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Old Apr 28th, 2012, 09:48 AM
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Spirited Chaps

Copy your applications here, as well as a link to your character sheet(Pathfinder).
Creation RulesYou start at level 4. First HD is maxed, the rest are rolled.
Your attributes come from this pool: 17, 14, 14, 13, 12, 8 Add Racial stats to them, then a +1 on whatever, since you're level 4.
No traits.
Intimidate uses the best of STR or CHA, whatever you've got. If you're using STR, it adds Size Modifiers as well.
Your characters don't have a hefty allowance. You start with 5gp worth of money, in addition to whatever goods your characters would have on a given day out in town. No serious adventuring gear, no giant suits of armor, and so forth. Sad, I know.
On the flipside, tell me what basic equipment you wish you had(weapon, armor, etc), and I'll take it into consideration.
Sadie: You start with all cantrips, 9 1st level spells, and 4 2nd level.

Keep in mind, your characters won't have these awesome stats/spells/feats until becoming Spirited, which will be a little after the game starts.
EDIT: My brain is fight. Awkward MRIs don't help. Expect delays.
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Old Apr 28th, 2012, 12:24 PM
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Name: Matthias
Class: Soulknife (insert lightsaber hum )
Race: Human
Gender: Blue
Age: 13


While many of the Valrubrian monks would call him mischievous, it was less in the sense of a bucket of water propped precariously on the door sill & more in the sense of getting stuck in a tree after climbing too high. A more accurate word would be 'adventurous.' The lad was always exploring & poking his head into all sorts of places. He was terminally & incurably stricken with curiosity & scarcely satisfied to hear or read of a thing; no, he was only content to lay eyes on it himself. He never really fancied himself a quiet contemplative, rather a great adventurer or knight like he's read about (minus the horse; he tried riding one once & would rather not relive it).

As much grief as Matthias caused the goodly monks, they did manage to leave an impression on him (more lasting than the smacks on his backside). Beyond a polite, cheery disposition, Matthias picked up some of their appreciation for quiet & discipline (despite himself & his age), in no small part due to the recent appearance of his mind blade (Golly, this meditation stuff really works!). He's not much of talker from both temperament & habit.

Matthias is usually found walking briskly in his brown monk robes, a simple leather belt about his waist, hood & cloak drawn about him against the elements. Beneath the hood is a young, ruddy face, tanned by ample time in the sun, his hair a short & black, his eyes brown & always inquisitive, his smile seldom long parted from his lips.

While apparently unarmed, the boy can rectify this with but a thought to summon his signature weapon. His mind blade usually takes the appearance of a blue ghostly longsword, an ethereal reflection of all the heroic swords he's heard from various stories. As it coalesces or darts through the air, the blade's energies emit the softest hum, something scarcely anyone notices (until you happen to be facing the business end of the blade).


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Old Apr 28th, 2012, 02:04 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Marros
Class: Rogue
Race: Fetchling
Gender: male
Age: 14
Personality: Marros is an instinctively insightful kid. He loves making people think outside their happy little views of life. Very happy with the freedom he takes and hates to see others blindly obeying everything they are told.
Appearance: due to him being a fetchling, Marros is exceedingly tall for his age standing at 5’8”, to make up for this he is usually crouched or hunched over a bit to shed some inches off his height. He seems exceedingly frail a trade off to his height. His shaggy black/grayish hair and red eyes stand out among his pale skin. Usually caught wearing a mix of dark grey colors that “help” him blend in to shadows more.
Having no real clues to his family history due to growing up abandoned at a church, he pains to find leads to who he is. Not having much in common with kids his age Marros often himself secluded away from others at a young age. Many adults discouraged theirs kids to spend time around Marros, because they thought he was much older due to his height. Never really being discouraged, or really ever noticing, by this Marros continued living semi blissfully always taken interest in little things that passed his way. It was because of this that he met his first childhood crush. A daughter of a noble she was always surrounded by guards and escorted everywhere. Marros found it was easy for him to sneak through the shadows and get closer and closer to this intriguing young girl. He never once tried to hid from her however and would always try to start short conversations whenever a guard would be off somewhere else. Finally her guards had taken a leave and left her at a relatives house Marros decided to talk to her face to face. Emily had enjoyed seeing Marros from a distance chuckling at the buffoonery he would pull just to make her smile. They talked and played there for many hours during that night until their fun was broken by the return of her father. Seeing a commoner playing with his daughter got him infuriated ordering guards to kick Marros out and ordering Emily to go to her room and yelling how much more her time outside will be restricted. Upon hearing that Emily’s punishment for playing was the removal of his freedom Marros became enraged, stood in front of Emily and yelled at her father for the completed idiocy he had just heard. Unfortunately Marros could not stand up to the guards or Emily’s father and was taken into an alley to be “disciplined”. During the beating Marros was able to get away vowing to never again let someones freedom be taken away for trying to enjoy life. Since then Marros would occasionally find ways to show people how to break from their oppression but would always be scolded or beaten for his thoughts, but nothing would stop him from trying because of the haunting memories of Emily screaming as she was taken away and locked up.


