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Old Feb 7th, 2014, 12:59 PM
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Character Sheets

Please post character sheet and background of your making with a character link in this thread. Thank you.

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Old Feb 7th, 2014, 02:53 PM
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Corinth of the House Surtova
Name: Corinth
Age: 120
Campaign Trait: Noble Born (House Surtova)
Class: Ninja/Monk
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Apperance: Corinth is of a lean build. His arms long and defined from years of climbing through hundreds of obstacles to remain hidden, and the countless times his crossbow has been re-loaded so as to fend of his foes. His eyes are dark brown that tend to not catch the gaze of others. He chooses to go without armor only his leather clothing so as to remain nimble as he glides through the darkness. He has a low voice that has a smooth quality when he sings.

Background: Corinth is the long time friend of Beroth the son of Quill the Head of the house of Surtova. Corinth being born of the streets was looked kindly upon by Beroth who would often bring him food to eat and water to drink. On days where Beroth did not have school they would spend all day playing out in the forests. Games of children as they slated dragons and defended fortresses. Beroth was a kind soul never looked past a persons personality. He could care less about what a person was looked like which was good because Corinth was an Elf, and they were treated with much suspicion. One day Beroth decided to take Corinth to his home, this is where he met Quill. Quill was a very lofty man of tall stature. His voice would often bellow through the house has he commanded his servants to do certain tasks. When Quill found that Corinth lived out on the streets he offered a place in his house. Now before one thinks of this as a kind hearted gesture they must realize it was purely out of not wanting his son playing with a vagabond, let alone an elf, the public would look down upon his home. So it was that day that Corinth joined the house of Surtova.

Life was good, he had a place to sleep and food to eat. Quill had one of his servants teach Corinth while Beroth was at school. They were friends for a long time. As the years went by their friendship began to dwindle. Beroth was more interested in his studies and skills and the business of the house Surtova. Corinth would watch from the shadows and listen to their business and learn from afar. He began to become more of a servant then a friend. By the time Quill had passed away Beroth was nothing like his childhood self. He had become a cold hearted bastard determined to advance his name at any cost. Corinth became a servant of the house and watched as Beroth grew older and far colder then what he used to know. Beroth took a wife, Sylvia, and had 4 children, Stephen, Amelia, Quill after his father, and Josiah. They were put in charge of Corinth as he became their "nanny" of sorts.

On Beroths 50th Birthday, something sparked within him. Whenever he saw Corinth he grew angry. Corinth was 60 years old but being an elf, he looked in his 20's to a human. This unusually long life filled Beroth with furry he began to plot to do away with his long time servant, and, former friend. Corinth, being from the house of Surtova, had learned a few skills over the years. He was very keen at listening to all that was going on in the house and eventually picked up on Beroths plot. He decided it was time to flee. That night he packed his belongings and creeped out of the house. Before leaving he met up with a long time servant friend, Ava, she was a fair human and young, only of the age of 18. One of incredible beauty that no one would see due to her status. He wished her luck and told her one day after he had set up a kingdom, he would come back for her.

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Old Feb 8th, 2014, 03:22 AM
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Konstantin Orlovsky
left-aligned image

Race: Human
Class: Cavalier
Campaign Trait: Noble Born (House Orlovsky)
Vital Statistics: 18, 5' 7", 175 lb.
Character Sheet:

Background: A third son of a cadet branch of House Orlovsky, Konstantin never planned on getting ahead through inheritance. Likewise, the rigorous training of his youth instilled in him a certain disdain for more indolent lifestyles, and so his first act upon coming of age was to obtain a commission. Unfortunately, the army had its own special breed of indolence. After chafing beneath a lack of action and a stifling chain of command for almost two years, Konstantin tried doing things on his own initiative...and screwed up badly enough to be put on indefinite leave. Several months passed, each of them painfully boring, at which point Restov's call for adventurers came to his attention. Determined to put his mistakes well behind him, he went south to answer it...



Relationships: On the subject of his extended family, the following is taken from the section on Brevoy in the first adventure module.

