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Rules System

All decisions, battles, and actions that require effort are handled with d20 rolls. A roll of 20 results in a critical hit, and instant success. Every d20 roll has an added bonus, or stat from the character. All rolls apply to one stat or another.

Six stats:

Skills: General abilities done with hands and things you are comfortable with: weapon usage, lockpicking, climbing, etc.
Secondary Skills: The ability of the character to do things they have little or no experience with. Also, obscure abilities like magic.
Dexterity: How quickly a character can move and their ability to dodge.
Character: Morality, strength of personality, and one component to health. The power of the mind and force of will.
Strength: Second component to health, and ability to force and carry things.
Awesome: Ability to pull off astounding feats and things that should be impossible.

All stats can take penalties or bonuses. Penalties come about through emotions, damage, and other negative effects. If a character is sad, stressed, with their arm severed, or simply dead, they will invariably carry a penalty of at least 1. Bonuses come from positivity. Bonuses can come from magic, stimulants, armor, or just feeling happy. A character dies if their Character stat is at zero with damage penalties. A character ascends to a higher plane of existence if their Character stat is 30 with bonuses.

Starting characters of regular ability have d20 points to spend among these. You are allowed to reroll twice, and pick the best roll out of the three.

Each adventure or difficult task will award 1 point to spend on any one of the stats. Characters level up when the amount of stat points they have is 10 more than the previous level. With each successive level, characters roll with one more d20 die when they do something.

If a roll is failed, an "appeal" can be made to another stat, provided some justification can be found. An appeal can only be made if the stat being appealed to is not a factor of the failed roll, ignoring bonuses and penalties. Thus, having higher stats ensures not only a bigger bonus, but a higher chance to appeal.
For example, Kevin is trying to kill a pesky orc. Kevin is grappled with the orc's shield, and needs to swing his sword around it. He uses Skills, but his roll is too low. He could just use Strength, and try to push the shield out of the way. His Strength is 3. If his Skills roll was 15, he would not be able to appeal, because 3 times 5 is 15 and 15 divided by 5 is 3. If his Skills roll was 16 or 14, though, he could appeal to Strength and roll again.

The stat Awesome is only used as an appeal, and does not add any bonuses to a roll. A successful appeal to Awesome results in an extreme stunt or seemingly impossible feat, especially on a critical hit. If Kevin appealed to Awesome after failing an appeal to Strength, he might have flipped the orc over its own shield and cleaved it in half.

The stat Character can get penalties as a result of evil behavior or behavior contrary to one's code or regular conduct. If a character hits zero as a result of being terrible or spiteful and not damage, their Character goes to negatives, and becomes evil. This character might now feature as a villain.

Characters, at creation or level up, can choose different Quirks. Quirks are aspects of a character that let them use particular oddities or uniquenss in some way. They might be constant, or caused by the character's species, or triggered independently at certain times. All spells are considered Quirks. Some Quirks are assisted by magic, while others are for magic only. All Quirks have a cost. d20 points are gained to spend on Quirks at every level. You are allowed to reroll twice, and choose the best roll out of the three. If additional cost for a Quirk is required, dock two points in a stat for every one point to spend on Quirks. Some Quirks are made cheaper by others.
Species are free, if you are a member of that species. (Except for magic, which is applied to any species.)
Non-magical can be bought multiple times.
Assisted by magic have special effects for magic holders or people being assisted by magic.
Spells, or magic only, can only be bought by magic holders.

All magic, when used, constitutes a temporary penalty for a stat of the user's choice. For each usage, another -1. These stats return after a magical experience, or after sleep.

People with magic have -1 Strength, but can use magic. Cost: 4
All races other than pure human cost 3 Quirk points.
Half humans have +1 Strength, -1 Character.
Vampires require blood to regenerate, and are weakened by sunlight. They have -1 Character, but +2 Dexterity and +2 Strength. They can also morph into a bat.
Animals have +1 Strength and +1 Dexterity, but cannot talk to people without telepathy.
Creatures considered ugly have -1 Character.
Plants require more water, sunlight, and sugar than anyone else. They are also highly flammable when dry. They can interface with other plants and extract resources from the ground. They might also have pheremones and other specific influences on people.
Aliens to the planet have bonuses and penalties related to their origin planet ie. a planet with high gravity and lava might result in more Dexterity, but less Character.
Fish or fish hybrids must have some source of water, or suffer -1 penalties in all stats. But they can breathe water, and swim almost indefinitely.
Elementals can control their element, but suffer penalties when not near their element.
Robots have -1 Character, -1 Skills, +2 Strength, and +2 Secondary Skills. They also get weak when rusty or clogged with sand or dirt, and can be hacked.
People with Were-diseases turn into animals on a specific trigger, and have -1 Dexterity.
Evil characters start with their Character negative, and each penalty to their Character is positive.

