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Old 06-10-2015, 04:16 PM
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Decrees of Supreme Emperor Tiberius von Denson (Houserules & Guidelines)

SettingHomebrew setting of high fantasy mixed with real world dirt and grit taking inspiration from Grimms' Fairy Tales, Van Helsing and the Witcher series.

The world is in chaos. The Northern Kingdoms are in disarray after the assassinations of two of the Northern Kings leaving behind a struggle for power. Peace treaties have been broken and civil war ensues as those with enough strength, coin, and cunning fight to gain control.

Seizing this moment to strike the mighty southern Taurian Empire has lashed out once again, ravaging the helpless, broken and scattered Northern Kingdoms. In these uncertain times, no one can say what fortune holds in store, who will bring peace to the world and who will cause it only misery. You will not find a band of adventurers drinking in every tavern and inn. Heroes are a thing of legends past, bedtime stories told to children. The Heroes of past have been replaced with sellswords, outlaws and schemers.

Magic is a prevalent force in the world, but in some parts those who are able to wield its powers are being persecuted and hunted down as witches and vassals of evil.

Non humans which consist of elves, dwarfs, halfings, gnomes and all other sentient, civilized humanoid races are for the most part looked down upon by the human race. In highly populous human cities the non human races are forced to live and work in designated ghettos. Relations between humans and non-humans seem to be at an all time low. It is rumored that a non-human guerrilla movement fighting for the betterment of their kind in a world run by humans is behind the assassinations of the Northern Kings.

Most of the common folk, barbarians, half-orcs are illiterate, as are many human fighters, rogues and rangers. Almost all elves and dwarves can read, as can most spellcasters, regardless of race.

Character Creation GuidelinesName:
Class: (with potential level breakdown if you plan to multiclass)
- personality trait x2, ideal, bond, flaw. Feel free to deviate from the Players' Handbook backgrounds using the customization rules.
- a text description, please. (Post a portrait of your character if you wish) Blemishes, scars, missing teeth and permanent injuries encouraged!
Backstory and Personality Details:
- Please submit a life history explaining your upbringing and the formative experiences of your life. Your backstory should incorporate your personality traits, ideal, bond, and flaw.
- For humans, keep in mind that 75 percent of the world's population are illiterate peasants who never travel more than a few miles from the place of their birth, and explain why you're not one of them (though the odds are quite high that your parents were).
Optional: Roll for a trinket, and explain why it's important to you. (This may come into play at some point )
Optional: Describe how your character will spend his or her downtime, be it crafting, praying, training, carousing, etc.

Characters start at level 2.
Multiclassing is allowed, but only to one additional class.
Feats and the human variant are allowed.
27-point buy But if you prefer to let the dice decide you can do a 4d6-drop-lowest creation, with a reduced standard array (14, 13, 13, 12, 10, 8) as an alternative for those who make horribly low rolls.
Starting equipment per class and background kits - no cash option.
We'll be using a Homebrew pantheon
Good and neutral PC's, please.

Races: Humans, dwarves and halflings are all common. Elves and half-elves are uncommon except for drow, which are extremely uncommon.. Half-orcs are also uncommon, and disliked by most people. Almost all are raised within their orc fathers' tribes. Gnomes are rare.

Dragonborn and tieflings are playable but practically unknown, representing a tiny fraction of one percent of the world's population. Very few people will ever have heard more than legends of them, let alone seen one. Dragonborn exist in small, isolated communities in the vicinity of ancient dragon lairs (of which there are very few), and are descended from creatures brought into being by the dragons' innate magical auras. Tieflings are born to human mothers due to some otherworldly encounter or ancient hidden bloodline. Most are murdered at birth, and the few that survive are typically shunned. Both races will be met with fear, awe and suspicion.

Drow, and eladrin are not playable races.

As stated above non-human characters will be looked down upon and treated poorly in so parts of the world.

Combat PostsFor all combat posts, please include the following stats block and action summary in a spoiler at the end of your post. You may wish to store it in the Notes section of your character sheet.

HP: 20/20 (18/20 … 12/20 … 5/20)
Armor Class: xx
Saves: Str +x; Dex +x; Con +x; Int +x; Wis +x; Chr +x
Conditions: (if any)
Passive Perception: +x (and list darkvision here if you have it)

Default Attack: Longsword +x, 1dx+x damage OR Cantrip +x, 1dx damage.
Action Summary: Genericus the Fighter moves 4 squares to B12 and attacks Goblin #2 with his longsword. 17 to hit, 7 points of damage.


Everyone can rough it while adventuring, but between quests your character will strive to maintain a minimum lifestyle based on his or her background. He or she will be too unhappy to gain inspiration if this level isn't being met. You will need to deduct your lifestyle expenses every day you are in town. While you're adventuring away from town, you'll deduct trail rations instead.


Morningstars do both piercing and bludgeoning damage. Enemies that are vulnerable to either type take double damage. Enemies that are only resistant to one type take normal damage.

Alchemist’s Fire does 1d6 damage instead of 1d4.

If you wish to re-skin a weapon for flavor reasons, or replace a class- or racial weapon proficiency, let me know.


Only the following damage types can be converted to non-lethal damage: bludgeoning, force, lightning, psychic, thunder. You can't burn someone into unconsciousness.

Healing after a short rest requires the use of a healer's kit.

You can lose an eye that way! If you roll 5 or less on a death saving throw, you suffer a lingering injury per the rules in the DMG, p. 272.


Free hand: Unless you have the War Caster feat, you must have one free hand to cast spells that have somatic or material components. Because you can sheathe a weapon as part of your movement or action, you may do so before you cast a spell, or you may hold your two-handed weapon in one hand. But you cannot make opportunity attacks if you have sheathed your weapon (you can make an AOO with an unarmed strike though).

Casting in melee: Only spells that require a ranged attack roll (i.e. eldritch blast) suffer from disadvantage if cast in melee range of an enemy. Spells that only require saving throws (such as sacred flame) can be cast in melee with no penalty.

More rules subject to come.
Rythian Halladar

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