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Old May 8th, 2023, 05:05 PM
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The Yawning Portal

Put your character apps here along with completed sheets. [Please put the RP sample in a spoilerbutton if it wasn't already.]

Also, for posts please do something like


Link to Sheet
[Relevent Mechanics]

Bonus Action:
Free Action:
Quod Confutat Veritas, Ut Destruatur
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UPDATE -Extra Life - Helping Children's Hospitals with a Gaming Twist

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Character Concept
right-aligned image

Name: Brok Anyard
Race: Variant Human
Class: Ranger 1
Background: Changed skills to Intimidate and Stealth - he was used to staying out of people's way while in prison and keeping troublemakers away from him.Criminal (Convicted Poacher)

Traits: When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way. I am always calm, no matter what - I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Ideal: Charity. I like to help people in need as communities need to stick together. (Good)
Bond: I have a family, but I am forbidden from seeing them. One day, I hope to finally get the chance to do so.
Flaw: A scandal prevents me from ever going home again, and I miss it terribly.



Actions and Statistics

AC: 14 | HP: 12/12
Current Effects: None.

01/07/24 - If you need me as a player, please PM me if I'm running behind. I'm in the middle of selling my old home and buying a new one, so I am running hard all day long right now.

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Nixiira No-House
right-aligned image
Name: She would be 'Nixie' to her friends, if she had any.Nixiira No-House
Race: Drow Elf
Class: Cleric (Light Domain)
Background: Far Traveller

Link to character sheet.

Personality Trait: I despise weakness in others, for I have too often known it in myself.
Personality Trait: I'd never admit it, but I love Waterdeep for being everything the City of Spiders isn't.
Ideal: Power. The weak suffer what they must, but the powerful can at least take care of themselves.
Bond: I left a favourite consort behind in the Underdark. I fear I may never see him again.
Flaw: Suspicion of those around me comes as naturally as breathing (and is almost as important to my survival).

Backstory: Waterdeep holds no terrors for Nixiira. Her hometown, now... those are mean streets. In Menzoberranzan even the mighty trance with one eye open, while the weak can be swallowed up without ever having put a foot wrong - and Nixiira has first-hand experience of both.

Hers was the unenviable fate of being born Naxiron Neereath, the talentless male scion of a waning minor house: in drow society, the lowest of the low. Well, apart from all the slaves - and even that distinction threatened to collapse when Naxiron's cousin, an aspiring priestess and the one rising star within House Neereath, fell beneath an assassin's blade. Without her influence, the family knew, their enemies would soon move to crush them: they might conceal her death for a day or two, but when the news got out they were finished. They had no more favours to call in, and no friends they could trust to do anything but drive the knife home sooner. Menzoberranzan's just that kind of place.

Most drow know better than to turn for aid, even in their darkest hours, to Lolth - and most are too afraid to look elsewhere, for the Queen of Spiders is a jealous goddess. Even Naxiron, who didn't feel like he had anything left to lose that night, wasn't expecting his desperate, non-specific prayer for solace to be answered.

But... it was. And by no less a divinity than Corellon Larethian, patron of the surface elves and progenitor of all. What that capricious god had to gain by helping one desperate drow, none can say, but their blessing saw Naxiron awaken changed... into a taller, stronger, and undeniably female dark elf who bore more than a passing resemblance to her own slaughtered cousin.

Nixiira, as she now called herself, spent almost ten years walking the (sometimes literal) knife's edge that is drow politics. Determined to seize the power and prestige always denied her, she was as ruthless and cruel as any of her new peers; more so, perhaps, for many of her house's inner circle knew her secret, and complicity in her blasphemous deception could only by maintained by a constant stream of influence and luxury. For nearly a decade Nixiira was equal to the challenge, and House Neereath flourished as never before.

Then... she began to slip. Maybe it was the many enemies her more-than-usually brutal methods earned her, or maybe it was indeed the work of treacherous agents within her own house (looking to escape, perhaps, from the power she none-too-delicately wielded over them). Maybe she'd simply gone as far as her limited talents would take her. Run out of momentum. Certainly she was second-guessing her decisions more than she used to, finding it harder to pick her targets. And she had grown restless, her trances troubled by bizarre visions: a sharp golden light shining through a canopy of great leafy green things, or glancing off the surface of an impossibly huge body of water beneath an impossibly high blue ceiling...

