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Old Mar 31st, 2018, 09:48 AM
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Expedition Roster

left-aligned image

Please post your character app in this thread.

Please link your app to your character sheet. Personally I think the site sheet is pretty bad. Here is an alternative that I think is far superior: LINK It's a google sheet so just make a copy and then you will be able to fully edit your copy. (If you need more help just let me know)

When you have finished creating your character and are ready for DM review please let me know in the OOC thread.

Character Creation Rules:
- Standard 27 Point Buy
- Class + Background Starting Equipment
- Starting Level: 1

Please include a character portrait

Please create a Mini Stat Block for your character (please include this at the bottom of each post you make). Here is an example of what I consider a good, visually pleasing ministat block which saves me time without being overly detailed:
Example StatBlock

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Old Apr 1st, 2018, 09:47 PM
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Sskath Yiskah
right-aligned image
Name: Sskath Yiskah
Race/class: Arcana Cleric 1 / Divine Soul Sorcerer 1
Alignment: Neutral

Background: Far Traveler
Traits: I express contempt/affection in ways that are unfamiliar to others. I honor my deities through practices that are foreign to this land.
Ideal: Though I may not know their ways, neither do they know mine. That can be to my advantage.
Bond: My freedom is my most precious possession - I'll never lose it.
Flaw: I have a weakness for new intoxicants and other pleasures of foreign lands.



I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Knight Errant, ser!
left-aligned image
"It's ser now brother..."
Ser Bernhardt Logan (Sheet)
Human Paladin and Knight of the Order of the Gauntlet

Personality Traits--
I have gained a habit of structuring myself to befit the narrative of my now fellow knights, clean, orderly, and always ready.
I never really grew out of my wonderment about the tales of grand heroics and can retell quite a few without slipping up as I commonly would. They light a flame that my own words cannot.
Laws are the shield I try to but can't always be; a structure that allows the citizenry to feel safe. Following these tenets is absolute.
If I can remedy the pain of the sick, I will, to the fullest extent I can.
My family is tight as chain mail even if we don't always see eye-to-eye.
I am overzealous and will overwork myself if I believe that it will help.

A Tale, Written by the Steady Hand--
His father's son, Bernhardt loved to follow the man around and listen to his tales of grandeur. Stories that had men make names for themselves, pulled evil from the shadows and pushed it to light. He even got to play swords with him, of course with a small wooden one, but still it was like nothing else Waterdeep offered. Following this, practice with his brother was always the joy of his day. While not knowing the proper way of sword fighting, Bernhardt tried his best to teach what he'd learned to his brother. Even if he played a little rough.

After a few years, the young man became an assistant at the guard barracks, working under his father. Unfortunately, this was also the time that their mother started getting sick. Even though their parents worked so hard, it always seemed like they were without money and medicine couldn't come quick enough to save her. Ledgers in the barracks later told him why: Rhett.

Fortunately the captain of the guard, a paladin of the Order of the Gauntlet, held a deep favor for their father and was able to curry holy revival for the woman. After a talk and the third man of the house finding a reliable job, the family was back together, a bond tying them stronger than ever. Even when Rhett had to go on long trips or the guardsmen had obscene hours. They were a family - whole.

Training beside his father and later being accepted to squire for the man who had truly saved his mother, Bernhardt's life began to truly look up again. Years of labor as the squire of Ser Blackthorne, the paladin, and Bernhardt became both a guardsman and fully fledged knight as well. Twin dreams that even now, the Logan brother feels he needs to fill the boots of.

Sinister deeds lurked outside Waterdeep however and for some reason their mother once more became sick. Her life once returned to her slowly being drained away again... it was a nightmare that only came back worse. Given the order from his once teacher to become a knight-errant and seek the reason for the Order, Bernhardt was ready. With their father being too old by now, it was left to the brothers to pursue why. To save their mother now that they truly could.

