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Old 09-23-2018, 02:17 PM
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Trilla snorts in annoyance as the muddied man, Pat, makes his acquaintance, ”And you ma’am can I, err … can I get you something too?” Trilla stares down at the man and gives a short grating laugh. "ha...yes...ma'am...that fits me well does it?" She is thoroughly tired of people's reactions when they met her...surprise... fear... anger. At least this man recovered quickly and gave a thought to disguise his feelings, whether out of fear or kindness was still to be known.

Trilla hefts her tankard of ale and holds it in front of her chest. "I am already nursing this ale but I wouldn't say no to a second if the opportunity presents itself. " She flexes her bloody hand, the one cut by the busted flagon earlier and laughs, "It seems like drinking in this establishment is dangerous business...Keep your eyes peeled boys!"

Trilla places her ale down on the bar and lifts a hot bowl of stew into her hands. Standing there, her long athletic form lounging against the bar, Trilla enjoys the thick goulash while she watches the crowd.

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Old 09-24-2018, 02:53 PM
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Pardriech Hardburn (Pat) – Getting to know you
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Pat ignored Trilla’s teasing. She was a striking character who clearly had no problem flitting from the nobles’ table to the bar with the muddiest of travellers. The sight of her bloodied drinking hand served to emphasise her eccentricity. Now here’s a character I’d rather have with than against me he thought raising his tankard to her with a wink.

”Well, be sure to give me a shout when you’re nearly through and I’ll get us another round in.”

Then Grum spoke up, making for pleasant companionship between them

"Where go you all? I, myself are traveling the land, and once I know you a bit better, I might say why." he gave a strange laugh "But my thanks for providing company on the road, Trilla. Mayhaps the drowned rats could join us as well." and then patting Pat's shoulder he asked "So what put you and your friend on the road?"

Pat was pleased with his progress since leaving he forest. He’d been warned about the strange ways of folk nearer the city, but with Lorcan’s companionship - and now these two down-to-earth types – he could see himself getting on.

”Its as much about leaving as it is about arriving” he said ”As Lorcan here will attest” he gestured to his side, bring his companion into the conversation ”I come from the outlands, beyond the forest on the borders of Calaevin and Halland. It’s tough country. Simple and brutal. I can handle myself there, sure” he absent mindedly traced the scar down the side of his face ”But there is more to life than fighting for advantage or revenge.”. He paused, lost for a second or two ”So I left. Left to find my fortune.”. He said with a wink and a smile. He reached down to the sack of furs, pulling and elegant white tailed fox to show his companions. ”I thought I’d try selling some of these directly in Kyre. The merchants who come as far as us only pay a few coppers a skin – and looking at the ways of the nobles”. He gestured at the girl holding court in the corner of the inn ”I reckon as they’d pay much more than than for furs as fine as this. So yes I’d be pleased to join you on the road, if you’d have me that is. That is if we all survive this wild evening ”. He closed with a smile

Just then he barkeep rushed to their end of the bar depositing a mug of ale and a bowl of stew each

"Compliments of the Lady in the back folks. If you want more, prices are on the wall." he said, with nary a backward glance as he rushed off to the next call.

Well that is a turn up thought Pat, looking back over to the girl, who seemed to be engrossed in conversation with one of her table mates.

”Very kind of her.”he said to his companions ”Tell me Trilla, I saw you and her were having some fun when I came in, what is the Lady’s name? I feel I should pay my respects and thank her for her kindness before the evening’s out.”

As he said this he saw the back door open and dozens more people, working men by the looks of it, filing into the Inn. He was even more glad they had secured this spot. As the thunder cracked overhead he could see they were in for a long and crowded night.



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Old Yesterday, 04:07 PM
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Safe Lodging
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"Bogla is where I hail from, Pat." Grum was not one to take charity, but refusing the lady's generosity would have called attention, so the wizard nursed the stew. "And in Boglia, we say 'a free meal starved the soul.'" Despite that, Grum shrugged and ate from the bowl. He looked sideways at the Charybdis noble.

"If you haven't been to Boglia, half the holding is bogs and swampland, the other dry mountains with little ore. I'm from the boggy part." Grumveldt took out his pouch and opened the lid. "I've learned the herbs and plants of Boglia, along with a few other skills here and there. But it was time to...expand my repertoire, as it were." Grumveldt closed the pouch and looked to Trilla.

"I have other skills that hopefully won't come in handy any time soon." He'd shown as much as he was willing to share. And a roomful of soldiers was no place to perform any magic. Grum took a long pull of ale and sighed. He definitely hated crowds.


OOCMy kibitzing itch is scratched, now Grum wants to blow some stuff up.
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