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Old Oct 2nd, 2022, 04:20 AM
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The Spark and Stone Tavern
Vidar, a Dwarf of the Iron Hills runs the tavern, and he delights in speaking in Riddles and is more than willing to trade room and food for new riddles and tales with his friends. He makes this place always bright with enough lanterns and candles. Eydis, a Barding woman who serves food and drink usually adds a few colorful lampions to the guest area, which she paints herself, mostly with birds, the sun, and sometimes a ship or two.

The drinks are fairly good, but the food depends a lot on Vidar's mood, but always at least acceptable.

Since it's on the sea front just east of the Water-gate, a few cheeky seagulls are regulars inside the door, some even have a name.

Lately there's been talk about dark things creeping out of Mirkwood, and bandit troubles around Dale.

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