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List of Characters

Place your application here as well as a link to your character sheet.

Should any Players drop out, their characters will be placed in Spoiler Tags to make the post smaller and the thread shorter and easier to look at.
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right-aligned image

Name: Aryn Starfall
Race: Human
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Nomad (Medic feat)
Personality Traits(2): 1. I am driven by a wanderlust that drove me away from home. 2. I place no stock in wealthy or well-mannered folk. Money or manners won’t save you from a hungry rankor.
Ideal: If I dishonor myself, I dishonor the whole clan. (Lawful)
Bond: I am the last of my clan. It is up to me to see that our name enters legend.
Flaw: I am slow to trust members of other species, tribes or societies.
Appearance: Unkept light brown hair, the constant shadow of a mustache and goatee. Hazel eyes that seemed to pull you in and hint at some deep sorrow. Dresses simply, no insignia or armor, but never without a duster.
Personality: Aryn always appears calm, no matter the situation. He never raises his voice or acts out of anger. He is contemplative, and not given to rash actions. There is an undertone of sadness to Aryn – a reflection of all that he has seen and lost. His smiles are few and far between, even then they are slight and easy to miss, though a careful observer may spot a twinkle of humor in his eye from time to time.
Backstory: Aryn grew up in an extended family – a commune of sorts. They strove to be as independent and off the grid as one could be in this age. Everyone had a job, and everyone pulled their weight or they were kicked out of the community. They made use of Jawa traders for their more technological needs when they had to, but otherwise tried to stay out of the Republic’s eye. They produced their own food, refined their own resources and saw to their own medical needs. At a young age Aryn showed an aptitude for the healing arts and was apprenticed to the community’s healer, Rydek. Rydek believed in a balance of external and internal forces, of physical and mental disciplines. While he molded Aryn’s mind, he also sought to train his body.
For the most part Aryn enjoyed life among the Starfall clan, but as he became a teenager he developed a curiosity about the outside world. The clan had found this to be a not uncommon ailment among their youth and had developed a system to allow for these youth to leave the commune for a time of exploration and discovery. They sent such curious individuals to remote schools or institutions for specialized training. Most would inevitably return, disillusioned by the galaxy at large. Aryn was sent for further medical training at one of the Republics institutes. He spent a few years deepening his knowledge but even here he still found his curiosity unfulfilled. After serving his internship he chose to make his own slow way back to the clan, wandering and exploring other walks of life. In all, Aryn was gone from the Starfall commune for a mere four years, but it was one year too many.
Upon his return, Aryn discovered that the commune was nothing more than a burned-out shell, long abandoned by the look of it. It took him some time to find a survivor, an elderly matron who informed him that several months back the commune made an enemy of a local would-be crime lord by the name of Dagon Forsyte. When they had refused to work with him Dagon had the clan exterminated by way of example – he had their community bombarded. Those that had tried to flee where shot down. Only the few children currently serving internships, like Aryn, had survived unscathed. For all practical purposes clan Starfall was no more.
Aryn now wanders from community to community, offering his services as a medic. He seeks to further his knowledge, to continue the physical and mental training he received from his mentor Rydek, and to hopefully one day make a name for himself that the Starfall clan could be proud of.
Goal: To make a name for himself, and thus for his lost clan.
Fear: To die before he can bring honor to his family name, or worse - to bring dishonor to them.
Strength: Aryn is possessed of strong focus. He cannot be easily swayed or influenced.
Weakness: That same sense of focus can prove a detriment. Even when it becomes obvious or necessary that Aryn bend, he often cannot.
Languages: Basic, Binary, Jawaese

Character Sheet

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right-aligned image
- Name: Rel Cann
- Class: Operative
- Species: Kiffar
- Age: 18
- Background: Force Adept (You know two at-will force powers. When you reach 3rd level, you learn one 1st-level force power, which
you can cast once per long rest. When you reach 5th level, you learn one 2nd-level force power, which you
can once per long rest. Your forcecasting ability is Wisdom or Charisma (depending on power alignment).
Additionally, you lose the Force-Insensitive special trait if you have it
- Alignment: Neutral Light

- 2 Personality Traits: I don't pay attention to the risks in a situation, the odds are always in my favor. My emotions sometimes get the most of me, but they help me succeed.
- - 1 Ideal: Faith. I trust that the Force will guide my actions; I have faith that if I work hard, things will go well.
- - 1 Bond: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.
- - 1 Flaw: Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.