From Eagle’s Watch on the slopes of Mt. Veshka, House Orlovsky seeks to remain above the conflicts in Brevoy, both figuratively and literally. Unfortunately, the house’s role as a staunch ally of the Rogarvias has placed it in an awkward position under the current regime. Thus far, House Orlovsky has refused to acknowledge Noleski Surtova as anything other than Lord Regent in the absence of King Urzen or a true Rogarvian heir, but it is becoming increasingly clear which way the political winds are shifting. Lord Poul Orlovsky will soon be forced to either declare for the man he considers a usurper and opportunist, or seek to overthrow him and claim the Dragonscale Throne for himself (or another he finds worthy). An alliance between Orlovsky, Garess, and Medvyed could divide the nation, and cut the Surtovas’ travel and supply routes between Port Ice and New Stetven, but any such arrangement must be cultivated discreetly. House Orlovsky’s crest is a black eagle against a gold field, wings spread, feathers almost touching at the point of the base. Its motto is “High Above.”

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Old Feb 8th, 2014, 01:31 PM
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"For Heath."

Darian Danster, Paladin Protector

Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Campaign Trait: Bastard

AppearanceDonned in plate armor, Darian comes to you carrying an array of weaponry. He stands average height and weight for a human, and the locks of his blonde hair are truly striking.

Personality Stoic, focused, and ambitious. Darian has aspirations for becoming a leader, but at times his confidence is found wanting. His experience with the church has actually been less than stellar; he was a lone urban-minded squire among many more rugged country-minded type and found himself tolerated and occasionally ostracized for his sensibility and relative lack of wisdom. He tends to be his own worst critic and is rather hard on himself.

BackgroundBorn and raised in Brevoy, Darian is distantly a part of what he believes to be aristocratic society. In fact, he can trace his family tree to the line of Rogarvia, but only in an oral sense. He claims to have a family member by the name of Ansen Andwitch, who perhaps served actively in a noble capacity about ten years ago; but no one in his family has seen or heard from Ansen in years. A cousin of Darian reported hearing of Ansen in Rostland in more recent years, perhaps on a secretive mission of sorts. Darian knows Ansen carries a coat of arms that has several family members' insignias included therein; perhaps such a find would establish a proper connection, if there is one. Otherwise, it makes for little more than amusing stories and mad tales.

In his teenage days, the aspiring knight came under the tutelage of the Church of Erastil. He learned the Parables of Erastil well enough that the head cleric, the priest Melrin Tamer, took a special interest in the lad. Darian spent many an evening studying holy texts containing references to the divine spell castings of his faith. While he can cast no spells himself, he appreciates the art and feels he holds a special and innate divine sensibility. Although his own wisdom might be lacking, he exhibits a drive and commitment to better himself with time, and through careful discipline.

The game finds our hero dispatched by the Church of Erastil to help settle The Greenbelt. He is also charged to be a Protector to a certain Oracle in-need of an able-seeing escort. Besides his obvious combat skills, Darian is also an accomplished carpenter; the Church hopes he can employ that skill in settling the area as well. There is much opportunity for agricultural development and natural preservation, all to Old Deadeye's satisfaction, should the region eventually become settled enough. And "settled" it will become...oh yes.
Oath of Sangus

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Old Feb 9th, 2014, 04:19 PM
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Mathias The Red
left-aligned image
A facade of flesh]
Mathias the Red is an unassuming man. Not extreme in height or build, he stands at an easy five foot eleven and has a lean physique that is marked by a strong upper body and trained legs. Dark hair is left to a lazy length, hanging about his ears and eyes, but often swept back with his hand. A beard of the same deep chestnut color grows thick along his jaw and throat. A mustache, much the pride of Mathias, is thick and styled. Tugged at and pulled into a tight curl and point. Soft amber hued orbs often appear glazed, giving the man the appearance of staring through the things before him. Digits are calloused and bear scars that crisscross over his palms and fingers.

Silent whispers]
At the base level of the complex that is Mathias, is kindness. Red has an enormous love of animals and beasts. Fascinated both by the deadly and the fluffy. Often describing his love of them as a love of simplicity. Endeared to the idea of the creatures not being able to lie. Not knowing to train, but being so skilled. Mathias is however not unknown to death. Much of his life has been fed upon the nourishment of the wilds. Very much a son of the earth, Mathias celebrates the world and nature. Offering his thanks and appreciation to the land that provides for him.

