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Old 07-15-2014, 05:05 PM
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The Roster

Please post your characters here.
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PreludeMany people in Falcon's Hollow have claimed to have seen a horned demon amongst their midst. However none seem to know where it stays or why it is here. Some claim he is here to eat their babies. Others say it is the source of the sorrow that has descended on the town. A select few know the truth. His name is Trent Harvester and he is a smuggler. Only the rich or the lucky get a chance to shop in the high market. Trent smuggles goods from nearby towns and sells them to those who truly need it at a price that is fair to the downtrodden of the village. Those who are grateful of Trents deeds do not defend him when others accuse him due to fear of townsfolk, and more importantly, Thuldrin Kreed. If he found out about Trent's actions he would surely flush him out and have him killed or worse. Trent keeps himself hidden by residing with Mistress Laurel in her shop, Roots and Remedies. She keeps him there only because of the rare herbs and alchemy reagents that he hunts down for her. The smells and sights of her stock disguise the unnatural aroma of burnt paper that he exudes. However with the local populace under the threat of some unknown disease, Trent fears that he may now have to reveal himself if he wishes to truly help the town of Falcon's Hollow.

Trent Harvester
right-aligned image
Name: Trent Harvester
Race: Tiefling
Age: 87
Class: Wizard (Evocation school)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Trent looks like no other man you have met before. A deformity of the mortal coil. His skin is a mild red and leathery in texture. Thick, bony horns make up the bridge of his brow, above bright yellow eyes, and run back to the tip of his head running against thick, wiry, black hair. His beard consists of black and red tenticals about and inch or two long that move slightly as if of their own accord, which is nothing compared to the thin barbed tail that he can use at will. An otherworldly smell of burnt paper follows Trent where he walks. Thick black claws make up his fingernails, though not long enough to cause any damage other than to his image. Trent attempts to hide his visage with a dull hooded cloak in a vain attempt to blend into the crowd. However this only adds to his terrifying persona. However as scary as he might seem to others, he is only a soft heart. A desperate soul who is only seeking to help others where he can.

Background: Trent was born a normal child. His father was a court wizard and his mother the daughter of a hunter. They were loving parents and wanted only the best for their baby boy. His first few years went by and everything was normal except his parents grew concerned at his rate of growth. At three years old he was yet to walk and still quite small. Despite his physical drawbacks he was well advanced for his age, speaking in complex sentences and drawing his own ideas. By the age of ten his mind had grown but his body was that of a toddler. Trent's father poured over every book he owned for an explanation for this strange occurrence but came up short.

When Trent entered what should have been his adulthood, the true nature of his stunted growth became apparent. His skin grew red and horns protruded from his brow. His father now knew what had happened. Somewhere in his lineage was the blood of a fiend. He could not trace where but it could only be that. Trent was hidden away so that none could know what had happened, and his parents told people that he was dead. Locked away in his fathers chambers, Trent began to pour over his fathers books. Years and years of study and Trent became quite accomplished in the magic arts. Then came the fateful day of his fathers passing. Without anyone to shield him, the kings court soon found Trent and sought to kill him for the abomination that his is. Trent managed to escape to the city, but found that the people there did not trust him. Not matter his words others seemed to think him evil and chased him out of town.

For years he traveled from place to place, keeping to the shadows, looking for a place where he could be accepted. He found his wish in the small village of Falcon's hollow. It was perfect for him. The people there were of a sort that are just as suspect as a creature such as he. After forging an unlikely friendship with the herbalist, Mistress Laurel, he could apply himself to help the downtrodden. Those that seek help here are desperate and will take a devil in human form over nothing at all. Five years later and Trent had started to draw the attention of folk in Falcon's Hollow, worst of which was Thuldrin Kreed. While most still hold the prejudice that most humans hold for him, Trent does still have a few that he can call friend. But now the town is beset by a plague and Trent seeks to do what he can.
I have taken the Oath of Sangus. Will you?
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ArthosName: Arthos
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 25
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Appearance: Arthos is of average height for a half-elf, though with a thick barrel-chest and long dark hair, he is often mistaken for human. He wears a constant 5-day stubble on his chiseled jaw, and his eyes are dark amber pools that hold sadness deep within them.
His shoulders are much broader than the average half-elf, yet his step is much lighter and more sure-footed than the average human. Arthos appears to be strong and quick, and most likely dangerous when cornered.

right-aligned image
Arthos came to Falcon’s Hollow many years ago as a travelling merchant, bringing tools and various sundries to the inhabitants of the lumber town. It was here that he met his future wife, Anya. She became an abundant joy is his lonely life, and he to hers. After a short while, they married and left the Hollow for what he thought would be the last time. It was a miserable town, and no place to raise a family. The Lumber Consortium’s grip on its people was reprehensible. Arthos could not let his love stay there a minute longer.

