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Old Oct 14th, 2021, 01:37 PM
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Looking for a GM to worldbuild a sci-fi "Mecha Academy" with


UsernameRune Knight

Time ZoneEastern Daylight Time (GMT -4)

Posting Times/AbilityI run several games myself, but I have a lot of free time, so I can often respond to OOC correspondence on a daily basis. As for in-game posts; depending on how busy I am with my other games, the slowest frequency I should ever reach is ~2.5 posts per week.

What Kind of GM Am I Looking For?
  • I'm looking for someone like me, who loves to worldbuild and just wants their ideas to see the light of day
  • I would prefer someone who writes with proper grammar and spelling, at the very least

What Type of Player Am I?
  • I love Fate to death; I love it to the ends of the earth. If I could make a living just playing this game and worldbuilding until the heat-death of the universe, I would die happy
  • I run a lot of games across multiple PbP sites, so the only one I can really present to you is Heir to the Throne; it's still in it's pretty early stages, but it should give you a good sense of my writing style

My PitchSo I've been hosting a bunch of games of Fate recently, and I thought to myself "hey, why don't I take a break and let someone else be the GM?", so here I am with a humble request.

I was initially thinking of presenting a bunch of simple premises I've come up with over the years to request this solo game, but I actually landed on a concept that I've been playing around with a lot in my head, and it kind of just evolved into something crazy as I took the time to apply thought to it.

Let me get to the point: the basic premise is a "Mecha Academy", as in, a place where young pilots of giant Mecha robots go to hone their skills and learn. It's a sci-fi world with aliens and laser weaponry and interstellar expansion, but the campaign focuses on problems at the academy itself and how the pilots-in-training overcome them.

I started by making a list of the types of adventures I was looking to have in this world, so here it is:

World/Campaign FrameworkInspiration: Voltron, Harry Potter, Pacific Rim
Honorable Mentions: Aliens, Star Trek (OG, not the new crap)

System: FATE Core
Setting: Homebrew Sci-Fi
Themes: Mecha, Epic Space Adventure, The School Is A Character, No Teen Angst or High School Drama Please

Basic Adventure Formats:
  • Extracurricular Activities - A monster or monsters invade the school, either subtly or overtly; Evidence of some interesting secret leads to a mystery that takes us to an as-of-yet undiscovered part of the academy; One of the faculty is in fact plotting something nefarious, or simply working against the MC's interests; Actual extracurricular activities, such as a club event or a field trip
  • Mecha Outings - Kaiju battles, Kaiju battles, Kaiju battles (you could make whole episodes around these); Exploring ancient alien ruins or other extraterrestrial locales; Fixing technology stations out on the frontier; Responding to distress beacons; Taking sanctioned field tests from the academy
  • Academy Lessons - Learning about new techniques or technologies as part of standard curriculum (this will usually be paired with some kind of internal or external dilemma which will make learning the thing be dramatic and noteworthy)

As you may be able to tell from the list, there are actually several things about the world that can be implied:
  • Multiple undiscovered secrets at a futuristic academy of some kind would only make sense if the academy were found in some type of ancient alien ark or something
  • Relatively frequent Kaiju battles means that Kaiju are rather common in the universe
  • Missions that should be low-risk suddenly take a dangerous turn, more often than not; either that, or pilots-in-training being sent on outings which would usually be handled by fully trained units means that there aren't enough Mecha to go around, and some sort of problem or conflict is spreading them thin.

Extra DetailsMecha
My idea for this was that there would be some sort of symbiotic relationship between the pilot and the Mech, in the form of a "spirit" or "elemental" type creature housed within the Mech. Maybe a very unique and supernatural race of aliens exist, which have forged these relationships ever since their inception, and the Mecha are just an evolution of that relationship? Additionally, this may be the reason that the academy is located in a largely uncharted, aborted alien ark; it's possible that these symbiotic aliens can only live and grow in that place.

I listed Star Trek as inspiration for this world, and that's mainly because of the way I'd like the aliens to be portrayed; I like the idealistic world of Star Trek, where humans have done away with prejudice and hate, and do their best to embrace alien cultures. So for aliens, on the one side you'll have sentient and advanced races who may or may not join the humans in relative harmony, and then you have the "savage" or "beast-level" aliens which rely mostly on instinct or dogma (this is where the Aliens thing comes in).

Potential BBEGs:
• Previous member of the academy (student, teacher, principal, other staff)
• Something ancient which lurks within the ark
• A more external foe; perhaps the source of that which has caused the Mecha forces to stretch themselves thin?

Pilot/Mecha InteractionThis kind of campaign switches fluidly between adventures with just the pilots and adventures in the Mecha themselves, as well as a combination of the two. So how do we represent this?

I did some searching online, and I actually found official codices for Fate which mentioned this very thing: How to Go Big in Fate

A little tweaking of that "Bonebonded" Extra and a little fleshing out of the relationship between pilots and these machine spirits, and we're good to go!

I'm not sure if we should add weapons and armor or not; I don't particularly care which way we go on that front.

Ok, But What About Aesthetic Though?

Being a futuristic world, humans could have any number of voluntary or necessary body modifications, including cybernetics and commercialized alien mutagens.

For aliens themselves, the idea is that we can just pull anything we want out of a hat and say that it's been there in the background the whole time. When we need one for the narrative we can just use a few sentences to describe their general appearance, homeworld, and history.

And finally, Mecha themselves. Humanoid models would definitely be common amongst human pilots, but I definitely would like to see a great variety of forms that they can take: serpents, dragons, avians, spheres, swarms, you name it. Synergizing these with the forms of each alien race to some extent would probably be nice, too.

JargonA number of terms have come to me from various sources, which I would like to share with you.

These define the general attributes and technology used to create a Mecha body; fuel source, operating systems, weight class, etc. They do NOT define the shape of the Mecha. I have a few examples below:
  • Dark Gold - Strikes like shadow and burns bright gold
  • Nocturnal - Standard stealth and reconnaissance unit

Titles are the informal "license plate" of your specific Mech; their name, essentially. Examples:
  • Zero Phoenix
  • Seshuin Star
  • Star Raven

Specialized roles within the general category of "Mecha pilot". All pilots receive general training with Mecha, but most choose to add a vocational elective course as well. My ideas so far are:
  • Warrior-Engineer - These units use their mechanical and engineering skills to support their allies, rather than fight directly.
  • War-Monitor - Heavily-armored, heavily-armed, jet-powered battle units designed to go in first on hostile planets and clear out enemy targets to make landing of additional units safe.

My CharacterI actually don't have the character themself fleshed out at all; I did make sure to at least find a portrait I liked so that you wouldn't be totally in the dark as to what kind of vibe I'm going for, and I even found a picture of what my symbiote buddy would look like.


Have any more questions? Feel free to ask. I'll probably make a FAQ right below here in case others need to know more.
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win. - Sun Tzu

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Old Oct 15th, 2021, 10:54 AM
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Hey. This seems really interesting. I don’t know much about Fate right now, but from what I’ve seen and played so far, I like it.

I’d definitely be interested in helping with world building and trying to run a game when everything is set up.
Old Oct 20th, 2021, 06:01 AM
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Important Notice!

This request was also posted separately on another site in order to reach the maximal number of people, and has worked in the sense that someone over there has beene found to host the game.

This thread is now closed
Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win. - Sun Tzu
Closed Thread

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