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Old Jan 15th, 2013, 03:14 PM
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Victims of The Laughing One

Here is where your characters go! Copy over your application, and get to sheeting!
RulesThe sheet code is thus: (SPOILERBUTTON="Character Sheet")(INDENT)(NSHEET)33910(/NSHEET)(/INDENT)(/SPOILERBUTTON), with brackets instead of parenths. Also, the number will be the number of your sheet, in the URL.
20 point buy. Then add your racial stats, then 2 points in whatever, from hitting level 4/8.
You're level 9. Fast XP, if you care, though I'll be leveling you up periodically, rather than keeping a hard count.
You get 46,000 gp, of which you must spend at least 40,000. This must be spent as per your backstory race and class, not the one you're playing.
You are not allowed to discuss the sorts of items you'd love to have. If you break this rule, I reserve the right to meddle with your inventory, up to and including replacing your items with statues of a cat wearing a fez.
Individual Stuffs
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
A satyr rises in the morning, and hangs the coffee mug on his horns, so that he won't lose it.
The coffee is done, but the mug isn't in its usual spot. Where did it go? He forgot.

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Old Jan 16th, 2013, 12:02 AM
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Cherry character sheet.

Before: "Boys and Demons, get it while it's hot!"

AFTER: "Be still, my beating heart". (Another terrific Fragmaster picture).

Uh ohBefore: A sexy lady Succubus Soulknife.
After: A far less sexy (and older looking) Bugbear Oracle.

She is not happy about this.

Also - I'm not going to have much equipment, am I? A Succubus Soulknife won't have a weapon or armour. Might be able to get away with a cha boosting item... What I will have, gentlemen, is lots of SLUTTY UNDERWEAR

Who am I?Name: Cherry the Supermodel.
Race: Bugbear
Class: Oracle
Age: Older looking.
Gender: Female
Before: By Juiblex I was GORGEOUS. I was a Succubus Soulknife, dealing out demonic kisses and my mindblades wherever I went. Look at me now!
Alignment: Ha, Chaotic Evil, and how.

InfoBackground: What I used to like to do was this: I used to go round the houses of kings and paladins, screw them silly, then make them give up their eternal souls for a trifle. Then I went home to the big bad abyss and me and Demogorgon would laugh and laugh. Juiblex tried to laugh but he just makes horrible noises and farts.

Orcus doesn't laugh much. he just grinds his teeth on souls and bones.

It was brilliant fun, and I met lots of interesting people. Plus I used to be invited to all the best parties. I went where I liked. You're never truly naked when you can teleport and you have mindblades. *Sigh*

Appearance: An ugly old bugbear. Boo hoo hoo hoo. Big, hairy old bugbear. And I don't want boy bugbears, they are ugly and smelly. I want Elven and Aasimar princes like before, sexy and sooo much fun to corrupt.

Personality: Well, I'm still bad to the bone. And I've not forgotten how to cast spells, in fact I have some others. The mission continues. Revenge! Promote my awesome skills! Drag as many souls to the Abyss with me!

My Struggle
RP Sample: We were all in our rooms in the hotel. Five star, as usual. Tolerable. I'm not a sleeper, so I was getting ready to go out on the town, amuse myself with a captain of the guard, or magistrate or high priestess or something. Y'know, a little light relief.

I was getting my make up and image on. I'd decided to go for the 'holy innocent' look, blonde, big eyed paladin, new in town, needs a trusted type to help her in these dark times. An old trick, but always funny. Besides, the mayor had a party.

ANYWAY, there I am, with my lipstick, and a coyote or something comes in, giggling.

Great, I thought. Shapechanger? He said we were in big trouble and we were going to be 'torn asunder' which I thought was very presumptuous.

A big dog then. Well, I've ****ed worse. I patted my bed and suggested he come sit on it and tell me the trouble. I have my ways.

'No chance' said the beast. Well, I never. Can you imagine me being refused? 'Not a prayer' he said, 'you great hairy beast'

That was rich, coming from him. Like he could be picky. But then I saw myself in the mirror. I saw a thing. A horrid great bear. A horrid great bear with lipstick poorly smeared over its face.