- Appearance: Rel is a young man, who has long shaggy black hair and blue eyes, as well as tanned skin. He has Kiffar clan tattoos across his cheeks, two stripes of bright yellow, and appears lean with muscle that indicates a lack of regular meals or nutrition. Rel's clothing is simple, made of leather and synthcloth, with belts and a holster on his thigh and plain boots. His clothing seems in a good state, perhaps even closer to new, though whether that means he recently purchased them (or didn't) or simply cares for his belongings is uncertain.

- Personality: Rel is an approachable, talkative and upbeat sentient; he could almost be called friendly, with an easy smile, although this is often used as a cover for his fears and anxieties. Internally, Rel tries to fit in, to avoid too much notice so that his secrets won't be exposed, and he feels that avoiding being mysterious or raising suspicion brings the best results. Rel thinks well on his feet, he can adapt and improvise, usually coming up with a plan on the fly, although this can make him impulsive and sometimes rash. He also has a habit of fixating on a goal until he sees it through. Rel definitely doesn't care about odds, especially after a life spent living in the shadows and witnessing the mistreatment of others, and sees an opportunity to start becoming the person he felt he was meant to be - someone who stands up for what is right. Unknown to others, Rel is Force Sensitive - he was even accepted as a Jedi Padawan - but events in his early life turned sideways and he was forced into an entirely different life...

- History: Rel Cann was born to Clan Cann on the planet Kiffu. He displayed Force-Sensitivity from a young age, capable of psychometry - the ability to read the memories of inanimate objects - like a small number of his species; however, due to being a child, Rel was unable to control the power, yet this was expected and his usage seemed limited to random instances as he grew. Because of his Force connection, Rel was selected for induction into the Jedi Order, when fellow Kiffar Quinlan Vos visited and alerted the Jedi to another potential Padawan. Despite the prospect of losing their child, Rel's parents agreed that their son should pursue a great destiny, and allowed the Jedi to adopt their son as one of their own.

Some of the first memories Rel has are of the Jedi Temple. He recalls the large hallways, the open meditation areas, and the clashing of lightsaber training more than his own parents or home. In fact, Rel grew to forget where he came from, having been taken so young, and thought of the Jedi as his family. He proved himself after a time, succeeding in the Padawan trials, and earning his place within the Jedi Order proper; yet, he remained unclaimed by a Jedi Master for a longer time, mainly so he could grow and develop to a suitable age, under the guidance of temple Masters.

When Rel was nine, he was selected by Jedi Master Gian Phoss, a female near-human that had a strong capacity with precognition. The boy's training began soon after, as Rel was permitted a training lightsaber, and was approved for diplomatic missions. Those largely consisted of routine meetings with planet representatives, low-threat requests for aid, and the occasional peace delegations. For most of Rel's early Padawan journey there was little adventure or excitement, little use of his lightsaber, but he gained a strong grasp of social interaction and how to adapt to many different personalities - or even aliens or cultures - thanks to the example of his master.

While on a mission to oversee distribution of supplies to a flooded settlement, Rel's master informed him of the Jedi Knight trials. She implied that Rel was well on the way to being considered for the honor, and that it was time to construct his own lightsaber when they returned from their mission. Excited, Rel was grateful for the opportunity, and began to think about how he could make his own Jedi tool. It also meant he would be permitted to visit Ilum, a world filled with kyber crystals that served as the foci for lightsabers; and it also meant that the crystals would choose him, since they had a connection to the Force, along with other Padawans on the same pilgrimage. However, there were also rumblings of political fallout, as the Trade Federation moved to blockade Naboo.

And it was those tidings that would throw Rel's life into total chaos.

Around 31 BBY, both Master Phoss and Rel were given a mission to maintain diplomatic relations with the Almas Academy, located on the planet Almas in the Cularin System. The purpose was to check in, to assess the progress and status of the academy, and to speak with headmaster Qel-Bertuk to ensure all was well. As, while the academy wasn't aligned with the Jedi, they did seek to provide those less orthodox teachings - so some in the Jedi Order felt it important to keep communication open. It was interesting for Rel, he enjoyed speaking to other students, he found their lessons and approaches unique, though ultimately not for him... much to his master's agreement.

