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Old 07-25-2012, 12:15 PM
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The great war

October 23, 793 A.E.

It has been a long journey. You and your men and women have fought for the better half of ten years to get to this point. You've fought in thick jungles where the greatest danger wasn't even the Alvari soldiers, and you've fought in open fields where there was nothing else to consider other than where to place your sword next. The fighting has taken you through harsh deserts, where the sand made swift movement impossible, and through treacherous frozen wastelands, where every step could have very realistically killed you. But finally your war has lead you to the Alvari capital itself, Shulget, the city of the gods. It isn't technically even an Alvari city, so much as it was taken by force. But then, so too technically are your own lands, and few are those who can claim to be the original owners of their own cities.

Your forces have camped just outside the reach of the Alvari's arrows. The boats of the Brightwater Isle and the Kingdom of Driylow sit docked at the shore, their crew already awakening from the night's embrace and preparing their ships to bombard the city. The people of Peroldi are also already awake, preparing their morning rituals, which seemed so strange years ago, but over time has almost become a comforting sight, a reliable consistency in a sea of change. The Royal Republic of Jovia and the Kingdom of Numai are slower to rise, but only because they have no reason to wake, and their leaders have wisely allowed them to preserve their strength for the coming battle.

The Forsaken are perhaps the most visible, as the largest land based nation, the frog like creatures are everywhere. At one point their small stature was mocked, and even in their numbers it was believed they would offer little, but they have silenced their doubters and taken their rightful place as equals, brothers in battle. The dwarves of Zulgraf are not visible from above, but their presence can certainly be felt, for even now their miners are working on digging a tunnel to the great city, preparing to attack from below. If the dwarves are invisible from above, then the Siinja are all that can be seen. The cat like people float above in their magical boats, sailing not on water nor air but magic itself, and crewed by it's own intelligence. Though smaller than most in numbers, their wizards are the greatest in the land, and there isn't a single Siinja that cannot claim some magical talent.

Lastly, it is easy to miss the Triumviral Protectorate of Sar-Issus and The Red Champions of Luk, who could afford to send only a small token force to contribute to the war. But while their numbers are few the Protectorate is steeped in magic and riches, the Champions bring with them an almost contagious loyalty, and both bring technology unlike anything you've seen.

Morning dew still covers the ground as you walk among your soldiers, and the morning chill has still not left your breath. The sun has risen over the horizon, it's warming beams a welcome change from night's cold embrace. Storm clouds approach from the opposite horizon, however, creating a visual contrast in the sky; glorious light on your right, and stifling darkness on your left. Soon the two will meet, and the darkness will overcome the light. Perhaps it is an omen of what is to come? Only time will tell.
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Old 09-05-2012, 02:56 PM
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The toad like being, whom the other nations refer to as General Jallute, threw the flap of the main Pavilion, one he shares with his Majors and a few Captains, to the side as he stepped out into the rays of the sun as it began to peek out from the horizon sending the darkness into hiding amongst the shadows. General Jallute stretched his thick limbs, his yellow eyes, with specks of purple, scans the area inspecting the layout of the tents and his troops. He spots many members of the night-watch, on land and in the air, as they were making their rounds securing the Grippli grounds from the Alvarians and, unfortunately, the Coalition. His eyes also catch the first stirrings from the majority of his army as they rose from their night’s sleep. Jallute nodded his head in satisfaction as his troops have exceeded his every expectation over the last eight years.

Jallute expands his scan as he takes in the boats secured along the shore, those of the Lizardfolk from the kingdom of Driylow and the humans from Brightwater Isle. Jallute still has some residual prejudices against Lizardfolks; due to the many battles between them and the Grippli within The Forsaken over the last hundreds of years. Yes the Driylow are a different tribe but his prejudices are hard to overcome. I am aware of it and struggle against it he thinks a very wide smile appears on his face as he thinks of High King Thu. Jallute mind wanders over to Captain Alris who leads the nation of Brighwater Isle. A smart and motivated man who has been remarkable in the schematics of dealing with the various goods needed to keep the Coalition armies going. A man to trust, well trust in specific circumstances.

Jallute mind wanders over to Captain Alris who leads the nation of Brighwater Isle. A smart and motivated man who has been remarkable handles most of the schematics dealing with the various goods needed to keep the Coalition armies going. A man to trust, well trust in specific circumstances.

Jallute eyes find the people of Peroldi beginning to perform their morning ritual; a solid people, well trained, with a firm leader whose word is his bond. Jallute has always made sure that he has a fair number of squads flying overhead of the Peroldi during battles. Jallute head continues to turn as his eyes fall on the Elves from the Kingdom of Numai lead by Xadal; an arrogant individual but with a good heart and a well-trained mind.

His eyes continue to roam spotting the mercenary band who calls themselves the Red Champions of Luk, led by an enigmatic individual called Commander Arius; a combination of human and dragon. Jallute snorts as he considers the man whose only drive is his reputation and coin. [i]Speaking of coin[i] Jallute thinks as his eyes come across the Triumviral Protectorate of Sar-Issues whose only real contribution to the war has been coin, a bit of magic and technology.

New to the Coalition and to the council are the Baron Gorod Grimhammer leader of the Dwarfs of Zulgraf and General Archmagus Eliza Selena of the Siinja Catfolk.

Finally Jallute eyes land on the people from the Royal Republic of Jovia and its, and the Coalitions, leader Sir Marius. Jallute shakes his head the man believes he is better than everyone and hates anyone not human . Jallute shakes his head again as he heads towards the meeting. He is a decent enough tactician and the man likes to smoke a pipe. I can give him that.
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