What is this? I yelled, but the dog just laughed and said it was down to that cow Caladenzia. I instantly thought to magick up my mindblade, but nothing happened. I had some magical powers, somhow, but nothing I was used to. And besides, by this time, the dog was galloping away, hooting with glee and tearing one of my very best and most glamourous brassieres to shreds.

I sat on the bed. My spider silk panties and fishnet stockings had torn off, and not in the fun way.

Screw it. If nothing else, I am a demon, and I will have my revenge.

Bugbear Stats+2 STR/INT, -2 WIS
+2 Escape Artist/Intimidate
Class Skill(Intimidate): Intimidate is always a class skill for Bugbears.
Speed 25: You can move 25 feet in combat. This only lowers to 20 feet in heavy armor, due to their hefty build.
Monster Under the Bed: You can fit into spaces one size smaller than normal. This stacks with squishing from Escape Artist.
Punch: Bugbears deal 1d6 SLA unarmed strike damage(if they're monks, they get +1 damage instead).
Darkvision 60ft: Glowy eyeballs!
Tuff: +1 Natural AC.

Crap she has bought (swapsies?)Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2 (in Hot Pink) - 4,000gp

Breastplate +1 Glamered (so she can change it to suit her frequent Change Shape stuff. And y'know, fashion. Normally hot pink and low cut, for her big boobs).

Her natural form is 6 ft tall and 125lb apparently, so it'll fit that. 4,200gp

Hat of Disguise (I don't know if the effects would normally stack, but there you go) 1,800gp

Rod of Splendour - This is so her. +4 cha bonus and 'Once per day, the rod creates and garbs her in clothing of the finest fabrics, plus adornments of furs and jewels'

SOLD to the massive slut, 25,000gp. Include clothing by people like Imaginary Foundation, Freshjive and Crooks & Castles.

Ring of Protection +2 (v blingy, a great big ruby) 8,000gp

4 x Elixirs of Love. Of course. (looks like vodka jelly shots) 600gp

43,600gp total.

Call it 44,000gp with a satchel full of Victoria's Secret Lolth Collection, and junk like Ed Hardy t shirts for if she misplaces the Rod of Splendour.


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Old Jan 16th, 2013, 12:15 AM
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+1 Corrosive Seeking Light Crossbow
[Bracers of Armor +2]
[Ring of Feather Floating]
(Headband of Alluring Charisma +4)
(Lesser Metamagic Rod of Empower)
2x Pearls of Power (2nd)
50 bolts (5g)
Party Gold: 8808g

*Things in () are items that I have given out, things in [] are items that I have received.

Name: Adrian Calahan.
Race: Goofolk (Was half elf).
Class: Inquisitor (Was sorcerer).
Apparent Age: 22 (Was 53).
Gender: Female (Was male).



RP Sample:
Holidays and my new overnights schedule are still taking a toll on me and my post rate, and will probably continue to do so until some time after the new year. Please bear with me until then!

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Old Jan 16th, 2013, 01:51 AM
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left-aligned image
Kaitlyn 'Silverback' Morgan
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Original Age: 29
Gender: Female
Before: Kaitlyn started her work as an adventurer later than most, when her husband and children were killed by soldiers out on a bender. Taking up the first weapon of her life, one of the soldiers discarded swords, she slew them all before fleeing the country.

Refusing to ever be that weak again she signed up with a mercinary company called the Flying Crow, proving her strength and determination quickly in the motley band. Though she was one of only a few females, noone there treated her as weak for long. Her years of farm work and long hours of chasing around children had given her a great deal of endurance and she turned out to be a natural with every weapon thrust upon her.

She served with the mercinaries for five years, earning her commition fairly early on with her deeds in the local wars the lords faught. However after a while she grew tired of watching young idiots die for gold they would never have a chance to spend and, when invited along on a mission for the capital city to slay an Orc King she accepted whole heartedly.

