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Old Jan 19th, 2015, 03:06 AM
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The Cursed Spawn of Huspantas

Please copy and paste your complete character write ups. Also keep notes on events if you like, but only post once, edit your posts to include more information.

Character Histories are not set in stone, if you want to work in other accepted players into your background feel free to reach out to them in the OOC.

Please follow the rules laid out in the advertisement for your character sheets. If you have any questions post in the OOC, that way we are all on the same page.
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Old Jan 19th, 2015, 03:22 AM
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left-aligned image

Character Name: Ulciscor
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Rogue (Skulking Slayer)
Alignment: Neutral Evil. The kind that does as he pleases when he pleases. Mostly he does what is most beneficial to himself.
Appearance: Ulciscor is freakishly tall as he is wide. His black hair is unkempt and matted into dreadlocks that smell of rot and decay. His ugly face is only made bearable by the human traits his mother had spawned into him. His skin a dark brown green akin enough to pass as a human of those with dark skin.

Character History: Ulciscor was brought into the world as a result of the unwelcomed union between an orc raider and his human mother. A common enough story, except instead of accepting him as her son she rejected him despite her beliefs. Those fickle morals and ethics held on long enough to give Ulciscor enough of a fighting chance in the world, but as he grew older his orcan lineage became more prominent. No longer standing the sight of him, and him no longer standing the verbal abuse, he was set out on the streets on his own.

As a runt alone in the streets he was picked on, harassed, and humiliated enough that he soon learned that this world was rough. It was even rougher for those that didn't belong, being a half-orc he knew he belonged neither in the human world nor the orcs. But as the law of nature goes, only the strong survive, and so it was with Ulciscor. Everyday of life became a testament of his resilience, and everyday he took a breath was another day his heart became polluted with hate. He hated humans; their arrogant selves could not show respite or pity towards one as misfortunate as himself. But most of all he hated orcs. Those savages had no mind or manners that beast, pig, rat, or roach, could not best.

If Ulciscor had a heart he followed it to his own delight. Despite his looks or reputation even the finest damsel in the world would fawn at the power and respect the riches brought. So he burglarred, robbed, and mugged anyone and anything that could hold any value to him. By the age of a teenager Ulciscor had become renowned and infamous in the streets he grew up in. Heartless and calculating, a menace not even underground kingpins would take him under their wing.

Soon enough he became such a menace that the lawmen and criminals banded together to get rid of him. All to no avail. He escaped them sometimes barely, and with every day and breath he hated them more for it. Soon Ulciscor understood if he were to survive he would have to strike out into a different city. In his travels he found the wilderness relaxing and somewhat comforting. It even brought greater riches and success as traveling merchants and unsuspecting travelers soon fell victim to his ambushes. After a while Ulciscor started to see a trend. Some of the merchants of adventurers were loaded, and when questioned they would report of their exploits in hidden dungeons and old ruins.

So he too decided to take this up, as more riches meant more power and fame. Some of these capers were successful, some were dead end. But in his last one, a freak accident of a collapsed floor had him wrapped up in darkness staring at a wall filled with skulls...

Character Writing Sample:


Working on updates!

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Old Jan 19th, 2015, 03:50 AM
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Come! And together let's follow the heartwarming tale of a young elven hero defending a land of magical unicorns beset on all sides by hungry munchingobbers!
Or read about how that same hero got crushed under the bootheel of destiny in the Way of the Wicked!...Easy choice.

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Old Jan 19th, 2015, 01:24 PM
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left-aligned image
Character Name: "Oh, that's me! Hello me!"
Liskart, Lisk for short, Moon Moon pejoratively.
Race: "I can tell you're a good person, because you don't run away screaming! So nice."
Class: "I hugged him, but something popped and he stopped moving. Is that bad?"
Monk(or another unarmed fighty person)
Alignment: "What's a 'moral quandary'? I've never met one before."
Chaotic Amoral. Not actively malicious, but has nothing wrong with eating people and such.
Appearance: - Not pictured: Blood of the Innocent, Hat of the Werewolf
See left. Liskart is an attempt to combine all sorts of wolven creatures into a single, bloodthirsty package. Liskart is also a horrible failure, and is unlikely to amount to anything monstrous. The only traits that truly show in this magical meddling are the fact that he's not bound to any one sort of wolf when changing(though they all end up runty and with the same sort of stats), though he's generally a brown/beige sort of mutt, and if he winds up as someone different, don't scare people when they're shifting, it's rudeit's probably an accident.