Ser Bernhardt Logan



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right-aligned image

Name: Korr Shapag
Race: Half Orc
Class: Barbarian (Plan to go Ancestreal Guardians for thematic reasons.
Background: Barbarian Tribe Member

Korr Shalapag was a rare orc among orcs, mainly because he was half of a whole. The partnership between his parents had lead to what he refers to as a Half-Orc and a Half-Man. In truth he simply had a fraternal twin brother. He took after their father, a great orc warrior in their tribe, while his brother took after their mother, an elven druidess. Both their people were servants of nature, guardians of a grandfather tree in the High Forrest. The orc tribe was a strange addition to the elven lands and generations before had wandered through the woods on accident. The peace of the place seemed to quell their unquenchable anger and allow them to focus on their connection with nature. It was then that they were able to venture to the grandfather tree and swear themselves to it in return for peace.

One of the High Elf priestesses responsible for the tree fell for Trazamog Shalpag, the leader of the orc tribe. It was a forbidden union, but one tolerated for its authenticity. The children of the union resulted in a mostly human and mostly orc boy. Korr and Torr. The two were raised in the grove by their complimented people, Korr learning the more savage ways of his Orc kina and Torr learning the druidic ways of the Wood Elves. Despite the difference they were inseparable pair, two halfs to a whole. Despite their strong bond however the time came for Korr to make his right of passage.

The orc people were firm believers in nature, but they were still a warrior race and every male had to prove himself in the hunt. They were then expected to use every part of the great creature they brought down for the good of the tribe. Korr resisted at first not wanting to leave his brother, but when Trazamog demanded it he knew he had no choice.

Making his way out of the forest he began his great hunt. While Korr was out on his journey however he did not realize that Torr had followed him. As Korr crept quietly through the planes he had made it too far away from his brother when Torr alerted a group of kolbolds. Before Korr could make it to his brother the creatures tore him apart. Korr met them with a profound rage greater than anything he had ever felt before. In a moment he was covered in the blood of his enemies as he held the body of his dying brother. A part of him seemed to be leaving the mortal plane and Korr refused to let it happen. Picking up his brother and throwing him over his shoulder he raced back toward his home, this time to his mother The High Druidess instead of his father. Using the magic of the Grandfather tree she was able to bring him back, but something wasn't quite right.

Torr was sick beyond anything they'd ever seen. More hunter down all manner of potions and priests and still his brother could not be healed. Once again his brother was slowly dying. This time rotting away before his eyes.

Dead People: Torr - his dead twin brother.

Korr Shalpag


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Name: Oliver 'Magpie' FitzGilbert

Race: Human

Background: Wharf Rat (modified Urchin)

Personality Traits: I ask a lot of questions. I bluntly say what other people are hinting at or hiding.
Ideals: Aspiration. I'm going to prove that I'm worthy of a better life.
Bonds: I owe my survival to a Dwarf named Gilbert who watched over me as I grew up on the streets.
Flaws: It's not stealing if I need it more than someone else.

For as long as he can remember, Oliver has lived on the streets and docks of Waterdeep. Although he has a vague memory of his mother, the boy cannot picture her face. The memory is nothing but a feeling of warmth, softness, and an oddly spicy scent. He wears a bent ship's nail on a leather thong about his neck, a lucky charm left by his mother. Life on the streets was rough for a young lad, but thankfully Oliver had a guardian angel in the form of a Dwarf named Gilbert. Gilbert was a follower of the Lady of Life and Mercy and had taken it upon himself to do what he could for the orphans and homeless children of Waterdeep. Many children owe their lives to the tireless Dwarf who kept them fed through the long cold winters and provided shelter and warm clothing for the youngest. One Dwarf can only do so much, however, and his resources were always stretched thin.

In spite of his difficult life, Oliver was a friendly child. He made friends with many of the other urchins and wharf rats, and they began calling him "Magpie" due to his chatty nature. As he approached adolescence, the boy was entranced by the tall ships sailing in and out of the harbor. He ran errands for the dock workers to make the odd copper, and soon became an accepted (if not welcomed) sight at the wharfs.