During Rel's time on the planet, evidence of a cartel was revealed, steepled in criminal activity. When several Padawans of the Almas Academy opted to attend the celebration, Master Phoss decided to likewise attend, taking Rel independently of their hosts. While Rel and his master remained separate from the Almas delegates, they took the opportunity to learn more about the planet and its people, to determine if the Metatheran Cartel was something to report back to the Jedi Order. Especially with the tensions following incidents on Naboo and within the Republic. The pair began to investigate rumored sites belonging to the cartel, scouting out the buildings and personnel, intended to compose a report for future filing.

However, during the self-appointed mission, Master Phoss began to feel pain and confusion. Her mind was filled with images, of another place and time, of extreme danger and death. Rel didn't know how to help. The Jedi Master was so affected, she drew the attention of the very individuals they wanted to avoid - cartel members. In their robes, the Jedi were easily identifiable, and one of the criminals - perhaps seeing opportunity to earn reputation - decided to open fire, even as Rel tried to drag Master Phoss away from the danger. Through alleyways and side streets the pair were chased, Rel's teenage strength barely able to heft the near-incapacitated Jedi Master. It was then, when the pair rounded a corner, that Master Phoss reached out and spoke in a hollow voice, her eyes clouded in her vision:

"Flee the Jedi Order, Rel, please. Flee or die. Run, run, there is a--"

A blaster shot cut through the dim alleyway, Master Phoss cried out, and then she fell to the dirt-covered floor, dead. Rel was shocked to inaction, he didn't know what to do, with his only thoughts being about his master's final words - a warning. Then more blaster bolts began to fly toward the Padawan, which caused Rel to run... and run he did, for several years. Rel was shaken by the loss of his master, his mother figure, and couldn't help but feel guilt at being unable to save her. Also, the vision of death and fear it had instilled in the teenage boy had given rise to inaction, a need to avoid fate and cut himself off from the Force to save himself.

Rel abandoned his Jedi family; he hid his lightsaber, his robes, everything that reminded him of who he was.

It was a lonely life; one of guilt, one of few possessions or even comfortable living or meals. Rel lived on the streets to begin with, he harbored thoughts of revenge, but also knew that to take action ran the risk of falling back into the Jedi Order's awareness. He worked where he could, but it was through avoidance that Rel felt safe, so he ignored the struggles on Cularin, he ignored the cartel, the criminals, the thugs and the innocents that were affected by them; he had to avoid death, avoid the Jedi, and that meant keeping separate from it all. Yet, Rel could only turn a blind eye for so long, he was still a Jedi deep within himself - no matter how hard he tried to - and after a long while living an isolated life, something in him changed.

On the long walk home from a factory shift, Rel saw a pair of aliens - a mother and daughter - being harassed by thugs. Cartel or not, it didn't seem to matter, as the ex-Jedi Padawan felt himself drawn to the situation. He intervened, against his better judgement, and placed himself between the aggressors and victims; and while his skills had certainly lacked for atrophy, Rel was able to fight the thugs off, before he helped the mother and daughter away from the area. Rel accepted the thanks, even a few credits, and went on his way. Yet, he couldn't deny the sensation of rightness in his soul, as though he had finally taken the first steps toward doing what he was meant to be doing, finally being back on the right path...

From that day, Rel dedicated himself back to the protection of others, and would try to find a way to a way back to the Force.


- Provide at least:
> 1 goal that your character has: Rel has felt the gnawing sensation of the Force in his mind, it whispers to him, and the youth feels that maybe it's time to avoid running and to embrace that
> 1 fear/reservation that your character has and why: Rel has spent many years hiding, avoiding and keeping to himself; he has felt that selfishness and single-minded pursuit of survival changing him and not for the better. He wants to be better, to do better, especially after ignoring the suffering on Cularin... but he doesn't know if he can do it alone.
> 1 strength: Rel is a Kiffar with the ability of psychometry, being able to read memories contained within inanimate objects - but it needs developing, to learn control
> 1 weakness: Rel is impulsive, he can fixate on things, and he has a severe lack of ability in the Force presently
> Languages: Basic, Bocce
Actions & Stat Block
Character Sheet
IC RelationshipsRina (Nomad240): Rina has about as much luck as Rel at the moment, so the pair have developed a bit of a cantina drinking buddy bond over mutual odds against them.

Bossk (Hiruma): Rel has started being drawn to a nearby forest, which calls out to his force sensitivity, and several instances have resulted in another presence being recognized - Bossk - and there remains potential for learning more about the mysterious individual.

Eryn (TRQ): Fellows who have a shared sense of displacement, they've met a few times in a local cantina and chatted.