Character History: "Well, when a momma wolf and a daddy wolf love each other more than society says they should..."
Image would have been served from but is not HTTPS. For more information, please see IMG bbcode help.Mortricia the Ever-Queen of the Night, Bane of Hunters, and Scourge of the Local Feed Market was truly a force to be reckoned with. She could hunt anything, a gorilla or a bear, whatever. Humans definitely, as she loved the way they squirmed when they ran. Knights were especially good: crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside with a nice gooshy filling.

This is not her story.

It was pity that lead to adopting Liskart. Her... brother meant well, but he had a terrible problem in that he came home one night with a baby and a silver spear through his chest. He declared that this was "Rude.", and died right in the middle of dinner. Ruined the whole night, blood everywhere, it was gross. Liskart, for his part, did not mind this state of affairs, because he did not mind anything. The poor child was very light in the head, and highly optimistic via a refined sense of foolishness. Unwilling to stomach the idea of a child of hers, even an adopted one, being the worst of the pack, Mortricia politely asked Liskart if he wanted to try out a few experiments.

Liskart did not know what an experiment was, but it sounded tasty.

While he did gain some semblance of fighting prowess, as well as a supernatural resistance to pain, Liskart is not the dire monster that his mother hoped for. He is a happy little wolf who likes eating things, making new friends, and eating the enemies of his new friends. Order is not important. Some people might say his new friends are evil, and not to be trusted. This is a damnable lie. They give him people to eat, and scritch him behind the ears, and sometimes let him sleep on the sofa. How could such people be evil? It's impossible, I tell you.

Character Writing Sample: "C'mere you!"
Bloodscar was concerned by the sounds of muffled, existentially terrified screams. Not worried, mind you: this sort of thing was par for the course in his line of work. No, he was concerned because most of the party had left to go 'procure' a few horses, and that meant the only person around was...

"Bloodscar, look what I found! Can I keep him?" Oh no. Him. Indeed, the young werewolf was busy... grappling? Hugging. A small pooka. No taller than 2.5 feet, the rabbit fit comfortably in Liskart's arms, and was being simultaneously squashed and petted by the runt. Various screams were coming out in Gnomish, but for all the two understood it might have been the squeals of a concerned pet. That, he supposed, was the problem.
"No, you cannot 'keep him'. Do you even know where that's been?"
"But... but he's right here..."
"Can't you just eat him?"
"I already ate! Besides, he's so adorable. He's like a bunny, but a person too! That means he's litter trained, and you can take him on walks, and teach him to fight paladins, and..."
"I sincerely doubt he has any desire to join in on our quest. Besides, pets are expensive."
"You need a cage, and rabbit food, and all sorts of ball gags to keep them from screaming to the authorities."
"You could train that out of him... besides, look, he likes me!" Liskart held up the Pooka to the gnoll, which caused the poor rabbit to become even more frantic. The werewolf, at least, had not tried to murder him. This did not exactly qualify as 'liking' in Bloodscar's book, though.
"Look, just a quick backstab, he'll never even feel it."
"No! I found him, he's mine. You can go find your own to backstab. So shoo-" The retort was ruined by the pooka's head exploding quite vigorously. The psion had returned, it seemed, and needed to work off some steam. Best that she explode the heads of random travelers than her 'friends'. "Sorry, was I interrupting something? Liskart dear, you need to be more thorough." Seeing the tears welling up at the loss of this glorious exotic pet, she became very confused. "What? What did I do?"

