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Old Apr 15th, 2022, 11:36 AM
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We aim to foster an enjoyable environment for all gamers and writers #howtohelp

"At RPG Crossing, we aim to foster an enjoyable environment for all gamers and writers, with a special focus on tabletop roleplaying games and associated genres." -- Site Rules & Help

There's a reason we put that statement at the top of our Site Rules & Help page. We mean it! I regularly receive comments about how welcoming and respectful our community is, but if that is not your experience, I and the rest of the site staff want to make sure that you know that you have avenues to be heard, and that we take such communications seriously. You can identify site staff by their red usernames, a "Staff" or "Admin" badge beside their user name, and by their appearance in this list.

How to report an issueOriginally Posted by Site Rules
If you do have a problem, you have several options at your disposal. You should avail yourself of them in the following order, skipping those that you deem will not be productive or appropriate in your particular situation:
  1. make a respectful and appropriately located post where you express the problem and seek to solve it through reasonable discussion with those involved,
  2. report a post using the card () symbol at the top right of every post, which will make sure it gets the attention of the moderation staff,
  3. contact a moderator (any red-named individual from the bottom part of the staff list) by private message,
  4. contact an administrator by private message, and, if all else fails,
  5. contact Birched by private message.

Keep in mind that the Report Post function () is a great way to flag spam posts that the mods haven't spotted yet! It's a big help to get our attention when the spambots break through. (Because they do, always, somehow, eventually break through our defensive line.) Any time a neutral third party might be useful in a disagreement, feel free to hit the same button and just explain in the message box. We'll do our best to have someone there as soon as possible.

When communicating with staff, please bear in mind that RPG Crossing moderators and admin are like-minded hobbyists who volunteer their time to help run cool events and maintain this community. Please treat them with kindness and respect, and endeavour to keep RPG Crossing an enjoyable environment for them, too. Each of us started as a regular member, and stepped forward to lend a hand. My experience leading this community since I took the reins ten years ago is that the volunteer moderators and admin truly care about making the community a better place, and that reported issues get considerable and fair consideration. Please keep communicating, and help us keep our internet refuge a great place to escape to!

Sincerely and with thanks,

Birched and the site staff
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