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Old Apr 10th, 2023, 04:21 PM
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The New Pantheon of Ancalia

Please post character sheets here.
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Name: Zia Dejen
Appearance: Zia is a tall, muscular woman. She has the dark skin and black hair typical of most Ancalians. Her brown eyes burn with resentment and determination. Before ascending, she was scarred by years of toil. Now all those old injuries have healed. Her body has been honed to the peak of physical power.

Background: One of the anonymous peasants who suffered under noble rule. Zia's life was defined by the restrictions placed upon it. Arbitrary rules prevented her from becoming a priest or knight. She fell in love with someone whom the Church would never accept; And thus, that love remained a dream. Her only solace was acting as an informant for the 'Many Paths': A secret organisation dedicated to social change. But she had little of value to offer them. People like her are a reminder that Ancalia was always a flawed nation, even before it fell. Every day, Zia wished to break free of her chains. That wish was granted in the most sadistic way...

Goal: To save the parts of Ancalia that are worth saving. Zia wants to build an improved an improved version of her homeland, atop the ruins of old mistakes.

Origin Fact: Embittered Ancalian Peasant
Profession Fact: Archmage of the Merciful Hand
Organisation Fact: Informant of the Many Paths
Advancement Facts: Explorer of the Depths

Str 19 {+4} (8)
Dex 16 {+2} (10)
Con 16 {+2} (13)
Int 13 {+1}
Wis 14 {+1}
Cha 16 {+2}

Effort: 3
Influence: 3
Attack Bonus: +2
Saving Throws: Hardiness 10; Evasion 12; Spirit 12
AC: 1
Fray: 1d8
HP: 15

XP: 9
Dominion: 5

Words and Gifts:
Alacrity: The Storm Breaks
Apotheosis: Receive the Incense of Faith
Endurance: Amaranth Vitality; Body of Iron Will
Might: Fists of Black Iron; Leap the Moon {G}; Thews of the Gods {G}

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right-aligned image

Name: Sibylla Augurine

Appearance: Her black hair is long, sometimes in a braid, and often un-kept. She has strong cheekbones, a a defiant set to her jaw, and show-stopping green eyes. Her olive complexion was inherited from her parents. Her figure is trim but not necessarily toned.

Background: Sibylla was the daughter of two well-to-do administrators. Her parents ensured that she was well-educated and could think for herself. She matured into an independent woman who impressed others with her intuition and wisdom. She acted as a counselor to the poor and powerful alike.

Goal: To inspire in humanity the virtues of A soundness of mind characterized by self-control, moderation, and an understanding of one's true self.sophrosyne, "To enable others to live up their fullest potential, so that they may utilize all of the abilities and potentialities available to mankind."

Origin Fact: Well-to-do daughter of government administrators.
Profession Fact: Sibylla was an esteemed counselor whose insights were so accurate that some considered her a prophetess.
Organization Fact: The Order of Redactors are a secretive organization of scholar-assassins known more colloquially as the ďRazors of GodĒ. Descended from an ancient group of university masters dedicated to the excision of undesirable people from the world, they were greatly displeased when Sybilla rebuffed their attempts to recruit her. Sybilla is now a target, but her inability to be surprised has kept her safe.
Level 2 Fact: Sibylla lead the City Guard and the local militia during the undead attack on the Enclave.
Level 3 Fact: Sibylla's braved underground tunnels to confront an undead bishop and an eldritch horror.