Liskart gave up trying to put the rabbit back together after a few hours. He was missing a few pieces, and no one offered to make some new ones. Resurrection spells were expensive, and he would have to save up if he wanted a zombie pooka for a pet. Necromancers didn't grow on trees, even the fleshy kind.

Character Notes:
  • Moon Moon is the party tank. Highly impervious to darn near anything, but he's not very strong, nor is he very focused on ending fights quickly. He prefers to play with his food, you see.
  • He tends to eat chunks that are larger than his mouth, and leave bits dangling out. Also likes chewing on things while doing something else, as comfort.
  • His hat is a floppy cap with little poking-up bits for his ears. He found it on a merchant, and loved it immediately.
  • Preferably, he'd be a Monk that runs on CHA instead of WIS(because he is a doofus, but spirited). In such case, he wouldn't take anything spiritual or magical because that's way beyond him. Otherwise, some other unarmed nommy class.
  • Most likely, he was following around one of the other party members when they got recruited, bringing him for the ride. Now they will Never Be Rid of him.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old Apr 8th, 2015, 10:14 PM
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Name: Vail Morgan (Pronounced Veil)
Race: Vishkanya
Class: Sorcerer (Draconic - Black)
Alignment: Lawful Evil: Good turned bad, his code twisted, Vail is the kind of evil that seeks power within a system, not to cast it down. While his code still contains some things that could be seen as neutral or even *shudder* good (Example: Harm shall not come to children by his hand, or permission/No *excessive* torture) he is undoubtedly evil, and out for power, and blood.
Appearance: Vail is slightly unusual for a sorcerer in that while he is tall, he's not to terribly lean, and in good shape. With pale blue-green, fine scales covering his body, and dark golden eyes, it's obvious at a glance what he is. He carries himself as if he is just tired of the world as it is, and ready to change it, but unlike goody-two-shoes revolutionaries, he seeks to rule what he can, and rule it in a way he thinks is best for this world. He dresses simply, keeping his traveling clothes on over his armor when he can, and his sickle safely at his side. Behind his eyes those, lurks a fury, and intelligence that isn't to be scoffed at.

Character History: Born to two unremarkable Vishkanya clerics, Vail was raised to revere Jaria as his primary deity. At one point he even aspired to be a paladin for her, and despite not being the strongest of children, pushed for it. While he was studying (and actually learning a little) he met a young human girl he came to know as Aria. Where he was lacking, she was superb, and not a dumb kid either. They became fast friends, and as most kids do, they both changed goals quite a bit, he migrated away from being a paladin, though he had already become a goody-two-shoes in his own right, and became fascinated with the mysterious world of magic.

As they grew to become teenagers, he unlocked the power hidden in his blood, and she started training to be a fighter. They saw less and less of each other as their studies kept them apart, but they shared what time they could together. That is, until Vail's parents died in a fire. With only his uncle in a far, far away town left to go to, he said his goodbyes, packed his things, and joined in with a caravan headed out that way, happy to have a spellcaster, even an inexperienced one, helping keep them safe.

About halfway there the caravan was ambushed by a group of bandits that proved to much for the guards, and young Vail. Captured for his spellcasting ability, he was taken back to their camp, and handed over to their cleric, a servant of Huspantas, who, for the next year, and a half, invaded Vail's mind, and tortured his body, only insuring the sorcerer wouldn't scar. By the time the ordeal was over, Vail had lost all hope of good in this world, if good truly existed, then how could people like this exist. Hateful, and vengeful, he eventually managed to kill the cleric while he slept, and then set fire to the bandit camp.

Abandoning truly worshiping Jaria (Though he can't bring himself to outright hate the goddess, he no longer finds her worth worshiping) and taking up the symbol of Huspantas, he began a series of attacks around the bandit camps. Hitting Caravans, and Bandits alike, gathering information about the world, and expanding on his talents. He hasn't forgotten Aria, and searches for news of her when he can, but now he only has two purposes in this world, to change it, whether with fire, or iron rule, and to serve his new lord, Huspantas.

With this in mind, he gathered together everything he had collected in his raids, and set off as Huspantas directed him, ready to serve his new master.
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