When Oliver was a teenager, Gilbert became ill. He seemed to be afflicted with some sort of wasting disease, growing thinner and frailer each week. Oliver helped out where he could, but if a cure was not found then countless younger orphans would starve come winter.

A day in the life
"HEY! Stop! Bring that back right now!"

Oliver runs down the street, dodging shoppers as he tucks two purloined loaves of bread into his pack. The young lad ducks into the first alley he sees, and leaps up to grab the edge of a storage shed. Straining to pull his slight frame up, he manages to kick first one leg up then the other as a red-faced baker skids into the alley.

"That's three copper, you rapscallion. Bread isn't free! Pay up or I'll call the guard!"

The young thief digs into his pockets and finds a single lonely bit of copper. He tosses it to the ground at the baker's feet and clambers up a drain-spout to the roof of a nearby building. "Sorry, but that'll have to do!" With an overly dramatic bow, Oliver turns and trots off along the peak of the roof, bare feet finding purchase on the clay tiles. The baker shouts angrily, but bends down to take the copper piece and walks back to his stall, making idle threats under his breath about what he'd do if he caught the thief.

A few minutes later, Oliver drops lightly off a different roof into a pile of hay then saunters out of the stable. He waves to another child as he walks down the street. "Got some bread, ya want some? I'm bringing it to Gilbert's place for tha little'uns." The boys chat idly as the walk together towards a squat stone building with a mended sign, "The Lady's Place". Oliver leaps up to tap the sign with his fingers as they enter, a ritual that has become easier as he grows taller.

Eyes take a few moments to adjust to the darkness, and a wheezing cough can be heard from a back room. Oliver tosses the loaves onto a nearby table where a hungry young girl is seated. "Have some bread, Tani, but be sure to leave some for the others!" A look of concern replaces the smile on Oliver's face as he enters the back room and checks on Gilbert. The once rotund dwarf is now woefully thin, his ribs apparent even through a thin shirt. "Hey Gilbert, you'll get better. I just know it!" The worried lad stokes the fire and swings a kettle over it, then pulls a small sachet from his sack. "Let me make you some tea."

Gilbert's brow creases and he starts to speak, but Oliver interrupts. "Don't give me that look now, I bought this. Rhett gave me a few extra coin for helping him at the dock, and you need it. You know the tea soothes your cough."
Well, Rhett DID give me a coin, but the baker's got it now. Besides, you need this more than he does, and the tea-man willl never notice this little bit missing.

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Crunchy Bits
right-aligned image
Name: Taurri Stellaur
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard (Possible Specializations - Necromancy or Illusion)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Will possibly swing between Good and Evil)
Background: Haunted One

Trait: I don't talk about the thing that torments me. I'd rather not burden others with my curse.
Ideal: I like to know my enemy's capabilities and weaknesses before rushing into battle.
Bond: There's evil in me, I can feel it. It must never be set free (or should it?).
Flaw: I talk to spirits that no one else can see (himself).
A Scarred Battlefield

That’s all he ever wanted out of life, and now he finally had it. Peace. It was bliss and flowers and bubbling brooks.


No! That isn’t peace. Taurri Stellaur wanted sleep. Eternal slumber. He had his peaceful death. No more pain. No more suffering. No more confusion. He had it all now.


No! He didn’t want that. He wanted his peace! But he was quickly approaching the thing in front of him. This must be the Soulmonger. The eater of souls. And He was next. This isn’t how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to go to fields of green, and waters pure. This thing was an abomination of life. A spirit of undeath. A beast unimaginable.



"Cough… cough…"

The blood welled up in his lungs, and out of his mouth. Taurri could feel it bubble up, and out of his month. "Craff…Hriss!" He was struggling to breathe. He was alive. He hadn’t been eaten. Destroyed. Consumed in the afterlife. He was alive.