Str: 10 (0)
Dex: 13 (+1)
Con: 13 (+1)
Wis: 18 (+3)
Int: 16 (+2)
Cha: 18 (+3)

Saving Throws
Hardiness: 12
Evasion: 11
Spirit: 10

Everything Else
Base Attack Bonus: +3
AC: 2
Fray: 1d8
HP: 19
Effort: 4
XP: 9
Wealth: 4
Dominion: 7 (6 spent, 1 available)
Influence: 4 (0 committed, 4 available)

Words and Gifts:
Word__ Gift__ Effort__ Short Desc__
Luck 1d20 in reserve = 9 - Swap saved 1d20 for another
Luck Commit Effort. The hero becomes able to use luck as a weapon with a range of 100 feet, inflicting sudden and wildly-improbable calamities on a foe with normal attack rolls. When used to attack, damage is 1d10 and treated as a magic weapon. The source of this incredible bad luck is not perceptible to mortal onlookers or non-supernatural beings.The World Against You Commit 1d10, range 100 feet
Time You cannot be surprised. Your natural armor class is 3, as you instinctively avoid foreseen blows. Armor and shields don't aid this AC.Immediate Foresight - AC 3
Time Commit Effort for the day. Make a prophecy about a particular event involving a person present. It will come to pass if it is not completely improbable. If it directly involves an unwilling worthy foe, they can make a Spirit save to disrupt the effect. Events that immediately involve more than a hundred people cannot be so ordained, nor can a personís inevitable death or great ruin be foretold unless they count as a lesser foe. Even then, they are allowed a Spirit saving throw.Prophetic Insight Day Make prophecy that will come to pass
Knowledge Charisma 18Excellence of the Word (Cha) - Cha 18
Knowledge Commit Effort for the scene and choose a visible target. Learn the knowledge of them or their plans that they least want you to know, as judged by the GM. Worthy foes get a Spirit saving throw to resist this subtle inquisition.A Truth That Burns Scene Knowledge the target least wants you to know
Knowledge Commit Effort for the scene. Gain one sentence of truthful information from the GM on the best way to accomplish your current desire or goal. New information cannot be gained with this gift until the existing information is acted upon or the goal is abandoned.The Best Course Scene One sentence of truthful information
Knowledge __ You have mastered all spheres of mortal academic knowledge. You always know the answer to any question involving such learning, if any mortal sage knows it and automatically succeed on attribute checks to accomplish intellectual tasks if they're within mortal capabilities.The Omniscient Scholar {G} __ - Mastered all spheres of mortal academic knowledge __
Knowledge Commit Effort for the scene and choose a target, either creature or institution. Know its current weaknesses and most vulnerable elements at that time, including any hidden means by which it might be killed or destroyed. Creatures reveal their hit dice and Effort totals.Disclose the Flaw {G} Scene Know weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Influence and Dominion
Location__Project (Effect)Multiplier__Points
BinaiThe Free School (early education / childcare)__x12 Dominion__
BinaiThe Academy (advanced learning institution) x12 Dominion
BinaiThe Council of Binai (governing assembly) x12 Dominion