Whatever the cause, the end came suddenly. Nixiira's many enemies raided the Neereath tower and threw down her house - after all that bloodshed and treachery still but a minor power in the City of Spiders. Nixiira herself escaped by chance, but her eye and her pride were lost in the long pursuit and her subsequent pell-mell flight through the Underdark. Only her visions of what she now understood to be the surface world kept her going, and only after a long and desperate journey (and the acquisition of several more scars) did she finally find a safe haven. One of the few settlements up here that not only accepted renegade drow but was commonly held to be beyond the reach of her loyalist brethren, still lurking vengeful beneath her feet. A place where she could lick her wounds... and begin to regain the power and prestige that Nixiira saw as her right.




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A Dark Bargain
right-aligned image

Name: Modar
Race: Human
Class: Warlock (Fiend)
Concept: Tortured hero, a monster fighting monsters
Background: Custom (elements of Urchin/Outlander/Folk Hero)
Personality Traits:
  • I judge people by their actions, not their words.
  • I try to help those in need, no matter the personal cost.
Ideal: Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.
Bond: I protect those who cannot protect themselves. I have much to atone for.
Flaw: I harbor dark, bloodthirsty thoughts that I struggle to ignore.



RP Noir Sample

RP Sample

RP Addendum

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The Blackcloak Theorem: Application
right-aligned image
Music to Know Reynauld By: Warrior’s Anthem by Tiluland


Name: Reynauld Stagminter

Race: Human (Variant?)

Class: Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

Background: Custom (Neighborhood Protector)

Reynauld is generally considered handsome, and lets his long brown hair have free reign, provided he isn't fighting. On mission, or just before a fight if time permits, he ties his hair back in a thick ponytail. A short beard and goatee are trimmed carefully, though a scar cuts vertically from jawline to right cheek. These features bear a visage that seems to switch from easygoing to severe at the drop of a hat, though more often than not Reynauld seems jovial enough and is usually chatting it up with someone and asking about their day. Despite this demeanor, brown eyes constantly scan across alleyways and rooms. While the young man's smile seems friendly enough, there's something about those eyes that seem untrusting, maybe even perturbed. The man rarely roams the streets of Waterdeep without his armor on, unimpressive as it may be for now, and he insists on wearing that garish gold cloak with a stag's head motif all the time.

Personality Traits:
  • My default assumption is that things will work out for me and for others, if we simply try.
  • It is more important to me that I complete my contracts than it is that I am paid in full.
  • While my courage is known around the neighborhood, I am worried I will taste fear in combat and prove a coward.

  • I firmly believe that all good deeds should be rewarded and all bad acts punished, when appropriate.
  • I protect others to show them that they can protect themselves.
  • I strive to prove myself a noble warrior to show my family that one can choose their own path in this world.

  • I consider my life and that of my family indebted to a gold dragon I have never met.
  • I learned how to fight from one of the city guard lieutenants, Garmond Squallarm.
  • If the red dragon that attacked my family is still alive, I will see justice served to it before I die.

  • I enjoy hurting bad guys a little too much, and worry that I may actually be the bad guy.
  • I am prone to letting my anger dictate my actions more than my brain when the adrenaline gets flowing.
  • I am notoriously bad with mathematics and numbers, much to my family’s shame.


The Stagminter family has a long history of investing, banking and bookkeeping within Waterdeep, despite the last half-century being cruel to their fortunes. Down to just one branch of the family, all of the expectations and burdens were placed on the young Reynauld Stagminter’s shoulders. What a pity it was then, that his ability to calculate interest was far eclipsed by his knowledge of the city’s tax codes --- for which “rudimentary” was a much kinder term than any word his father ever used.

What young Reynauld did excel at was getting into fights. In his free-time he would would run around the streets with the other kids, but if he saw someone small or helpless getting picked on he would jump right into the action and help the victim. There was something about the hope in the other kids eyes that their beating would finally stop that drove Reynauld to keep helping and keep jumping in. He didn’t win all of his early scraps, but that never stopped him from jumping in and throwing down anyways. As he approached manhood, the fights didn’t go away, and got more violent instead. Although he enjoys the brawls to help others, Reynauld sometimes wonders if he enjoys them a little more than he perhaps should.

