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Old Jan 15th, 2013, 03:23 PM
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Here is where you can post things that you have learned, for future reference. Like a journal, but everyone can read it, and laugh at what you wrote.
The Intro ThreadRight over here. For looking at charts, or things you posted.
Her Lady CaladenziaHer Lady Caladenzia, which she insists on being called by, is a mysterious mid-level telepath. Evil, of course, as the good telepathi aren't all that interesting. She's set about brainwashing poor saps into worshiping her, so that she can ascend as a god or something. Not stuff you'd normally concern yourself with, but now you're back down to her level, and need revenge. Sadly, you don't know where she's hiding, so that's probably step one.

Her minions are vast, and generally brain-stolen. Such is the case with these mind takers. You're sure she has a bunch of fierce monsters backing up her braindead hordes, though, so you'll need to come prepared with all sorts of violence. Some would insist you need a plan too, but they're dumb. Plans are for the weak. Violence!
CoyoteA trickster god from a foreign land, this critter is trouble. Physically unimposing but mentally gifted, he bears the divine ability to ignore the usual laws of magic so long as the result is funny. Paladin orders familiar with him insist that he is to be avoided, as Coyote is a nasty mixture of self-absorbed, annoyingly powerful, and not empathetic in the slightest. He likes people who amuse him, intentionally or no.

He was last seen wandering around Spire, placing holy relics of rival churches in demeaning locations, and enjoying drinks with his current traveling companion(a minor chicken deity). Coyote is now your Bestest Friend, for better or worse(probably worse).
SpireAn extraplanar merchant city, this is The Place to find That Odd Thing you Wanted for Christmas. It is home to over one million NPCs, most of which seem to think you look funny. They've seen all sorts of nonsense in their town before, and generally don't bother getting offended at your lack of fashion so long as you aren't attacking them.

As the name suggests, it's arranged as a giant crystal spire, with rings of supernaturally tough stone circling around it. You're currently in the Cool Kids level, about 2/3 of the way up from the middle. Not much in the way of shops, but there's plenty of fancy-pants super-inns. You know, the kinds with the bubble baths. You do so love the bubble baths.
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