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Old Jan 26th, 2024, 04:05 PM
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The Villagers

Post your completed characters here.

PC Relations

Haf (lightbearer)
  • Arnwin Mair (The Fox) - Haf is fairly weak in terms of physical strength, whereas Arnwin is built like a golem. With his work at the smithy being fire based, there's a chance that Arnwin (or perhaps one of his parents / grandparents if you're against the idea, Creed) is a devotee of Helior too, so Arnwin would be a natural target for Haf to bother when he wanted something that required physical force to be used (perhaps moving a hive). If Arnwin (or one of his kids) has a sweet tooth, then honey as a payment might be forthcoming.
  • Einion (The Judge) - Both Einion and Haf fight against darkness and have particular moves in mind to do so, though to be honest any of Einion's questions apart from the Aratis devotee could easily apply to Haf. If someone else prefers this one though, I'm happy to swap it for one of the others.
  • Beric (The Seeker) - Beric is toying with things of the darkness, and Haf worries about the damage to his soul in doing so.

Einion (judge)
  • Arnwin Mair (The Fox) - Arnwin looks like he doesn't uphold the proper tenets of diet, dress or behavior, living a far too 'care free' existence for a Judge's liking.
  • Haf (Lightbearer) - Those who do not follow the tenets of Aratis do not deserve mercy nor hope from me.
  • Beric (seeker) - Einion left Stonetop for a number of years, doing so by Beric's side would make sense.

Beric (seeker)
  • Arnwin (fox) - Joined Arnwin Mair in his latest hijinks
  • Haf (lightbearer) - Will need Haf's guidance soon
  • Einion (judge) - Is Einion's closest confidant

Arnwin Mair
  • Beric (seeker) - Beric joined me in my latest hijinx
  • Einion (judge) - Einion doesn't trust me one bit
  • Haf (lightbearer) - Haf brings his problems to me

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Old Jan 26th, 2024, 10:54 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Einion

Playbook: Judge

Stats: +2 CON, +1 INT, +1 WIS, 0 STR, 0 DEX, -1 CHR

Instinct: Zeal

Moves: Censure, Chronicler of Stonetop, Bear Witness, Armored

Background: Prophet
How did Aratis call you to her service? it is passed down from father to son
What is the symbol of your authority (hammer, shield, or helm)? Where and how did you acquire it? Makerglass Shield
How did you establish yourself as Stonetop’s Judge? see below about a recent dispute

Origin Stonetop
Appearance (a picture is always welcome) Showing my Years; Booming Voice; Slim; Robes of Office
Special Possessions Makerglass Shield, Scribe's Tools, Aviary
How big is it? And where? too large to not be enchanted within the old wall
Is it yours? Yours to manage? Or what? it is managed by the position of Judge. it is the duty of the Judge to maintain the Chronicle.
How long has it been in Stonetop? since the time of the Makers
What’s its importance to the village? most villagers know nothing of it nor the stories and relics housed within for only the Judge may enter

Can you read and write? If so, who taught you, and when? His parents taught him to read as a child.

The Chronicle Is a sturdy vault from the time of the Makers. There is one magically sealed entrance out by the old wall, in fact, it is part of the old wall. At least, the entrance is into the old wall but the space inside seems to extend far larger than could be contained within the wall.
How was the Chronicle built/discovered? Only the Makers would know the former. As for the later, well, that is Aratis' business and you should mind yours lest you be judged.
Who all is welcome in the Chronicle? Only the Judge
Why is the Chronicle located where it is? There's something about this arrangement of stone in the wall. The pattern of rock placement is different than in other sections and no stones can be removed from this large portion of wall.
If the Chronicle is haunted: Whose spirit(s) do you think they are? How often do they appear? not haunted, everyone knows ghosts are not real...
If the Chronicle contains dangerous artifacts: What do they look like? How do you know they’re dangerous? Who else knows about them? How did they get there? In Beric and Einion's travels they uncovered (insert random number DM wants) artifact(s) and brought it/them to Stonetop. One in particular is a set of scales. The plates appear to be made of a bronze that has never oxidized. The chains are of a silvery metal that is so thin it must be some miracle they can support only the plates. The cross bar seemed an amazing specimen of purple fluorospar cuboid. The fluorospar had obvious signs of polishing to a degree unseen in present times with a hole bored through at either end to attach to a hoop of the unknown silver metal. The support and stand were both made of one piece of wood which should be an impossibility of nature to produce. It appears to not function at all as items placed on the scales will produce different with different attempts. Mass must not be the intended measurement.