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Ihab Attama
Level XP
1 0
WealthWealth Word always allows to afford anything of 1 Wealth0
Attribute Modifier Check
Strength 13 +1 8
Dexterity 13 +1 8
Constitution 14 +1 7
Intelligence 10 +0 11
Wisdom 18 +3 3
Charisma 8 -1 13
Saving Throws
Hardiness 14
Evasion 14
Spirit 12
Goal: To establish a new Ancalian kingdom, a haven of security and prosperity. Whether she wants to rule this new realm herself is a temptation she struggles with.
Surviving runt of a fallen noble house from the provinces, with little left to claim
Scavenger of the seas for an enclave of Binai survivors
Bad blood with more than one local warlord for travelling within 'their lands/waters'
Words Gifts
Heroes with the Knowledge Word may set either their Intelligence or Wisdom attribute to 16. If the score is already 16 or higher, they may set it to 18 instead.Knowledge Commit Effort for the scene; get an answer to any question, provided the truth about it is not being intentionally concealed by all who know it. This answer is generally brief, no more than a few sentences.The Unveiled Truth
Heroes with the Sea Word have an invincible defense against cold, can breathe water, swim at twice their normal movement rate, and see with perfect clarity underwater, regardless of available light. They may grant these benefits to their companions, except for cold immunity.Sea Constant. Your flesh flows around dangers and encapsulates toxins. Your natural armor class is 3 and you are immune to poisons. You can apply a poison by touch if you’ve previously swallowed or been struck by a dose, thus ejecting the toxin. This AC isn't improved by shields or armor.Body of Water, Commit Effort. You sense the exact position of all flowing liquids within 200 feet, including the blood in living veins. By touching a body of water and seeking a particular thing or type of object, you become aware of every place where such a thing is sunken, floating or wave-lapped within ten miles.Secrets of the Deep
Heroes with the Wealth Word are never short of money, and can always afford anything that costs 1 Wealth or less. They always have sufficient food, drink, and clothing for themselves and their companions, drawing it from nothingness if necessary.Wealth You and your companions always have whatever mundane objects or mounts you need, provided they're no larger than a small sailing ship. Luck, foresight, and strange provenance conspire to bring you your desires exactly when you need them, every object needed appearing in their pockets, packs, or nearby surroundings. These objects tend to vanish or be lost after you stop needing them, and they cannot replicate precise other objects such as keys or seals.Forever Sufficient, Commit Effort and bless a faction with a Power score no larger than 2, affecting a city at most. The faction gains the Feature "We always have enough to survive", providing them with sufficient supplies of food, clothing, and other needs regardless of the bleakness of their surroundings or recent losses. This Feature can be used to defend during relevant conflicts, but it cannot be sacrificed on a loss, and lasts as long as the Godbound keeps their Effort Committed.Sustain the Multitude
HP / Max BAB AC Fray
9/9 +1 Permanent setting at 3 from Sea Word2 1d8
Weapon Type Damage Att. Bonus Attribute
Harpoon Medium 1d8+1 +2 Str

Story Notes
left-aligned image
left-aligned image

Ihab Attama is the daughter of a minor lord who owned an estate up the coast from Binai when the Night Roads opened. They avoided the worst of the initial calamity, and the Attama estate became a small enclave for refugees for a while after the fall of Old Binai. Ihab would scavenge for resources and supplies, sometimes inland, although as Binai and its surrounds were stripped of healthy settlements and resources she learned to take a raft and dive for valuables from sunken wrecks off the Ancalian coast. When the push-back to reclaim Old Binai occurred, she kept to her rafting, finding it a relaxing departure from the desperation of what was happening on Ancalian soil.

It was a momentous occasion when the area surrounding Binai's old Cairn of Worship was reclaimed. When Ihab visited the cairn, she'd been dreaming of going back out on her raft. The Cairn looked like a finger pointing to the sky. No ... the sea. The endless sea that stretches forever, even into nothingness and oblivion. The abyss called her, even on land. It welcomed her, so vast and empty but also so full of discarded things - lost wrecks, creatures never seen by mortal eyes, knowledge that slipped under the waves.


'Binai' as it's now known is not the same as the old city, which was ravaged five years ago. The current Binai is still fledgling, slowly reclaiming the territory after pushing back the Uncreated at great cost. It uses some sections of the old city and various surrounding encampments.

Works and Projects
  • A scrying pool underneath New Binai that gives knowledge of anything happening within proximity of a body of water within the enclave's local vicinity (1 Dominion, 1 Influence).