Then the pain came. And the suffering. His side hurt. His entire side. The intensity of it only worsening with each move; with each breathe. He moved the one thing that didn’t seem to instantly hurt, and he saw why. His arm was a charred wreck. His fingers barely attached. But they were there, and moving slightly.

He couldn’t stop the moaning from coming out of his mouth. It was involuntary. Breathe in, try not to take in blood. Breath out, his vocal cords vibrating of their own accord. Wheeze, gasp, breathe… live. It seemed that he was alive. In a way. His thoughts of peace and serenity quickly fading. But he could hear.

Hear the arguing. Hear the pleading, hear the questioning. His one good eye was able to look upon the form of Lady Zaldara. She was the one who did all this destruction. Or was she? The Harpers had brought this on. Did they need to instigate her wrath? All this to garner answers to unknown questions. Answers that weren’t even answers themselves. Was it all worth it?

Was his life worth it?

Was anyone’s?

Classes, classes, and other stuff."OK everyone, books away. Time for some practical applications."

'Schooling... who needs all of this. Just show us the spells, and we can go on from there.'

The students began to gather around the instructor. Some more enthusiastic than others. "Okay wart, show me what you got." The request was given, and the spells began to be thrown. The student trying to outwit the master, but the master always getting the better of the student.


Everyone was upside down, even the student himself. "Interesting approach. Not only did you manage to disable your target, but also yourself, and from the looks of things, all of the by-standards in the area." The student couldn't help but smile... until the teacher managed to get out with a simple knife cutting here and there. "But now, you seem to be caught, as well as everyone else here. You might have been able to catch me briefly, and yes you did what you set out to accomplish. But at what cost? And, what result? What if that had been a fireball? Or a cloudkill?" The teacher approached the student, knife extended. "You might have won the battle, but you've lost the war." With a quick slash... nothing.

Then everyone dropped. "Remember this. Every action has a reaction. What will that reaction breed? Death and destruction? Life and liberty? Knowledge and power? What are you trying to accomplish? What are you trying to leave behind in your wake?"

No, he was thinking wrong. It wasn’t 'if' their lives were worth the information. Was the information worth the loss of life around him? Souls now flowing directly to the Soulmonger. He wasn’t one of them, but the others around him. The dead and dying. They weren’t supposed to be dead.

They were just supposed to be the help. Run information to the heavy hitters. Mage hand out potions. Just be the support for those in the know. That didn’t last long. And Zaldara figured it out quick. She started hitting the supply lines and ignoring those on the front lines. This was war, and she was a master compared to whom the Harpers sent.

"Cough… Wheeze!" Breathing shouldn’t be this hard. But he was breathing. And Zaldara wasn’t killing anymore. That was good. She might be power corrupted, but there was still a sliver of humanity there. Power with purpose. Whatever her twisted purpose might be.

And the dragonling. There must be something there for the taking. Something that can force her hand. But this group with her book, they were too week to force it. The paladin too stupid to see the larger picture. The snake girl… she saw the larger play. But they all fell for it.

Who was correct here... was anyone? What is the Harper’s end game? "Hack!"

Why was I alive?
ConceptMy concept with this character is someone at a crossroads, and needing to figure out which way to finally travel.

The losses in the battle against Zaldara are high, and he's basically weighting those loses against if he believes they are worth it, especially since he almost became one of those losses. On top of that, the power shown by Zaldara against the assembles masses make him question if he should follow the normal course for a Gnome Wizard and go down the path of Illusion, or seek power in other ways. Now lying near death, and being asked to accompany the group who just retrieved the lich's spellbook, but gives it back seems like an interesting course of action. It'll give him a way to:
  • Discover what this soulmonger is, given that it even frightened Zaldara.
  • To see if the sacrifices that the Harpers made for this group was worth it.
  • Travel, and see the world.
The most important part is the self searching journey that this trip will allow. I'm heavily leaning towards taking the necromancy specialization path, as he has seen the devastation first hand. Plus, there's always the lure of fighting fire with fire. Using undead tactics to fight against undead (he see's Zaldara as the final end game in all this. Take out the threat of the soulmonger, then return to deal with Zaldara.

