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Old 12-06-2017, 01:31 PM
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D&D 5e, Regions within Icewind Dale

Winter, Survival, Hack & Slash, Sandbox adventure in the far North region of Fearun of the Forgotten Realms. Icewind Dale is an epic adventure North of the Spine of the World and East of the Sea of Moving Ice. This game is completely inspired by the original PC game from its USA: June 29, 2000official release, except played with D&D 5e instead of its AD&D 2eearlier predecessor, and Play by PostPbP right here on RPGX.

The environments are harsh, cold, and unforgiving. The monsters will be challenging, and the dungeons will have Hint: there should be a Rogue in the party. many traps with a few puzzles to solve along the way. Expect the game to be serious in tone mixed with lighthearted humor, with heavy combat oriented dungeon crawls and Role Playing opportunities along the way.

From the harsh and frozen region north of the Spine of the World, an ancient evil has begun to stir. A small group of adventurers wandered north to solve this mystery behind the evil that haunts Icewind Dale. They will face dangerous environments, evil monsters, and frostbite in their quest to expel the threat that corrupts the land.

The adventurers start their epic quest inside the "Winter’s Cradle Tavern" that is located inside a small fishing village called Easthaven. As one of the "Ten Towns" of Icewind Dale, Easthaven sits on the shores of Lac Dinneshere, North of Kuldahar.

Many recent rumors have drawn your attention to Easthaven, such as strange unpredictable weather patterns during this time of year, and Orc tribes becoming active when they're typically dormant and docile in such conditions. Sightings of Frost Giants have been spotted closer to the “Ten Towns” with unusual behavior, as though they’re working together for unknown reasons. Even the Spirits of the dead have been stirred in their tombs from their eternal slumber, and haunt the Vale with whispers and howls.

Now, the call of the North awaits for heroes to bring hope and solve the mystery behind the evil that haunts the icy pass ahead.

I've been part of the RPGX community for just under a year now, so I'm still considered "new" in terms of the standard longevity to these forums. I've been running another Campaign that I DM for about 8 months now, and have exceptional players to post with. Only one PC had to drop out from real life circumstances, and then replaced by a player from the pool of applicants of the original advertising. The previous player admitted it was hard to leave, because she loved the campaign, her character, and the group involved. Since then, the new player has expressed gratitude and appreciation in joining, and admits it being one of their favorite Campaigns in PbP to date. So even if you don't make the original cut, and you've put in a solid application, there's still a chance you could join this campaign anyway.

I'm from the UTC -07:00 HoursMountain Time Zone (Canada), which may help you understand some references like my "afternoon", "morning", or "evening" if I mention them in the OOC threads. I would like players to post at least 2 to 4 times per week to help run this campaign smoothly and "in terms of PbP speedquickly", primarily on weekdays, and 1 or none is fairslower post rates on the including holidaysweekends to be specific. This means you could expect the same post rate from the DM as well.

I'd like to think I'm pretty lenient on what I allow players to do and play. The goal really is for everyone to have fun, have an emotional connection to the story and their characters, be the hero, and to try new things. However, I will be strict on posting formats, and want players to invest some time to follow a template that makes for a clean game with easy to track components as we play. It makes my job much easier and keeps the threads clean and tidy.

I'm big on using from both the players and the DM alikevisuals in posts, and when it comes to combat I'll be using a combination of campaign cartography and maps and images taken from the original game for clear understanding of what's happening on the battlefield and in your environment. I like to add theme music to the game from time to time, and hope it adds to the experience and feel for the players as well.

I will be accepting six 12 players from those who have Before the deadline and completed applications onlysuccessfully applied. Applications close December 6th, 2017. There has been enough interest that I’ll be running at least 2 groups of 5 to 6 players per group. Applications are officially closed, successful applications will be announced shortly.

Allowed Materials:
  • All official D&D 5e related books. If it's sold here, I'll allow it.
  • Unearthed Arcana Series (please double check with me first, just in case)
  • No 3rd party/Homebrew please.

