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Old Jan 24th, 2015, 12:03 AM
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As you can see Sisabu has a Bastion in the North, which is where you are headed. I cut off the Vale's label, but it is the forest on the left side of the map.

The world is a standard fantasy world in a constant struggle between the gods of good and evil, though our current struggle is between two evil deities.

There will be a more complete Pantheon posted soon, but you would most likely have only served Huspantas if you did serve a deity at all.
The Pantheon
Huspantas (LE) God of Death, Shadows, and the Void. Huspantas is the collector of souls and the granter of rest. He traps evil souls in eternal torment, or to be released and forever forgotten. He allows those that have lived a good life to be cared for by Linsin God of Light, Justice and Life. Huspantas fears Linsin, as he has bested him on several occasions, these have had an effect on Huspantas, making him more sure of the way that he manipulates the world. He no longer leaves traces of his movements among the mortal, he works within the framework of the laws that the other gods have agreed to, unlike his brother Sisabu. Sisabu is only the half brother of Huspantas, through his mother, the dead goddess Arisa. He has no relation to Sherba, but it is said that he yearns after her. The dead god, Thaurku is his Huspantas' father, he was the only son of the god of time and the void.

Linsin (LG) God of Light, Justice and Life. Linsin and Sherba are the de facto leaders of the gods. They try to reign in and keep order with the powers that they posses. Linsin is the sworn enemy of Huspantas, and only tolerates Sisabu due to his relation with Sherba. Linsin is the son of the dead gods Akis the god of lightning and Ranadani the goddess of the sun and stars. He is the god that rulers claim to follow and is prayed to when justice is needed. Linsin is also the keeper of souls in the heaven, a place that most lawful persons seek to spend eternity bathed in light and forever in peace. It is said that Linsin has the power to bring people back from the dead.

Sisabu (CE) God of War, Blood and Fire. Sisabu does not recognize any authority other than his own. He constantly has his hands in the affairs of the mortal, employing his monstrous hordes of Orcs and Trolls to do his bidding. Orcs and Trolls are not civilized enough to be considered a Playable Race because of their close link to Sisabu and their violent and unpredictable actions. Sisabu will fight whenever he can. He is often kept in place by Linsin and Sherba, his sister and wife of Linsin. Sisabu is the son of Arisa the dead goddess of passion and art and Vurkan the dead god, who once ruled them all.

Sherba (NG) Goddess of Peace, Healing, and Water. Sherba is a deity focused on tranquility, she is said to be found in the quiet places where life abounds. She is said to have eyes only for Linsin, but stories are told of a passion she once shared with Huspantas. She is the sister of Sisabu and often helps Linsin console the crazed god. Sherba is the daughter of Vurkan the dead god and Yihla the goddess of winds.

Yihla (N) Goddess of Wind, Wisdom, and Fortune. Yihla is the last of the old gods, she is ancient and it is said that this has only added to her wisdom. She is the mother of Sherba and Entan god of the earth. Yihla was said to have gathered the first peoples together to create the first of the great cities, Bronth, which now lies in ruins. Yihla is often prayed to for advice in challenging situations. She is also seen as the keeper of knowledge and is followed by many academics.

Entan (LN) God of Earth, Travel, and Animals. Entan roams the forests and mountains, he is always on the move, caring for the animals and plants. He is the son of Yihla and Lamir the dead creator god. Entan is worshiped by elves, he is also worshiped by dwarves who believe that he also grants his blessing in the form of gold and gems. He is also worshiped by druids of all races.

Jaria (NG) Goddess of Love, Hearth, and Protection. Jaria was said to be formed by Lamir as a companion when he created all things. She is said to be the most beautiful female in existence, and each race has an idealized version of her on their shrines to her. She is the patron of mothers and lovers, she is the eternal home maker and the perfect mate. She is the one who is prayed to when one is depressed or misses someone or their home. Jaria was never able to give Lamir children, but it is said that instead she gave birth to all the races of the world, other than the Nagaji and Vishkanyas. She remained faithful to Lamir, even after he strayed to lay with Yihla.

Kir (CN) God of Poison, Theft, and Tricksters. The snake god. Nagaji, Goblins, and Vishkanyas follow Kir as their deity, but not exclusively, there are members of the races that do not care for Kir and his unpredictable manner. Kir's origins are not known, he came into being at the same time that the Nagaji and Vishkanya came into being, it is said that he and they formed out of the chaos together.

The only races available are listed below and there are percentages of the population that they make up.

Population Breakdown:
Humans - 23%
Elves - 20%
Dwarves - 10%
Half-Orcs - 10%
Goblins - 5%
Gnomes - 5%
Halflings - 5%
Hobgoblins - 5%
Kobolds - 5%
Half-Elves - 2%
Tengus - 2%
Tieflings - 2%
Nagaji - 2%
Gripplis - 2%
Vishkanyas - 2%

This is an evil only campaign.

The following Classes are not allowed:
Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai, Investigator, Swashbuckler, Alchemist, Cavalier, Summoner, third party classes, as well as any class that restricts you from joining due to evil alignment.

I am using the Heroic roll method, with the big two rule. In this case if you do not have 2 rolls over 14 you can roll once more.
Heroic: Roll 2d6 and add 6 to the sum of the dice. Record this total and repeat the process until six numbers are generated. Assign these totals to your ability scores as you see fit. This is less random than the Standard method and generates characters with mostly above-average scores.
Please refrain from rolling stats until after you have finished your character write up. This way I know you are interested and not just here to play with the dice Complete character sheets are not required for your application, so if you want to wait to roll your stats and create your character sheet until you are accepted I am fine with that.

You can drop up to 2 rolls by 2 each and increase any two rolls by 1 each. Please make notes in the area where you roll in regards to how you arrived at your total rolls.

You can take 1 trait, but please do not take any Campaign Traits, Religion Traits, or Regional Traits. They are broad enough, but not really necessary.

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