Over the last four years she has slain dragons, decapitated necromancers, walked through other planes in the light of magical lanterns and each new experience taught her to be harder and more skilled.

How was she to know that this mission would change her very nature..?


left-aligned image

Race: Naga Zombie!
Class: Druid
Age: Looks to have been around 16 when she died.
Gender: Still Female
Appearance: All Kaitlyns well earned muscle and scars have vanished to be replaced by a thin and sickly grey scales, many of which are missing revealing even greyer and sicker looking flesh beneath. Several parts of her anatomy appear to have come from other bodies, which she can tell because her right hand is big and hairy and the other is black with long feminine fingers. Also, she has no legs. Other than her arms, which appear to have been stitched on, she appears to be a big snake, with big fangs and yellow slitted eyes.

Increased Wisdom and Charisma: The world suddenly came alive! She was perceptive before of course, but that was seeing threats and entrances and traps, but this new vision! She can see shades in the darkness, a thousand variations of black and grey, and the normal colors have been strengthened and made more alive! Scent has increased as well, though perhaps it would be better to say taste? With a flick of her long forked tongue she can smell everything around her!

She also finds herself being noticed more, but it is hard to tell if that is an increased sense of personality or the whole giant snake zombie thing...

Her personality does shine through though, her dedication to every task and willingness to fight to protect others. Though she is now a druid she still has very little love of nature, which is likely to be a problem as things continue.

RP Sample: Coyote has bounced into your room at night, stolen your character sheet, given you an inferior one as a replacement, and told a few jokes that probably only he finds funny. Describe your encounter!

"Eighteen... Eighteen..! ... A third Eighteen?! Wow..." Three eighteens for stats, along with the two fifteens and a fourteen make for one hell of a statistic array! Still, the DM has to accept these right? I put them into the sheet, totalling up my saves, and note how much effect it has on everything.

"This character will be the most powerful I have made. Wow... This should be a fun game..."

"Yoink! HA HA HA!" comes the words, the sheet vanishing. A weird looking Cayote is standing nearby, giving me a huge toothy grin with his mouth wide open while also holding the sheet in his mouth. My mind shudders, knowing this is impossible, but my eyes continue to see it. The being is also two dimentional, I note, made from swirls of black and red and white and other colors that don't exist.

"Um. Hi. Er... Can I have that back please?"

"Okay, sure!" and lets go the page, which flips around the room before sticking to his back. I feel it adhere to my back, like a tattoo while Cayote lets out his HA HA HA.

Glaring at the Cayote "I said have 'that' back, not have 'it on' my back. That isn't even a Pun..." I am about to ask for his sheet back again when the situation settles in. "Actually, never mind."

Grinning widely as my eyes sparkle with mischief, I sit down "So, you are real? I love your stories, and your jokes are soo funny. I don't suppose you would like to play a trick on the whole world and give me real magic..? Imagine all the confused scientists and atheists when I can actually perform things that defy all science; no tricks or deceptions. The lack of a trick will be the trick!"

"So... You game..?"

Cayote gives him another, louder laugh, suggesting this had been his plan all along. "Here is what we will do, little mortal..."
"Live each day as if it were your last, 'cause I'm gonna kill you but I'm not super-good w/ schedules."
- Joss Whedon

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Really?? A Barbarian Unicorn? How? This will get interesting.

Name: Talos

Race: Unicorn

Class: Barbarian

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Before: Prior to the horrific change, Talos, a littlest dragon, was a powerful magus. Capable of casting powerful magic to decimate a multitude of baddies before cutting down any stragglers left standing. But you shouldn't let his small size fool you. It's the little one you've got to watch out for.

Background: As already stated, Talos was a magus of the local Littlest dragon tribe. He spent his youth training arduously to become a grand protector of his people. Eventually, after many years of training, he was promoted to work the Tribal Guard. Talos was so happy that day and served his tribe loyally. But one day, a cataclysm struck his tribe. They had all become mindless welps for a weird woman called Lady Caladenzia. Angry, Talos set out to set things right. On his journey he met with other creatures with similar complaints. Not sure if he should work with these wierdos, Talos decides that he can just fudge the story a little when his people are saved and he can be the hero!