No character sheets are required, please, not until you’ve been accepted, thank you. Characters will be starting at Level 1, using 16, 16, 14, 13, 10, 8'Non'-Standard Array for this campaign.

Please include the following in your application:
Required Info
right-aligned image
Portrait 125x193
(Image Example)
<Name Here>
  • Name:
  • Race:
  • Class:
  • Alignment:
  • Physical Description:
  • Background:
  • Personality Trait:
  • Ideal:
  • Bond:
  • Flaw:
  • Quirks:
  • A Secret:

Have you heard of Icewind Dale before?:

Have you ever played Icewind Dale the CPU game?:

Background Narrative: This is where your character will stick in my mind. Provide a brief history, or an encounter, or experience of your choice, for your character concept and make it come to life in a few paragraphs. You may get a special advantage if it's very good and your character helps fill in
  • Leader
  • Healer
  • Thief
  • Caster
  • Tank
  • Utility/Support
composition gaps to the potential roster
For a potentially “successful” campaign

Note: still challenging anyway!
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. Click the "very good" link to see how I score applications. Please don’t roll any dice in this thread, it will not be tolerated.

Player Character
Race Class Application
Swagbag"Nicky"HumanNatureClericNov. 23rd 
AwkwardPaladinGwyndolin ThornHumanFighterNov. 23rd 
DargosAylaHumanConclave Hunter (UA Revised)RangerNov. 21st
aRePiiGeeDovar IronbeardDwarfBarbarianNov. 21st 
creedAmhrán Geimhridh

TyealLore MilitanTiefling+Paladin/+SorcererWarlockNov. 22ndHonorable mentiono
TNKOrmund BlackashHumanTempestClericNov. 28thHonorable mentiono
PendragonBjarke MuellerHumanSoul Knife (UA)MysticIncomplete 
mrtownePosted interestWIPWIPIncomplete 
JeffkevlarRokeoHalf-OrcOrder of Long Death (SCAG)MonkNov. 22ndHonorable mentiono
LandsknechtGrimfaraHumanRogueNov. 23rdHonorable mentiono
Onlie2005MariaHumanEvokerWizardNov. 22nd 
QuarterpoundEckhart Knowlan

SadPanda284Andrean NalidarUA reference providedChangelingStone (UA)SorcererNov. 23rdHonorable mentiono
Arthilian01Balgus Brasshammer

MattGreyshadowHalf-ElfRangerNov. 22nd 
BheloganCarric LiadonHigh ElfMastermind (Xanathar's)RogueNov. 22nd
Chaos HavikNicodemus LoordesHumanNecromancerWizardNov. 28th 
Kaneda ShepardAyuruk FutanWarforgedPaladinNov. 25th 
LeoByronRaven Knight

DooliwongSabrina WatsonAasimarPhoenix OriginSorcererNov. 30th
MaximumUnicorn"Gala"DrowPaladinNov. 29th
nanovichFaeona DawnstarHalf-ElfCollege of Swords (Xanathar's)BardDec. 3rd
Fake RooseveltTarak StormbreakerGoliathZealot Path (Xanathar’s)BarbarianNov. 25th
jbear"Ciri"Half-ElfHexblade (Xanathar's)WarlockNov. 24th
MundayKnightPosted InterestWIPWIPIncomplete 
WhiskeyjackMikael MoonsbiteHumanDruidNov. 26th
AvnerGulgrim BattlehammerShieldDwarfForge Domain (Xanathar's)ClericNov. 26th
ShinzoBarog IronskinGoliathEldritch Knight (PHB)FighterNov. 26th
JasvinderTaura OringaForestGnomeCollege of ValorBardNov. 27thHonorable mentiono
RadarDRuDar DaVrenHumanBeast Conclave (UA: Revised)RangerNov. 27thHonorable mentiono
tomplum"Bear" HumanFighterNov. 30th
Arthilian01Yeveera KolHalf-OrcBarbarianDec. 5th

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