The most formative day in Reynauld’s past occurred when his family was accompanying a caravan en route to Baldur’s Gate. When that terrible roar shook the wagon that he rode in, the horses and people both panicked. The boy emerged from the wagon just in time to see the colossal form of an impossibly large red dragon fly overhead and reduce the lead of the caravan to a burnt-out smoldering heap. His father desperately tried to guide he and his mother to safety, but Reynauld could only cower in fear as the winged tyrant flew straight toward their line of wagons with malicious intent blazing in its maw. It was only the timely intervention of an equally large golden-scaled dragon that spared the Stagminter family’s collective lives. Fear mixed with awe and admiration as the boy watched the titanic wyrms engaged in furious combat. Spells were cast that carved furrows in the not-so-distant mountainsides, and claws rended scale from flesh. The golden dragon seemed to hold not an ounce of fear of it's opponent, and instead stayed on the offensive. One day, Reynauld would learn to be such a brave and heroic being. He'd be a hero and save others too. Though he didn’t see the outcome of the battle, the youngest Stagminter made a promise to himself to find that golden dragon and offer his thanks. Were he useful enough to offer his services to pay off this fortuitous debt, he would do that as well. Likewise, if the foul crimson beast yet lived, he would become strong enough to track down and deal justice to the vile dragon.

After that experience, Reynauld made sure to train his body and fighting skills as much as he could. It was all the easier once his father had given up on his taking over the family business. As soon as he was old enough, the young man found chances to enter fighting pits against opponents who he knew to be bad people. The pitmaster labelled him with the nickname “Ragebuck,” and hyped him up as fighting like a wrathful demon. This unsettled Reynauld, because he saw some truth in it. His anger was a tool that he leaned on, and he sometimes leaned on it too much… like that time he broke the known creep Ewegene Gellit’s arm after the man had already surrendered.

It was at one such illicit pit-fighting event that he met guard lieutenant Garmond Squallarm, whom he impressed with his tenacity. Garmond taught the young man how to properly use a variety of weapons, and more importantly, how to stay alive doing it. Though some of the other guardsmen thought the boy a waste of time and resources, the lieutenant saw an opportunity to finally do something besides drinking with his free time. He introduced the lad to teachings and creed of Bahamut, and the ideals of the paragon of metallic dragonkind lodged firmly into the young man's mind. When the veteran mentioned his past work as a mercenary, Reynauld missed the part about “charging lots of gold” and only focused on the “help folk deal with problems bigger than they are” aspect. Once he was old enough to strike out on his own, Reynauld Stagminter moved out from under his parent’s roof and started offering his services as the first member of the “Gildedbuck Company.” His first few jobs around the city were simple enough, though he has since decided it is time to tackle larger problems and improve himself in the process. If he were lucky he might manage to attract the attention of those loyal to Bahamut, though doing the right thing and helping others is always reward enough.

In addition to his new mercenary work, Reynauld enjoys walks outside the city. He knows relatively little about nature, but the sights and sounds fascinate him. While reading sheet music is beyond him, the young man is capable of playing a couple instruments at a beginner level. Though he receives the most compliments on his flute and lute playing, he prefers the full and strange sound of the gemshorn. In a communal setting, Reynauld is likely to socialize by playing games and making small wagers, though he tends to retire for bed early. The mercenaries lead by Yagra voted him most likely to clean dishes without being asked.

  • Short: To gather acquaintances (he might call them a party) whom he might convince to join his currently memberless mercenary group, The Gildedbuck Company.
  • Short: To find, accept, and accomplish his first job under the Gildedbuck banner, solo or otherwise. Garmond recommended talking to some wizard named Volo, or something like that.
  • Short: Every knight or warrior worth their salt needs a custom weapon. Reynauld would like to get a uniquely embellished weapon (not necessarily magical) forged for himself as a symbol of his heroism and sense of protectorship.
  • Short/Medium: To find holy knights who serve Bahamut and seek out their acceptance.
  • Medium: His face was scarred by a sly operator and known murderer named Corlad Marze in a pit fight. The attack was with a snuck-in and illegal knife, and Reynauld would have the man in chains for his crimes.
  • Long: To find the name of the Gold dragon who saved him, seek out this being and offer his services/gratitude.
  • Long: To find and slay the red dragon who has killed so many, and avenge the deaths of those deceased in the caravan headed to Baldur's Gate.


Whew, this was one where the character definitely expanded after I started on him. I even managed to cobble together a unique image for him too, so I wasn't without a visual.