Mathias is a strange man. Full of small quirks due to his great deal of time away from the civilization of cities. Though not awkward in his ways, the man does at times say or do things that one could consider....Strange. It could be describing things without adjectives but unrelated objects. Such as describing something one would find very interesting or powerful, as wizard. Or someplace that is incredibly dark he could say it is, of shadows. He is also slightly hesitant to unfairly battle an animal that appears peaceful. Feeling as though the animal would not lash out if he did not.

Lonely deeds of unknown men]
Mathias has always been a man of the wild. Born to a woodsmen, he spent most of his young life as a lumberjack. Felling trees alongside his father to sell or trade for the things they could not hunt or trap. it was from his father that he first learned the flight of an arrow and the song of the sword, or the howl of the wolf and the sigh of the trees. Mathias took to the ways of the ranger quickly. Having an innate love for the forest floors and the creatures that scurried about them. For a long time the family lived in peace, he and his parents, but unfortunately nothing gold can stay. Being so isolated from much of other society, they were easy prey to any that could find them. Near the boys fifteenth summer, a bandit party of humans came through the area. Spotting the houses chimney smoke, the ruthless bipeds razed the home before being stopped by a small band of warriors. Red can still vividly remember his fathers blade, the one he carries now, as he attempted to stop them. A shaking hand had wrenched it from an old scabbard. Crippled for years the elder man fell to the wave of bandit axes. Mathias remains locked in the vision of a smoke choked peephole, gazing into a crimson sky. His families blood ran as the river.

These warriors, known as Road Wardens, were masters of the land. Men and women who traveled the earth, knew the grass and trees, and made them safe for those who could not face the immense power of evil. After they discovered the teen boy, his brain addled slightly by horror and painted in blood, they transported him to a nearby town that the Wardens operated out of. Naturally gifted for the career, and with a knowledge of the surrounding forest that rivaled the most experienced hunter, he was an easy choice for a recruit. His new state of being an orphan would only assist him in the ways of the Wardens. Living solitary lives, without partners nor companions, they roam the land. Parents and protectors of the lands passage, a heavy fist along side the open palm of society.

For a few years Mathias would be tutored beneath another warden. From him Mathias learned the ways of might and right. He was taught to hunt man, to gaze out from the shadowed tree and fell brutes with only the soft twang of sinew be heard. He was taught how to observe an enemy band and out maneuver them. Guerrilla tactics that allowed a single well talented man to obliterate the vile scum that would kill and steal from those that walked the land. Soon after being named an official Warden Mathias would find himself in the thick of battle constantly.

He proved very effective. Rooting out the most organized bandit groups he could and stopping at nothing to pursue them. So much so, they soon entitled him 'The Red', as the brutality in which he hunted these men would leave him splattered and speckled in crimson. Not only was he so skilled in battle, but also in the tactical application of it. Often times being out numbered with only a few other warriors to assist him, Mathias would make quick and decisive judgments that lead him to so far be undefeated by the bandit scum that sought him.

It was for this, his military prowess, his knowledge of the land and nature, and his rigid ethical code that he was selected by the wardens to serve his kingdom. Because hey, he's good at killing bandits in the wild. What else could they ask him to do? Start a kingdom? HA! Fat chance.

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Character Info
right-aligned image

Race: Aasimar
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Oracle

Appearance: Lina is a fairly young woman of around twenty-two winters. She has platinum blonde hair and bronze eyes, although few know of her eye color as she usually wears a pure white silk blindfold over them. As her powers give her the ability to see into the future, but she is severely impaired in her ability to see the present. Following that trend she usually wears a snowy white dress, or an identically colored shirt with dark grey breeches and leather boots if she is going to travel.

Lina is slightly on the short side at five foot, four inches and she weighs a light one hundred pounds. When compared to any regular person, Lina is considered to be helpless or weak. Due in part to her extremely small and fragile build, but when her disability is added then it becomes obvious that she needs someone else who she can rely on.

Personality: Lina is an overly cheerful and kind person for someone who is able to see very little, and especially when she can see the future and what will occur, both the good and the bad. She makes an attempt to treat everyone with respect, taking time to pay attention to their questions and giving out what answers she can. But at the same time she is shy, not sure how to interact with people in more private, or personal settings.