I want to use the Haunted One background to represent is own personal internal struggles regarding the outcome of the battle against Zaldara. It doesn't sit well with him, and he's trying to figure out how to deal with that; Sometime in unhealthy ways. So this would be a new haunting, not something well established.

So the internal struggle is the key to the character. Will he continue to be the Gnome Wizard he was originally meant to be? Will he turn towards the dark allure, and fight against the Harpers? Or, there is always the possibility that he continues his balancing act upon the knife's blade, and does both: Stays the wizard working for good, but using the dark forces to do so.

I didn't go to far into his background, but for a reason. I want that to be something to explore as well. Revealing how his past might affect his present, and future. He has obviously gone to school, for a time, where magic is involved and trained... but so did Voldemort. What about Vecna, Acererak, Bigby, Mordenkainen, and Halaster Blackcloak? They weren't always the names they are now, and they obviously came from somewhere. I want to try and explore that with Taurri Stellaur flashbacks, or even visions of the future. I'm not saying the Taurri will become as well known as those magic users. More that they also might have had humble beginnings.
Random StuffI'm not 100% tied to the name. I've always envisions gnomes having silly names.

Other Possible Images:

Stat Block

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Name: Svaly Cliffrock
Race: Halfling (Ghostwise)
Class: Monk (Intent to go Way of the Sun Soul)
Background: Clan Outcast (tweaked Outlander)
BITFS: Developed in the background narrative. Will fill out discretely, if selected, later

Apperance: Svaly looks like a regularly proportioned, if not slightly tall and lanky human. The biggest problem with that description is that he is all of three feet tall. He has a wild look accented by extra sharp canines that give him a somewhat feral appearance. Brown mopy hair models stiles popular in Neverwinter among the bards that cater to teenage birthday parties. The rest of his traveling garb is minimalistic. A big smile and deep blue eyes help bring some civility to his appearance.

Personality: The traits that have kept Ghostwise halflings a secret to the world, being seclusive, un-adventures, reserved and untrusting, are the exact opposite of the characteristics that Svaly posses. This in large part, led to his expulsion from his Tribe. Svaly is talkative, inquisitive, outgoing, friendly and quick to trust others. Customs and laws can seem strange to him, but he always tries to do what is right, guided by a strong moral compass. He is fearless in the face of danger, often to his own determent. He also tries to see the best in people. He is keenly aware of his own awkwardness, so never takes offense to those who give him strange scornful looks on first introductions. It would be a mistake to take his light-heartedness to mean he isn't serious though. Once sword to a cause he believes in, nothing (short of a 4' tall wall) will get in his way, or persuade him to choose another path.

Background Narative
Svaly knew quickly he didn't fit in well with the Cliffrock tribe. He was too... curious about the world around him. Their clan was named after the large cliffs near the forest they inhabited. The Cliffrock clan were, like most Ghostwise halflings, isolationists. Friendly and cheerful, wanting to make friends with his neighbors of the woods, and see the world might have been well received in most halfling villages. Being the nephew of the chief though, put a spotlight on Svaly's excursions outside of town, and he was given an ultimatum. Stay put, or be exiled. Svaly didn't take the threat seriously and was out before long visiting with some nearby elves. To save face, his Uncle had to follow through on the threat, and Svaly was cast out of the clan, told never to return. It seemed like a harsh punishment to the youngster, but it was also a lesson to him. When someone had enough, believe them. Don't push. He wasn't bitter or mad about the situation, though. It just gave him an opportunity to go explore the world full time.