The Lawkeeper
How many true disciples of Aratis are present in Stonetop? Just a handful? A sizeable minority? A majority? The whole village if they know what's good for them!
How do Aratis’s true disciples feel about the reverence of other gods? True disciples abhor other religions but one must be pragmatic.
What was the most recent dispute you’ve been called on to settle? How did you rule? Upon returning to Stonetop, I sadly discovered my son, Coton, had allowed the station of Judge to fall into disrepute and the Chronicle to fall into disuse. My son accused me of abandonment, leaving a young boy and mother to fend for themselves while I ran off to chase stories and magical trinkets. I fetched a switch from a nearby tree and lashed him until he revoked his claim to position of Judge of Stonetop and I resumed my duties as such.

[B]NPC's (answer one or more of the following, describing those that live in Stonetop)
Who is your closes kin? His wife, Mary and his estranged son Coton.
Who is your lover/spouse/betrothed? Mary
Who is your apprentice? It should be Coton but he is a foolish and vain boy.
Who is the wisest of the town elders? Obviously me.

Are you married? Single? Betrothed? Widowed? Any kids? Married, one child
Are your parents still alive? Your grandparents? Siblings? all dead. no siblings
What do you find intriguing or exciting about the setting? great RP potential

I have taken the Oath.

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Old Jan 28th, 2024, 11:15 AM
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right-aligned image
Name: Beric
Origin: Gordin's Delve
Playbook: Seeker

Background: Antiquarian
Instinct: Curiosity, with some mystery
Moves: Polyglot, The Makers and their arts, the primordial powersWell Versed
Stats: Str: +1 Dex: +0 Con: +1 Int: +2 Wis: +0 Cha: -1
  • How did you learn so much of the Makers, and your other area of expertise? You learn a lot of stuff you're not supposed to learn if you grow up in Gordin's Delve, and you learn it a lot younger than anyone should. They got the Labyrinth down there, strangers come through more often than you think, claiming to study this and that, eager to explore. Most of 'em'll talk to anyone who'll listen, especially a kid who'll run and fetch for pennies. Most of 'em are fools and not many make it home, but it's like panning for gold...the flakes can add up.
  • What do other scholars claim the Stone really is? What do you think, instead? Pretty much everyone says that the Stone is a religious artifact, and those who don't swear it's a code of laws or monument to some king, long forgotten. But me, I think it's a sign, simple as that. I think it points the way. But what it points to or who it's pointing for, well, there's the mystery.
  • What convinced you that Stonetop holds the key to your greatest discoveries?
  • What is it you hope to find here?
  • What is it that keeps you here? This is a good place. It's not fancy, and someone might say there's nothing special about it, but that's no bad thing. It's a good place. People look out for each other.
Appearance: Curiously young, rich voice, thick-fingered hands, lanky and a little stooped

Special possessions: Scribe's tools, laboratory, trading contacts
  • I can read and write well, I learned the basics from one of my early employers when I was young, and the basics made me more useful to strangers, so I kept trying to learn more. eventually, I came to like it, and never stopped.
  • It's easy to learn about mining in the Delve, and almost anything can be bought or sold there. Alchemists and miners use a lot of the same gear and have more in common than you'd think. From the one I learned how to handle the acids, solvents, and other tools of their art. The miners taught me how to use 'em to test ores, get the good minerals out of the dross, stuff like that. I don't mess with gold, silver, or gems...not much, anyway. Lots of other stuff comes out of the rocks that sells for good copper.
  • In town, I do some scribe work (reading/writing for the illiterate, fair copying documents, etc.) and some minor trading. Two or three times a year, I head out on foot for a few weeks to replenish supplies and explore.
NPCs & family
  • Who is your closest kin in Stonetop? Terzie, my niece, lives in Stonetop along with her husband (Jaheth) and their three children (one teen, two grown). He's solid and reliable, but not much of an entrepreneur Jaheth farms and does hired labor.
  • Who needs Helior's light, badly?
  • Family status: I'm a widow with two grown children, a son and a daughter. Both are married, neither live near Stonetop. Daughter has two children of her own. They have all visited within the last few years. I occasionally visit them as well. Parents are long dead, and I had six siblings - four brothers and two sisters. All older but for my sister, Renlie. She's a year younger than me, almost to the day. To the best of my knowledge, Renlie and two brothers are still alive. I saw Renlie last when her little girl died, and that had to have been ten years ago. I'd like to see her again...we're not getting any younger. It'd be good to see Georg and Darion again, too.

