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Old Mar 1st, 2014, 04:26 AM
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Originally Posted by SolarDragon View Post
Where is all this loot coming from? I feel like I've suddenly missed a huge amount of stuff without being able to find it anywhere?!

Also, continuing on from the last thread-yeah, low HP sucks, but that's the point of an 8 wandering round, you gotta suck at *something*.
Strength is normally a terrible choice, as encumbrance rules put the pain down on low-strength characters without a mount. Dex? Penalties to AC AND reflex saves? Arrow fodder-and that fireball will hit for full damage every time. Con? HP and fort saves. Painful, but I shouldn't be getting hit, and hopefully I'm making the reflex saves. Int? BAHAHA no. -1 skill point per level is a terrible choice 100% of the time. Plus then you have to be the village idiot otherwise you're not "playing your stats right". Wisdom? If I dumped Wis I couldn't cast spells. Yay! Cha? Oh look, no bonus spells and DC's that a chicken could make every time.
So, basically, Con is the only possibly choice for a low stat given the class.
Oleg will give out your promised reward for helping him with the bandit. I just haven't written it yet.

I wouldn't say that you have to suck at something just being more proficient in other abilities and having a small penalty to fort saves and hit points is very detrimental. I went with a low con before, but I changed it because I knew hit points and fort saves are important to me. I was even considering taking great fortitude feat just for the boon to fort saves.

Originally Posted by stobco View Post
Hello all,

I finally completed my PC. PLease find Berg here. Let me know what you think if anything.

Also, any suggestions on how I can get Berg into the story other than what it states in his background about visiting Oleg?
Looks great, real impressed by your background and character sheet. Please figure out why he is at the Trading Post if you have not done so already. I read your making a hawk familiar, so this leaves Matthias who is played by Kadever to make something land based possibly?

Originally Posted by Geldar View Post
Drama, does Ash wood have the same mechanical qualities as darkwood?
Ash Wood and Dark Wood are similar but different. Ash wood is made from natural wood that is treated in the goodness of the aligned fey. Some what lighter and having a bleached texture, this wood is master work and ready for law or good aligned enchantments.

Dark Wood in this game is treated as strong rooted wood taken from the old trees. Usually from the side that never get's as much light covered by a darker magical nature. Usually darkened fey type enchantments such as chaos and evil aligned enchantments. Still master work in comparison but not always limited to evil and chaos enchantments. Just more of an embodied darker quality to the wood.

Originally Posted by Renen View Post
Btw Drama, I think someone expressed some concern about the adventure being overloaded with players and them being higher lvl than needed.

Just checking, you are gonna buff up the enemies significantly right?

Yup, I will buff the enemies 'slightly' higher than normal and may even change a few structured encounters around so that the difficulty will be greater. Hopefully.

Originally Posted by stobco View Post
@ Drama: Just finishing up my equipment purchases and I'm buying a Ioun Stone to embed into a wayfinder. Which method do you want me to use to determine the "Resonant Powers"

Also, I see the current PCs are level 4 correct? Should I start my guy at 3 or bring him up to 4?
Method 1 static assignment and 3,000 gp.

Originally Posted by Shadow0136 View Post
Few Questions for Drama.
1) Would you allow me to take an extra feat that will be basically useless outside of fighting undead instead of any traits?
2) Through previous discussion would it be alright for Lina to take the bow if Mathias is taking the arrows?
Yes & Yes

Sorry folks, Drama had a peaceful night with the wife. Back in action post will be soon. Sorry for the delay.

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