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Old 03-16-2019, 04:37 PM
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Thuvar 3.0 Might

Game NameThuvar 3.0 Might
Game SystemDnD 3e
ThemeCity on the edge of destruction
FlavourFantasy, Survival, Diplomacy, Skill
Plot SummaryThis is a 3.0 D&D game set in my homebrew world of Thuvar. Players will be adventuring in a city run by Vampires and Evil Churches. They must navigate politics and adventure all while there is an army of Giants and Ogres trying their best to destroy the city.

Characters will be starting at 8th level with 27,000gp to spend on starting equipment. Scores are rolled using 4d6 drop the lowest and roll 8 times and keep the best 6 scores. Races are standard plus any other race with a +1 level adjustment only. No races allowed with a higher than +1 level adjustment. Posting will be once per day or once per 2 days. DM reserves the right to modify this if needed.

I am looking for 4 players for this campaign and I will allow beginners to 3.0 D&D as long as they are serious about playing. I encourage some background details for your character and only alignments of CN to LG will be allowed. Clerics can use PHB for deities. I expect players to enjoy the game and its unique theme of Roleplaying and Combat amongst an army that is besieging the city.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or comment in the thread. I am happy to answer any questions and I do have some House Rules which will be mentioned later, thanks.

History: For over 300 years Thuvar has been ruled by Vampires. The current ruler is Highpriest Magnus of Hades and he has ruled for 77 years. Legends tell of the Fall of Thuvar in the year 0 TC, it is now 1 TC and it would appear that the city has only one year to live. Can the PCs save a doomed city? Or will they witness the end of a once great and expansive civilization?
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Old 03-17-2019, 12:34 PM
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Some clarifications. I assume we are playing evil characters since we have been living under the rule of Vampires and Evil churches? This is 3.0 not 3.5 or was that an error?
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Old Yesterday, 06:17 PM
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Are you allowing monster PCs with racial hit dice (still following the max level adjustment of +1) and/or using Savage Species progression for monster PCs with more than 8 HD?
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