Appearance: Now, Talos is a pony... Yes, a pony. A pony with this weird stick thing on his head. Wait, that's right, this thing he's become is called a unicorn. Now he's a big dumb white pony with a dang horn sticking out his head. Apparently his grey skin is now grey fur. Even this stupid goatee that he has is grey. This is in contrast to the stupid horn which is ivory with a stupid swirl pattern.

Personality: Being the smallest guy in the group can do a lot of things to you. Among his people, he was a strong and powerful magi! This obviously lead to the development of quite the ego. Especially considering he was really smart to boot! After spending some time with the party has led to him developing a complex. He felt that he must show everyone how powerful he is, no matter the opponent.

But now, he feels a little... dumber. And he gets angry a lot easier too. Maybe unicorns are a lot more savage than he originally thought.

RP Sample: Talos was awaken with a crunching sound and landing on the floor. He woke long enough to see this dog looking thing leave through his window. "What the heck was that?", he asked. Curious, he tried to stand up to check to see if he can get a better view of that dog. But as he made his attempt, he slipped and fell back to the floor. "What's going on?" Maybe the crash landing to the floor took more out of him than he thought. He was a small guy and big falls can do a lot of damage. So he decided to walk on all fours till and gained his bearings. As he got up he noticed that he was a lot higher up than he should be. On top of that, there was this weird clopping sound every time he moved his hands or feet.

Looking down to see what the noise was, he made a shocked gasp. Where his hands and feet were... there were hooves! "What the hell!!!" Talos runs over to the mirror in his room to see what that damn dog did to him.

But when he looked, all he saw was a horse's face with this horn sticking out its head. Thinking its got to be a trick, he moved his head around from side to side, in and out of the mirrors view and closed his eyes to see if he was just dreaming. Then he realized. This wasn't a dream! "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! HELP! HELP! That dog thing did something to me!"

He tried to turn and leave the room to get assistance from his allies but midturn his head seemed stuck. Glancing up he saw that his horn was imbedded into the wall. He's tries to pull it out but to no avail.

With no other solution in sight, he did all he could do. He planted his ass into the ground and cried. "HEEELP! I'm a pooonyyy! A big stupid pooonnyyy!", he cried in between sobs.

Unicorn Stats+2 CON/INT, -2 DEX
+2 Handle Animal/Survival
Class Skill(Handle Animal): Handle Animal is always a class skill for Ponies.
Quadrupedal: Carrying capacity is 1.5x normal. You gain +2 to CMD versus Trip/Bull Rush.
Speed 40: You can move 40 feet in combat. Woosh! They go down to 35 feet in medium armor, and 25 in heavy.
Tough: +1 on Fortitude saves and Natural AC.
Telekinesis: Ponies can carry one object at a time, using the better of their INT or CHA in place of STR for carrying capacity. This can be used to wield a weapon or a shield, but not both at the same time. You can't move objects more than 15 feet away from you, nor use it to strike enemies past your normal melee range. Weapons wielded in this manner use INT/CHA for attack and STR for damage.
Equipment: They're really bad about this. Armor has to be Barding, Shoes have to be Horseshoes, helmets, rings and such are right out. Rings can be set into bracelets at a blacksmith.
Racial Feat(Mind over Pony): Requires Level 5. You can interact freely with items with your telekinesis, holding multiple items at once. At level 10, gain +1 Deflection AC when not stunned or otherwise unable to take action.