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Character Sheet
Aman Dega
Level XP
3 9/12
Effort is the measure of your Godbound's available divine energy. You commit it to use certain gifts or succeed on failed saving throws, and you get it back when the gifts are no longer needed or you have some time to rest. Effort is the fuel of a Godbound's divine powers. If all your Effort has been committed, your hero is at their limit.Effort40
Influence measures your hero's capacity to sustain projects and changes with their own personal attention. You can use Influence in place of Dominion to make a change, but as soon as you take back your Influence points to do something else, the situation falls back to its normal baseline.Influence41p - Keeping the Area around New Binai clear of Undead1
. Dominion measures the Godbound's available divine authority over creation and their power to create largescale changes and wonders in the world. You'll earn this through overcoming challenges, and spend it enacting your will.Dominion94/10
WealthWealth Word always allows to afford anything of 1 Wealth0
Attribute Modifier Check
Strength 13 +1 8
Dexterity 13 +1 8
Constitution (8)16 +2 5
Intelligence 14 +1 7
Wisdom 16 +2 5
Charisma 10 0 11
Saving Throws
Hardiness 11
Evasion 12
Spirit 11
Origin Fact:Mother was a minor healer associated with the Church of the One while his father was a hunter. While his mother taught him to respect life Aman's father taught him to never be wasteful. Utilizing all the parts of the animals who they hunted.Hunter Father, Healer Mother
Pact Contact Fact:After his mother died and the Church could not provide him with the answers he sought Aman began researching death; eventually joining a necromantic group of sorcerers.Secret Necromantic Groups
Relationship Fact:The Church of the One in Ancalia hunted after Aman and the other necromancers even before the open of the Night Roads. Many in the church have even come to blame Aman for the opening of the portals forcing him to keep a low profile in the past.Hunted by the Church
Leveling:Learned about constructing buildings while erecting his first tower.Student of Architecture, Aman listens to his companion and chronicler, Probity, to learn of the Anti-Priests and the country as a whole.Learning of Lom
Goal:Heal the kingdom through the use of an undead workforce.
 / Create an afterlife where the spirits of the dead can rest peacefully.
Words Gifts (3p Saved)
Heroes with the Artifice Word can create any non-magical object a normal man can carry as a roundís action, using whatever materials are to hand. While the ensuing creation may look odd, and any "foodstuffs" are inedible, it functions and lasts as well as a normal object of its type and usual substance. The heroís crafting efforts for a day count as 100 laborers per character level when an estimate is needed.Artifice Your natural gifts of creation are augmented. Instead of requiring a full round to create a portable mundane object, you may do so as an On Turn action, as part of whatever action you take. This object may be a permanent creation or allowed to disappear afterwards at your discretion. Your daily labor on projects is worth 1,000 laborers per level. This gift is of no use to a Godbound who has not bound this Word.Ten Thousand Tools, You can fix anything with the available materials and tools. Up to a 10 x 10 x 10 foot cube per level worth of objects or constructions can be made like new each round, provided it is not completely destroyed. Every form of rot, decay, damage, and corruption is fixed, even for perishables such as foodstuffs. If repairing magical or enchanted things, Effort is Committed for the scene with each use of the giftFaultless Repair, Commit Effort for the scene and turn one 10 x 10 x 10 foot cube of material per hero level from one physical substance into another. Items being used or held by a creature cannot be changed. If the effect is used to somehow harm targets, they take a 1d6 damage die for every two character levels of the hero, rounded up. If the substance being created is rare or precious, Effort must be committed for the day. Extremely rare and magical substances cannot be created this way, though mountains of gold can be fabricated. See the Wealth Word for limits on the use of this newfound treasure, as it is all too easy to inflate a regionís mundane economy into chaos.Transmuter
Heroes with the Death Word may command undead in their presence as an action, ordering up to one Mob of any size. Greater undead get a Spirit saving throw to resist, and cannot be commanded to self-destruct. As an On Turn action, they also know the details of what, where, and how anything died or is dying within 100 feet of them.Death You learn exactly where every corpse, undead or fragment of remains are within 200 feet and their identity in life. You can tell exactly how they died as if you had observed their death personally. If you Commit Effort you have an invincible defense against lesser undead.Keeper of the Graves, Commit Effort for the scene. You can call up undead, summoning parts instantly from the nearest source if necessary. A single greater undead of hit dice no more than twice your level is called, or one Small Mob of 1 HD lesser undead is created for each three levels you have, rounded up. A corpse made into a greater undead must not have received funeral rites or been dead more than a month. The undead are loyal, but dissolve when you use this gift again. Summoned entities or Mobs can be preserved indefinitely for 1 Dominion point each.A Pale Crown Beckons
While potent, powers of healing often demand much from the reserves of those who would benefit by them. Some gifts require those healed to Commit Effort for the day to absorb the healing energies. NPCs and others without listed Effort scores can be assumed to be able to benefit from such healing once a day at most. Heroes with the Health Word have an invincible defense against diseases and poisons, and can diagnose them instantly. They may set their Constitution to 16, or to 18 if itís already 16 or higher. Health You are able to cure a target's maimings, blindings, poisons, mutilations, and birth defects by sight once per round. This does not heal hit point damage, but it can restore lost limbs and crippled functionality.Flesh Made True, By your gaze on a target within sight, you can heal 2d6 plus your character level points of damage. The target must Commit Effort for the day in order to benefit from the healing, however. NPCs and other ordinary mortals normally can benefit but once per day from this gift.Merciful Gaze
ApotheosisGodbound becomes capable of receiving worship from mortal believers and can begin forming their own cult.Receive the Incense of Faith, Gained at third level, the Godboundís worshipers can now sanctify temples and shrines to their deity. When properly consecrated, the Godbound can choose to perceive anything going on within their precincts, though they must intentionally choose to watch. They can target a gift or miracle at any person within the sacred grounds at the usual costs in Effort. Such a marvel is free the first time the Godbound so acts in a day, but each successive wonder requires the Godbound to Commit Effort for the day. Properly sanctifying a shrine requires rites and components costing Wealth equal to the Godbound's level, with increases in their level requiring additional expenditures. If the shrine is desecrated, it must be reconsecrated at the full cost.Sanctify Shrine, Also at third level, the Godbound can instantly kill an offending worshiper or afflict them with some debilitating suffering appropriate to their Words. This torment lasts as long as the Godbound desires. If another god accepts the worshiper, however, the curse is lifted.Smite the Apostate
HP / Max
20 / 20
+3 Light Armor6 1d8
Weapon Type Att Damage Attribute Rng
Bow 2H Ranged +4 1d8+1 Dex 300y
right-aligned image

