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Greyhawk -- A Timeline

A summary of historical events, by Common Year Reckoning:

c -1900

The Kingdom of Sulm comes to prominence.

c -1400

The Kingdom of Sulm begins to decline.

c -700

The Kingdom of Sulm is destroyed by its last king, Shattados, using the Scorpion Crown in an attempt to gain perpetual dominion over his subjects. The crown turns Shattados into a gigantic scorpion, and his people into manscorpions and dune stalkers. The land itself is transformed into the Bright Desert.

c -594

Lyzandred born in a small town in the ancient Baklunish lands, probably relatively close to the Suel borderlands.


Lyzandred discovers a portal to a demiplane closely aligned to Oerth and transforms it into a storehouse of magical objects best kept from evil hands.


Lyzandred, trapped in his private demiplane, finally succumbs to death and becomes a lich.

Beginning of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars.

First employment of humanoid mercenaries.


Oerid migrations east of peak point.


Suloise migrations begin.


Suloise Mages of Power call down the Invoked Devastation upon the Baklunish. In retaliation, Baklunish spellcasters bring down the Rain of Colorless Fire upon the Suloise Imperium, transforming the empire in the Sea of Dust.
Surviving Baklunish migrate north to the shores of the Drawmidj Ocean.


Foundation of the Kingdom of Aerdy.


Battle of a Fortnight's Length. The Kingdom of Aerdy defeats Nyrondal cavalry squadrons to become the regional superpower. Aerdy thereafter becomes known as the Great Kingdom. (Guide 9)


The Common Year is established as the system of reckoning by Grand Prince Nasran I of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy in 645 OR (1 CY), when he declares universal peace throughout his the land, and takes the title of Overking. At this stage the borders of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy extend all the way to the City of Greyhawk.

Kargoth of Mansbridge born.


The lich Lyzandred uses a potent spell to pull a giant meteor into Oerth's atmosphere. The resulting fireball streaks across the Oljatt Sea, where it is noted by the astronomer Selvor the Younger (among others), who interprets it as an omen presaging "wealth, strife and a living death." The resulting impact in the eastern Abbor-Alz sends shockwaves far and wide, interrupting an experiment by a cadre of Suel wizards at the Star Cairns, in the Cairn Hills.


The Order of the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom is shaken by Sir Kargoth’s pact with Demogorgon, when he unleashes a demonic terror upon the Great Kingdom. The abomination is destroyed, but Kargoth sways thirteen other Knight Protectors to follow him. They become the first of the death knights.


The death knight Sir Farian of Lirtham is destroyed.


Age of Great Sorrow commences.


Sir Kargoth's castle, Fharlanst, destroyed by the Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom.


The Viceroyalty of Ferrond declares independence from the Great Kingdom.


Zagig and his adventuring band delve the Crypt of Lyzandred the Mad. Zagig remains for a short time to learn at the lich's feet and gains inspiration that will aid him well in the later construction of his masterpiece, Castle Greyhawk.


Zagig Yragerne, Murlynd, Keoghtom, and the rest of the Company of Seven explore the Flan ruins of Veralos.

c. 320

Zagig Yragerne elected Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk.


Mixed Oerid-Baklunish nomads gradually move into and claim the steppeland east of the Yatil Mountains, pushing eastward as far as the Griffs.
Outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty. Perranders, Velunians, Furyondians, and Tenhas each establish independence in a series of minor but bloody wars.
Zagig Yragerne begins construction of Castle Greyhawk.

c. 355

Keolandish armies press into Ket and Veluna, but are later forced out.


Kingdom of Nyrond established when junior branch of Aerdy House Rax-Nyrond declares itself independent of Great Kingdom rule.
Invasion of northern barbarians into North Province prevents the Great Kingdom from retributive action against Nyrond.
Theocracy of the Pale and Urnst also secede from Great Kingdom.
Kingdom of Keoland at peak.


The Free City of Greyhawk achieves its first period of greatness under the rulership of Zagig Yragerne.


Halmadar the Cruel, a Shield Lands warlord, gains the Hand and Eye of Vecna, conquers the region near Delcombon, and lays siege to Critwall. Ultimately he is drugged by his followers and interred alive in the Kron Hills.


Turmoil Between Crowns. Scions of the Celestial House of Naelax destroy the House of Rax to assume the Malachite Throne and rulership of the Great Kingdom.


Keoland and Furyondy go to war, resulting in the secession of the Keolandish regions of Gran March, Bissel and the Yeomanry.


Excessive taxation and repression leads to a general rebellion in the southern Great Kingdom. This event leads to the foundation of the Iron League.
Bandit Kings sack Trigol.
Rise of the Sea Princes.
Assassination of nearly all of the House of Rax, with the exception of Ivid I who accedes to Malachite Throne.


The County of Urnst gains independence from Nyrond at the Council of Rel Mord.


Sunndi joins the Iron League.


Creation of Ulek and Celene.


Might of Iuz grows. Humanoid invasions become common. (Guide 9)

c 495

The Cairn Hills town of Diamond Lake hosts an order of monks, preoccupied with astronomy, at the Diamond Lake Observatory.

The City of Greyhawk nationalizes the Cairn Hills smelting trade.

c 496

First known outbreak of the Red Death plague in the Flanaess.


County of Urnst becomes palatinate under the Duchy of Urnst. Greyhawk becomes a free city. (Guide 9)


Iuz imprisoned by Zagig Yragerne.


Rise of the Horned Society.
Humanoids take the Pomarj.


The mountain dwarf Obmi is enslaved by the fire giant king Snurre Ironbelly of the Hellfurnaces.


Obmi is granted his freedom by king Snurre Ironbelly, and continues to serve as an advisor to the fire giant king.


Savage humanoids invade the Bone March.


Bone March falls to humanoids.


Evil forces construct a small chapel outside the village of Nulb, in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. The chapel grows to become the Temple of Elemental Evil.


Battle of Emridy Meadows. Defeat of the Horde of Elemental Evil. Temple of Elemental Evil sacked.


Keoish coastal town of Saltmarsh threatened by sahuagin.


Iuz is inadvertently freed from imprisonment below Castle Greyhawk by Robilar and Bigby.


Scarlet Brotherhood first reported on the Tilvanot Peninsula.
Prince of Furyondy/Provost of Veluna kidnapped.


King Snurre Ironbelly's hall raided by adventurers.
The Savant-Sage completes the Guide to the World of Greyhawk.
The plague known as the Red Death sweeps across the Flanaess.


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