Equipment+2 Wounding Longsword (16,015gp) (Small)
+2 Breastplate of Invulnerability (13,200gp) (Small)
Bag of Holding (Type I) (2,500gp)
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 (8,000gp)
Bedroll (1sp) (Small)
Blanket, Winter (5sp) (Small)
Ink (1 oz. vial) (8gp)
Inkpen (1sp)
Rations, Trial (per day) (20) (10gp) (Small)
Waterskin (1gp) (Small)
Wizard's Spellbook (15gp)
Spell Component Pouch (5gp)
Sunrod (10) (20gp)
Traveler's Outfit (Small)


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Name: Eshti
Race: Warfored
Class: Monk
Age: Really? Probably like 1000 years. Current body is modelled on a late teens human.
Gender: She-Woman
Before: Previously she was an ancient vampire thrallherd.
She was probably the most morally dubious of the heroes, claiming that the good she did balanced out the blood she took and that it's not evil if you use psionics to make them enjoy it. She tried at least.
Background: Once upon a time she was infamous for turning defeated foes into vampire spawn and leading a bunch of talented but weak-minded folk who wanted somebody to give them purpose. Enemies were very unlikely to see her in the flesh until she had already won. As the centuries ticked by, she got less and less nasty and maintained fewer vampire underlings.
In the recent past she's caused scandals by taking on anti-undead crusaders, seducing nobles and befriending prominent divine heroes who "should know better". In the ancient past she's fought on the losing side of many of the world's great mythological conflicts.
People have mostly got used to the idea that she's required to keep things alive and are resigned to having her around forever, but still wish she'd go away. She's like the heroic equivalent of drizzle.
Appearance: Her body is very literally a temple.
Unlike most warforged, she's made largely from bamboo, statue parts, cloth and magically reinforced folded paper. Inside, there's a circulatory system with a couple of big pistons pumping hot springs water around her. This make her cozy and warm, but unfortunately it means she makes a faint noise even when standing still.
Her brain is now a wooden spinning top filled with strips of paper with sacred writings on them. Do not tell her. She'll freak out.
She's gone from a lot taller than average to rather shorter and her body seems to be modelled on a fit 17 year old human, rather than her previous skeletally thin adult elf frame.
Currently, she's wearing a veiled dress made to be worn at a funeral, but the back has torn, the sleeves are too long and it's dragging ridiculously.
Personality:Now that her wisdom is higher than 7, she's not too sure her old justifications for her behaviour check out. Her alignment has shifted from neutral to good. Add that to her many vampire spawn and former thralls wandering the HQ in confusion and the embarrassment of being outdone by a far weaker telepath and this whole business gets really annoying.
She's much more awkward than she was, has lost that mad genius edge to her mind and no longer inspires awe and obedience in those she meets. To make up for that, she can actually empathise with people and recognise bad ideas. Hooray.
She's a lot calmer than before, but no more serious. She still sees life as a game, herself as perfect and trouble as the name boring people use for fun.
She's not really in it for revenge (although her hope is to get her powers back and make Caladenzia her thrall). She's much more interested in glory, the thrill of the chase, getting the most out of her mental holiday to sanity and, most important of all, reclaiming control of her servants before something goes horribly wrong. Normally she wouldn't care about that last one, but her monkly wisdom is ringing alarm bells.
RP Sample:
"All right, whichever one of you bastards is scratching on my lid, stop it right now or its mind powers time. Let the dead rest."
The scratching continued.
"I would if I could, lady, but this is hard. You try opening a coffin without thumbs."
"You cheeky little freak! You are absolutely not opening this thing in the daytime."
"Aren't I? It sure looks like I am. I'm I'm not water boarding the guy from the hot dog stand. I'm not building a fake farmer's cat out of pasta. So logically, I gotta be opening up your coffin."
"What. I don't even... What? Oh dear gods, my powers aren't working on you, are they?"
"You don't have any mind powers stupid. What's the worry, anyway? I just wanna see what you loooook liiiiike."
"I'm famous, you blithering dickwit! Why would you need to- AAAAHHHHHHHH!"
As her coffin lid creaked open, Eshti beheld a huge heart-shaped mirror, reflecting her new mechanical form within its gratuitous pink-lightbulbed frame.
She shattered it to pieces with a heavy foot of stone and metal, just in time to see a scruffy fat dog thing squeeze out the window behind, laughing the worst laugh in the world as it did.
Ingle Land?

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