Name: Aman Dega
Background: Son of a hunter and a rural healer woman loyal to the Church of the One, Aman led a simple life helping his parents with their jobs. Aman was not your typical child. Unusually quiet and unable to understand simple social concepts despite his intelligence, Aman stayed distant from all but his mother. Although Aman did not find comfort within the company of other people he could understand the processes of their bodies and the application of curatives which his mother taught him. However, his father expected Aman to become a hunter and would routinely pull him away from his mother's side to teach Aman.

Although Aman did not enjoy hunting and the company of his father as he did his mother, Aman's time with his father was not a total waste. Aman might not have had talent as a hunter but his father, always the pragmatist, taught the young man much in the way of the world. The cycle of life, the need to not be wasteful, and to honor those who died so that they might survive. Killing animals for sport was heresy in Aman's father's eyes. A waste of food, materials, and spirit.

In truth Aman could never see much difference between the lives of animals and the other humans around them. Each were made of bones and meat. Both survived by taking from their environment or others. Both had families they cared for. Both held spirits to honor upon their deaths. Where was there a difference?

Despite Aman's unusual take on life and emotional issues there was one person he cared for. His mother, the true light of Aman's life, was always there to comfort the boy when faced with something he didn't understand. It didn't matter to her that he was strange, only that Aman needed her. She taught him the need to understand others, why comforting those in distress was worth doing. Even if Aman might not fully understand the why over someone's emotions or their action he could still the how. In this way Aman could help heal those around him which help to bring strength to the community, ensuring their survival.