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Old Apr 28th, 2012, 02:22 PM
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left-aligned image

Name: Threnody McCalister
Class: Oracle (Most Likely Life)
Race: Human
Gender: “Lots of PINK!
Age: 12
Threnody is a sweet young girl. She is not very well spoken, in fact, she doesn't speak loudly most of the time. She loves butterflies, flowers, princesses and fairies; oh and she loves cure furry animals most of all. She spent most of her childhood in the typical fashion for a preteen girl, pretending with ponies, having tea with her stuffed animals and playing with her tabby cat Simpson.

She has a lot of friends as she is easy to get along with. She only goes against the crowd when there is a call for cruelty especially against animals. Stupid boys always like to hurt the pretty things. She often says. Thenody seems to have developed her abilities out of her purest desire to help ease the suffering of those animals tortured by those stupid boys, or so she thinks.

She is a well behaved child, not often getting into trouble and not often challenging authority, her charm often keeping others out of trouble. Threnody is confident in herself and rarely follows the lead of others, but often convincing others that they should not do "bad" things.

Threnody is a pretty little girl with fair skin and blond hair. A floral smell almost like potpourri seems to follow her, most likely due to her affinity for flowers and often wearing them on her person. She prefers her hair free flowing, it is about shoulder length, perhaps a little longer, and there is always a flower on one side or the other. this flower usually matches whatever dress she is wearing. She loves dresses, loves dressing up, has earrings, and usually a unicorn adorned necklace.

Threnody has light blue eyes, with a slight orange glean, not unlike the sun peeking over the mountains right before dusk.

Threnody grew up the middle sister. Never standing out much from her sister and brother. Joey her older brother is rambunctious teenager and often ignores her warnings his mischief will bring. In fact, the one person who could benefit the most from Threnody's warnings, is the one person whom never listen's to them. Her younger sister Snowy as she calls her, is a lot like her in personality, but the big difference is that snowy is more athletic and competitive. While Snowy is often out winning races and beating out boys, Threnody is content to be a bystander cheering on her sister and making sure Joey isn't trying to sabotage her.

Character Sheet in progress

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Old Apr 28th, 2012, 08:50 PM
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left-aligned image
Sadie Tarenai
Class: Little Girlie Witch of Witchiness (Hedge Witch archetype)
Race: Boring old humany goodness.
Gender: Pink love hearted panties.
Age: 11

Personality: A fairly innocent child, she has never had to so much as pay for her own clothes, let alone plot and connive to kill a king. She isn't shy, but also isn't too comfortable dealing with adults, too much of the 'respect your elders' still sticks to her.
She loves animals, has never killed so much as a fly, and is rather horrified with the whole affair.

Appearance: Long black hair that is usually tied back into a french braid. Pale skin from spending too long indoors reading. Eyes that are perhaps a touch too big, but on her seem fey and innocent.
Her pet rat, Simmon, has been blessed with intelligence and followed her into her new life. He tends to live inside her hair, poking his head out when curious and nibbling at her ear when it wants her attention. He is a pure white rat, but with a spot of black fur in the middle of its back like a tiny saddle.

Sadie was born the daughter of one of teh local magistrates, the second child of loving parents. Her father, an influential and busy man, still managed to spare time to play with her and her brother. Her mother, a housewife, spent her early childhood teaching her what she knew and maintaining the large household. She had been a tutor in her earlier life and so blessed her daughter and son with what she knew.
Her brother, Gregory, had more of his fathers lean toward politics than her mothers intellect but he still learned fast and was considered a smart child. Sadie though proved to be almost a copy of her mother, speaking coherant sentences by age two and reading by age three. The local girls school accepted her early, at age four, and even so she was advanced in classes due to her intellect. By the time she was eleven she had advanced three times, and was surrounded by children already in their teens. It isolated her a little, but her sweet and patient nature helped her make new friends, and maintain some of those her own age as well.
At one time she had been considered for magical training, however while she certainly had the intellect she simply did not seem to have the spark required. It did not seem a great loss to her: how do you miss something that you could never have? She instead focused on her learning, planning to be a doctor once she graduated. Even in this god floated land magical healing is scarce, and mundane healing is always appreciated and respected.
Even if the sight of blood was icky...

Father: Quincy Tarenai - One of the local magistrates in the capital city.
Mother: Sarah Tarenai - Housewife and former tutor to royalty.
Kaitlyn - 14 year old student at her school, a close friend and apprentice wizard.
Sally - 11 year old girl, her best friend. Only child of local baker.
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