I stuck to PHB for everything, though I did have a little fun and go full custom with the bonds, flaws, personality traits and ideals. I hope that's not an issue! In case you choose him, I tried to give you some NPCs to have murder us work with should you feel the need for any guards or dragons.
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Character sheet is tentatively done. A level 1 Monk is pretty simple
Character Application
right-aligned image
Midjourney. Character Sheet Above.
Name: Bronwyn Haefral
Race: Shield Dwarf (Mountain)
Class: Monk, intending to go Way of the Ascendant Dragon from Fizban's that I had no idea existed until this week. It's The first ability is even a nod to the name.literally Dragon Disciple, the ungainly but awesome Prestige Class that was in both Neverwinter Nights games. Any prestige class from the 3.5 DMG I feel qualifies as old school! Let me know if you disagree. Background: Folk Hero
Defining Event: A lord rescinded an unpopular decree after I led a symbolic act of protest against it.
Personality Traits: If someone is in trouble, I'm always ready to lend help.
I get bored easily. When am I going to get on with my destiny?
Ideal: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Bond: My woodcutter's tools are symbols of my past life, and I carry them so that I will never forget my roots.
Flaw: I'm convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.

Appearance: Bronwyn stands an intimidating 4'5", average for a female Shield Dwarf. Her skin is tanned from time working outdoors and her chestnut hair has a copper luster when viewed at the right angle under the sun. She wears it in styles ranging from loose to a practical bun or her signature pigtails. It is a convenient choice to keep her hair out of her face, not to be cuter.

Her face is chiseled and attractive by dwarven standards. Amongst the varied citizens of Waterdeep she is pleasant looking enough, but her sharp, sandstone-colored gaze and calloused hands make it clear she worries little about her own appearance. Her attentions are turned outward on the task ahead.

The dwarven woman is built as sturdily as the trees she cut down. Her powerful legs give her a crazy base of stability that will doubtless help her with Horse stance and other martial stances. The strongwoman's work ethic is made clear by her flawless physique: strength first and as the supreme goal, but with enough grace and flexibility to excel in many physical tasks.

She wears loose-fitting clothing whose thickness varies with the seasons. She is no stranger to the cold, so in an environment that would chill others she will make do with less. Now that she is pursuing a monastic way of life, she has traded in the leather jerkins and furs that protected her from branches and debris for more revealing attire that doesn't restrict her limbs. She still wears the utility belts from her previous profession. They are very handy for hanging things from, like her axe and climbing tools.
Roleplaying Sample
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right-aligned image
Name: Daveed Llorellian Maernos
Race: Half-elf (High Elf)
Class: Warlock (Archfey)
Background: Noble
Personality traits:
  • No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses.
  • I don't like to get my hands dirty, and I won't be caught dead in unsuitable accommodations.
Ideal: Independence. I must prove that I can establish myself in Waterdeep and the Prime Material plane generally, and not depend on my eladrin mother and the goodwill of the Seelie Court.
Bond: I will restore the House of Maernos.
Flaw: I secretly believe I am better than those born in the Prime Material plane and/or without a touch of Fey heritage.




Party RoleHigh charisma face, good with elites, and focused on controlling magic, esp. illusions and enchantments.


I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Mood music...
left-aligned image
Name: Laucian Silvermane
Race: High Elf
Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)
Mechanical Background: Soldier
Party Role: Smooth, Charismatic Party Face. High Elven Intellectual Arrogance. Low Wisdom (Ha!). High Agility and Senses, along with a Deadly Knife from the Shadows...

"All that is gold does not glitter/not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither/deep roots are not reached by the Frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken/a light in the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken/the crownless again shall be King."

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Is the womanizing bard still a stereotype if he's a bunny?
left-aligned image

Name: Jaycen Springstep
Race: Harengon
Class: Bard
Background: Entertainer
Party Role: Jaycen is the ideal support and a capable "face". He will be focusing his magic and abilities on utility and problem-solving.
Trait: I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that "special someone". At least for a night or two.
Trait: Nobody stays angry at me or around me for long, since I can defuse any amount of tension. Or at least I can run away very quickly.
Ideal: I'm a lover, not a fighter. Well, I can do both, but the former is a lot more fun.
Bond: Acting as an emissary of the Fey realm is one of the few things I do take seriously. Oh and Alvea. Don't tell her I didn't list her first...
Flaw: I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Or just a nice pair... ahem... nevermind.





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Been having the itch to play in a game again. Hopefully I'll be able to worm my way into this one!