Briss (Red Leper): Briss is a source for Rel's scavenging attempts, seeking her out for sales or finding things.

Aryn (Ghrimm): Aryn helped Rel out of a bind with some healing every so often, and Rel tries to repay that with food or safe shelter whenever he can - or when Aryn accepts.
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Idea 1
- Name: Rina Kolya
- Class: Scout
- Age: 20 cycles
- Background:Outlaw: I stole from a corrupt Lord to help the poor. (Survivalist)
- Alignment: Neutral Good ( definitely leaning towards the light side)
- 2 Personality Traits:
- Trait 1: I'm confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.
- Trait 2: I judge people by their actions, not their words.
- 1 Ideal: Respect. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. (Light)
- 1 Bond: I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
- 1 Flaw: The tyrant who rules my land will stop at nothing to see me killed.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
- Appearance:

Standing at 5'0 this shares a lot of traits with her kin, the brown fur and dark chestnut brown hair. Her facial markings were almost identical with her mothers with the dark brown and white marks with amber covering her forehead. Thanks to her life of travel, she was fairly lean. Although her mother constantly referred to her as a stick or "twiggy". She has a bit of an exotic look with her almond shaped eyes. She has a few scars on her arms and legs, each one a story from her exploring the wilderness of a planet or two.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
- Personality:

Rina has a strong sense of justice, she hates the cartels and peddlers of those spice and other things that ruined her father's life. Most call her an outlaw but she considers herself more of a freedom fighter from the hutts, the syndicate, black sun, any of them. With life being short, well shorter for her kind she tends to embrace life with a joke and a laugh. Believing that life and more should be celebrated and enjoyed. For those that she manages to get close to she considers them family and is willing to bleed for their cause. She hopes that she can help and inspire others to do more and be better.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
- History:

Born to a pair of Freight Haulers, Rina spent more time in space than planet side. When her parents wandered too far, they were strong armed to help carry hutt spice to different destinations. The more they carried the worse their family became, her father began to indulge in vices and bring her mother nothing but suffering and misery. the little cathar was 14 when she shot her first person a few gangsters from the pyke syndicate raided her parents ship and shot her father, it was honestly a blessing for her mother who was free enough to look for more honest work, but Rina was marked, she was an enemy of the pykes and any minute they could attack the ship and ruin the scrap of life that her mother still had.

From there she would hop shuttles, doing odd jobs here and there for who ever had a birth and maybe a few extra credits. While she reached adulthood in short order, she managed to survive with a bit of skill, luck and an exceeding amount of bluffing. she would work towards her goal, that promise of freedom of her own ship. she wouldn't be shackled to any being or any organization! She just needed a little bit more credits and she was there. She had heard about a competition happening on Cularin. Well it doesn't matter if is Sabacc, Pazaak, Hintaro or Zinbiddle. She lost everything and was back to square one. She stuck around as she found some one willing to sell their ship and hold it for her. She just had to do instalment payments with a little bit of interest and it was all hers.

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
- Provide at least (can be derivative of the above, or a reflection of the character's concept you have in your mind):
> 1 goal that your character has: Get her own ship to "start" her adventure.
> 1 fear/reservation that your character has and why: living an unremarkable life planet side. She was born from the stars and she feels she needs to return to them, she had plenty more planets to see. plenty more to do.
> 1 strength - something that isn't a physical strength (could be though) that really helps the group: She's quick on her feet and quicker to act. She could be a strong driving force for the team.
> 1 weakness - something that is limiting that others in the group could do for your character possibly, something lacking: Because of her quickness she can often find herself in trouble to the point where she could use help. Having back up would help with that.
> Languages -Basic, Catharese
This should be visible?