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(sheet WIP, things may change)
Credit Unknown

Aasimar Magister, of the Port Ice Magisterium


Alignment on paper: Neutral Good
Leans towards lawful, but is struggling with the unfamiliar concepts of corrupt and repressive laws.

Characters, concepts, and more
"Player and adjacent target die"
Natural 20's: 4
Natural 1's: 15

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left-aligned image

Race: Human
Class: Eldritch Godling
Traits: Hatred of the Gods, Omen
Vital Statistics: Looks 16, 5 ft 2, 85 lb.
Character Sheet:

Background: No one knows where Silver came from, she claims she is only interested in observing the great heroes of an era, but it is difficult to tell whether she is lying, as her expression remains perfectly neutral most times. While she looks like a young human girl of around 16 years of age, she only ever fools someone if she is trying to be a little girl. At other times being near her causes ones around her to be slightly With having the highest intimidate in the group, it shouldnt be too much of a surprise.on guard, like if they were asked to guard a warehouse full of gunpowder, while being provided with a torch intead of a lantern.

Appearance: Silver has long silver hair that reaches below her waist, blue eyes and fair skin. Her appearance is almost Legendary Beauty Iinhumanly beautiful, part of it likely owed to her strange powers.

While physically weak, Silver gets around the problem by carrying only two things around. First are her robes that leave her stomach and shoulders completely exposed, while providing sufficient warmth to wear even during the winter times. The other is her strange book that she refuses to let anyone touch, let alone look into.

Companion: With her, Silver carries a big Grimoire her waist with a thin silver chain. At times she opens the book and starts recording the events unfolding in front of her in great detail. For the purpose she has a fancy pen that is hollow on the inside, containing a small vial of ink, allowing Silver to write things on the go, without resorting to an inkwell.

Personality: Silver is usually proves to be deserving of being called (Neutral) Good, but in some circumstances she simply refuses to perform certain tasks, claiming that as much as she might want to help, it is not her place to interfere with the current story.

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Introducing Berg Erlestir, the Wild Man
left-aligned image
Name: Berg Erlestir
Age: 32
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Alignment: True Neutral
Party Role: Back-up caster, back-up healer, back-up scout. Party seems to have everything, so he'll be the back-up!

Appearance: Berg is an human male of average height and weight, sandy-brown hair and brown eyes, and a surprisingly well-maintained beard. Life in the wild yields a man who looks older than his chronological age of 32 years. Donned in hide armour beneath an old cloak, his weapons of choice are a longbow and a scimitar complimented by a wooden shield.

Personality: Called “the Wild Man” by children and distrusting adults, Berg is a free-spirit with a tendency to see the good and bad in every situation. He seems to relish in the mystery he’s created amongst the superstitious townsfolk, and will occasionally play little pranks in an effort to make the non-superstitious people laugh. Although introverted and inward by nature, he is typically quite jovial and exciting to be around. He humbly exhibits a rather self-deprecating sense of humour.

Background: Berg has lived around the wildlands of Gronzi Forest his entire life, his family having settled there before he was born. His father Agnar was an explorer and was a fine adventurer He left on an adventure when Berg was fourteen and has never returned. Berg’s mother Mani tragically followed her husband in death sometime thereafter, and that’s when Berg left the village to live in nature among the animals. His occasional wanderings back into town are met by the locals with friendly curiosity at best, and guarded suspicion at worst.

Fortunately, he has still has some friends within the village. While they don’t know Berg particularly well, they are experienced enough to understand his eccentricity, and in fact they encourage his growth as a man of nature and as an adventurer – if that’s the path he so chooses in life. The druid pledges allegiance to his grove first and foremost, but things have been quiet and uneventful as of late, and he's has been considering a change of scenery. So Berg is setting out for Oleg's Outpost to visit his old friend who he hasn't seen for the past few years. He's hoping to gather some information about the surrounding region and hopefully something will sound interesting enough to Berg that he'll want to look into it further.
Posting Status = Back, and on the attack. Which means I'm looking for one slow paced, high quality game.

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