Aman might have eventually become and odd, but talented, healer if he had not lost his mother to disease shortly before he became an adult.
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Jian Taiyang
right-aligned image
Jian Taiyang
Level XP
3 9
Total Spent
Score Modifier Check
(16) 18
(8) 16
(10) 18
Saving Throws
To use his newfound powers for good, to protect and look after the people, to foster friendship and cooperation between those who like him can change things for the better.
Origin Former Dulimbaian Scout
Past Career Wandering Blind Bard
Relationship Brother of the A loose fraternity of primarily hedge mages that crosses geographical and cultural borders throughout Arcem with mutual learning and solidarity.Wise Arcemites
Advancements Ambassador of a New Dawn
  The Light against the Dark
(1 saved point)
Heroes with the Alacrity Word cannot be surprised. They may increase their Dexterity to 16, or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.Alacrity Constant. Your maximum Effort increases by one point. This gift can be taken once for each Word you’ve bonded, but each purchase after the first costs two gift points instead of one.Effort of the Word
Heroes with the Bow Word never run out of normal ammunition. They may instantly call ranged or throwing weapons they've used to their hands over any distance, and their ranged weapon attacks never harm any target they did not intend to hurt. Their ranged attacks always count as magical for purposes of overcoming defenses.Bow Constant. Your ranged weapons have a maximum range as far as your natural line of sight. Your missile weapons always do at least 1d10 damage and are treated as magical weapons. Even without a bow or gun, you may cast bolts of force or conjured weapons for 1d10 damage. The pistols and rifles of the Bright Republic work for you even in the absence of an etheric node's stabilizing effect. Heroes with the Omnipresent Reach gift may not actually use a physical weapon at all, instead hurling bolts of some appropriate energy. Such bolts may do elemental damage if the hero is aligned with such Words, or they might be physical blasts of concussive divine force.Omnipresent Reach, On Turn. Commit Effort. Your ranged attacks strike with tremendous force, always doing their maximum damage on a hit. Your projectiles can penetrate any thickness of non-magical materials in order to pierce the cover that shields a target, though their armor applies as usual.The Inexorable Shaft
Heroes of Endurance need not eat, sleep, drink, or breathe, and may set their Constitution score to 16, or 18 if it’s already 16 or higher.Endurance Constant. Your natural armor class is 3. You are impervious to any natural environmental damage, such as that caused by extreme heat, cold, pressure, radiation, or vacuum. Such forces used as a weapon or hazard against you function normally. Armor or shields don't benefit this base AC.Body of Iron Will
Heroes with the Sun Word may shed daylight at will up to 200 feet, cannot be blinded or their vision impaired by darkness or mists, and have an invincible defense against fire damage. Their vision can pierce blindfolds or survive even the physical removal of their eyes.Sun Constant. Choose one attribute score and raise it to 18. This excellence is usually colored by the Word that grants it; Fire that grants Dexterity might cause sparks to be left behind swift motion, while Earth that grants Wisdom might lend a ponderous and steady tint to your thoughts. This gift may only be taken once, regardless of how many Words your hero has bound.Excellence of the Word (Cha)
Base Penalties
Body of Iron WillNatural
Type Attribute Attack Damage
Omnipresent ReachEye-Beams
Line of sightRanged
Magical fire (Sun) or force (Bow)1d10+3 or The Inexorable Shaft13
Twin Daggers

Pre-Apotheosis Concept: Once a dedicated Dulimbaian soldier, his life changed forever after a grievous encounter with a monster over the Raktine border and his recovery at the hands of Wise Arcemiteslocal mages he had found himself side by side with. He lost his eyes, but now could see better than ever his waste of decades at the service of a warmongering and too prideful Regency, as well as what is really important. Thus he renounced his misplaced devotion and futile ambitions, and ever since he has been content with a humble life of simplicity and solidarity, up to a ripe old age.

Demigod Concept: Celestial energy has imbued him via his ruined eyes, melding with his own spirit and restoring his sight and vigor. Now it sustains and enhances his body, and his piercing gaze can channel it to shed light or even project powerful beams.
Blessed with the opportunity to see again, for the first time since he learned to see with his soul, to be a greater warrior than he once was with the wisdom he has today, he won't let it go to waste: he'll seek to use his newfound powers for good, to protect and look after the people, to foster friendship and cooperation between those who like him can change things for the better.

WorldbuildingWorldbuilding Exercise: After Ancalia fell, the legendary Sir Kain, warrior of almost divine prowess, stood strong between Binai and threats both new and old, until ambitious schemers betrayed him during an Ulstanger raid. His body was never recovered, and some fear he may return as a vengeful undead alongside the Ulstangers themselves.

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