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right-aligned image

- Name: Eryn Kraal
- Class: Scout
- Species: Human
- Age: 28
- Background: Bounty Hunter
- Alignment: Neutral Light
- 2 Personality Traits: I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me. I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy.
- 1 Ideal: Honor. I always honor my contracts.
- 1 Bond: I collected a bounty on an innocent person. It haunts me to this day.
- 1 Flaw: I will never let a comrade stand alone, even if it gets me killed.
- Appearance : Eryn is fairly tall (5'10") with a willowy build, tawny skin, dark monolid eyes, and a mop of dark brown hair kept more out of the way than styled. She wears practical clothes designed for ease of movement and outdoor survival, with no thought toward fashion or flashiness. Her clothes are repaired and maintained with care, but nonetheless have a worn, faded appearance. Her eyes constantly survey her surroundings, and she keeps her hands free in case she needs to react to a situation quickly.
- Personality: Eryn is very easy-going most of the time, until she's on the job. Despite the fact that she once made a living collecting bounties on the worst scum of the galaxy, she genuinely is a people person. She enjoys talking to people, and is perfectly at home in an out-of-the-way cantina, rubbing elbows with the crust of humanity.
She considers herself a professional, and has a strong, personal code of ethics she follows. She won't take every bounty offered; she goes after criminals, violent offenders, thieves, and other such scum. She avoids political targets and won't do assassinations. On the other hand, she doesn't care about sob stories from the truly guilty. Robbed a bank to feed your starving kids? Sorry, should've found a better way to earn some credits.
- History: Eryn was born on Onderon as part of the Distinct from the Onderon rebels, who wouldn't be founded for another ten years.Onderonian Outcasts living in the jungle outside the walled cities. There she learned survival, hunting, and tracking, and considered herself free and happy. When she was a teenager, she found a shuttlecraft that had malfunctioned and crashed in the jungle. One of the passengers, a member of the Royal Court of Onderon, was shouting for help in a panic and far more likely to attract a Hragscythe than a savior, but the Force was with the courtier that day. Eryn shushed the courtier and led him and what remained of his entourage back to the city. As Eryn bade the group farewell and prepared to head back into the jungle, the courtier half-begged, half-smooth-talked Eryn into joining him in the city. At first, it was more of a pet project for the courtier, to show off his savage pet and parade her around the city, but eventually the two fell in love and began a relationship in secret. Ostensibly acting as his bodyguard, Eryn learned a bit about security and city life before the affair was discovered by the Court. Her lover was ostracized by the Court, and she was driven out, but she had spent too much time in civilization to return to life in the jungle.
Blending her hunting skills with her security training, Eryn began hiring herself out as a bounty hunter. Though she had to learn a lot about finding quarry off world and developing a network, once she'd tracked a quarry to the surface, that bounty was as good as credits in her account. She traveled to many worlds, collecting bounties on criminals who were evading justice, or so she thought. One prisoner she brought back turned out to be innocent of any crime, but rather simply a political enemy of a powerful magistrate. Though she returned the magistrate's money in disgust, she still felt guilty for dooming an innocent, and began developing professional standards for herself, including vetting a mark, researching the one offering the bounty, and distinguishing herself from those 'bounty hunters' who were little more than glorified mercenaries. Her latest job prospect involved tracking down a pirate hiding out in the asteroid belt near Cularin system. She has spent the last year or so planning, collecting data, and gaining information on the asteroid base, the pirates, and their schedule before finally finding an opportunity to apprehend the pirate without fighting the entire hideout. Unfortunately, the extraction did not go well, due to an unforeseen pirate playing hooky on his duties and wandering in while Eryn was in the process of completing her contract. She was forced to fight her way clear and flee, and made her way back planet side. Her quarry was killed, she's back at square one.

- Provide at least (can be derivative of the above, or a reflection of the character's concept you have in your mind):
> 1 goal that your character has: For now, see the galaxy and make some credits. More abstractly, she takes pride in making the galaxy a bit safer by bringing criminals to justice. Eventually, she hopes in her heart to return home someday.
> 1 fear/reservation that your character has and why: She is a bit shy of getting involved in another relationship. In her line of work, they always go badly.
> 1 strength - something that isn't a physical strength (could be though) that really helps the group: Her tracking skills and her moral compass.
> 1 weakness - something that is limiting that others in the group could do for your character possibly, something lacking: She's still a bit naive about civilized areas and can sometimes be a bit rigid in her thinking.
> Languages - All will have Basic to start: Basic and Togruti.
Oh, after all the folderol and hauling over coals stops, what did I learn?

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right-aligned image
- Name: Bossk
- Class: Guardian
- Species: Trandoshan
- Age: 18
- Background: Jedi (Form Fighting Dabbler)
- Alignment: Neutral Light

- 2 Personality Traits: Bossk tends to view the workings of the universe as a balancing act of equivalent exchange. One should always strive to reach their utmost potential.
- Ideal: Aspiration. I seek to prove myself worthy of the Force by matching my actions against the Jedi teachings.
- Bond: I must continue to appease the Scorekeeper by protecting everyone I am able to do so even though most of my species views my belief as heretical.
- Flaw: Trandoshan hunter/prey culture was strongly instilled in me when I was young. I sometimes find myself in that mindset when pursuing targets.