A Friend in Need
On rare occasion, two people meet and realize instantly that they click. Sometimes they click so well that it would be hard for them to be apart. Such was the case when Svaly met a lovely goliath woman names Chary. Despite being nearly five feet taller than Svaly, the two became instant friends (and insisted that friends were all they were) when they met on the road. Chary was on a hunt for a massive boar, and Svaly happened to have seen the creature just before the pair crossed paths. They tracked the beast down to a cave, the entrance much too small for Chary to fit into. Svaly just happened to be the right size to squeeze in though and flush the boar out. What happened over the next few days is disputed, each telling a different story, but eventually, the pair set out on the road again, determined to find adventure and help those in need along the way. For Chary, having a quick, nimble and friendly traveling companion was great company. Svaly provided a strong moral compass, and Chary, well Chary could see over fences and walls that Svaly couldn't.

The Harpers?
On the road to Waterdeep, Svaly and Chary ran into a merchant caravan that was under ambush by hobgoblins. With Svaly's promptings, the pair rushed to aid the outnumbered caravan guards. Chary was filled with the rage of a Barbarian, and was fearsome in combat. Svaly was nimble, quick, and cause a lot of confusion for such a little guy. Working together, along with the caravan guards, the ambushers were repelled. Refusing to accept more than a token payment as a reward, Svaly and Chary impressed one of the guards, who happened to be a member of the Harpers. He wrote them an introductory letter and asked them to visit Remallia Haventree once they reached the city. Given the account of what happened, and what was written in the letter, the pair were inducted into the Harpers, and given charge to do good and fight evil wherever they may travel.

A fateful Day
A few years after their induction, while traveling near Baulder's Gate, Svaly and Chary received notification that the Harpers needed them. It was going to be a dangerous mission, one which might cost them their lives. Chary didn't want to go. It wasn't mandated for them too. But Svaly pushed her to it, reminding her of their oath to do good. He wasn't scared. They had each other's backs, and Svaly was sure they would make it through whatever task was given them. He should have been shaken though when he learned that they were being used to cause a distraction. To assault a Litch's lair. Still, he had faith that the cause must have been good, and that the plan wouldn't need them to throw their lives away like pawns.

Trying to hold to that faith, yet questioning those decisions were racking Svaly's thoughts as he lay dying on the ground. He was wounded, a skeleton warrior had run a rusty blade through his leg. Chary stood over the halfling, protecting him with all of her might and rage. It was a last stand worthy of a bards song, but alas, a curse flew through the woods and struck Chary in the back. She dropped dead, crushing Svaly beneath her.... "At least we are together," Svaly thought, unable to draw breath. As his vision faded, a flash of blue light appeared not far off, bringing travelers from the depths below. It must have been those sent to find the phylactery. A happy thought at the end. They had succeeded!


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Outplay 2024 is coming, Applications opening May 6th

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Name: Harpshadow Morrill Palethorn
Class: Warlock (Hexblade)
Race: Half-Elf
Background: Faction Agent (Harper)
Age: 28
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Ideal: Through my persistence and discipline, I advance.
Flaw: Due to my surety of self, I have little patience for any indecision or lack of direction. Move, or you will be moved.
Bond: I have inherited the legacy of Harpers going back generations. I shall serve and advance the interests of Those Who Harp.
Personality: Morrill has gained a reputation among the Harpers for her passion and force of will. The woman is implacable when she sets her mind on something, and rarely shows vulnerability in front of her allies. Somewhat unusual for the individualistic Harpers, Morrill's approach to life is militaristic and sometimes rigid. While she is often guarded, she values her companions and serves those connections with a fierce loyalty, Harper or no.



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left-aligned image
Race/class: Tabaxi/Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: Soldier
Traits:-I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
-If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.
Ideal: Honor. If I dishonor myself, I dishonor my whole clan. (Lawful)
Bond: I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person's.
Flaw: -Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.
-Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.


Actions & Rolls

Stat Block

Character Sheet
Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
I have taken The Oath of Sangus
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Character Concept
right-aligned image
  • Name: Tiffa Anglan
  • Race: Female Tiefling
  • Age: 17
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Role: Big Boom-Boom! Sneaky Boom-boom Control

  • Background: Outlander (homesteader)
  • Personality Traits: I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money and manners won't save you from a hungry owlbear.
  • Ideals: Change: Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it.
  • Bonds: My family is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me.
  • Flaws: I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies.