Character App
right-aligned image

Character Theme - Storm The Castle

Name: Segwann Kenir
Race: Rock Gnome
Class: Bard (College of Whispers)
Background: Sailor
Personality Traits: Timid, Withdrawn, Determined
Ideal: "If.. If I don't at least try, I'll n-never grow."
Bond: "I.. I know I can do g-good! I have t'be good for... something..."
Flaw: "I-I'm sorry for t-trying. I... I knew I was gonna mess it up..."

BackstorySegwann had a difficult upbringing. A mother, Medala Kenir, who fled with his sister from a surly addict of Goldar Silvertack, his Dwarven father. Built like a stone barn and strong enough to carry it, he only ever gave Segwann two things; His name and bruises. His attempts to 'toughen th' mewling runt' didn't produce the desired results. Even as the Gnome stayed well past his time in fear of being caught and dragged home by his father, then punished for running in the first place. From a young age he was most drawn to music and books, both of which Goldar heavily disapproved of. Segwann had even managed to smuggle a lute with two snapped strings into his room and carefully plucked them to try and figure out notes and chords. But that was soon put to an end when his father broke the lute over his back before chucking it into the fire.

Not helped in his gentle nature was the inability to do most work. He has had over a dozen jobs thus far and he's been fired from every one for one reason or another. With the worst one being a shipwright's apprentice that managed to set fire to the ship frame they were working on. And he'd only have bloody knuckles to look forward to when he returned home to explain what the column of smoke over the town was. His one solace was the small bookshelf in the local bakery. Reading those same handful of tomes over and over, letting himself grow lost in the pages of stories told, or the slim chance he might actually learn a useful skill from those yellowed sheets.

One night, as he was crying quietly into his threadbare pillow and tattered blanket, something just snapped inside him. Quietly as he could, quickly as he could, he gathered all that he could into his father's old adventuring pack, lifted a knife from the kitchen, and left out his bedroom window. He shook from head to toe as he ran, just blindly ran, down the road and away from the place he reluctantly called home. He ran until his legs gave out and he collapsed on the side of the road with dawn coming to greet him.

A new day. He was free. But... where could he go? He couldn't recall any of his extended family writing to his father and had no idea where his mother fled to. He had heard of a massive port city further north called Waterdeep. IF there was any questions he had he bet he could get them answered there! Without any idea what to do for money, apart from the few coin he found tucked away in his father's pack, he set off. Hoping against hope he could make a better life for himself, and find the family that might actually show him the love he had been deprived of.

RP SampleSegwann entered The Yawning Portal with trepidation, having heard the hustle and bustle from outside. He had finally arrived at Waterdeep and was directed to this place to get to know the city and where he might find work. He carefully stepped through the threshold and made his way to a random table, eyes cast down all the while. His ears perked up when he heard music being played. There looked to be a bard here, playing on what looked like a lute. He heard mention of the name 'Threestrings' and wondered if that was his performer name.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he walked over after Threestring finished his tune.
"U-Um... Why d-don't you get your lute fixed?"
The jovial Human gave a soft laugh at that. "Because I'd lose my gimmick! I've made a name for myself doin' this y'know! Can't back down that easily."
Segwann felt his heat turn hot, but he pressed on. "I... I think I know a.. a way you could p-play that last song with.. with three strings. The Three.. Flambinis?"
He gave another laugh, a bit more mocking this time. "Oh ho! Quite the darin' soul that wandered into the Portal today! By all means friend, enlighten me." And he handed him his lute.
Segwann carefully took the instrument from him and gently plucked at the strings, trying to listen to the notes they produced and estimate how it was tuned. He then tried to play the song he had heard but could only remember the last part. The first attempt to play sounded terribly off, like whole sections were missing. Threestrings reached out to take back his instrument when the Gnome hit a chord.

A four string chord. With three strings.

He proceeded to play that last measure of The Three Flambinis sounding far better with that sudden discovery fitted in. It wasn't the chord used in the song proper, but it was surprisingly close. Many heads had turned to see a Gnome, with Threestring's lute, and the bard's jaw hanging open.
"How... How th' hells did you do that?"
Segwann blushed heavily, eyes glistering as he just shook his head and pushed the lute back into his arms. "I-I'm sorry. I made you look th' fool..." and quickly excused himself to sit in some corner of the tavern, curling into himself and trying to will himself invisible. Or to simply disappear from this place all together.
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Name: Elwin Fireblood
Race: human
Class: wizard evoker
Background: noble
Personality Traits:
I am a hard worker, driven by purpose
My favor, once lost, is lost forever
Ideal: Hard work trumps natural talent

Bond: one day I will return to my family and make them acknowledge my worth

Flaw: I cannot take criticism

Appearance: Like all members of the fireblood family, Elwin has red hair which he lets grow long and wild. He wears fine red robes and is of average build. Due to his good upbringing, he appears in good health and of good breeding. He stands at five foot nine and weighs a hundred and sixty pounds. Beneath his robes, Elwin’s chest is marred with a large burn scar delivered upon him by his younger sister.