Gunslinger: Can attack two times when first entering combat with a ranged weapon. Cost: 4
Gun Nut: +1 Strength and Skills when using guns. Gunslinger is 1 cheaper. Cost: 4
Slayer: +1 Skills when fighting lone creatures. Cost: 3
Soldier: +1 Skills when fighting multiple creatures. Cost: 3
Beater: +2 Strength, -1 Character. Cost: 3
Varied: +3 Character when not being checked. Cost: 3
Cautious: -1 Strength, +1 Skills when looking for traps. Detection is 2 cheaper.
Cool: -1 Character, +2 Awesome when appealed and doesn't count as a bonus. Cost: 5
Improviser: +2 on appeal rolls. Cost: 4
Lucky: Allowed an extra appeal. Cost: 4
Handsome: +1 Character when checking with humans or humanoids. Cost: 3
Hacking: Can hack computers. Cost: 5
Gearhead: +1 Skills, +2 Skills when building things or in mechanics, +1 Secondary Skills, Driver and Pilot are free. Cost: 6
Scientist: +2 Skills. Alchemy is 1 cheaper. Cost: 5
Magnificent: +2 Character. Cost: 4
Survivor: +2 Strength, +2 Character when dying. Cost: 4
Idiot Savant: -2 Strength, -2 Character, +3 Skills, +3 Secondary Skills. Cost: 4
Cyborg implants: +2 Skills, +2 Strength, -1 Secondary Skills, -1 Character. Can interface with robots and computers. Technomancy is 2 cheaper, and Electromancy is 1 cheaper. Cost: 6
Hearty weakling: +2 Character, -2 Strength. Cost: 3
Prodigy: +2 Secondary Skills. Cost: 4
Monk: +1 Character, +1 Strength. Cost: 3
Assassin: -1 Character, +1 Skills or Secondary Skills when trying to kill something. Cost: 5
Kleptomaniac: -1 Character, +1 Skills or Secondary Skills when stealing. Cost: 4
Ranger: +1 Skills when using ranged weapons, Animal empathy is 2 cheaper. Cost: 5
Driver: +1 Skills or Secondary Skills when driving land or water vehicles. Cost: 2
Pilot: +1 Skills or Secondary Skills when flying air or space vehicles. Cost: 3
Warrior: +1 Skills when using melee weapons. Cost: 3
Black Belt: +1 Skills in hand to hand combat. Cost: 3
Humble: -1 Strength, +1 Character. Cost: 2
Bold: -1 Character, +1 Strength. Cost: 2
Big: -1 Dexterity, +1 Strength. Cost: 2
Small: -1 Strength, +1 Dexterity. Cost: 2
Eclectic: Can switch Skills and Secondary Skills. Cost: 4
Developed: +2 Quirk points when leveling up. Cost: 3
Cooking: +1 Skills or Secondary Skills when making or preparing food. Increases the chance of detecting poison. Cost: 3

Assisted by magic
Speechcrafting: Has +2 Character when talking to a crowd or large group of people. When used with magic instead gives a +3 bonus. Cost: 5
Weaponsmithing: When creating a weapon, this character has +2 Skills, and will have a +1 bonus with weapons they make. When used with magic instead gives a +2 bonus. Cost: 6
Crafting: +2 Skills when building or forging. With magic, can infuse magic into the item and make its effects more exaggerated or useful. Weaponsmithing is 1 cheaper. Cost: 5
Quickness: +2 Dexterity. With magic, can give +2 Dexterity to others. Cost: 5
Animal empathy: Can understand animals. With magic, can talk to them. Pet is 2 cheaper. Cost: 6
Pet: Animal follows the person around and obeys them, with a Character check when the animal feels threatened or scared. With magic, becomes a Familiar and adds a +1 bonus to all stats when using magic. Animal empathy and Mount are 2 cheaper. Cost: 6
Musical: Person has a musical instrument or singing voice, and can serenade others to make them happier. With magic, can persuade people to do things with at least two Character checks. Cost: 5
Mount: Person rides on this animal. Also counts as a pet. With magic, becomes a Familiar and adds a +1 bonus to all stats when riding or using magic. Cost: 9
Telekinesis: Can move objects with one's mind, -1 Strength penalty per 10 pounds or movement for 5 seconds. With magic, -1 Strength penalty per 50 pounds or movement for 20 seconds. At level 3, can move things inside objects. Cost: 7
Stealthy: +2 Skills when hiding or trying to avoid being seen. With magic, can hide footprints and silence small noise. Cost: 4
Psychic: -1 Strength permanently, +2 Character when using mind or force of will. At level 2, can see bits of the future. At level 3, becomes prophetic. With magic, obtains telekinesis and animal empathy for free. Can speak telepathically, and can be attacked through the mind by other Psychics. Cost: 8
Boomer: Gets critical hits on both 19s and 20s. With magic, gets critical hits on 18s. Cost: 7
Apprenticeship: Subservient to a teacher of a specific job, with +1 on Skills related to that job. If the teacher has magic, all spells are 2 cheaper. Cost: 5, 7 with magic.
Changeling: Can turn into an animal and back again, with a specific trigger. With magic, can change at will and can turn others into animals at level 2. Animal empathy is 2 cheaper. Cost: 8
Dominance: Ability to make others submit or be brought low, and give people a Character penalty of -1. -2 Character, but +2 character in conversation. Psychic, Speechcraft, Pet, Summoning, Aura, Necromancy and Lifegiving are 2 cheaper. With magic, can enslave people with a magical contract after beating them in a contest. Cost: 11
Detection: Ability to find things and determine their alignment. +1 Skills when searching. Cautious is 1 cheaper. With magic, can see people's past actions and intentions. Cost: 4
Alchemy: The study of changing elements into other elements. +2 Skills or Secondary Skills when using chemicals. With magic, +2 Skills when using chemicals and Morphing and Conjuring become 2 cheaper. Cost: 5

