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Old 07-15-2019, 09:10 AM
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The contestantsIkol brings the children to the fountain and cracks wise. The judges are now consulting amongst themselves, and Ikol's audience is literally They are now safe! +90 to Ikolhis train of chained kobolds. They seem to understand the individual words, but look puzzled that the assemblage being tossed their way.

Eugene decides wisdom is the better part of valor. He retreats to safety, healing some of his wounds along the way. He and the children (he can Correctly; +60 points to Eugene.only assume) make it to safety. He shovels his stuff back into his sack.

Psyliana duels the wyvern. Knowing that she needs to keep them safe from harm, she hems the thing in with a jittery shell of energy. It keeps the beast at bay long enough for the elves to +20 points to Psylianareach safety.

Raza stands firm until the end. The last two children flee the +20 points to Razaburning building. The elemental, in a fury, steps back from Raza. It flares and rumbles and snaps and glows in shades of orange and green and red. Blasts of flame assault the building itself. The structural integrity of the building gives way. The entire structure collapses, taking the barbarian with it. The The equivalent of falling 30' from the third floor is 3d6, plus an extra 2d6 from falling timbers. I'm rolling full damage, but this is bludgeoning, so you may apply your rage resistance.fall crushes her
Dice Falling damage:
5d6 4, 3, 6, 2, 3 Total = 18
(18), and the As usual, resistance doesn't apply burns her
Dice fire damage:
1d10 2
(2). Somehow, the lioness rises from the flaming wreckage and steps towards the other competitors, a few flames licking from her clothes.

The judges"That's enough!" Cuchulainen shouts. He scans Slyn'dael. It appears that all of the children have either perished, or have been rescued.

"Taken by Water and Fire. Coastie, I think you have some friends here?" The Druid nods, and vanishes in a mist of leaf and wind. "Someone should put a quick end to those monsters. Kalas, if you please?" With a wry smile and the smell of sea mist, the ancient youth blips to the ogre and its wolves and dispatches them with grim arcane efficiency. He is then over by the lake. He bows to Psyliana, dismissing her to return to the fountain. The wyvern is no match for Kalas. He is more inclined to treat the sharks kindly, and with a spell of binding, he sends them back through the swirling orb-portal, which then closes.

The Druid returns through a portal of root and branch. The fallen children - dwarf, elf, and kobold - are with him, apparently alive and well. "Ancient rivalries, and a few called-in favors, allowed me to take the children." He looks at the competitors sternly - those favors must have been valuable.

"So it goes," replies Cuchulainen. "Then our business is done. We're off. This was worse than we expected. Some monster nonsense was sure to come to us along the way. But this seems... coordinated. The Nine may have its next task sooner than we anticipated. I hope you are ready..."

Final tally
Player character Rescue points
AlphaP's Psyliana 40
Cereal Nommer's Eugene 60
Drachenspirit's Raza 60
Zinrokh's Ikol 90
OUTPLAY X is live! My GM shifts are over, but judging continues.

GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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