of the game. The final round of combat - the wounded dragon has suffered heavy damage from the intruding adventurers. With a final fiery breath attack the Adult Red Dragon attempts to leave its lair behind to save its own scales. However, the party would not let their quarry escape so easily!

Through clever tactics and some rule of cool at play we are rewarded with the finale of this adventure! I was quite open about the Dragon's remaining health and that this would be the final round. Do or die, as it would escape if they missed and the dice gods heard their plight.

Post: LINK

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Old Apr 19th, 2023, 07:42 AM
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Player: mad_gondsman
Game: Icewind Dale: Cold Souls
System: DnD 5e
DM: Flying Fox

Reason: Flying Fox's game has only just started, but already there's some great character work going on. In a team in which almost everyone has below average Charisma, we all seemed anxious to show just how socially inept our characters were, but no one nailed it quite as expertly (and with as much humour) as mad_gondsman in his introductory post for Ralston "Piper" Farnsley.

Post: Piper feels a bit sheepish
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Old Apr 21st, 2023, 04:44 AM
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This might get overlooked, given the rules... But I would be depriving the reader, I feel, of the complete enjoyment this fragment can offer - should I only point out one post: Here is a storytelling duet between our GM, 97mg, and Palliven, a player of the second group -- Pal's call (post 39), mg's reply (post 43), and Pal's ending (post 45 on the page); it's the last paragraph in the first two posts and the first paragraph of the last post mentioned.

left-aligned image
right-aligned image
The system and world here is Forbidden Lands, where magic comes in exotic and RP stimulating flavors, and the two writers give a fine example of what can be experienced in the game: Pal's character, Ravgor, calls to the mountain he's on - as to a living being, for knowledge. The mountain (97mg) answers, and more than with thought -- it's a vision that speaks! Palliven, then, concludes the interaction, describing Ravgor's return to usual perception.

Were it only one post - of one player, it might not have impressed as much, maybe; though the word-craft and the ideas weaved in here are excellent. The fact that two people, working together - though each with his own style, have managed to achieve something impressive is what makes this special. And RPGX too, as the place for it.

Now, in accordance with this contest's rules, I'll nominate Palliven and his last post I mentioned. He has a way with words that allows much to be expressed within little space, and quite vividly and engaging - focusing on his character's relationship with the immediate environment and the game world. There is a lot of personality to Ravgor, too, and a post seldom passes where that is not emphasized to good story effect.

Both Palliven and 97mg are words artists, and I hope to attract more attention to their approachable and charming writings. Besides them, our game has smeowlin's consistent RP, as well as psuedenim' and Effete's play with words, within the permissive boundaries of their complex characters. If the readers have time, perhaps they can search back to where Effete, psuedenim, and DBCowboy make a good show out of exploring an abandoned house - before it ended up in flames. That is one of the times their writing was best matched. Or a bit later in the story where a hint of romance is in the air between Effete's Oniver and Bethe, an NPC skillfully handled by our GM. I believe them well worth your story time : )

Last edited by writelite; Apr 24th, 2023 at 02:33 AM. Reason: so... i got carried away in the next to last paragraph, but now it's all more accurate and the better for it, i feel (phew)
Old Apr 27th, 2023, 01:26 PM
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Player: Leftyyy88
Game: Reluctant Heroes
System: D&D Homebrew
DM: Horseman/Gibbon/Rasgorn

Post: Kusta is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged warrior. But for now, the youthful hobgoblin has to complete other tasks, such as playing nanny to groups of younger hobgoblins--the hobbles--as they gather wood for the tribe's nightly fire. Of course, Kusta resents this, but he also is prepared to defend the hobbles from strange noises in the woods and manages to connect with the younger hobbles and win their admiration as he prompts Yaviz--a daredevil hobble--to provide more details about his failed attempt to ride a wild deer.

Context: This is from a zero-session character-building thread. Leftyyy88 is going through a short adventure that builds up his hobgoblin's background and connections. Taking time for these delightful interactions with NPCs provides depth for story elements that can serve as possible hooks for future interactions and adventures. Even when you are posting as a big, fierce hobgoblin ... it's the small things that matter.

Link to Post


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Old Apr 28th, 2023, 01:22 PM
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April PotM Nomination
Player: Black Jim
Game: Dragons of a Broken World: A Dragonlance Age of Mortals Campaign
System: DnD 5e
DM: Elanir

Reason: It is often that we hear that a failed check can make the story more interesting and lead to better roleplaying than a successful one. Black Jim obviously believes in this and has provided a post so masterfully written to prove his point to anyone who still doubts.

His character, Xihue, a unique individual, since he originates from a different continent than the one the adventure takes place on, has just failed his Stealth check as a group of evil knights approach on horseback. Most of his companions will be able to hide in time, but what about him? Though his movement is restricted by a burning injury he suffered a short time ago at the hands of a budding sorcerer, he doesn’t give up. Why? It is the beautiful story he provides that explains it.

This is not an epic story about killing a dragon or saving a friend’s life from a group of bandits. It is merely a story about crossing the wilderness as fast as possible. It is the story of a young man seeking to prove himself to gain the respect of his clan and the favor of the girls. Its simplicity -and realism- stresses its great importance for the character and the way that Black Jim describes the events and the individuals involved in it, makes it a true pleasure to read.

Does Xihue succeed? You are going to have to read the post to find out. No matter what happens to Xihue, you are going to feel like a winner!

Post link: A victory of a different kind


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