They had a good year together on the road. She took quickly to the life of a merchant. Arthos believed it was the freedom and optimistic uncertainty that the open path afforded that made them so happy. Anya could sell anything to anybody, and they would always leave with a smile no matter how much coin she had gotten out of them. He thought they would spend the rest of their days together, there, under the sky.

Her days numbered few, however. Their caravan was ambushed on the eastern border of Cheliax, on a dim and cloudy evening. The bandits swept through in less than a minute, hooting and shouting. Horses cried out into the gloaming, and then fell silent. When it was over, only Arthos was left alive; he was pinned under his horse and left for dead.
He found Anya amongst the debris of iron axes and log-jacks. She had already gone, her expression soft and serene despite the unexpectedness of the attack.

At least she left this world without fear, Arthos always consoled himself.

As his equipment and horses were destroyed, so was his former life. He was no longer a merchant, a travelling salesman. He was barely the Arthos he had been before. The shell of a man who had lived and loved, was now empty and directionless.

The preciousness of life and property was a diminishing concept to the broken man. The only thing that mattered now was the gold in his belt pouch. It was the only thing in the world that could get him what he wanted: the ale he needed to drown his memory, and forget who he had once been.

Arthos spent the next few years travelling Andoran working for companies, large and small, trading in information, blackmail, and stolen goods; all in the service of the coin he had grown so fond of. Lately, however, he finds himself regretting the life he chose after his wife's death. Is this what Anya would have wanted for him? Is this the freedom she had seen for them both?

She loved the open road, but she always spoke of returning to the Hollow. She knew that someday, all of the trees would be felled, and the Consortium would have to move on. She knew that on that day, her people would be released from the crushing weight of industry, and flourish like the trees had done eons before.

It was her last dream.

He knew he must correct this dark course he is travelling. When the Lumber Consortium reached out to Arthos to help find a cure for the plague that is crippling the city, he knew his time had come to honor Anya’s memory. Those are her people dying. He agreed with himself to make one last indiscretion on the path to redemption; one last wrong to make a long overdue right. He must find a cure for this plague, and in doing so, free the people of Falcon's Hollow.

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Name: Griffin 'Griff' McNamara
Race: Human
Age: 18
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
Griff has the kind of build that naturally takes to physical work; he is broad shouldered and thickly muscled from his time working the saw for the Lumber Consortium. He stands 6 feet 3 inches tall in a relaxed and calm manner. His blonde hair is kept short so it doesn't get into his green eyes while working. He also keeps a small beard.
Griff was born in the Andoran capital of Almas, the son of a soldier and a kitchen hand. Griff’s father died when he was just 6, leaving his wife to look after their twin children. His mother Alice tried her best to keep a roof over their heads and food in their mouths, but soon enough the debtors came. They fled the capital and eventually found their way to Falcon’s Hollow where they found shelter working in the inn owned by an old soldiering buddy of Griff’s father, The Sitting Duck.
As the years went by, Griff worked closely with his father’s friend Roald, slowly learning how to use his father’s falchion. In this time, Griff began to see Roald as a father figure in his life. In truth, Griff, his mother Alice and his sister Rachel all became like family to Roald. Griff’s size as he grew up made him an ideal worker in the Lumber game and he took up the saw to help provide for his family.

Griff’s mother has taken to the hacking cough that signals the coming plague. So he is dropping his lumber saw and taking up his father’s old falchion; throwing all his hopes into helping a group of adventurers find the cure.

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Name: Thias Jæger
Race: 1/2 Elf
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home Region: Perdition/Riddleport


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General stuff
right-aligned image
Niramour "Nira" Evilslayer
Age: 84 (roughly the Aasimar equivalent of 25)
Class: Cleric/Crusader
Diety: Torag with the Protection domain

Nira grew up in a hut on a different plane far away from civilisation. Her parent, for all intents and purposes was an old lady. This old lady also had Aasimar blood, but a lot less of it than Nira. Nira from birth on was taught about good and evil and how it was her duty to combat evil. Nira’s affinity for being outside and physical activities made her choose to do so in combat, so she trained hard to become a strong warrior. The old lady, named Silfar, also taught her some magic, especially focussed around healing and helping others. Three years ago Niramour passed though a portal to our plane and has been a traveling around aprehending evildoers and such ever since. Nira is slightly taller than the average female human, she equals most men in height and is relatively muscular (though not to the level where it becomes ugly, she’s not a bodybuilder). She is “blessed” ^^ with an appealing body and her face would be pretty if she wouldn’t continuesly wear a stern and serious look on it. Her hair is white, almost silver colored and she has almost unnaturally bright blue eyes which glow radiantly blue when she is pissed off. Nira has small electric blue birthmark just to the outside of and slightly below her left eye (that is the cheek you can see in the picture), slightly trumpet shaped. She wears armor and form fitting clothes and has a massive weapon slung over one shoulder most of the time.

