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Hound News

Hound News

Harsh and Biased

The End of an Era
Dark days are upon us. Our king, Fredrick Herzog, passed away this week after nearly a month of failing health. Fredrick was a great man, and the nation prospered beneath his rule. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest kings in the history of Alstenot. But with no heir, he may also be the last.

Already delegates from the other houses have begun to file in, discussing behind closed doors who will take his place. Whomever they elect will have some large shoes to fill, that is for sure. But there is talk that they may not elect a king at all, as divided as they were. Some fear that war may come, and they may have good reason to think so. One needs only look at a history book to know that, of the three times that Alstenot has gone without king in the past, all three have ended in war. Even after the treaty of Vestun was signed after the first war nearly ruined the kingdom, that did not stop them for long.

Commander Isaac Narwell of the imperial army has commented that the imperial army will not tolerate any warring, and will retaliate with deadly force against any aggressors. But without the crown to fund them, it won't be long before the coffers run dry, and the imperial army disbands. Narwell refused to comment on such, claiming his confidence that the trouble in the capital would be resolved within the month one way or another. This reporter wishes he shared the commander's confidence. All we can do now is wait and see.

Karma Strikes: Murderers Found Murdered
Jack and Joseph Rivers, the infamous thugs of Azurbath, were found murdered in the middle of the town square. It was a grisly sight, with their innards clearly torn out and strewn about the plaza. The Rivers brothers, you may recall, were wanted for multiple counts of murder, sexual assault, and armed robbery, but managed to elude the town guard for quite some time, due in no small part to the latter's training in the arcane arts.

They were last seen fleeing a shop that they had broken into. The guards in pursuit claimed that, shortly before they lost the criminal pair, a dark shadow came from overhead, followed by a scream. They were found the next morning, brutally murdered, hung by their own intestines from the arms of the statue of Varkan Echevien, the founder of house Echevien. Drawn in blood at their feet was the word, 'justice'.

There is little doubt in the guard's mind as to whom was responsible. "Bolrai Antrim has been doing his vigilante act for years now." Captain of the Watch Gerome Clireth spoke, "Technically what he's doing is also illegal, and we certainly don't condone such actions. That being said, you'll be hard pressed to find a guard that doesn't respect the terror of the night. But I do wish he'd clean up after himself a little better." Though Bolrai Antrim hails from the region now called Scaloach, he's been spotted in multiple regions across Alstenot, always leaving telltale signs of his presence in the form of the corpses of the city's most wanted criminals.

Marriage in Echevien
To the shock of many, Alastar Echevien, the famed head of house Echevien, has announced that he will soon be getting married. This is particularly unusual for the lord of Azuratha, who is known to have a rather promiscuous streak. With three known children, each of which from different mothers, and none of which has ever even been spoken of, is it possible that the aging man has finally decided to settle down? If so, perhaps he'll produce a human heir, as at the moment he has no legal child for whom to pass the house to.

Equally alarming is how quickly things have moved. He announced his marriage mere days after the king's death, and plans to have the ceremony within a week. "As soon as I get back from the Capital, to vote on the new king," he spoke briefly. While this certainly comes as a surprise from the eccentric man, it is not an unwelcome one.

"It's about time," Karth Sinder, 43, said, "There isn't an Echevien soul here who doesn't support any of his children now, but we've gotten where we are today by not drawing attention in the past, why rock the boat now? A human heir, even if it's only a token one, will get the other nations off our backs and allow us to go back do doing what we do best."

Legendary Creature Spotted in Dreyri
There are many rumors of mysterious creatures in the realm, from the Wendigo of Vangar folklore, or the hydra of the Slith Swamps. But few are as pervasive as the legend of the Manbearbat of Dreyri. Half man, half bear, and half bat, Manbearbat is as real to the townfolk of Dreyri as coyotes are to us.

"It's terrible," Susan Persair Eal, who prefers to be called Sue, told us, "It's killed countless dozen cattle over the years. We've tried hiring the ranger's guild to take care of it, but they refuse, all the while the rest of us are suffering due to Manbearbat's rampage."

When asked about the mythical creature, Gaius Zoutcha, guildmaster of the rangers guild in Dreyri, scoffed. "It's nothing but a myth. I won't waste any more of my men hunting a ghost, not when there's plenty of real threats to deal with." When asked about the missing cattle, Zoutcha affirmed it to the presence of wolves, which are, as he stated, "always a problem in the wilderness. You leave your cattle unattended, yeah, it's going to get attacked."

Temple Break in!
The temple guild of Galliberos is the last place you'd expect a crime-Galliberos alone is considered a safe haven compared to the crime in other regions, but the temple itself is about as solid as it gets, with massive stone doors, with the keys kept well guarded by the most important members of the guild, not to mention magical wards to keep out the unwanted. And yet that's exactly what the high priest claims happened to him several nights ago. "A thief managed to bypass many of our defenses, and walked out with multiple items of value", he claimed.

Though he would not say what was taken, nor how exactly the thief got in in the first place, they have offered a considerable reward for any information that leads to the capture of the culprit, as well as to the recovery of the lost items.
Holidays and my new overnights schedule are still taking a toll on me and my post rate, and will probably continue to do so until some time after the new year. Please bear with me until then!

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