Personality: Elwin is pleasant and genial most of the time, often trying to charm his way into others’ good graces with his wit and good looks. He is an extremely driven hard worker who believes that hard work trumps natural talent and he is hell bent on proving it. he enjoys flirting with women and loves being the center of attention. When angered, or insulted, Elwin displays his fiery temper, quick to meet any challenge.

Backstory: Born the first son of the prestigious fireblood family, things were expected of Elwin. His family’s prosperity relied on their natural magical talent at controlling flames, so when it was discovered that Elwin didn’t have the gift, he was disowned and discarded, his position of heir instead being given to his younger and talented sister Elra. Elwin contested the decision and challenged his sister to a duel which she easily won, badly burning his body leaving it permanently scarred.

Elwin was banished from his family home and disowned by his stern father. Filled with resentment and bitterness, but also a stubborn defiance, Elwin proved that though he could not create magical fire, his heart burned with determination and horrifying will. He vowed he would return and reclaim his birthright. Elwin refused to roll over and die in a gutter. Thanks to his privileged upbringing, Elwin had connections, and he charmed his way into the good graces of a wizard named Victoria who agree to teach her craft. Elwin dedicated himself to studying magic the hard way, becoming a skilled wizard who specialized in fire magic.

For five years Elwin threw himself into his studies, dedicating himself to the perfection of his magic. Victoria was pleased to have such a driven student and held back nothing in his tutelage. She would often show him off to her compatriots like a prized pony, the reformed sorcerer as she called him. Elwin now seeks to make a name for himself and grow his power so that he can return home, and get revenge on his family, but his family isn’t likely to just sit idly by and allow that to happen.

RP Sample:

Elwin entered the yawning portal with a confident smile on his face. He looked around the impressive establishment and all its colorful patrons. The variety of races and professions was impressive, and only fed the fire in his heart. So many interesting people, but who to strike up a conversation with first? The barmaid? She was pretty but he had no doubt she’d had her fill of eager young men filling her ears with frivolous flirtations. There was a dark-skinned priestess, certainly handy to have around, but in his experience, they weren’t much fun for parties, preferring to preach their religion. Then he saw a sturdy looking half orc sitting alone. Elwin had always ben fond of strong women, and his master had emphatically emphasized a wizard’s need to have a strong meat shield to stand between them and danger.

He went to the proprietor, a weathered-looking man and ordered two drinks. His offering secured, he then sat at the half-orcs table and pushed a mug towards the woman, flashing her his bright smile. “Care for some company?” He asked.

The woman snickered at him before taking the mug. “Care to arm wrestle?” She asked. “I hope you’re stronger than you look.”

“Oh, I have no doubt you’d win that contest,”
Elwin said humbly. “How about a battle of wits? I have three feathers that help me fly. I have a body and a head but am not alive. Your strength determines how far I go. I am held in your hand but am not thrown. What am I?”
I'm not intellectually arrogant, I'm just right all the time

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Vital Info

Name: Gaius Libo
Race: Human
Age: 27
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Bard


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Name: Sarathai the Treesinger
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Druid
Background: Outlander

Personality Traits: I’m driven by a wanderlust that led me away from my home. I was in fact raised by forest spirits. I am passionate yet as fickle as a wild force of nature.
Ideal: Nature
Bond: An injury to the wild forest is an injury to me
Flaw: I am slow to trust others. I am ruled by my emotions.