  • Description:
    As Tieflings go, Tiffa is quite noticeable. Having a light blue skin tone tends to do that. Her slitted purple eyes, canine teeth, dark purple hair, and a pair of curling ram horns might also be what makes her so noticeable. It's only when you get closer that you notice the fine scales across her forearms, shins, hips, shoulders, chest, lower back, and forehead. In a vain effort to not be as noticeable, Tiffa often wears clothes that tend to have a hood to help hide her horns. Tiffa also tries to stay at least ten feet away from strangers when she encounters them. Other than her backpack, she carries a light crossbow and quiver along with two daggers at her waist. Her quarterstaff is more a walking stick than a weapon as Tiffa does not like getting within melee range of any threat.

  • Background:


Tiffa has gained
left-aligned image
Bone Bracelet of Brief Invisibility: (Bonus action) You become INVISIBLE for 1 minute. This does not require concentration but the spell ends if you attack or cast an offensive spell as per the Invisibility spell. (NB: The clasp is a dinosaur head, not an elephant head as in the picture)

Touch the silver clasp and say, "Blood and bone" to activate it.

Note: The discussion about Invisibility and Stealth are here and here.

Attached Thumbnails
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"arE yoU ReAdy To PlaY a GaMe?"

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Azathool's Application
Name: (The Leatherman Leatherface”)
Race: Custom Lineage (Elf/Drow)
Class: Artificer | Armoror
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter

Trait 1: I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Trait 2: The world is a puzzle to be solved tactically.
Ideal: Honor. I don’t steal from others in the trade, either their wealth or marks.
Bond: Bound to each contract, I will complete it to the letter.
Flaw: I am callous about death. It comes to us all eventually.

Build (Revealed)

Born with a name purposefully long forgotten, he had not seen sunlight for the first two decades of his life, born in the Underdark to a now dead minor house. Third male to a crafting family, he hated them and hated their craft, that of smelting the base adamantine using a lightning arc furnace. His small size and strength, distaste for the dwarven slaves the family abused and the drow's chaotic view of life within the Underworld was distasteful, but he had sworn an oath to his family, and he kept his promises, unlike most of his kin.

The day their compound was over-run by two rival clans and the forge was destroyed with him underneath was the day his life changed forever. The forge explosion burned his skin, his body, and his mind, the lightning arcing through his body, the larger explosion causing catastrophic damage to the compound and being the destruction of his clan. Unconscious he lay dying for a day, waking to pain, pain endured to this day, over a century later.

That day he wrapped himself in leather, binding skin to flesh and forever left the Underdark, his family dead, his life forfeit if discovered, his way forward now to find a new life with new promises.

Hook into Game (Modified)
Leatherface is a renowned bounty hunter and investigator. Leatherface doesn’t really care who hired him, as long as the contract is worthy of his skills, and the terms of the contract are acceptable. He’s a discriminating “Investigator” only picking the most alluring, most difficult, most honorable “Investigations” to find people or items, and “deal with”, move or otherwise handle as requested. The price was usually something unobtainable, as money can always be earned by other more simple methods.

In this case it is Princess Zhandi who has hired him to find a cure for the Death Curse and thus a cure for her brother.

right-aligned image

Standing at five feet tall, thin and wiry, Leartherface is covered from his head to his toes in thick black leather "armor", although a second skin would be a better term, as few people alive have seen him "in the flesh" so to speak. The armour does indeed move like a second skin, no gaps or cracks, no "baggy bits", like it has grown on him.

Occasionally he will pull back gloves or "helmet", the flesh underneath terribly scarred and twisted, you surmise from the looks of the damage by a terrible heat. It is difficult to tell which humanoid race he is but you suspect Elven, possibly Drow.

A leather covered shield is slung on his back, and if you look closely his right arm has a blue gem-like node embedded at the wrist where it meets his palm.

On his belt several pouches reside, else he usually carries little.

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