Nira does not know what plane she lived on before she came to this one and she does also not know how to get back there. Nira has a few notable weaknesses, she rarely laughs or smiles, she sometimes (though not always) speaks with her weapon too quickly over her tongue, she feels she always needs to help the weak and she is an absolute sucker for good food, especially deserts. (chocolate cake or helpless kids are usually a good way of getting her to do something)

Niramour usually speaks to the point and can be slightly hot tempered. If she feels it would be particularly unwise to speak her mind to someone she will silently fume and wait for a chance to give "that bastard" a piece of her mind. More information on Nira's background can be found: here.

OtherMy prepared spells for today are on my character sheet. If you are wondering why I didn't prepare all my spells: apparently a cleric doesn't have to prepare all spells at the same time, if I take 15 minutes time I can prepare other spells for empty spellslots at some point during the day.

Currently Im not yet that good at tripping, but I've set up stuff so I will be at 3rd level.

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right-aligned image

Everybody, keep your heads covered, cause Boggot is joining the party with a Bang!

Name: Boggot "Fancyfeet"
Age: 14
Class: Alchemist/Fire Bomber
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Diety: Zarongel

Appearance: Boggot is 3ft tall and weighs 35lbs. I know what you are thinking: Hey, he's perfect for the "Toss the dwarf"(or in this case goblin) game. You're wrong. While he IS of average weight and height for a goblin, he carries a lot in his pockets, backpack, on his belt and in all his pouches. When someone sees Boggot on the street he would probably think "Hey, why the hell is this pile of stuff moving?". They might hear a grumpy comment, maybe a curse comming from the pile though, and then notice the creature itself. Boggot carries a huge backpack, which looks more round than anything else. From it always sticks out a big fishing rod, which he calls Raka and sometimes talks to(She does give him very good ideas sometimes). A number of bottles, vials and things, that look suspiciously like explosives hang from his belt. He wears red shirt and pants, maybe too light for the colder seasons. On his feet are a pair of dark blue winter shoes. He loves his shoes(as he loves all of his possessions). He even decorated them with 9 fishing hooks.

Boggot was born in a goblin society living mostly in caves. As a child he was often left in cages for days or beaten up since his parents didn't really care about him, which is pretty normal for goblins. He was curious about stuff, which got him into trouble. At some point he did start to be a little bit more careful by finding good hiding spots in the caves he lived in. He even started bringing this and that to those places, in some cases just to admire his trinkets, or just to hide something he'd stolen and avoid punishment.

His tribe's leader was Gollox - a very tall and strong goblin (3ft 8inches!), always with his bloody horsechopper on his back. He was obviously abusing his strength whenever he could and pretty much everyone knew how much exactly his kicks and punches hurt.
Boggot did have some friends among the goblins of his tribe. Mostly they played games like "Who can find the fattest worm" or "Who can punch the guard in the groin and avoid a good whipping".

One day Boggot was going through the stuff the tribe had gathered from ambushing humans, gnomes and other folk wandering around their caves and happened to find a pouch of black powder, which didn't taste very good, but he took it to one of his hiding places anyway. At some point he accidentally lit it on fire and BANG, there was a small explosion, which burned him a little, but it wasn't anything serious. He was insanely afraid of his invention, but a part of him was also curious to see what he can do with it. So our little Boggot decided to start experimenting and after a year or two he became probably the first fire/explosion expert of his tribe(Even though the tribe had no idea. The goblins only heard some bangs, coming from the caves and they did their best to ignore them.)
One day as he was doing his share of the work moving some rocks to make a new tunnel for the Chief Gollox, Boggot decided to show off to his friends and show them a new game he invented. While the guard was "motivating" one of the workers with his whip, Boggot put a little pouch of an experimental concoction into the guard's belt and lit it with his torch. In a few seconds the thing exploded and at this point the guard was a pile of meat on the floor. Obviously Boggot was going to pay for this not only with a few scratches and bruises, but with his life. He ran trough the caves, took what he could, to his luck he succeeded in stealing a riding dog from the kennels and ran for it.
After some days of restlessly riding, the dog fell dead on the ground and Boggot was alone in the world, going here and there, surviving on what he can find, which is not too hard for a goblin(though at the beginning he did have some juicy dog meat). He tries to avoid the hated big folk, steal what he can, and hoard everything he finds in his bags and pockets "just in case".

His explosives turned out to be pretty useful for loads of things - mostly to scare or kill creatures he encounters, but let's be honest, they are fun too! Boggot started loving and enjoying fire more than he feared it.

His curiosity didn't stop there though. Boggot was surprised to find out that life works without someone whipping you to work pretty much every waking moment of your life. He did examine the plants and bugs he was seeing around him(his favourite type of breakfast is a healthy serving of ladybugs mmm...) Boggot did find that some of the plants, bugs and roots have weird effects on him. He could swear that his nose grows even bigger when he brews a dung beetle with some unripe blueberries, but he can endure eating rotten meat afterwards!

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