Magic only (spells)
Force Field: Creates a wall of energy that can only be penetrated by 3 consecutive Character checks. Cost: 4

Elemental mastery: Ability to move wind and water. At level 2, can pull water or moisture from the air. At level 3, can change the weather. Pyromancy and Earthshaking are 1 cheaper. Cost: 7

Electromancy: Ability to use electricity. At level 1, can pull static electricity and make a small shock. At level 2, can fire lightning bolts, manipulate currents and interface with technology. At level 3, control electromagnetic wave. Technomancy is 2 cheaper. Cost: 6

Aura: Target people get a Character bonus equal to the Character stat of the user. Also works with negative Character. Cost: 5

Morphing: Turning materials into other materials. For each change, requires -1 Strength. At level 1, can turn between wood, mud, clay, dirt, stone, plants, hair, and salt. At level 2, can turn between flesh, bone, metal, water, gold, silver and sugar. At level 3, can turn between lava, fire, air, and all forms of carbon. Cost: 6

Summoning: -1 Character. At level 1 can summon animals, at level 2 can summon spirits, at level 3 can summon demons, angels, or other extradimensional beings. Cost: 5

Lifegiving: Ability to create life out of objects. At level 1, can make trinkets come to life. At level 2, can make larger objects come to life. At level 3, can form golems and other elementals. Healing and Necromancy are 1 cheaper. Cost: 6

Conjuring: Ability to create objects from nearby matter. At level 1, can create trinkets. At level 2, can create more complex machines, food and water. Cost: 4

Speed: Ability to make things faster. With each level, can give something an additional +2 Dexterity.

Earthshaking: Ability to move rocks and dirt. At level 2, can create small tremors. At level 3, can make full earthquakes.

Teleportation: Ability to teleport objects. At level 1, can teleport things in the user's eyesight. At level 2, can teleport self and other people with a Dexterity check. At level 3, can teleport things from out of sight. Cost: 6

Photomancy: Ability to control light. At level 1, can dim lights or make them brighter, and can make tricks of light. At level 2, can make precisely focused lasers and holograms. At level 4, can block out sun. Cost: 6

Radiomancy: Control of radiation. At level 1, can interfere with radio waves. At level 2, you can cause minor mutations in people and animals. At level 3, you can create major mutations in people and animals, at the cost of -1 Character. At level 4, you can create a nuclear bomb. Photomancy and Electormancy are 1 cheaper. Cost: 7

Pyromancy: Ability to control fire. At level 1, can shoot a fireball or create a small flame. At level 2, can sculpt fire into shapes and fireball becomes explosive. At level 3, can influence explosions. Elemental mastery is 2 cheaper. Cost: 7

Technomancy: Able to interface with technology or create basic mechanical objects. At level 2, can hack into things and give cybernetic implants. At level 3, can create a moderately sized robot sustained by magic at the cost of -1 Character per robot. At level 4, can create a supercomputer or giant mecha. Weaponsmithing, Electromancy and Lifegiving are 1 cheaper. Cost: 8

Necromancy: -1 Character. Raises creatures or people from the grave as mindless, decaying zombies, and zombies can be controlled with a Character check every turn. At level 1, one creature can be risen. At level 2, the check is every two turns and a small group of creatures can be risen. At level 3, the check is skipped and a large group of creatures can be risen. At level 4, an army or entire graveyard can be risen. Cost: 8

Healing: Heals people. At level 1, small wounds can be mended instantly and large wounds can be mended faster over time, minor poisons can be solved. At level 2, large wounds can be mended instantly. At level 3, can fight off powerful poisons. At level 4, can raise someone from the dead. Lifegiving is 1 cheaper. Cost: 7

Gifting: Can give other people magic. At level 1, leaves after a day. At level 4, gives people magic permanently. Cost: 6

Spell storage: Can store simple spells in objects, for later use. At level 2, can be used by non-magical people. At level 3, can store spells inside people. Cost: 4

Time Manipulation: Ability to change time. At level 1, can reverse back a few seconds or minutes, with a Strength check. At level 2, can change the day, with a Strength check. At level 3, can go forward or back months. At level 4, can go back or forward hundreds of years. Doing this subjects you to extradimensional forces. Cost: 10
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