What do you find intriguing about this setting? I really like how all the characters are part of the village, and the village itself is a central character in the game...not just the setting.

World building
  • Major arcanum: The Mindgem, which I acquired near some ruins out by Blackwater Lake. I wrested it from the grasp of an idiot who wanted to turn it into pendants and bangles. It cost me my pride and five long years of my life, but it was worth every copper.
  • Minor arcanum: I have unlocked the secrets of a vellum scroll. I prefer to keep it on my person when I travel, but in a strongbox under the floor of my house otherwise. Mastering it was a challenge, but the kind of puzzle I relish. Old languages, codes, and strange ingredients are what I live for.
  • Minor arcanum: I have not yet mastered a cracked flute. I traded for the thing years of the Forest Folk gave it up not long before they up and left, now that I'm thinking about it. I had to stash it, though, hiding from some bandits out in The Flats on one of my trips a few months ago. It's hidden in a little grotto not so very far from the Titan Bones.
  • Minor arcanum: I have a lead on a stretched vellum
I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Old Jan 29th, 2024, 12:06 AM
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Arnwin Mair

right-aligned image

Name - Arnwin Mair
Playbook - The Fox
Stats - +2 STR, +1 CON, CHA, 0 DEX, WIS, -1 INT

Instinct - Comfort - This isn't to mean he's lazy, but if he can do something that will make life easier for him and his, he'll do it. There's a bit of freedom mixed in, but comfort would win out.
Moves - Skill at Arms, Perceptive, Silver Tongued

Background - The Natural
  • What mundane craft, trade, or skill do you excel at, better than anyone? Professionally it'd be a competent smitty. Although he rather would be known as a good lute player
  • What well-earned reputation do you have? Being competent at games of chance, and when it comes to his profession, having his word as his bond.
  • What lies get whispered behind your back? It used to be that he was a cheat at games of chance, but these are only whispered when he or any that known of him are not in earshot. More because said accusers will be demanded to provide proof or retract their slander
  • What secret do you know? About whom? If I told you, it wouldn't be much of a secret, now would it?

Origin - Stonetop, born and raised
Appearance - "Responsible" adult, a pleasant, if deep voice, heavyset, walk more like a strut
Special Possessions - Wasn't seeing anything for a smitty, but a collection of items that would fit there (hammer, anvil, forge, casts, etc...). Also a lute that would have been passed down the family line for generations.
  • Are you the town’s smith/tanner, or their apprentice, or what? I am the towns smitty
  • How long have you been doing this? Since I turned 18, when I took over for my father. My brother was to be the smitty, and I the apprentice, but on his passing I took over
  • How’d you get started? Became the apprentice to my father and older brother at 12, when they needed to find an outlet for a large child that was too strong for his own good.

Can you read and write? If so, who taught you, and when? - It'd be a lie to say he was nearly as literate as the Judge, but he can read, white, and speak better then the average villager. A bit from his parents. A bit more from whatever powers knowledge within our souls.