Ability Scores (random):
DEX 16 --> 18
CON 10
INT 12
WIS 15 --> 16
CHA 16

Skills: Perception, Athletics, Survival, Insight, Nature

Spells: Animal Friendship , Cure Wounds, Charm Person, Entangle, (2 slots per session)

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Guidance (+d4 to ally ability check)

Feats: Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Mask of the Wild, Wanderer, proficiency in singing (= musical instrument)

Speed: 35

Weapon training: quarterstaff, dagger, spear, longsword, shortsword, shortbow, longbow, = scimitarElven longdagger

Saving Throws: DEX, WIS

Languages: Common, Elvish, Druidic, Sylvan (language of the trees)

Hit points: 8 (1d8) --> current = 7

Equipment: quarterstaff (versatile 1d6 or 1d8 w/two hands) – topped with an Spell Focus for casting. Also, whenever Sarathai would take damage from Poison or Acid she reduces it by 1d4 (min 0)Orb of Shielding, longdagger (= scimitar; 1d6 finesse, uses DEX total +6 to hit, damage D6+4), herbalism kit, explorer’s pack. Potion of Healing


RP Sample:

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Arcane Insights
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Name: Ganth
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Wizard (Chronurgy)
Background: Sage
Personality Traits:
  • I go out of my way to avoid any physical contact with others. It's complicated, and none of your business.
  • I listen more than I speak; you learn more that way.
Ideal: Emotions must not cloud our judgment.
Bond: I yearn for answers to the many quandaries posed by arcane scribes.
Flaw: I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others.

A few odd pointy bits...
  • Notable Contact: Aldus Firstblood - Ganth's mentor at the cloister. He acts as the young wizard's father figure and provides insight both arcane and worldly, being of many seasons, experiences, and various mystical practices. Rumor amongst his peers was that Aldus had once been a great vizier in some far-flung realm! However, what would cause someone to leave such a prestigious position to, instead, be naught more than a magical scrivener in Waterdeep left many scratching their heads, including his young protege. Sometimes rumors were just that.
  • Trauma: Averse to Physical Contact & Praise - A product of being neglected the praise, love, and adoration necessary for proper emotional growth in his defining years. The well-ado man who sired Ganth had no care for his spawn, and bartered him away to the cloister so soon as he was able to be of any use to them. Subsequently, the youth developed an aversion to physical contact and praise in general. Having never known the joy of a pleasurable embrace, and having only heard accolades when his deeds were to the benefit others, Ganth doesn't quite know how to process what many might take for granted. He shies away from the touch of others and dismisses any attempt at praise or flattery as naught more than the product of good fortune. At times, this can make the young wizard seem cold or distant.
  • Secret: Oh Father, Oh Mother, Where Art Thou? - Though he will deny it with every fiber of his being, even under duress — put the bad end of a fireball up against his head, still — Ganth is desperate to find out who his father is, if only to know what kind of man could be so cruel to surrender his child; and, who his mother is, so that he might know who could be so foolish to have lain with such a degenerate in the first place. Alas, the cloister knew not of his mother, and to this day Aldus refuses to speak at all about the youth's father! Thus, Ganth carries this secret desire into the greater world with him, patiently hunting for any leads that might fall into his lap.
  • Favored Item / Heirloom: Not A Focus, A Fixture - Accidents happen, even to those who might otherwise be considered highly intelligent and wise beyond their years. After an "incident" involving the incorrect transcription of a Gust spell, and its subsequent accidental discharge from the scroll with which it was contained, Ganth's arcane focus, a small opalescent crystal of unknown origin, now sits comfortably lodged inside his left hand, unable to be removed by any means or magic known to the cloister and its scholars. Stranger still, it does not seem to hinder the youth's range of motion and is, thankfully, concealable with naught more than a simple glove. There's a fun fact for you...
  • Party Hook: Have Magic, Will Travel - The life of a scribe is not one that Ganth had ever aspired to and, though he was gracious for the cloister's tutelage, he knew there was much more to his destiny than copying down spells into dusty old scrolls and tomes. Alas, if any of those high and mighty fantasies of being a "Master Arcanist," or the "Supreme Spellcaster", or a "God Amongst Mortals" were ever to come true it would require a healthy dose of worldliness — adventuring, as many are wont to call it — and that was simply something beyond his amazing intellect. You see, as is the case with most powerful things — material, immaterial, or otherwise — they are often under Literally, figuratively, sometimes even metaphorically...lock and key with some added measure of danger or security. After all, one of the many perks of power is being able to hold and hoard it!

    At any rate, Ganth must now seek a cadre of compatriots willing to take on an inexperienced (though highly skilled and motivated) wizard, that he might further his own lofty ambitions — and maybe theirs, incidentally. Once they show him the ropes...


RP Sample

Party Goal & Roles
Goal: Unlock the secrets of all things arcane, and to acquire power beyond mortal comprehension that he might further his own, enigmatic goals... and maybe find out who his parents really were — if there's time.