- Appearance: Bossk is more of the green variety of Trandoshan with red eyes. He is physically imposing even barely reaching adulthood. Trandoshans are known for their regenerative abilities which makes it all the more troubling the amount of scars on his body which could only be caused by repeated damage to the same area which seems to be the joints. His light brown robe over his white tunic is a dead giveaway that he is a Jedi padawan. His lightsaber is a blue saber gauntlet that pairs well with his shield while allowing his natural talons to grasp his opponent.

- Personality: He has always had a very direct personality. It not brutally honest as much as it is getting straight to the point. When protecting someone, his demeanor is that his opponent is looking at an impenetrable wall slowly closing in on them. Social interactions usually have him quiet but expressing himself in a few calm words meant to resolve a situation. There is still much to learn as the natural aggression of his species rears up every now and then which he tries his best to suppress. His gentle nature when playing with younglings and entertaining them with minor Force powers shows his nurturing nature.

- History: Bossk spent the first 5 years of his life on the Trandoshan home world. Being much wiser and stronger than his peers at even an early age marked him for a future of greatness. The youngling was forced to hunt smaller carnivorous creatures as practice. However, when he raised his knife to deal the final blow his connection to the Force told him this was wrong. He didn’t understand it at the time nor did the adults. Punishment for refusing to finish the hunt was both shame and dismemberment. His arm was cut off before him being tossed out in the jungle to fend for himself for a week. Trandoshans had a natural ability to regenerate even lost limbs, so this was only a temporary hinderance. His connection to the force gave him powers which helped him survive his week long trial in the jungle. The elders could not deny his potential, but that didn’t stop the repeated abuse for abstaining from the Hunt.

During another round of exile in the jungle, he meditated reaching out through the Force to understand why he felt the life force of every being so strongly. He had a vision where he had a conversation with their deity, the Scorekeeper. It was there that he was told that he would obtain Jagannath points differently than others of his species, by protecting others rather than killing them. When a Trandoshan’s life was saved by another, he owed them his life. It is by this concept that every life saved was a life owed earning him Jagannath points with more points awarded for large groups and powerful creatures. He swore to this new way of life despite the hardship it would cause him.

When Bossk’s eyes opened, the early morning had become night, and he felt a powerful presence with the Force behind him. It was Jedi Master Plo Koon staring down at him. ”Well I certainly wasn’t expecting to come across a youngling with such a strong connection with the Force. Why aren’t you with your people and what happened to your arm?” Bossk held the stump that was already starting to form small talons again. ”It was punishment for not participating in the Hunt. I didn’t want to kill innocent creatures. I’m a disgrace to all Trandoshans.” Plo Koon motioned for him to follow the Jedi Master back to his starfighter. ”You simply can feel the Living Force and respect it. They cannot feel the sanctity of life in the way we and others like us can. You are not a disgrace. Sometimes it takes more strength to preserve a life than it does to take it. It’s clear that your views and abilities are not appreciated here. Come back with me to the Jedi Temple. There you will learn how to protect others and live in harmony with the Force.” Without a second thought, the Trandoshan followed.

Many years passed and Bossk learned what it meant to be a Jedi at the Academy. His particular field of expertise was lightsaber forms which he mastered exceptionally quick. It was clear his path was that of the Guardian, strong and frontline defenders. There was still much for him to learn as while he protected others it was still for somewhat selfish reasons rather than altruistic. Nobody could dispute the results though. Part of his recent training was tapping into more of his force powers on the planet of Cularin which was teeming with the Force. The forests which produced very strong wood on the planet were particularly strong with the force. His skills with a lightsaber were well polished, but his master emphasized balancing that with powers for non-combat situations.

> goal: To become a Jedi knight regularly sent out to the outer rim worlds
> fear/reservation: He is afraid of becoming bloodthirsty and getting into “hunter mode” in the thick of battle or pursuing fleeing criminals
> strength: Bossk is tough as nails and isn’t afraid to lead the charge into battle or create an escape route for hostages.
> weakness: Despite his best efforts, he comes across as threatening or intimidating most of the time. He could do with someone smoothing his rough edges.
> Languages:Basic, Dosh, Binary
> Character Sheet:
Taken Oath of Sangus

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