World Building - Tall tales
  • One of his favourite tall tales is the story of when he won an impressive pot in a game of chance with a few out of towners. He thinks that Coton was there, but isn't totally sure. He did know that it lasted most of the night
  • The game of chance was true. It being an all nighter was true. Coton being there was true. What was exagerated was his success that night. he barely broke even after almost losing his house, getting down to just his pants. he had gotten blasted on strong mead, gotten into a high stake game of chance with some passing business-men, and almost lost everything. The next day Coton came over and they had what could be described as a "pulling back from the abyss" conversation. Hence the debt owed

  • Who is your closes kin? Probably my sister, although we only see each other once a week.
  • Who fans the flame of your heart? This is an easy one. My wife and kids. We're pretty much inseparable and makes my days worthwhile.
  • Whose respect means the world to you? I mean kin would come first here, with my wife and kids being tied for the lead
  • To whom do you owe a debt that cannot be repaid? For this it would surprisingly be Coton. For all of the man's alleged failings, his actions did have it where he avoided a darker path

Are you married? Single? Betrothed? Widowed? Any kids? - Married to the distillers only daughter, Telina. We had known each other since childhood and well, friendship became more. There are three kids; Eiola, whose five. Raline, whose three. Warin, whose two. And a fourth in the oven.
Are your parents still alive? Your grandparents? Siblings? Both parents are still alive and kicking, albeit slowly. Grandparents are sadly gone. There's a younger sister that was married briefly before her husband was taken by a plague. He also had an older brother that passed from the same plague.
What do you find intriguing or exciting about the setting? It seems pretty chill and doesn't seem like others.

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Old Jan 29th, 2024, 08:54 AM
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Haf, Lightbearer
right-aligned image


Background: Auspicious Birth. ◯
You were born in Stonetop, and that birth was marked by the God of Light. You were born during an eclipse, perhaps, or under the light of a bright new star? Maybe you bear a sun-shaped birthmark?

Whatever the sign, your connection to Helior was clear early on. You’ve a place of honour in Stonetop, though it’d be a lie to say you don’t make some uneasy.

When one of your moves would cause you to mark a debility, you may mark this move instead, to no ill effect. When you Make Camp, clear the circle.
Instinct: Inner Light: To cast away shadows, to protect others against the terrors of the darkness to come.

Appearance: Well-Weathered, A Soft Voice, Serene, Threadbare Robes.

Place of Origin and Name
: Stonetop: Haf (Hafwit to my detractors).

Special Possessions:

Holy Relics ◯◯◯ uses
If you have one in inventory when you Invoke the Sun God, you can mark a use in lieu of choosing a consequence
Beeswax, candles (last 1 hour, close), honey, ⬦ bee smokers, ⬦ hats and veils, etc.

Str -1
Dex 0
Int 0
Wis +2
Con +1
Cha +1

Damage D4
HP (max 18)
Level 1


Consecrated Flame:
When you whisper words of consecration to a flame, the flame casts a holy light. Holy Light is uncomfortable for creatures of darkness to look upon, but does no true harm. The holy light lasts until the flame goes out or until you consecrate another flame, whichever comes first.
Invoke the Sun God:
When you imbue a holy light with Helior’s power, choose an invocation you know and roll + WIS. On a 10+, it works as described but you must choose 1 consequence from the list below; On a 7-9 it works as described, but you and the GM each choose 1.
  • The invocation has its reduced effect.
  • The effort taxes you; mark a debility.
  • The light is snuffed out when the invocation is complete, its fuel consumed.
  • You must bask in sunlight for an hour or so before using that invocation again.
Purifying Flames:
When you wield a holy light against a creature of darkness, it counts as a weapon (D10 damage, ignores armour, range equal to your light source) and you can use WIS to Clash or Let Fly.

Bath of Healing Light:
Cup your hands around your light and focus it. Your patient (pick 2):
  • Regains 5 HP (can be used twice)
  • Clears a Debility (can be used twice)
  • Has one of their problematic wounds stabilised
  • Recovers from a minor condition (drunk, etc)

Reduced: Pick only 1 (instead of 2).

Empowered: Add these to your possible choices:
  • Regains 10 HP (can be used twice)
  • Fully recovers from a problematic wound
  • Is cured of a dire affliction, poison, or disease
Warmth of the Sun (ongoing):
While in your light, you and your allies are free of fear and doubt, and unharmed by extreme cold.

Reduced: Only one person in the light is protected.

Empowered: The light also protects from necromantic and life-draining effects.



Oathsworn He/Him

Playing: Arthur Henry Vane "Milly" Millington-Fairbanks; Haf, Lightbearer; Prepping: Shadowdark / Stonehell: PM if interested
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