Mechanical: Support / Control Caster; Erudite / Esoteric / Arcane Knowledge Skill Checks

Roleplay: Rational / Analytical Mind; Party Actuary; Magic Item Hoarder

Subclass: Chronurgy (if allowed), or Enchantment / Conjuration



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Name: Nasvuzne Ashbreaker <------ Character Sheet

Race: Half-elf

Class: Sorcerer - Draconic Origin: Brass Dragon

Background: Criminal - Smuggler/Fence

  • Personality Traits - (1)The first thing I do in a new place is note the locations of everything valuable - or where such things could be hidden. (2) I’m a born gambler who can't resist taking a risk for a potential payoff.
  • Ideals - Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who forge them.
  • Bonds - I will become the greatest Smuggler/Fence that ever lived.
  • Flaw - When I see something valuable, I cannot think of anything but how to steal it.
Appearance: Nas is a five foot, eight inch tall shapely young woman. Her ebony hair often has some highlights in it when she's in civilized places, but never anything bright. She carries a quarterstaff, and the only other weapons ever seen on her are a set of daggers, one worn on her belt and the the other in a visible boot sheath. Her skin tone is perpetually tanned with a slight brassy tint to it. The pupils of her hazel eyes often seem to narrow into oval like shapes akin to those of Dragons.

Personality: She's easy to get a smile out of, and enjoys the company of others as well as having a good time. She has an open interest in things of value, and likes the "nicer" things in life. She seems to weave the magic she knows with ease and a joyful pleasure.

History/Backstory: Nas' hails from Waterdeep; she's a local. Her mother was in her mid forties and had all but given up on having children when fate stepped in.
Even the affair of late with a Noble hadn't changed things. The only thing she had going for her in working at a local Tavern was she still had her looks for her age. She had prayed for years, and years for a child with no results.
After one tired night of work and a quick visit from the Noble, she looked down into the refuse on the floor she was sweeping out the door and noticed a single copper there. As she picked it up, she saw it was inscribed with the visage of a Brass Dragon on one side. Instead of pocketing it, she walked the two miles across the city to a small altar to Bahamut she knew of. She prayed all the way there, asking for a child as she rubbed the coin, tears flowing down her face. As she dropped the coin into the small coffer slot, she simply said, "Send me a daughter, just as beautiful as this Brass Dragon." The next morning when she woke up, aside from remembering some strange dreams, she was sick, and knew instantly she was with child.

The Noble gave her some support, and she raised her child at first as a kitchen helper, and server to the day crowds. But Nas was quite the charismatic lass, and with her looks and disarming smile, she quickly got into mischief. Knowing she couldn't contain her spirit, her mother made a deal that had her go under the wing of some local trader to learn "the trade." The recently widowed woman was a smuggler behind the scenes of her legitimate business dealings, and schooled Nas in such things.

When Nas' magic began to manifest itself in her and her skin showed scales when viewed close up, the trader returned a debt and favor she owed to a Mentor. She offered up Nas to be part of a local Mage's Guild that the Mentor was forming, one that needed unique individuals with certain skills. Nas was glad to have another focus for her magic and skills, especially since she could openly cast her spells and speak of the Spring of magic welling up within her. But it didn't last, and she found that when she became well versed enough to be of use to the Guild that she'd have to sign a contract, or make some kind of blood oath. Always hearing of the untold wealth and easy living one could find on their own in the 'seedier' parts of the city, she set out on her own. She wanted wealth for herself and vowed to share that wealth - well some of it - with any who would freely adventure with her.


Goal: Wealth, and what it can get her in the way of improving both her leisure time and her ability to adventure and find more. She's got a smuggler's heart right along with a love of the arcane.
Party role: Powerful Ranged Caster for Level 1. Add in Persuasion, Deception, Stealth and being skilled with Thieves tools, she shores up any rogue in the group or can somewhat double as one.

Name: Nasvuzne Ashbreaker
AC: 15
HP: 10
Relevant Skills: dim light within 60' as if it were bright light, in darkness as if it were dim lightDarkvision | ADV on Saves vs charm and magic can't put to sleepFey Ancestry | Background of Criminal SmugglerCriminal Contact
[Relevent Mechanics]

Bonus Action:
Free Action:
Posting Status: Caught up? - If I need to post as either a DM/GM, or as a player, please send me a PM.

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